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Site created 12/15/97.

page created: 9/26/03

Fargo: Special Edition DVD Release Event
The Fargo Theater - Fargo, ND - 9/25/03

Well, we told you about it... and I'm sure some of you didn't believe it. But here it is... a look at MGM's completely shameless and utterly funny Fargo: Special Edition DVD Release Event in (where else?) good old Fargo, North Dakota. We want to extend our special thanks to Bits reader and Fargo native Corey B. for sending these pictures and his description of the festivities. Here's Corey to tell the whole story:

Today I had the opportunity to attend the Fargo: Special Edition DVD Release Party. I am a local native of Fargo and thought this would be a great way to kill a few hours in the morning. Other than the almost unbearable cold weather, the event was a lot of fun. The weather gets a bit strange this time of year. This morning the temperature was somewhere around the high 30’s, to low 40’s. Just two weeks ago the temperature was in the 80’s, so most of us aren’t used to this weather yet. (I never quite get used to it!)

As I arrived, a few people had started to gather around the Fargo Theatre, where the even was held. A large billboard with the Fargo movie poster announcing the DVD was displayed as a backdrop for the event. Please note the wood chippers on the sides of the stage.

{short description of image}

{short description of image}

At 11:00 AM the presentation began with a special parade by the West Fargo High School Marching band.

{short description of image}

Next, an unknown presenter wearing hunting apparel presented a few DVD giveaways to contestants in the crowd who answered trivia questions about the movie correctly.

The mayor of Fargo spoke for a short while following the trivia. The mayor mostly spoke about how the movie has affected the city of Fargo in such humorous ways. The best example is how the characters in the movie speak with such a strange dialect. Believe it or not, for those who don’t know, pretty much NO ONE in Fargo speaks with a crazy Scandinavian accent!

[Editor's Note: As someone who grew up in Fargo, and who just spent a week visiting there, let me tell you... yes, they DO have an accent. Some have it a lot more strongly than others, and they can't even hear it themselves, but it's definitely there. More than a few people on my recent trip spoke these two words in conversation with me: "Ohhhh, yaaahhhh..."]

One of the stars of the movie (who also lives in Fargo) is Kristin Rudrud. She played the woman kidnapped in the movie. Kristin was on hand to present the unveiling of a statue of Marge Gunderson to the public. Fargo now has a 7 foot tall wooden statue of Frances McDormand that will be displayed at the Fargo Theatre. The statue was donated by MGM Entertainment to commemorate the release of the DVD. Kristin mostly spoke about the great experience she had with Joel and Ethan Coen making the movie.

[Editor's Note: So MGM's responsible, huh? Even Fargo natives wouldn't carve something that ug-- well, see for yourselves below.]

Following the unveiling of the statue, all of the people in the audience named “Marge” were encouraged to come on stage and receive a free DVD!

Finally, there was an Arby’s sandwich eating contest. I’m not exactly sure why this was necessary, but I guess a shameless plug for Arby’s just had to be included in the event. Personally I think it was rigged, as mostly local radio personalities were allowed to participate. The goal was to eat as many Arby’s roast beef sandwiches as the contestants could in 5 minutes. The winner of the event was able to eat a lousy 5 ½ sandwiches in 5 minutes. I know half of the crowd could have done better. It was funny nonetheless, and the winner won a free DVD player, the new Fargo DVD, and $500.

The winner here, is being presented with his prizes. Note the plastic Fargo bibs provided by MGM!

Finally, the best part of the whole event was the part that was not announced in the local paper. The first 250 people at the event all received a FREE copy of the new DVD. I haven’t been able to check mine out yet, but I am looking forward to it. Nothing like spending a few hours in the cold to get a pre-release DVD out of the deal!

Here, one of my buddies presents his free DVD to the world!

This Girl looks ENTIRELY too happy for being out in the cold at 10 A.M.

This is one of the local radio personalities. No, I’m not kidding!

Well, that concludes my report from the release party. Hope everyone enjoys the new edition of Fargo coming out on the 30th!

-- Corey B.

Corey... dude... on behalf of Bits readers everywhere, you've made our day. Skol, my friend. Thanks for the pix and the story. And to you folks at MGM, you outta be payin' us for the press we just gave you... ohhhh, yaaahhhh. Bastards.

Enjoy, everyone! Just as a reminder, neither Corey or the staff at The Digital Bits can be held responsible for any sleeplessness you might suffer as a result of seeing that statue of Marge. Uffda!

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