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page created: 10/17/01

Chat Transcript: Warner Home Video
on Home Theater Forum

The following is a complete transcript of the on-line chat with several staffers from Warner Home Video, held on Tuesday, October 16th on The Home Theater Forum. Thanks to Ron Epstein, Parker Clack and the staff the HTF for all their hard work, and for providing the transcript for all to read. Enjoy!

Date: October 16, 2001

[RonEpstein] Thanks everyone for being here tonight. We are setting a record attendance. On behalf of Parker Clack and I, welcome! I want to start off by making an apology to Warner Brothers and all of you. Many of you are aware that the studio was supposed to chat with us 2 weeks ago. Well, they were here and ready to chat. The problem was with our IRC server. We are sorry for the inconvenience it caused and we are very thankful Warner Brothesr returned tonight. With that in mind, may I ask the folks at Warner Brothers to introduce themselves....

[Warner] We are: Mike Finnegan, VP Programming Services; Mike Radiloff, VP DVD Marketing; George Feltenstein, Sr VP Markting Turner Entertainment Co.; Paul Hemstreet, VP DVD Added Value Content. Kristin Grosshandler, Mgr DVD Added Value may also attend. Ask away.

[MatthewChmiel] Hi Warner, thanks for coming tonight. First off I want to say I appreciate that you're releasing widescreen versions of both Willy Wonka and Cats & Dogs. Now my question of the night is do you have any plans to release V: The Final Battle or V: The Series to DVD in the near future?

[Warner] Yes. V: THE FINAL BATTLE next summer. V THE SERIES maybe in thefuture beyond that.

[Gord_Lacey] I was just wondering why you keep releasing your TV properties on DVDs containing random episodes when it seems like everyone wants them in season sets. Do you have research that shows people prefer random or "best of" releases over season sets?

[Warner] Based on fan reaction, we are now considering releasing entire seasons of certain series now under consideration.

[DerekMiner] Thanks for being here tonight. My question is along the same lines as the last, but specifically about South Park. I am wondering if Warner has been considering going back to the old format of South Park on DVD. As a big fan of the show, I'm prepared to get episodes the way I prefer them from region 2 or region 4 if we aren't going to see them here in region 1. I'm sure there are many in agreement here tonight.

[Warner] SOUTH PARK is programmed by the good folks at Comedy Central. The compilations have reflected their programming choices.

[Jacob] What is the latest news on a special edition Batman:SE and is it true that Batman Returns will get a SE too?

[Warner] Both are under consideartion. No timetable yet.

[JohnSullmeyer] My question is in regards to the Twin Peaks Pilot. I assume you guys plan on releasing it, as you would not license it to Artisan to include in their upcoming Twin Peaks DVD boxed set. So my question is when do you plan on releasing it on DVD, and if you do, would you consider including both the TV open ended ending as well as the extended European ending using seamless branching as most fans prefer the open ended ending, and previously you released the European ending on VHS. I know it will be a huge seller. Just look on Ebay how much the Region 0 version has sold. Thanks !

[Warner] We'll look into it.

[LorenH] Hi Warner, thank you for joining us tonight. Is there any plan to re-release an uncut version of Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker? Any release plans for Batman: Sub-Zero? Any plans for any other Warner animated properties on DVD (like Superman, Tiny Toons, etc.)? I know you have plans for Batman:TAS, just wondering if any others are in the future. Thank you again.


[JeffreyGray] Hi, WB! First, I'd like to say, thanks for bringing out a widescreen edition of Willy Wonka. Second, are you considering DVDs of the MGM Marx Brothers titles, A Night in Casablanca, The Great Race, The Loved One, Brewster McCloud, Soylent Green, Twilight Zone: The Movie, Best Friends, special editions of Forbidden Planet, Blazing Saddles, Logan's Run, or Superman II, or new editions of Private Benjamin or A Christmas Story?

[RonEpstein] I also second The Marx Brothers! Especially "Night At the Opera" and "Day At the Races"

[Warner] Yes.

[RonEpstein] Yes, to all those, Warner?

[Warner] All are under consideration with no timetable attached. The only ones close to being scheduled are THE GREAT RACE (next year in summer).

