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Chat Transcript: Anchor Bay
on Home Theater Forum

The following is a complete transcript of the on-line chat with Michael Felsher of Anchor Bay Home Entertainment, held on Wednesday, October 11th on The Home Theater Forum. Thanks to Ron Epstein and the staff the HTF for all their hard work, and for providing the transcript for all to read. Enjoy!

Date: October 11, 2000

* Note: Following this chat, Michael will make some EXCLUSIVE announcements on upcoming Anchor Bay DVD releases.

[RonEpstein] Good Evening everyone and thanks for joining us. I did not realize tonight was the Presidential debate, but thanks for coming.

[Michael_Felsher] There's a debate? hmmm.

[RonEpstein] With us tonight is Michael Felsher of Anchor Bay Home Entertainment. Welcome, Michael.

[Michael_Felsher] Glad to be here Ron, thanks.

[RonEpstein] We are going to jump right into questions from all of you...Let's get started...

[Dave_Anderson] Hi michael! What's going to be on the Limted Edition Evil Dead DVD that Anchor Bay is putting out next year? Will you get Within the Woods on there?

[Michael_Felsher] Hey there Dave. At this point it is a little early to say what will be on the Evil Dead next Fall. If we can get Within the Woods we has always been a goal to be able to present that short film..there are some legal issues that need to be resolved, but we will make every effort to include it. We know how much all EVIL DEAD fans want it on there.

[BrianS] Thanks for coming Michael. Has Anchor Bay looked into obtaining the 70's TV movie, KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park?

[Michael_Felsher] Hehe, I know we have received many many requests for it, and I will see what we can do. We have a rabid KISS fan in the office who would probably pass out if we got that one. Thanks for the suggestion!

[jason] now that you've released william castle's i saw what you did, what are the chances of you releasing more william castle on dvd?

[Michael_Felsher] Currently that film is the only Castle work we have..many of his other best known films are at other studios, though we are keeping an eye out for all things Castle.

[Harry_Warden] What about dark secret of harvest home and cannibal holocaust. Any chance of a release on dvd?

[Michael_Felsher] Neither of those titles are with us currently, though we have worked with the folks who have HOLOCAUST before...on THE BEYOND. So maybe something is possible.

[Matt_Zodiac] Hi Michael, great to be talking to you, I was wondering if you guys are planning on using the uncut version of Maximum Overdrive for your planned DVD?

[Michael_Felsher] Currently the only version available is the original R-Rated cut. We are planning a 5.1 track for it though..Gotta have that AC/DC cranked high.

[Jon_Sheedy] Thanks for coming, Michael! I'm so excited about finally seeing The Wicker Man get a proper release. A DVD release with extras is fantastic!!! Any new details? Thanks so much for all your great efforts....especially The Wicker Man!

[Michael_Felsher] Thanks Jon. Currently we are planning a rather nice set of supplements on the WICKER MAN including a full length commentary with the cast & crew, a 50 minute featurette/documentary, and also the longest possible version of the film available. More details will follow!

[DerekGermano] Thanks for coming tonight. Any chance of seeing THE COMPANY OF WOLVES from Anchor Bay? I'd also like to suggest HORRORS OF THE BLACK MUSEUM or DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS for release on DVD.

[Michael_Felsher] Hey Derek, great site as always...those films we'd love to do, however we don't have em at this time. We are investigating though!

[MatthewChmiel] Hey Michael, thanks for coming. My question tonight is when will we see the DVD release for "The Watcher In The Woods?" AB announced the title for a SE over a year ago, but no news has come up since.

[Michael_Felsher] Well Matthew there are unfortunately some issues that have prevented WATCHER from coming to DVD that I can't really go into here, but we have a very good relationship with the licensor and we hope to still release the film soon. Thanks Matthew.

[Rick_Squillante] Hi Michael. Any chance of "MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS" joining your Agatha Christie Collection?

