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Site created 12/15/97.

page updated: 11/18/99

The Redemption Films on DVD

reviews by Todd Doogan, special to The Digital Bits
So you like cheezy horror and B-movies, do you? Yeah, so do we. That aside, we've been sitting on these DVDs from Redemption (put out by Image) for a while now... mostly summoning up the strength to watch 'em. Well, we finally did. And guess what? Surprise -- some are actually pretty darn good. In fact, we enjoyed them so much, we decided to review the whole lot of 'em. So take a few minutes and check out what we think about this assortment of Eurosleaze on DVD. And count on us to update this area for as long as Image keeps pumping these discs out.

I do want to give something of a disclaimer to these reviews right off. Quality-wise, all of the discs except for one (Requiem for a Vampire) feature very good image quality -- enough to land most in the "B" grade. There is a slight amount of artifacting, and some compression problems, but for the most part, it's all easy to overlook. Most or all of the discs also contain very badly preserved source materials, and as much as we all would like to have crystal-clear versions of these films on DVD, it ain't gonna happen. I've seen some pretty bad looking copies of a few of these titles, and these discs from Image are leaps and bounds better than previous releases.

Sound-wise, they're all in mono... but they all sound pretty good regardless, so I basically gave them all a "B+". That's a B+ for mono tracks -- there is no comparison between mono, and the Dolby Digital 5.1 tracks that most of us are used to on DVD. If I were to compare this stuff to, say, the sound on Cruel Intentions, these discs would all get "D's" for audio, but that's just not fair to do. Also on the subject of fair, I graded the extras rather high as well. The reason, is that there just isn't a whole lot of stuff out there on these films. Even most of the books I've seen about them contain the same photos over and over again, so the effort Image and Redemption put into the extras on these discs is greatly appreciated. Again, as compared to Ghostbusters, the extras suck -- but when you get a photo gallery on Nude for Satan, or all the trailers for each and every one of these titles, well... that's more than anyone would expect to get.

I only hope that Image stays dedicated too (and Redemption will continue feeding them) these types of movies. With the new Mario Bava and EuroShock lines just announced by Image, it looks like we'll be getting more and more of this stuff. We can only hope.

Oh, and by the way, Image... get Redemption to start sending you more of those wacky Eileen Daly hosted intros that used to precede each flick. They have nothing to do with the films, but they are so funny, that I was disappointed that the more recent stuff didn't have them. Apparently they were originally broadcast on the Bravo Channel in the UK, and in some cases, they were my favorite thing about this series. Eileen Daly rocks, and fans of hers will rejoice to know Razor Blade Smile is coming to DVD on September 21. More on that one later.

In the meantime, jump into the Redemption pool -- the water's fine. And you may just find yourself a new favorite B-flick or two in the process.

The Redemption Films on DVD

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The Bloodsucker Leads the Dance
Cold Eyes of Fear
Devil's Nightmare
The Night of the Hunted
Nude for Satan
The Reincarnation of Isabel
Requiem for a Vampire
Clive Barker's Salome & The Forbidden
The Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine
The Living Dead Girl

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