[SteveEnemark] When will we get to see SUPERMAN on DVD, with the original cut of the movie, and the original soundtrack? This new version you released, with its added scenes and pointlessly changed sound mix is NOT acceptable. Film lovers (some call us purists) like myself prefer to see movies as they were originally released. Original Aspect Ratio (OAR), original cut, and original sound are all we want. We are the easiest DVD customers to please!

[Warner] This was the intended cut of filmmaker Richard Donner, and if he desires to modify and expand it based on fan interest, it will be considered for revistation in future years.

[Steve_Simon] Do you guys have any plans on switching over to Alpha cases, or are we stuck with Snappers??

[Warner] The Snappers will remain for a while. Check out CITIZEN KANE, DOCTOR ZHIVAGO and other event titles, though.

[ScottM] Thanks for coming! First a comment: Thanks for releasing the wonderful (family) movies--The Dish and My Dog Skip--and listening to us consumers with the Willy Wonka thing. Those are perfect antecdotes for these troubled times....but reconsider the snappers :) Iron there an SE coming of this outstanding movie (with commentary) and if so, when? Your site lists a DVD version that HAS the commentary--is that available? Also, is there any recourse for earlier versions of the Stanley Kubrick SE movies to get upgraded?

[Warner] IRON GIANT SPEC ED is planned for 2nd Half 2002.

[Bill_Harris] Good evening. any chance of getting the Harrison Ford voiceover for Bladerunner on the upcoming disc?

[Warner] Possible in the Spec Ed planned for next year. Ridley Scott will work closely with us and it is his intention we will follow.

[simong] Thank you for releasing THE MUMMY(1959). Do you have any plans to release other Hammer titles like: HORROR OF DRACULA, DRACULA A.D.72 , TASTE THE BLOOD OF DRACULA . These titles are very popular for horror fans all over the america . Thank you.

[Warner] Our Marketing Dept. has reconsidered THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN and HORROR OF DRACULA based on reaction to THE MUMMY. So we may schedule these and others in the years ahead.

[geoffr111] Thanks for coming! What I'd like to know is, in regard to your response "we'll look into it," regarding the Twin Peaks pilot on DVD, what exactly did you mean? How will the fans know what you discovered after looking into it? I, for one, am very interested in the answer to the Twin Peaks Pilot DVD question, when you find out.

[Warner] We will announce a release, that's how.

[ScottM] Thanks for the Iron Giant SE the movie. ALREADY WANT :)

[CalvinWattsIII] Are you going to do a SE of Robin Hood:Prince of Thieves? This is one of my favorite films,and one of your 1st DVD releases,being a flip disc. It deserves a SE done right. Thanks again for coming...and for making a widescreen release of Willy Wonka.

[Warner] Morgan Creek is working on a ROBIN HOOD POT SE for 2002 release. Stay tuned.

[Jun-DaiBates] Does Warner have any plans to release Death in Venice? Visconti has no films available on dvd, which is a real shame. If you're not going to release it any time soon, why not license it to Criterion? In fact, why don't you license titles to Criterion at all, and why won't you let them keep the wonderful Dead Ringers dvd in print?

[Warner] No DEATH IN VENICE plans at this time. WB policy currently disallows licensing to others. DEAD RINGERS is Morgan Creek's call.

[MichaelStClair] Gentlemen (and Kristin), thank you for joining us this evening. Mr. Feltenstein, I have greatly enjoyed the Looney Tunes, Happy Harmonies, and Tex Avery laserdisc box sets that you produced. However, I will save the obvious classic animation questions for someone else, and ask something about some animation that is a bit more contemporary. Since you release Comedy Central's 'South Park' discs, is there any chance we could see another Comedy Central property? I am speaking of the excellent 'Dr. Katz' animated series. Many of us would love to see it! Any chance?

[Warner] No plans at this time. George says thanks for the kind words, doc.

[MarkZimmer] OK, I'd like more explanation on the licensing comment. WB is sitting on an enormous catalog of classic films from WB, MGM and RKO but doesn't seem to be releasing them faster than 3 or 4 per year. Why not license them to someone and make money on them if you don't think they'd be profitable?