[Michael_Felsher] Rick that one is still at another studio. We'd love to do it though. I personally can't wait for DEATH ON THE NILE.

[TimFleming] Hey Michael, Sydney, Australia calling. I noticed you have Britannia Hospital set for release. As that is the 3rd part of a trilogy, are there plans to release If and O Lucky Man (the first 2 parts) as well?

[Michael_Felsher] Tim, those are with other studios currently. I would love to do O LUCKY MAN. We are looking into it though, it has been discussed ever since HOSPITAL came our way.

[Kay_Pinno] Hi Michael. Thanks for coming. Are the following titles to be released as SE by AB in the near future: Phantasm 2 (restored unrated) & 3; Hellraiser 3&4(in restored versions); Argento's Four flies on grey Velvet and a restored version of the Friedkin classic The Sorcerer?

[Michael_Felsher] Hi Kay, currently we don't have the rights to those titles...many of those you mentioned are among our top requests.

[PeterMFitzgerald] Hi Mike, nice having another chance to chat with you so soon. Will the upcoming Anchor Bay DVD of DR. JEKYLL & SISTER HYDE have a commentary track by star Martine Beswick, writer Brian Clemens and director Roy Ward Baker, and will THE DAY THE EARTH CAUGHT FIRE similarly have a track by writer-director Val Guest and stars Edward Judd & Leo McKern? I realize you can't do commentaries on every DVD, but these two really deserve the treatment.

[Michael_Felsher] Peter I couldn't agree more, and we are definately working on commentaries for those films.

[Thomas_Hart] Michael, thanks for being here and listening, it's greatly appreciated. Anyway, I have a few title requests: Peter Jackson's "Meet the Feebles", "Blood Beach", "Kingdom of the Spiders" (Love this one!), "Gator Bait", "The Children", "Super Fuzz", the 1964 animated "Pinocchio in Outer Space", Jose Larraz's "Symptoms", and Jack Hill's "Sorceress" (w/ commentary).

[Michael_Felsher] Those are great suggestions Thomas...we are already looking into many of em. By the way I hope you enjoy our BAD TASTE release next year!

[Mark_Basile] Hi Michael. Can you tell us a little about the upcoming Spacecamp DVD?

[Michael_Felsher] Mark currently we will have a 16x9 widescreen transfer with at the very least a written interview with the director. We are pursuing the possibility of more extras however..keep checking the website for updates on that title.

[EricDahl] Glad you could come and answer some questions, Michael. Anchor Bay has previously released older Disney films (The Black Hole), and because Disney shows a complete lack of interest of releasing it, and because it has a pretty large fan base who would no doubt prefer seeing it in it's original aspect ratio (not available on the LaserDisc), are there any plans to acquire and release the 1986 film "Flight of the Navigator" on DVD?

[Michael_Felsher] Eric that is a terrific film we would love to do, but it so far hasn't come our way. Hopefully in the future.

[Frank_Sesma] Hi Thank you for coming tonight ! Now that Anchor Bay is releasing John Woo's "A Better Tomorrow" 1&2, what are the chances of releasing the half-hour director's cut ( of his first U.S. film "Hard Target" w/ Jean-Claude Van Damme ? (It seems at this point in time very unlikely that Universal would try to release it any time in the near future) :( Thanks !

[Michael_Felsher] Well that one would depend of course on the studio, and whether or not they would want to do it. It would be great to tackle that film..however the studio has not talked to us about that title. Thanks!

[JimmyDern] good evening. i dont know if this has been covered..but any word on a uncut version/reissue of sleepaway camp?..thanks

[Michael_Felsher] Jimmy the version of SLEEPAWAY we currently have out is the only one we will be releasing. It was the only available version provided to us. We were sorry to discover it was not the uncut version, however it isn't currently possible to release anything else. Thanks for asking about that Jimmy.

