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page created: 11/7/01

Chat Transcript: New Line Home Entertainment
on Home Theater Forum

The following is a complete transcript of the on-line chat with staffers from New Line Home Entertainment, held on Tuesday, November 6th on The Home Theater Forum. Thanks to Ron Epstein, Parker Clack and the staff the HTF for all their hard work, and for providing the transcript for all to read. Enjoy!

Date: November 6, 2001

[RonEpstein] I'd like to thank everyone for coming here tonight. It is our pleasure this evening to introduce New Line Home Entertainment. It has been a while since they have been here in a live chat, and we are happy to have them back. Welcome!

[new_line] Thanks for having us. It is good to be back.

[RonEpstein] Who is in your group tonight and what are their positions with New Line Home Entertainment?

[new_line] Mike Mulvihill, VP, Content Development; Joe Yamamoto, Manager, Content Development focusing on DVD menuing and DVD ROM; and Jesse Torres, Director of Video Post Production focusing on audio and video content.

[RonEpstein] We are going to open the floor so our members can ask questions to all of you

[MatthewChmiel] Hi New Line, thanks for coming tonight. My question for tonight is will we see a DVD release of Angus soon? Fellow HTF member Wes Ray recently talked to the film's director, Patrick Read Johnson, and Mr. Johnson said he would particpate if asked and would assemble a director's cut free of charge.

[new_line] New Line Home Entertainment has never had distribution rights to Angus. Its initial release was handled by Turner Home Entertainment.

[GregStaten] Good evening New Line. When you all announced the Platinum series a few years ago, one of the titles announced was Robert Altman's SHORT CUTS. Any progress on this title? With M*A*S*H coming out in January, there's a prime opportunity for a release tie-in.

[new_line] Short Cuts is not currently on our schedule, but we are exploring the possibility of adding it late next year.

[JustinStokes] Do you have any plans to release MAN'S BEST FRIEND or THE MANGLER to DVD? You really should release them, preferably with extras, and make sure THE MANGLER is the unrated version.

[new_line] Neither of these titles are currently on our schedule, but your interest is duly noted and will be discussed at our next DVD meeting.

[AdamW] Hey NewLine, thanks for coming. Is it possible we will see some catalog titles released in infinifilm editions? Any chance of an Infinifilm edition of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the near future?

[new_line] There are currently no plans for catalog infinifilm titles, but we are exploring the opportunity of releasing Turtles 2 and 3 on DVD in the future.

[Ricky_F] Hi New line. Thank You for coming tonight, I appreciate it. I would love to see Campfire Tales and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 released on DVD. Does New Line have any plans to release these two titles ?

[new_line] These two titles are under consideration, but at this time there are no firm plans.

[Tom_Hart] Thanks for coming tonight, New Line. I just have a few requests: Any chance of Platinum Series DVDs for Roman Polanski's Death and the Maiden, Margarethe von Tretta's The Promise (love this film!) and especially Stephen King's Needful Things 3 hour version (with the hour+ of footage which was added back in during it's TV showings).

[new_line] NeedFul Things is a title that we don't have the rights to right now. Death and the Maiden has been remastered in HD specifically for DVD, but there is no firm release date at this time. We have no plans for The Promise on DVD a this time.

[JeffUlmer] And now for something completely different...Hello, thanks for coming! According to E-Online, New Line holds the rights for Silvio Narizzano's 1977 WHY SHOOT THE TEACHER, (Bud Cort, Samantha Eggar) the second highest grossing Canadian film, and a great depression era story. Is there any chance the you would consider a DVD release anytime soon? If you don't hold the rights anymore, do you know who does? Thanks.

[new_line] We do not have the video rights to that film. We don't know where E-Online got this information.

[WesRay] Thanks for coming! Can't wait for Jason X, by the way! I was wondering if New Line was considering or would ever consider a re-release (as possibly a Platinum Series or Infini-Film title) of John Carpenter's In the Mouth of Madness? You could cram this disc with a behind the scenes documentary on how KNB did the monster effects, maybe record a commentary track with the KNB guys, John Carpenter and Sam Neill. You could also include various storyboards, since the Infinifilm series is supposed to showcase features "beyond the movie", why not also include some of the H.P. Lovecraft short stories that inspired the film and a documentary on the history of literary. There are quite a few Carpenter special editions by other studios planned for 2002 (Escape From New York, The Fog, etc.) so is it possible to see this one re-issued next year?

[new_line] It is an interesting idea, but we are very proud of our current version that features a state of the art master and a DVD specific 5.1 mix.