[Warner] We do think they'd be profitable. We await the correct timeframe and the availability of optimal video masters.

[MichaelSliger] Could you clarify the current Babylon 5 situation? Has any work been started on DVDs for the Season 1 episodes? If not, will sales of the In The Beginning/The Gathering disk dictate if that work will be started? Also, can we expect to see significant media promotion of the December disk in appropriate places (SF magazines and websites) to ensure maximum sales figures?

[Warner] We will evaluate the first release's reception and hope it's great. Because if the DVD performance does not improve upon the VHS performance from a few years back, it will not continue. So please support Release #1.

[MarkMcLeod] Hey Warner. Do you have any plans for the Kerri Russell film 'Eight Days A Week' and a Special Edition of 'The Dish' (there's a special edition in R2 and R4)?

[Warner] No to both.

[Tom_B] Is there any interest in releasing Superman II in the form of a Richard Donner re-cut, or at the very least, a Special Edition where Donner's cut scenes can be shown in a deleted scenes section? Donner has expressed interest in re-cutting the film in various interviews, most recently in a July issue of EW where he stated he would like to be able to show people what they could have gotten. If it is not possible to get Donner's participation, would Warner Brothers be interested in doing it without his participation? Many great scenes directed by Richard Donner are collecting dust in a vault somewhere, scenes that would make Superman II a much superior film. A Richard Donner Superman II is the Holy Grail for fans of the Superman films. Has anything been discussed at all regarding Superman II?

[Warner] This has been discussed. It would be very costly and time-consuming. We would prefer not to do anything without Richard Donner's participation, and perhaps even Richard Lester's partcipation. So it isn't easily answered just now, but we understand the interest.

[GlennLevesque] Hi Warner thank you to be here and for the release of The Mummy(1959) with CHRISTOPHER Lee.MY QUESTION IS:any plans to release the masterpiece of Roman Polanski THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS many fans around the world wait for this one!

[Warner] Needs remastering and possible restoration but we'll consider it. Let's see if the Broadway Musical flies.

[OwenEdwards] Hey Warner. Are there any plans to release the great 1990 comedy "Quick Change"? Perhaps as a special edition with Bill Murray participation.

[Warner] We'd consider it but it's not on the schedule.

[NeilF] Thanks for coming. If the Batman/Superman Animated DVD produces strong sales will you consider Superman Animated on DVD? Also do you find these forums helpful in your marketing efforts for future properties? Thanks again for your time.

[Warner] Our Family Group would appreciate outside help.

[RonEpstein] Warner, can you elaborate on that?

[Warner] Our Family Group carefully evaluates our animated properties for DVD exploitation and would appreciate any fan input as to the best ways to issue product. Forums like these are a great help, but just remember that the input that Managment likes to see most are Strong Sales Numbers.

[RonEpstein] Okay, that's a better explanation. Thanks

[NigelMcN] Sorry, Michael Sliger already asked my question. However I would just like Warner to note that many of us believe (rightly or wrongly) the Babyon 5 VHS sold badly due to an early announcement of it on DVD.

[Warner] We didn't announce it on DVD. Someone else must have.

[Gannett] What's going with some of your gangster flicks? When will there be rereleases of Goodfellas and Mean Streets? And also a release of Once Upon A Time in America.

[Warner] Yes to all three and we want Martin Scorsese to participate in the first two, so we will do our best by them. The producer of ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA is also working with us to ensure that's done right as well. So look for Scorseses in 2002, OUATIA in 2003.

[DerekGermano] Thanks for coming tonight. I am interested in seeing titles from the RKO library released on DVD particularly Fred Ataire & Ginger Rogers titles like CAREFREE, FLYING DOWN TO RIO, FOLLOW THE FLEET, THE GAY DIVORCEE, SHALL WE DANCE, THE STORY OF VERNON AND IRENE CASTLE, SWING TIME & TOP HAT. Also, the Val Lewton titles: BEDLAM, THE BODY SNATCHER, CAT PEOPLE, CURSE OF THE CAT PEOPLE, THE GHOST SHIP, I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE, ISLE OF THE DEAD. Any of these titles coming to DVD sometime soon?

