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page created: 6/26/00

Chat Transcript: New Line
on Home Theater Forum

The following is a complete transcript of the on-line chat with with Mike Mulvihill, Evan Edelist and Amy Gorton of New Line Home Video, held on June 14th on The Home Theater Forum. A wide variety of DVD-related topics were discussed, and I think you'll find it interesting. Thanks to Ron Epstein (of the HTF) for all their hard work, and for providing the transcript for all to read. Enjoy!

Subject: NEW LINE CINEMA chat
Date: June 14, 2000

[RonEpstein] At this time I would like to welcome New Line Cinema to our live chat... I know Amy is there along with Mike and Evan?

[new_line] Yes, we're here

[RonEpstein] What is your positions with New Line Cinema Home Video?

[new_line] Mike Mulvihill is VP of Content Development for New Line Home Video, Evan Edelist is the VP, Post Production, Video and Technical Operations for New Line Productions. Amy Gorton is the Manager of Publicity for New Line Home Video

[RonEpstein] Looks like we have a lot of areas covered here tonight. We are going to open the floor and have our members ask you questions. I think this is going to be a lot of fun, and you should get some great feedback.

[BrianEdwards] Great. First off, Twin Peaks fans everywhere are beyond excited about Fire Walk With Me being released. What special features (DEL:ETED SCENES) will be on the disc?

[new_line] New Line is working very closely with David Lynch to insure that his personality is represented in the DVD of Fire Walk With Me. Mr. Lynch has personally approved a new 16x9 transfer of the feature and new 5.1 remix of the audio. He has also been instrumental in setting up contact with many of the film's key players who will be included in a documentary on the DVD.

[Robert_Peru] I had heard that director David Lynch has gone back and prepared deleted scenes to be released with this DVD. Is this true ?

[new_line] The deleted scene situation is unclear at this point, but we are working closely with David Lynch to ensure the DVD packed with extras.

[JeffAdkins] Hello! Thanks for coming! I'd like to ask about GUMMO, METROPOLITAN, WILD MAN BLUES and SPANKING THE MONKEY. Especialy GUMMO! Thanks!!

[new_line] None are currently on the schedule at this time but as the format proliferates at this time, you can expect to see more and more catalogue titles from New Line Home Video.

[hakan_powers] First of all I would like to thank you for your continuing support of the DVD format. We wouldn't be here today with such a broad base of installed players if it wasn't for New Line (and a few others..) Question: I know the DVD release is probably about 2 years down the road, but can you tell us anything about Lord of The Rings? Peter Jackson likes his SE's so I would think that he is already involved in creating extra material for the DVD releases of the movies. How groundbreaking will they be? :-)

[new_line] We have hired Peter Jackson's hand-picked filmmaker, Costa Botes, to document the entire production of all three films in The Lord of The Rings Trilogy. This material will be purposed according to the state-of-the-art DVD technology at the time of release.

[Jehan] Ok firstly thanks for coming, I cannot stress enough how important studio participation is to our hobby. I would like to ask about one of your recent releases - Final Destination. When can we expect an announcement, and will it indeed be a Platinum Edition? Any additional details would be great (such as the reported alternate ending).

[new_line] We are preparing a Platinum Edition that will include an alternate ending for Final Destination, however, all details have yet to be confirmed and we will announce the DVD as the time gets closer.

[DaveAnderson] Any plans to release Jason Goes to Hell on DVD (as an SE?)? Also, what horror DVDs do you have planned for this Halloween? Thanks!

[new_line] Jason Goes To Hell isn't on the schedule yet, however, Nightmare On Elm Street 2-7 will be available for sale individually on DVD for the first time later this summer.

[Chad_Parks] New Line, thanks for putting out great DVDs. I was curious to why some of your newer movies have not been put out on DVD (such as Body Shots, or some of the other brand new films). Is this because of VHS rental considerations? Keep up the great work!

[new_line] We are planning to put Body Shots out before the end of the year. It will feature both the unrated and R rated cuts of the film that appeared on separate VHS editions earlier this year.

[hakan_powers] thanks. Do you have any plans to / when will you re-visit older titles such as "The Player", "The Long Kiss Goodnight", and most importantly the rumoured 2-DVD SE of Seven ?? (Can you elaborate on the details of Seven please? Criterion commentary?)

[new_line] We have no current plans to revise out Platinum Series edition of the Player. The same goes for Long Kiss Goodnight. You can expect detailed announements on our two-disk set for Seven later this summer.

[DanR] Does New Line have any plans to support DTS Digital surround?