[Tony_Pisciotta] Hi Mike, I know of a title that can be a gaurenteed money maker and a tremendous hit, it is Dr. Butcher MD aka Zombie Holocaust, Even know they are they same movie they are about 30% different, different music, different editing, different scenes, the fans want to see you guys release an ultimate dvd of it, on a double sided dvd, with dr. butcher on one side and zombie holocaust on the other.

[Michael_Felsher] We are aware of the film definately...and we have looked into it. If anything will be posted!

[RonP] Michael, do you have any Paul Naschy discs in the works?

[Michael_Felsher] Yes Ron we do, we have The Werewolf's Shadow coming next summer! Extras will be determined at a later date.

[steve] Hi Mike, I'm a big fan of the Hulk TV movies. Any chance you have any of those New World prods?

[Michael_Felsher] Steve actually yes we do. We will be releasing a double feature DVD of THE INCREDIBLE HULK RETURNS and TRIAL OF THE INCREDIBLE HULK late next year.

[Edwin_Samuelson] Thanks Mike for looking out for me, it's good to see you again. Here is a few questions for you.(1)What is do you think is the best, the worst and your personal favorite dvd that anchor bay has released? (2) Of all the films out there, what is the one that you wish that you secure for release? (3)Would you please release Grave of the Vampire on DVD? (4) Sorry, my friend made me ask this. What do you think of Patrick St?

[Michael_Felsher] 1. I love our LET SLEEPING CORPSES LIE's a lot of fun..and also DEEP RED just looked and sounded incredible. Worst..well that first HALLOWEEN wasn't too great... Personal fave is MARTIN though. I would love to see NEAR DARK come our way...brilliant film. I will look into GRAVE! and PATRICK STILL LIVES...well it was..visually unique..let's leave it at that.

[JeffUlmer] Hey Michael. Any chance we'll see LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVES DOWN THE LANE or the second highest grossing Canadian film, WHY SHOOT THE TEACHER? Love the news about BAD TASTE BTW!

[Michael_Felsher] Those titles have become some of our more requested titles... we are looking into them!

[CLEVE] what are your plans for more collectors tins, and what titles do you have planned for this?

[Michael_Felsher] Well we have tins tentatively planned for SUSPIRIA, THE WICKER MAN, BAD TASTE, CANDY, HEATHERS, EVIL DEAD, and RE-ANIMATOR..all in 2001

[Dave_Hahn] Hi Michael, I have some questions on The Stunt Man. Will it include "The Sinister Saga of the Making of the Stuntman" in its entirety? Will the release be one disc or two? Will Richard Rush be adding scenes back into the movie that the studio made him cut out? If so, will they be extras or included as part of the movie, perhaps with seamless branching? Thanks!

[Michael_Felsher] Dave can't answer about any cut scenes at this time...though I do not believe Mr. Rush will be altering the existing version of the film. And yes we will be releasing the full-length SINISTER SAGA. It's an amazing film unto itself.

[PhilipGottschalk] Greetings from a UK AB fan temporarily in the US! Thanks *So Much* for THE IPCRESS FILE! Great to throw away my R2 pan/scam version (please say No to RCE!!!). Any possibility for HAWK THE SLAYER (terrificly cheesy 80's sword/sorcery fantasy starring Jack Palance) in the not-too-distant future? TIA.

[Michael_Felsher] Philip nice to hear from an overseas fan! That is a unique title..and we will look into it. Thanks for the suggestion!

[JamesGarner] is there a possibility of licencing "Sgt. Pepper" & "Pirates of Penzance" (Kline & Ronstadt) from universal & "Mystery of Rustlers' Cave" from disney?

[Michael_Felsher] There's always a possibility James, however we don't have anything in the works currently. Thanks for coming here tonight!

[MichaelCantone] Hey Mike, do you have plans to release Beyond the Darkness, Dr. Jekyll and his Women, or anything by Jess Franco?