[Warner] SWING TIME and TOP HAT have been prioritized for film restoration; once completed, they will quickly emerge on DVD. The overall condition of the RKO Library is less than optimal so wholesale releases are not possible. It will take time to present them as DVD should.

[MikeAllred] 1- Do you have any plans on releasing "Return of the Living Dead part 2" on DVD in the near future? 2- Are there ANY plans to re-issue many of your comedies as widescreen DVD's such as the "Vacation" films, "Grumpy Old Men" movies, etc?

[Warner] 1. Not at this time. 2. Not at this time. Is there a great demand for 1.85 Flat Comedies to be seen widescreen?

[RichardSharpe] Hi Warner - thanks for spending your time with us this evening... I'm interested to know whether the Wonka decision is an indication of your policy for future releases. Will future family titles (Iron Giant SE in particular) be OAR?

[Warner] Title-by-title decision, most of the time balancing the desires of the audience and the filmmaker as best as can be reconciled.

[DavidSingleton] Thanks again for participating in a chat with the forum. The opportunity to speak with studio representatives is highly appreciated. This forum supports OAR (original aspect ratio) for all titles. Lately the perception is that the studios are under pressure from retailers to release titles in MAR (marred aspect ratio), i.e. pan and scan. With the continued growth of 16x9 TV sales, and additional support for widescreen in television (particularly NBC), why don't the studios work together to educate the public with regards to the benefits of titles being released in OAR? As far as family titles being released in a MARred format, I can guarantee that kids do not care about a title that is in widescreen. Again, thanks for your participation!

[RonEpstein] Good comment!

[Warner] Good idea. However, education is a gradual process and we have Sales Goals to meet in the meantime. If you rally a consensus among studios, Warner will participate.

[RonEpstein] Thanks, Warner

[Ian_H] There is a serious lack of JD (juvenile delinquent) films available on DVD. Does Warner have ANY plans of releasing the classic OVER THE EDGE? An SE with interviews with the principals would be AWESOME! Thanks!

[Warner] OVER THE EDGE isn't a big VHS seller, but we are aware of its cult status. So...we'll consider it.

[JohanSteen] I know at some point you guys at Warner bought the rights to the 1978 TV movie Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park. I guess you still own the rights to this movie, so is there any plans for a DVD release?

[Warner] No.

[Esten] Could you release the late 80's tv series "Freddy's Nightmare's" on DVD? Warner released 5 tapes in the early 90's with one episode a peice. Please release this series on DVD.If just only a few of the 44 episodes.Thanks.

[Warner] It was not a big VHS seller, so its DVD appearance is unlikely for now.

[SethLevi] Hi, can we expect RSDL versions of "Amadeus", "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and "Strangers on a Train" in the near future? If so, will they feature new transfers? Thanks and great job on "Citizen Kane".

[Warner] Yes to the first two. Thanks on KANE. It would be interesting to do STRANGERS so you can crisscross between versions (like the murders themselves). We'll think about it if a Hitchcock Brand Idea presents itself.

[RyanWalsh] Any plans on seeing The Adventures of Robin Hood and The Sea Wolf on DVD? These are both classic films that deserve restoration.

[Warner] THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN will soon undergo a quarter-million-dollar restoration, so look for that in 2003 (its 65th anniversary). THE SEA WOLF is not planned for restoration just now but as the program expands...who knows?

[JasonLH] Are there any plans to release the Joan Crawford classic Mildred Pierce on DVD? Her Oscar winning performance has a lot of fans. Thanks!

[Warner] MILDRED PIERCE is currently undegoing a stunning restoration from the original nitrate camera negative. So please buy LITTLE WOMEN and NOW VOYAGER when they arrive in a couple of weeks so you can 1) glory in the beauty of expert vintage B&W restoration, and 2) preview what MILDRED can look like.