[new_line] We currently have no plans to release titles on DTS, however, we continue to see audio as a key component of DVD and we will also create DVD specific "near field" mixes like we've been doing since The Corruptor.

[Michael_Pakula] Do you have any Plans for Special Edition DVD of Frequency ?

[new_line] Yes, but the pieces are only beginning to come together.

[GregStaten] Early last year you announced a Platinum Edition of Altman's SHORT CUTS. However, nothing more has been said since. Any news on SHORT CUTS?

[new_line] There is no news on Short Cuts at this time.

[TravisHedger] Thank you for coming to the chat...we appreciate it and everything you do for DVD!! I love the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that was released a few years back. Will we bee seeing the 2 sequels any time in the future?

[new_line] At this time, there are no plans to release the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequels on DVD.

[SteveEnemark] I have a question about the impending DVD release of the best movie of 1999: MAGNOLIA. PT Anderson has stated he doesn't want to do a commentary for this disc, but does that preclude other members of the cast and crew recording one? This movie deserves it!

[new_line] PT Anderson has a very concise view of what the components of this DVD should be. New Line Home Video is doing everything in our power to see that his goals are met. While there will be no commentary, there will be a feature length documentary on the "making of" Magnolia that covers PT Anderson from screenplay to the Berlin Film Festival. The DVD will be out on August 29.

[sametorres] Why do you guys still use snapper cases and do you plan on switching to a different case any time soon?

[new_line] There are no plans to switch to a new case.

[Aaron_B] Thanks for coming... any plans to release Head Above Water... Overnight Delivery... or Barcelona?

[new_line] No plans at this time.

[hakan_powers] thanks. The trailer for Lord of The Rings is probably the coolest trailer yet produced. Do you have plans on putting preferably this trailer, but also other trailers, for theatrical releases on your DVDs like one of your competitors does on their Collectors Editions? If you don't have such plans please consider it for future releases - if you have space left on the DVD why not put trailers there (As a menu option though!) ?

[new_line] You may recall that New Line Home Video put the 16x9 widescreen, 5.1 Dolby Digital trailer for Lost In Space on the original Austin Powers DVD. We will continue to explore this option for future releases.

[Joe_B] Hi! I was pleased overall with the Nightmare on ELm Street box set, but was dissapointed that a lot of the extras that were on the Elite Laserdisc of the original didn't make it onto the DVD can you explain why they didn't? Als what are New Line's future plans for the series? Will any of the sequels get special edition treatment and be released uncut? I know Nightmare 5 had some violence and gore trimmed.

[new_line] There are no plans to revisit this Nightmare Series at this time other than releasing the DVD singles individually later this summer.

[PatrickL] Are you planning to include extra material when you release the John Waters flicks on dvd? Will "polyester" include an Odor-ama card?

[new_line] We are currently exploring bringing all of our John Waters titles to Special Edition DVD next year. All contents are pending.

[DAVE_B] Are there any plans to release "Glengary Glen Ross" on DVD as a Special Ed. any time in the near future? Thanks for coming tonight.

[new_line] New Line Home Video does not have rights to Glengary Glen Ross, though it was released theatrically through Fine Line Features.

[MarkPfeiffer] Apologies in advance if this has already been asked--couldn't be here at 9:00. Any plans (please!) for DVDs of Whit Stillman's "Metropolitan"? If this has been covered, what about \ "Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle"? Thanks for doing great work.

[new_line] None are on the schedule.

[Joel_C] I read something around the time of the last Dave's Studio Day that indicated a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles re-release as a Platinum title. Is this true? It would make sense as it was (I believe) New Line's most successful film until Austin Powers 2 and the most successful independant film until Blair Witch. Thanks for all the great DVDs!

[new_line] No plans at this time.

[JeffKleist] Thank you for coming tonight! New Line is the only company I can't think of 1 complaint for! One thing, why is bookmarking disabled on Austin Powers 2, I know that New Line constantly(unlike some other companies that start with U and D) enables on-the-fly audio switching and bookmarking. Also, would it be possible for you to offer keepcases through mail order? I know they're made for European release. Can't wait for the Platinum Edition of Lord of the Rings(OK, so it's 2 years off, I'm drooling now :)

[new_line] On -fly-audio switching is enabled on Austin Powers 2. Please clarify bookmarking.

[JeffKleist] Bookmarking is when you can press a button on your remote that will save the position of the movie(chapter/time etc) so that you can resume watching later at the same point by pushing the button on the menu screen. It's called "Last Memo" on my Pioneer DV-414

[new_line] Thanks for the clarification. Can you confirm this works on other titles.