[Michael_Felsher] Michael we don't have BEYOND THE DARKNESS, or JEKYLL currently though we are pursuing another Franco title currently...keep checking the site.. (hate to keep saying that, sorry)

[David_Olson] Any chance at more of Peter Greenaway's Filma?

[Michael_Felsher] David currently only COOK, THE THIEF, HIS WIFE & HER LOVER is planned..but we would certainly like to see more of Mr. Greenaway's films come our way in the future if possible.

[Francis_Rizzo] Is there a chance that you could acquire the underrated Val Kilmer comedy "Real Genius"?

[Michael_Felsher] Francis that title is with Columbia, and I am pretty sure they won't let that one flick :)

[HaroldGervais] Mike, Harold from DVDVerdict here. I can hardly wait for Stunt Man. Any chance of SE's for Darkman, The Frighteners and any other Hammer goodies like Vampire Circus?

[Michael_Felsher] Hey Harrold, love the site..visit it often. We would love to do SE's of all those movies, but no plans currently. We might have more Hammer in the future though.

[Tim_Raffey] Hi, and thanks for coming. Last chat you announced (almost in passing) Akira Kurasowa's RAN. Less than 3 weeks later, Winstar announced that they'd re-release it in their HTF chat. I was wondering what the deal was (and I must admit I am a little worried, seeing as how Winstar distributed the theatrical re-release...not that I don't have faith in them... I just have more faith in you :)). Thanks.

[Michael_Felsher] Tim thanks for asking this. We originally had planned to distribute RAN in 2002. However due to Winstar's plans to restore the film and reissue it, we have opted not to distribute it in the end. Tim, I have faith that Winstar will do a wonderful new job on their next RAN dvd..they obviously care about that film a great deal.

[Aric] Going with the obvious here, what plans await us for a revisitation to Romero's Dead Trilogy?

[Michael_Felsher] Well we have big plans for DAWN and DAY in 2001/2002. We tentatively plan for a SE of DAWN that will feature both the Director's Cut (aka The Cannes Version) and the theatrical edition..and possibly the Argento ZOMBI cut..if everything works out. We have a good relationship with the DAWN folks and I personally can't wait to do it. DAY will also get a SE probably in 2002..though that is tentative at this time.

[TerryW] Any details on upcoming Agento (Suspiria, Cat [no tin?], Opera) and any possibility of Disney's Song of the South?

[Michael_Felsher] Well we have interviews with Argento for CAT and SUSPIRIA. Also Ennio Morricone has graciously given us interviews for CAT and some of our Spaghetti western titles next year. As for SONG...I don't think that will be a possibility :)

[Ted] Any chance of seeing Universal's "Resurrection" with Ellen Burstyn and Sam Shephard? Or "Queen of Outer Space" with Zsa Zsa?

[Michael_Felsher] haven't had discussions about those titles, though I will mention them! By the way Ellen Burstyn is PHENOMENAL in REQUIEM FOR A DREAM!

[William_Dicapo] Hi Mike, I am so glad to see you guys releasing collections for Italy's best directors, such as Fucli, and Argento, are we going to be seeing any more for people in the future, like Deodato or Lenzi, i really want to see some of Lenzis mafia films like Violent Naples, and From Corleone to Brooklyn on dvd.

[Michael_Felsher] Well we are working on Deodato's CUT & RUN (uncut) for next summer. He is tentatively scheduled to do a commentary for us. Also we are pursuing a couple of films from Bruno Mattei...hopefully should be able to announce something soon :)

[BrunoAndrade] Are there any plans to release the titles that Enzo G. Castellari directed for FULVIA FILM ("The New Barbarians", "1990 - The Bronx Warriors" and "Escape From the Bronx")? What are Anchor Bay's plans for A LIZARD ON A WOMAN'S SKIN in their "Lucio Fulci Collection"? And please, tell me that CAT O' NINE TAILS is going to feature the Italian soundtrack with English subs.!!! Thanks.