[Derek_vanVliet] You released South Park wrong! Bad Warner! That's a bad Warner!!! And don't try and pass the buck to Comedy Central. We sit here crying with a "Christmas Special" in our hands with the Chinpokomon episode which has NOTHING to do with Christmas whatsoever while region 2 are laughing all the way to their dvd players holding episodes that haven't even been aired over here yet in their hands. My question is this: are you prepared to replace the tears on my face with South Park season releases? and are you prepared to replace all my Warner movies with snapper cases (which have disintegrated by the way) with amaray or stingray or whatever they are cases?

[Warner] Repeat the question.

[RonEpstein] If I may interject --

[RonEpstein] The big complaint as I hear the way Comedy Central is releasing South Park. You may not have full control, Warner, but fans want the series in order of season rather than special editions. If you have any influence, please push Comedy Central to release South Park in full season order as it is now being done overseas.

[Warner] We will provide Comedy Central with a transcript of this session.

[JamesGarner] My question is not about a particular title, but concerns online/DVD viewing events such as for Matrix, 3 Kings, and The Perfect Storm. My question is are there any plans to do more soon?

[Warner] Yes. Look for events for THE MATRIX REVISITED, something involving Oliver Stone and JFK, and several others.

[Brianlawrence] Any plans to release Accidental Tourist, It's my all-time favorite movie and I would love to see it on dvd, Also does Warner have any plans of including original soundmixes on futre dvds the have 5.1 remixes?

[Warner] THE ACCCIDENTAL TOURIST needs remastering and the director must participate. It is not down for the near term. At this time, the inclusion of separate Dolby 5.1 and regular Mono or Dolby 2.0 tracks is restricted to high-profile event releases, because of the costs and disc space involved.

[ArgusSventon] Will the Popeye cartoons appear on DVD in restored versions similar to the ones on the upcoming CN show "I'm Popeye"? Also would this include the two-reelers with their original Paramount logos?

[Warner] Although Turner own the POPEYE cartoons, King Features Syndicate has held the home video rights. Thus, there has been a stalemate over their home video release. We're working on changing this situation with King Features, who are open to the idea. So stay tuned and check back with us in a year's time. Eat your spinach, too.

[ChuckL] Any word on upcoming DVD releases in 2002 for the following: Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, House of Wax (3-D preferred), Meet Me In St. Louis, Waterloo Bridge, Pinky and the Brain collections, Wolfen, Poltergeist 2: The Other Side, Gremlins 2: The New Batch, The Color Purple Special Edition, Unforgiven (remastered) and Eyes of A Stranger? And will you all be handling the Nightbreed Director's Cut in 2002?

[Warner] We are in varying stages of remastering/restoring ALICE DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE, HOUSE OF WAX, MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS and UNFORGIVEN. THE COLOR PURPLE SPEC ED (fabulous, we're told, with participation by all the principals) and NIGHTBREED DIRECTORS CUT (Morgan Creek is handling) are both on the Tentative 2002 Schedule. We don't have rights to POLTERGEIST 2. GREMLINS 2 THE NEW BATCH is possible, and the director wants to work with us. So in short, we're working on several of these, but cannot attach a specific timetable to any.

[DougIrving] Good Evening and thanks for joining us. 3 words: Strange Brew, eh! Are you aware of the demand for this one? This could be a sweet Special Edition with commentary by Rick & Dave as Bob & Doug (a la Spinal Tap). Any chances? I'm off to watch "Smallville."

[Warner] STRANGE BREW. Summer 2002. Be there.

[MichaelColvin] Hi Warner! Thanks for being here. I specifically want to know about bringing ER onto DVD. Please do season box sets! Can we expect this anytime soon? If no, why not? What are the issues surrounding this?

[Warner] We have to look into our Network Holdbacks situation on this title. Our scant forays into VHS on this title have been unsuccessful in North America.

[David_Pisarek] Rhino told me a whole ago that Warner decided to take over the South Park releases from them so perhaps you have more influence then you're letting on :) Did Warner review any of the feedback generated from and their efforts to provide a feedback forum about this issue (Friends & SP) Can you maybe setup a customer feedback survery for South Park with Comedy Central? There was a very good survery of this nature on for TNG feedback and a similar Simpsons DVD survery. Thanks-buddy! :)

[Warner] We will pass on a transcript of this session to the appropriate Marketing Personnel.