[DerekMiner] Thanks for being here tonight, New Line. Are there plans to perhaps revisit one of your earliest titles, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery? There were some interesting features on the laserdisc that did not appear on the DVD, plus there were some scenes in the European cut of the film not in the supplement. I would certainly buy this title again with more features (or remastered deleted scenes sans video transfers).

[new_line] We always consider refreshing our DVDs when the opportunity presents itself. At this point, we have no plans for Austin Powers IMOM.

[Chuck_L] Thank you all for participating this evening, I have yet to be let down by a Newline Release as of this date. Please give me an update on how things are coming with Mimi Roger's THE RAPTURE, any word on JASON GOES TO HELL on DVD unrated and with Adam Marcus participation (will this be released with the theater run of JASON X, any clues on a release for this as well) and last...what is the latest on TWIN PEAKS: Firewalk with Me?

[new_line] The DVD release of Jason Goes to Hell will be tied in with the DVD release of Jason X. Jason X currently does not have a firm theatrical release date. The Rapture is currently not on the schedule.

[Frank_Sesma] Hi ! Thank you, first of all, for taking the time to chat with us this evening. I know we all here very much appreciate this opportunity. There are several deeply poignant filmsthat very much merit being released on dvd. Can you tell us, please, whether these are currently under consideration and, if so, when we might be able to expect them: Passion in the Desert, Ballad of LIttle Jo, Wide Sargasso Sea (Please! Unrated only. If you can't do Unated, why not ?), and Legendof 1900 (please release the longest available cut. Italian dvd 165 min. is curerently only available longest running cut: ( Canadian dvd is 125min.)

[new_line] None of these are on the schedule, but thank you for pointing these out as we will discuss them internally.

[RobT] Thanks for coming tonight. Any chance of a Platinum DVD box set of the Mortal Kombat movies in the near future? a Platinum DVD box set of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trilogy would be very nice as well. Thanks

[new_line] We have no plans for Platinum box sets on these titles, however TMNT 2 and 3 are being considered for release in the near future.

[DinoF] Hi ! I was wondering if you had any plans on getting the rights to Friday The 13th Part 1-8 and releasing them Uncut on DVD? Also any chances of Jason Goes To Hell Uncut on DVD ? Finally any news concerning Jason X's release date ?

[new_line] The Jason X release date will be determined by our theatrical division. We have no plans to acquire the rights to films 1-8.

[Jason-presnell] Hi Thanks or your time. I represent a group of consumers who are very interested in David Lynch's Fire Walk With Me (especially considering the sucees of Mulholland Drive!). Most importantly we all own it own VHS so we need the deleted scenes from the DVD. Also will there be commentary? If there will be extra features where can we preorder it? Thank you.

[new_line] David Lynch has declined our invitation to provide audio commentary. The rights to the deleted scenes are held by a third party who we are currently in negotiations with.

[Bill_Harris] good evening , thanks for coming. any idea if more of your back catalog horror is up for release? No titles come to mind for i thought you might know some..thanks.

[new_line] We are always looking at our catalog titles for potential DVD releases, however we have no firm plans at this time for our horror films.

[BenRicci] Good evening, New Line. What is your stance on future support of DVD-ROM content for Macs? We Macaddicts love DVD, too, and it's frustrating at times not be able to access certain features simply because we don't use PC's. Also, any plans for Critters (Bill Harris jogged my memory)?

[new_line] Support for MAC users has been a huge concern for us since we released our first ROM title in 1998. We continue to work with our software provider Interactual to improve this situation but we have no progress to report at this time.

[JohnSullmeyer] In the January 8th issue of the trade magazine "Video Business", Michael Mulvihill was quoted regarding deleted scenes for the upcoming Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me DVD, "The key thing is that we've committed to not release the title without the scenes. We've put no pressure on ourselves related to that, though it is a priority to sort this out" I think that it's great that New Line would go to such lengths to give the fans what they have been waiting almost 10 years to see. My question to New Line is has there been any progress made, and will New Line continue to keep this commitment to their loyal fans and bring them the DVD they have been waiting for ?

[new_line] There has been no progress in our negotiations for the deleted scenes.

[Bill_McA] Good Evening New Line! Any chance of ever seeing the wonderful French-Canadian film LEOLO on DVD (you released this on LaserDisc) And why is the free bonus John Waters disc NOT available to Canadian residents?

[new_line] Alliance, our Canadian distributor, is handling the distribution of the John Waters bonus disc. Any questions regarding its release should be directed to Alliance Atlantis. LEOLO is not on the schedule at this time.

[RobLutter] Thanks for coming! are there any plans to re-issue the Nightmare on Elm Street Collection, possibly with more features in the near future?

[new_line] Not at this time.

[Esten] I had basically the same question as the last guy,but i'll post anyway... Is there a reason that you didn't release the Unrated version of A Nightmare on Elm Street 5 on DVD?It was available on VHS and Laserdisc for years unrated.