[Michael_Felsher] The Castellari films aren't with us, but we are looking into them...LIZARD is also one we are looking into..a very important film from the late Lucio. CAT will feature the original mono Italian track yes!

[KevinFlick] Thanks....encouraged by ABs release of Borowczyks Immoral Tales..... any chance of his La Bete??? about other foreign out of print titles...such as Godard's Hail Mary or Bellocchios Devvil In The Flesh???

[Michael_Felsher] Those films aren't currently in development with us, but we are definately into acquiring foreign titles such as UN FLIC from Jean-Pierre Melville which will be released next year.

[Justin_Woodwell] Any plans for the following two '80's flicks: The Hudson Brothers' HYSTERICAL or the underrated film SCARECROWS ?

[Michael_Felsher] No plans currently, though I am also a fan of SCARECROWS..I still have the old Forum VHS.

[JeffKleist] Is there any chance that Anchor Bay is pursuing the possiblility of putting the full (TV and movie footage combined) version of the Battlestar Galactica pilot out? The full series episodes wouldn't be complained about either ;) Since the rights issues have been cleared up, and Universal's bare-bones edition isn't much to write home about. Also would love to see an 80's germ-related cheese fest called "Warning Sign" with GW B Thanks for all the great discs!

[Michael_Felsher] hehe..WARNING that movie. BATTLESTAR is firmly a Universal property.

[MikeMartinez] what sort of extras are we going to see on this coming KEOMA DVD? Shall it be the full length version and will it have any sort of interviews or commentaries by Castellari or Franco Nero? :)

[Michael_Felsher] KEOMA will be as uncut as possible, and Mr. Nero has been interviewed for the release.

[jeffkramp] Hello Michael. Could you give us some insight into what factors Anchor Bay takes into consideration in selecting titles for release? Is your ongoing relationship with particular studios important?

[Michael_Felsher] Good question Jeff. In selecting titles, it really comes down to what the fans want and also what is possible to release. Working with studios on titles is very important and we have been lucky to have relationships with Universal and Miramax. They have been great.

[Sam_DeSimone] Hi Mike, I wanted to say I love Anchorbay, I have a few quick questions, How do you guys go about getting the rights to the films your release and how does a person go about getting a job with AnchorBay. And I wanted to thank Ron for giving us this opportunity tonight.

[Michael_Felsher] hehe..Sam when we relaunch our website at the end of the month we will have a section listing any employment opportunities with our company. Check it out. As for rights to films...all a matter of dedication and finding the right people.

[Jack_Harasta] Thanks for coming. Any plans for Peter Cushing's SHOCK WAVES? Great 70's zombie flick.

[Michael_Felsher] Ken Weiderhorn's film would be a great addition to our catalog. We're lookin into it.

[JonK] Hey Michael. Can you tell us a little about the upcoming House by the Cemetery. Thanks

[Michael_Felsher] Well at this point it will definately have a new remastered 5.1 soundtrack and 16x9 widescreen presentation. Extras will be there, but they are still TBA at this point. Incidentally Fulci's THE BLACK CAT will be released at the same time next Spring.

[lozo] Any chance of older b&w titles (Karloff/Lugosi) through other studios? How about Hammer's FRANKENSTEIN/MONSTER FROM HELL

[Michael_Felsher] There's always a chance lozo. FRANKENSTEIN & THE MONSTER FROM HELL is at another studio however.

[Drew_Reiber] Any chance of getting the titles Cast a Deadly Spell, Miracle Mile, Highway to Hell, Night of the Comet, Frankenstein Unbound or the impossible to find classic, Monster Squad?

[Michael_Felsher] Drew don't have the rights to those titles currently but we get requests for those titles consistently.

[MarkPfeiffer] Last year you released four Hitchcock films on DVD. Any other older titles around that you might obtain for release?