[JeffUlmer] Thanks for leading the way with DELIVERANCE and EXCALIBUR. Any chance of more John Boorman films like BEYOND RANGOON and HAVING A WILD WEEKEND with commentary if possible. Also, how about Bertolucci's ZABRISKIE POINT and THE SHELTERING SKY?

[Warner] BEYOND RANGOON (Castle Rock) and HAVING A WILD WEEKEND have low propsects on DVD at this point. ZABRISKIE POINT needs a retransfer and possible restoration. THE SHELTERING SKY is being worked on now for possible 2002 release.

[DavidBarth] Does Warner own the rights to 1941's The Devil and Daniel Webster? Now that the remake is coming out, does Warner have any plans to restore this for DVD release?

[Warner] No.

[RobertGeorge] Warner is the last major studio to still use the 384 kb/s for Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtracks. Will you consider going to the higher rate of 448 kb/s, and if not, why not? And breaking the rule, I'd also like to know if a remaster of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves is possible.

[Warner] The difference between the two kb/s is not so great that it's worth the sacrifice of added value. Morgan Creek is working on ROBIN HOOD POT right now for 2002 rerelease.

[Karl_Stahl] Thanks so much for being here and putting up with this :) I think the South Park topic has been exhausted as far as you passing the information along to whoever can make this happen the right way. I agree, a user feedback survery about DVD releases and potential special features is a great idea! My snapper cases are holding up fine. Thanks. :)

[Warner] Thanks, Karl.

[benricci] Ah, finally! First, thanks on coming and many thanks for Citizen Kane and The Goonies in OAR! My questions are simple. Will we see a Goodfellas: SE any time soon? Also, what is Warner's position on future DTS releases?

[Warner] GOODFELLAS as soon as Mr. Scorsese is available to us to bless our efforts. No plans for more DTS at this time.

[AndersRunestad] Hello--thanks for being here, for many excellent releases, and especially for the recently released Citizen Kane. It is a truly OUTSTANDING disc! I would like to reiterate that we film and DVD enthusiasts want you to always support OAR, and to release far more catalog titles--they needn't always be restored or have any extra features. For my question, I would like to ask what plans you have for Sydney Pollock's THE YAKUZA and for NIGHT OF THE LEPUS.

[Warner] THE YAKUZA is being remastered as we speak; however, its low-key VHS sales don't bode well for a quick DVD arrival. NIGHT OF THE LEPUS has not hopped onto any want lists yet.

[Luis_S] Hi,do you own the rights to Clash of the Titans? If so any plans yet?

[Warner] Yes. Summer 2002. The gods have so decreed.

[TonyD] Was this asked tongue in cheek by Warner?: "is there demand for flat comedies in widescreen?" Considering the uproar for Wonka and Cats+Dogs? Does Warner realize we here at the HTF want all films in origional aspect ratio? Maybe both full and wide on one disc would be better then full and added value.

[Warner] Is a response required on the widescreen question? If we are met with the occasion to revisit a title released Full-Frame only in future, whether with the presence of a New Transfer or New Added Value, the Aspect Ratio question will be taken into account.

[todds] Are you aware of the delay in stores getting Cats and Dogs widescreen?

Some stores dont even know a ws version is coming. Please consider this when evaluating sales. Also, any chance of the Flash tv show? Plus please dp B5 and Batman animated season box sets.

[Warner] Understood. We're aware. No to THE FLASH just now. Boxsets on the latter will be duly considered.

[Ricky_F] Hi Warner, Thank you very much for taking the time to be here tonight, I really appreciate it. I started a petition for the release of Stephen King's IT on DVD, It did very well. It is over at Studio and Manufacture feedback if you would like to see it. I was wondering. Are there any plans to release Stephen King's IT on DVD in the future ? either way please pass the suggestion along. Thank You For Your Time.

[Warner] STEPEHN KING'S IT needs remastering and we are trying to keep it in our 2002 schedule.

[RonEpstein] Question from me: Any chance for MGM's "The Sunshine Boys" (Walter Matthau & George Burns). I hear you have the rights.

[Warner] THE SUNSHINE BOYS desperately needs remastering and looks to be a year or two away at least.