[JeffKleist] Every other New Line disc works fine with bookmarking. On the fly audio works with AP2, just to clear that up

[new_line] We'll look into it.

[hakan_powers] Are there any DVDs not currently announced but in production that you can give us any cool details on? Special features etc.? Anything really special down the line you want to tell us about?

[new_line] Nothing at this time.

[Michael_Pakula] Do you have any plans to Release Other Jackie Chan Films (That you guys own) like Mr Nice Guy as a Platinum Series Title?

[new_line] The current Mr. Nice Guy is going to remain in its current form. There are no other plans to release other Jackie Chan titles on DVD.

[Ike] Hi, I was wondering if you could supply any info on the following titles: Short Cuts (why no news?), Spanking the Monkey, Hoop Dreams, and Waterland? Also, please continue supporting a sell-through pricing scheme, widescreen every time, and unrated editions of your films. Thanks for talking to us.

[RonEpstein] Already answered... ..unless NewLine wants to add anything to that?

[new_line] New Line considers DVD a special form of entertainment... We put a lot of resources into ensuring each title is created with that as a goal.

[MartinBrousseau] Hi New Line folks! As a French-Canadian, I am very frustrated that you removed all your french tracks on your releases since Austin Powers 1. What is your current stand on this very hot and touchy issue for us here in the province of Quebec, where a majority of people speak and buy in French?

[new_line] We're working with our Canadian distributor as well as our foreign distributors to reach an amicable solution to the problem you've posed.

[sametorres] Not that it matters that much anyway, but I am curious as to how you will handle the double disc casing for Boogie Nights and Magnolia...Is it going to be a slipcase with two regular snapcases inside, or will it it be something similar to Fox's Fight Club case?

[new_line] We're looking at a solution that is similar to Fox's Fight Club.

[LukeB] Is there any specific hold up on the DVD release of Hoop Dreams? I know this is one of the most-requested titles, so what's preventing it from coming to DVD? Also, I think it widely agreed that the snapper cases are inferior to keep cases.

[new_line] The whole movie was shot with analogue Betacam and it was then conformed into an edited master on D2 which is composite digital. Therefore, it doesn't transfer very well to component digital which is what we strive for on the technical side of DVD. As we all like the film very much, we will revisit this in the future.

[Anthony_Cappa] You guys are being pretty sketchy with your answeres so this will be my last question. What are the DVD possibilties of Blade 2, will it be released as a Platinum Disc like the original? Or do you have no comment??

[new_line] No comment.

[hakan_powers] Thanks for a great chat. Can you tell us if feedback from the forum membership has had any impact on DVD releases from New Line, and have you considered participating actively in the forum?

[new_line] Receiving feedback from all sources is essential to our success on DVD, particularly people as astute as the Home Theater Forum. We look forward to participating in the future.

[Jim_Jones] New Line: great job ( image depth and colors are reference on yr dvds!). LOST SOULS and THE CELL dvds? DTS: really no-no ? FOX just got into DTS. (BLADE in DTS....)

[new_line] There is no plans for DTS, but Seven and Magnolia and other releases look to be the highest quality sound. We always try to raise the bar in audio and video quality.

[Brian_Kursar] Thanks for chatting with us. My question is do you have an official street date for Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me DVD ? A price ? And just to let you know, you guys have my vote for the Deleted Scenes as well. ;)

[new_line] No official date for Twin Peaks, but we expect it before the end of the year. No price, but we continue to look towards lower prices for New Line Home Video DVDs.

[sametorres] do you plan on releasing the infamous American History C director's cut, if that's not already on the deleted scenes of the current dvd? the way, great news on Magnolia!

[new_line] There's no plans to replace our current version of American History X.

[James_M] I wanted to know about double dvd editions, I know Magnolia and Boogie Nights anything else in the future for us?

[new_line] There are plans to release Seven as a double disk set in addition to Magnolia and Boogie Nights.

[SteffM] In Europe DVDs usually contain 5 to 8 language tracks: do you intend to do the same in Region 1, and if not, why? That would do the format justice! Thanks.

[new_line] At this early point in the format, we will not include multiple foreign language tracks in an effort to protect our international distributors from transshipment of our Region 1 DVDs outside of North Amerca.

[RonEpstein] I want to thank Amy, Mike and Evan from NEW LINE for being here tonight. I remember meeting some of you in LA back in March and I know you took great interest in what we had to say there. Evan was very cool! Thank You all for coming here tonight and talking with our members!

[RonEpstein] Thank You Ned Vogler for a GREAt job Modertaing

[new_line] Thank you. It's been fun.

Session Close: Wed Jun 14 22:24:45 2000

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