[Michael_Felsher] Mark yes....hold on let me rattle off this list here...these titles will be sometime in 2002 most likely: BLACKMAIL, THE FARMER'S WIFE, MURDER, NUMBER 17, RICH AND STRANGE, THE RING, SKIN GAME, and CHAMPAGNE.

[thomas_morton] May I make a suggestion for the Dawn of the Dead SE dvd? Have the four main actors do an audio commentary track. Definately consider having the Zombi version on the dvd. How about having Document of the Dead on there as well? Now just a few title suggestions. Stuart Gordon's From Beyond would be excellent for Anchor Bay, the only released version I have every seen was the cut version released by Vestron video in the eighties.

[Michael_Felsher] FROM BEYOND is one we are looking into...your suggestions on the DAWN commentary are very well supported here....and I think it may be possible that is all I can say.

[JeffZahnen] Thanks for coming tonight. Is there any possibility of Season 1&2 of Crime Story (complete sets) or complete seasons of another great 80s crime drama - Wiseguy. Also, Id like to second the request for Warning Sign and add a request for an unedited Queen Margot DVD.

[Michael_Felsher] Jeff we are currently deciding what to do regarding the CRIME STORY series...hopefully we will have news soon on that!

[Travis_J] Hi Mike! Thanks for coming tonight! Any information you can give us on Re-Animator? Expected street date, extras, ect.?

[Michael_Felsher] Right now Travis we are looking at a Halloween 2001 release for RE-ANIMATOR. We tentatively plan for a THX 5.1 remastering with extras to be determined.

[Chris_P] Hi Michael! Greetings from a german AB-Fan. We love the DVD-work you put out! Especially the remastered soundtracks and 16:9 transfers are the best. I got a question about John Woos "Bullet in the Head" Will it be released SE by Anchor Bay?

[Michael_Felsher] Greetings to you in Germany! Currently we don't have the rights to BULLET IN THE HEAD, though we are investigating it. Thanks for dropping in tonight!

[Alex_Spinder] Hello Mike. May I say that your dedication to these titles is admirable. On to the question - In our world of careful political correctness, is it too much to hope for the uncensored cover art for 'Bad Taste'? (i.e. without the peace sign) Seeing that on a Tin would make this title complete.

[Michael_Felsher] haha..Alex that has become a serious matter of debate amongst us... personally I would love to see the original one-finger..but we may have to come up with an alternative...but we shall fight for the alien's right to express his feelings on the BAD TASTE front cover if at all possible.

[George_Reis] You released a three volume series of "Golden Age of Leather" biker film on VHS but not DVD. Any chance for these six titles for DVD? Also, will CAT O' NINE TAILS also have an English track?

[Michael_Felsher] George those titles were only available to us for VHS. CAT O NINE TAILS will also feature an 5.1 English track in addition to the Italian Mono track.

[paulsmith] Hello from England. Any chance of releasing Kings and Desperate Men (1976) - a sort of follow-up to Patrick McGoohan's strange but brilliant cult tv series The Prisoner. Kings starred McGoohan and his Priz co-star Alexis Kanner. Plus with rumours of a big Hollywood remake of The Prisoner (by Con Air's Simon West) there'll be lots of interest in the whole concept.

[Michael_Felsher] Paul that one hasn't come up before...we'll see.

[DaveF] Hi Michael, thanks for coming - another happy UK customer here.... Could you let us all know what your plans are for A Better Tomorrow 1&2 (Aspect Ratio, Language Tracks, Extras, Release Dates). Thanks.

[Michael_Felsher] Dave thank you for asking this. Unfortunately this week some information was posted regarding our TOMORROW releases that was incorrect in the extreme...Here's the current and correct info: Both TOMORROW films will be 16x9 enhanced. Both will have English and Cantonese audio Tracks. The first TOMORROW film will have its Cantonese track remastered in 5.1 Dolby Digital. And finally both will be released in January 2001..not this November.