[Cameron_Seaman] A few of your resposes tonight have dealt with the decision to not release a paticular title on DVD due to its poor VHS sales. Are VHS sales that big a factor when it comes to consumer response? Maybe I am wrong, but it seems to me that most people who buy DVDs no longer buy VHS. And one last comment: Please keep with OAR!

[Warner] Sadly, VHS is still considered a bellwether among Marketers. But things will change over time, he said wistfully.

[Patrick_J] I too would love to see a Richard Donner cut of Superman II. Please guys!! A Donner SII is a must! It would be highly profitable and delight millions! My question is regarding Superman IV. It was originally 134 minutes in length, but the film was butchered down to a mere 89 minutes and the film never recovered from these harsh edits. Many important sequences were left on the cutting room floor and many plot holes were left unanswered. Rumor is, the missing scenes were destroyed, but I believe they have to exist somewhere. Can anyone at Warner Bros at least confirm the existence of these scenes? If the footage does exist, what is the likelihood of seeing a full cut of Superman IV in the future? There would a huge market for a full cut of Superman IV, as it would almost be like a new Superman film. Any encouraging information on this would be greatly appreciated.

[Warner] We have no info on this tonight. Sorry.

[GuiA] Hey Warner, Thanks for coming tonight. My question is about Golden Age of Looney Tunes: I heard that there was no demand. Could you please elaborate? There is a petition on the forum. Thanks.

[Warner] There is great demand. There are Marketing Issues, Transfer Cost Factors and a whole hullabaloo of things to be considered...but believe us when we say that the DVD debut of Looney Tunes is an ongoing concern of WHV and indeed a passion among a few staffers. Be patient.

[Chad_Ferguson] I was just wondering if there any chance of a release for Wyatt Earp? Perphaps the Directors cut? I would just like to say great job on your first release of DTS titles, keep them coming, and awesome, awesome job on the Oliver Stone set! It's great to know that you guys are willing to support such a great director! Thanks.

[Warner] Appreciate the kind words.

[Will_K] Titles: the original HAUNTING, EXORCIST II,DIAL M FOR MURDER and PURPLE RAIN remastered. Also, what is Warner's position on unrated versions? Some major studios are doing this, some refuse, and I'm not sure I understand the big deal (EYES WIDE SHUT). Thanks.

[Warner] Current policy dictates we stay away from NC-17-area Unrated Versions just now. THE HAUNTING (1963) and DIAL M FOR MURDER (flat) are under consideration for 2002. EXORCIST II and PURPLE RAIN Remastered are not under consideration just now.

[RonEpstein] Actually, I am going to sneak in this interesting question that just came my way...lots of demand for Eastwood's ANY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE and its sequel. Any news?

[Warner] EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE and ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN are among 50 vintage titles on the 2002 slate, which also includes KLUTE, DESIGNING WOMAN, SUMMER OF '42, OCEAN'S 11 (1960), THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, THE PRINCE AND THE SHOWGIRL, THE HARVEY GIRLS, CALAMITY JANE , SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON, THE WOMEN, BRINGING UP BABY, LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON, ROBIN & THE 7 HOODS, A TOUCH OF CLASS (first time on video in over a decade), NATIONAL LAMPOON'S EUROPEAN VACATION, McCABE AND MRS. MILLER...and the proverbial more! All in the first half of 2002. So we're working here!!!

[RonEpstein] WoW! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date.

[ParkerClack] Have you seen the Dirty Harry Disc set?

[Warner] HARRY will be a blast.

[RonEpstein] Warner, I know you have to leave. Thanks so much for being here tonight.

[Warner] Thank you all for your interest and support. Look for DOCTOR ZHIVAGO, EMPIRE OF THE SUN, LITTLE WOMEN, NOW VOYAGER, the DIRTY HARRY 30TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION, THE BEST OF FRIENDS VOLS. 3 & 4... all in the next couple of months.

[RonEpstein] Cool! We will get the word out!

[RonEpstein] Thanks for your support of Home Theater Forum. We will have you back next year.

[Warner] WB signing off. Good night.

Session Close: Tue Oct 16 22:56:37 2001

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