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Spike Lee's Joints:

The Films of Spike Lee on DVD
Director Spike Lee

There's a lot that can be said about Spike Lee. He's a screenwriter, author, director, producer, shop owner and revolutionary. Any way you slice it though, Spike Lee is someone you talk about. There's not a whole lot that he's done that hasn't gotten some sort of controversy going around it. From the beginning, he's had an opinion and a voice, and he's made sure they were heard.

His real name is Sheldon, but I doubt he'd respond to it at this point. We could go on about his childhood in Atlanta, Georgia (born there March 20, 1957), his upbringing in Brooklyn, New York (he was raised in Fort Greene). We can talk about his love for basketball and sport in general, and we can list off his many accomplishments outside of the film industry. But you can find all of that in his many books, and in the biographical information found on some of these DVDs.

Instead, I think I'll let Lee's films speak for themselves, the way they're meant to. Lee is a filmmaker that I hope people take the time to understand and find to be important. Because he is. He's given more to film than many other filmmakers working today. I can't say I like or even understand all of his films, but that doesn't matter. They make me think, every last one of them. They make me think about what I do, what I say and how I say it. They even make me think about what I might be thinking about. And that's important.

Below is a complete list of all of Spike's feature-length films, including his concert films and his documentary. Most of them are available on DVD, so take the time to check them out. They definitely deserve your attention.

The Films of Spike Lee on DVD:

School Daze
Do the Right Thing
Mo' Better Blues
Jungle Fever
Malcolm X
Get On the Bus
4 Little Girls
He Got Game
Summer of Sam
The Original Kings of Comedy

Coming Soon:



She's Gotta Have It
Girl 6

Director Spike Lee

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