[ChrisCaine] Bula from Fiji...technically, how is it that you can have everything (extras) in 16x9 (which is GREAT) and other studios don't?

*** TimFlavin sets mode: +v ChrisCaine

[Michael_Felsher] Chris I can't speak for other studios, all I can say is that we decided to support 16x9 across the board on every title that it was possible for. I hope it has been appreciated. Thanks..and hello to Fiji!

[DanMandriota] What can you tell us about the future of the Lucio Fulci Collection? What new titles are planned? ZOMBI 3 perhaps, since you mentioned Bruno Mattei?

[Michael_Felsher] Dan we currently have HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY and THE BLACK CAT planned for next spring. Others may come along but those are the only ones I can talk about at this time.

[StevenA] Really just wanted to thank you for releasing Dead of Night (1945) next year (any news on a release date?) and for all your fine work.

[Michael_Felsher] Steven thank you...DEAD OF NIGHT should be out in late 2001 if all goes well. It's a great film.

[Arthur] Thanks for coming. Any chance for "Masters of the Universe", "The Pirate Movie", "Starchaser: The Legend of Orin" or "The Last Unicorn"?

[Michael_Felsher] Hi Arthur, we don't currently have any of those films...but we will note the support for em Thanks.

[KirkLawrence] Hi. I'd love to see "Berry Gordy's The last Dragon," as well as the classics "the Wizard" and " Three O' clock High" done on dvd. Lots of my eighties tapes are wearing thin-- I'd also like to see "Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo." Also, is cemetery man coming out soon?

[Michael_Felsher] CEMETARY MAN is currently with another studio, though we are currently close to announcing a couple of director Michele Soavi's films if all goes well. As for BREAKIN 2...oh man I just can't comment on that one :)

[GregorMenasian] Hi, I love all of the Anchor Bay DVDs I've bought so far, and I have some sugegstions: Mario Bava stuff (Rabid Dogs, Danger Diabolik, etc.) more Peter Jackson (uncut Braindead! special edition!) Hayao Miyazaki animated stuff (it's a shame the Nausicaa deal fell through) Juzo Itami movies (Minbo, Taxing Woman 2, etc.). Finally, I'm dying to get Until the End of the World on DVD, but the domestic tape and LD of it were butchered by Warner, and they're not even bothering to release it on DVD. If you could get least the 3 hour unmatted version (1.85:1) like the Japanese import LD set with the 1 hr Dream Island documentary, or prefferably the 5 hour director's cut, that would be wonderful!

[Michael_Felsher] Gregor my best friend is the world's biggest UNTIL fan and if we could get it I would love to. We are hoping to work with Wim Wenders though in the future...stay tuned.

[Rick_Squillante] Thanks for the upcoming CAN"T STOP THE MUSIC...any chance for MYRA BRECKINRIDGE?

[Michael_Felsher] Well not currently but I think CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC is enough don't you think? :) MYRA is a good title though, maybe down the road...

[jason] is there any chance of seeing any italian gothic horror from the 60's from directors like Antonio Margheriti, Riccardo Freda, Mario Caiano.. some examples: Nightmare Castle, Horrible Dr. Hichcock, Castle of Blood, The Devils Commandment, several of which star Barbara Steele, speaking of which i'd also like to put in a request for The Crimson Cult with Steele, Boris Karloff, and Christopher Lee.

[Michael_Felsher] We'd love to do those films, but we don't have any on deck currently.

[BrianS] Where are SHATTER and A Challenge for Robin Hood?

[Michael_Felsher] They will be released on DVD at some point, however it is a matter of finding a proper time and place for em since they atypical Hammer flicks. But we are going to do them at some point, just don't have a time table yet.

[JonK] Hey Michael. I was just wondering if AB was planning to release an uncut version of Night of the Living Dead 1990? Thanks.

[Michael_Felsher] That one is with Columbia, and they would be the ones to release an uncut version if they decided to do it. Actually their current DVD is quite nice, it has some of the deleted footage in the featurette if I remember correctly.