[new_line] The best looking element to create our HD master for that film did not include the subtle additions that made up the unrated version.

[RonEpstein] I want to interject and remind everyone that New Line will be putting out the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy over the next few years. I think that's going to be a stellar project for you guys.

[NickGraham] Thanks for taking time out of your schedules for us. Has there been any movement in regards to a rerelease of "The Mask" with an anamorphic transfer and possibly a DTS audio track? Also, 3 words, Suburban Commando Infinifilm, with Christopher Lloyd, Hulk Hogan, and Shelley Duvall commentary track.....make it happen.

[new_line] Excellent point about The Mask! We are exploring this opportunity but have no firm dates at this time. plans for Suburban Commando Infinifilm at this time.

[J_Roberts] Good Evening. I am curious about the status of two titles: Mike Leigh's "Naked" (one of my favourite films of the 1990's) and Julio Medem's "Lovers of the Arctic Circle". Thank you.

[new_line] No plans at this time but thanks for bringing those titles to our attention.

[PeterSenteris] Hi, I would first like to thank you for bringing us wonderful editions of Magnolia, Se7en and Boogie Nights. I do not want to keep bringing this up do you have an expected release date for Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me? How long will you wait for the negotiations of the deleted scenes before deciding to release a bare bones edition of the film and has David Lynch distanced himself from the project?

[new_line] We do not have a release date or a timeline for breaking off negotiations. The feature film video and audio has been approved by Mr. Lynch and he has not distanced himself from this project.

[Jeff-Kleist] Thanks for coming and listening! For Lord of the Rings, are you looking at a matching packaging scheme, so that when all 3 films are released they will match? Will there be some sort of box offer so that people can mail in and get the box w/o buying another set? Also, rumor has it that if Rings sells well, PJ will go back and film additional scenes for an expanded version. Is it true? He said it would be a video version. Please, I'd love to see Tom Bombadill! (which is one of the extended sequences to be shot for that edition)

[new_line] The DVD will be New Line's most ambitious DVD project ever, but there are no firm details regarding the DVD release at this time.

[stephanie_lambert] What else can you tell us about your plans for the Lord of the Rings DVDs. Especially Fellowship of the Rings?

[new_line] We have no more information about the DVD release of this title yet.

[rhett] Hey New Line, thanks for this opportunity. My question is about the Critters films, with the first one in particular. They have a large cult following, and a special edition DVD would really be great. The Chiodo Brothers told me personally that they have ample amounts of behind the scene footage that they would like to submit, and they said they would gladly take part in the DVD like they did with Killer Klowns From Outer Space.

[new_line] We are exploring the opportunities of the Critters films on DVD but have no firm plans at this time.

[mo_hayder] when can we expect LIFE AS A HOUSE? and what kind of special treatment will it get?

[new_line] Life As A House is currently in development. Special Features for the DVD have not yet been clearly defined.

[BillHuelbig] Sorry if this has already been asked - I came in late ... is THE TWO TOWERS being released in theaters in Summer 2002 instead of next Christmas? I heard two different dates. Thanks also for the excellent DANCER IN THE DARK DVD.

[new_line] The release date is Christmas 2002. Glad you liked the Dancer DVD. We are very proud of it.

[Frank_Sesma] hi! i also wanted to bring up several other films: Mi Familia, Waterland, new zealand film Phorpa aka The Cup and my own private idaho and roseanna;'s grave (jean reno film) Thanks !!!

[new_line] None of those are on our schedule, but we always appreciate suggestions for DVD titles for us to look at.

[Bill_McA] Like many other studios, New Line has largely neglected their foreign & art film titles on DVD (the Fine Line catalog). Do you have any plans to release these films in the near future? There IS an audience for these films.

[new_line] The Player, The Sweet Hereafter, Dancer in the Dark, Before Night Falls, Crash, Damage, State & Main, Gummo and Julian Donkey Boy are among the discs we aremost proud of. We are very excited about the Platinum Series DVD of Hedwig & the Angry Inch releasing on December 11.

[WesRay] How about a Dumb and Dumber: Special Edition next year?

[new_line] No plans for Dumb & Dumber Special Edition at this time, but again thanks for the suggestion.

[RonEpstein] Parker and I would like to thank Mike, Joe and Jesse from New Line Home Entertainment for being here with us tonight. It was a pleasure having you here and you are invited back anytime.

[ParkerClack] Thanks for coming guys. I have a feeling that the LOTR trilogy is going to set box office records. I can hardly wait to see the first one!!

[new_line] Thanks for having us. We look forward to the next chat.

Session Close: Tue Nov 06 21:37:13 2001

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