[Harry_Warden] Any chance of The Last American Virgin (quit laughing) or The Burning (uncut) for release?

[Michael_Felsher] No reason to laugh at The Last American's a cool flick but alas we don't have it currently. THE BURNING has been looked into..however nothing to report currently.

[TerryW] How about "Five Man Army" and "Cemetery Without Crosses" and will "Cat O'Nine Tails" have English subs to go with the Italian track?

[Michael_Felsher] Those two aren't with us now, but I have heard em discussed before. CAT will have English subs according the info I have currently.

[Frank_Sesma] Hi again :) I was wondering if you could clarify something from your last chat. At the end of it, you referred to bringing out the tv movies of British shows like "Are You Being Served". I guess this means you weren't referring to bringing out on dvd the hilarious tv *series* that PBS here in the U.S. has been airing over the last many years ? And is the movie you spoke of related to the series or something entirely different and similar in name only ?

[Michael_Felsher] Frank these are tv movies that were done for those TV shows that we have the rights to. I honestly don't know their origins but we don't have the rights to the entire series.

[Drew_Reiber] Any chances of Jodorowsky films like El Topo and Holy Mountain, and if you're talking to Vestron about From Beyond, does that open possibilities to Waxwork and Monster Squad?

[Michael_Felsher] Drew we have inquired quite a bit into just isn't possible at this time, though we keep track of any developments on EL TOPO and HOLY MOUNTAIN. Vestron was bought by Artisan a long time ago and many of those Vestron films have since reverted to other companies...but we are inquiring about all those films you mentioned.

[Ryan] Thanks for the Italian genre flicks! Any chance of seeing any gialli starring the divine Edwige Fenech?

[Michael_Felsher] Ryan don't know about the status of those films, but I mention them... they do need a release don't they?

[Anthony_Thorne] Will EMANUELLE IN AMERICA be fully uncut? (i.e x-rated) + any chance of a Greenaway commenatry on COOK

[Michael_Felsher] Anthony...If we can't release an uncut EMANUELLE IN AMERICA (and I'm not horsing around about this) we won't release it. We are aware of the uncut version' and we will do everything we can to bring it out...Mr. Greenaway might be available for a commentary but that is tentative at this time.

[Brian_Cleary] Hi michael, How is the Godzilla 1985 Special edition coming along? Any chance for other widescreen Toho classics? Also I'd love to see a line of classic martial arts films on DVD, something no one has done properly.

[Michael_Felsher] Brian currently still on hold pending the acquisition of an uncut version, but it should happen at some point.

[TimFlavin] Loved Philidelphia Experiment, and being a big Time Travel fan, any other titles to look forward to?

[Michael_Felsher] Well I can't think of any currently (though I might be overlooking something)... check back with me on this later Tim. Thanks again for the help tonight!

================ Exclusive Title Announcements =====================

[RonEpstein] Before Michael makes a big release announcement, I want to thank a few people: Ned Vogler and Tim Flavin for Moderating this chat tonight. Also want to thank my partner, Parker Clack for all the work he does....Now...Michael will take over and talk a little about the future of Anchor Bay DVD....

[Michael_Felsher] These are some titles that we will be releasing in the future...dates are not determined at this time, but I wanted to mention these anyway since I didn't have a chance last we go.







* And lastly Paul Bartel's NOT FOR PUBLICATION. The family title TALES OF BEATRIX POTTER, and the Sean Connery films ON THE FIDDLE and THE FRIGHTENED CITY

[Michael_Felsher] I want to thank everyone for coming out tonight. This was a blast!

[RonEpstein] On behalf of everyone here, we wish to thank You, Michael.

[RonEpstein] Thanks Michael Felsher for taking the time to be here with us. Come back anytime.

[Michael_Felsher] Thanks Ron for everything!

Session Close: Wed Oct 11 23:14:37 2000

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