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page created: 9/19/01

Chat Transcript: Anchor Bay
on Home Theater Forum

The following is a complete transcript of the on-line chat with Michael Felsher of Anchor Bay Home Entertainment, held on Tuesday, September 18th on The Home Theater Forum. Thanks to Ron Epstein, Parker Clack and the staff the HTF for all their hard work, and for providing the transcript for all to read. Enjoy!

Date: September 18, 2001

[RonEpstein] Good Evening everyone. Thanks so much for coming here tonight. Parker and I wish to thank all of you who have supported HTF. At this time it is our pleasure to welcome Michael Felsher of Anchor Bay Home Video. Hi, Michael!

[MichaelFelsher] Hello Ron...Hello Everyone, thanks for coming

[RonEpstein] Is your position at AB still that of Internet Coordinator? If so, remind everyone what you do

[MichaelFelsher] Yes it is, and I also do many many other activities here at the office. There is always enough to do these days! Before we get started...I want to make an announcement concerning our recent DVD of OPERA if I may?

[RonEpstein] Sure

[MichaelFelsher] We have been receiving many reports of widespread problems with the OPERA DVD releases that came out on the 11th. We have posted information on our recall and replacement of the defective discs at We apologize for any inconvienience this has caused.

[RonEpstein] It's a good thing we got that posted and out of the way. Thanks, Michael. Okay, I am sure all of you have questions, so let's get to it!

[MattSmith] Are there any plans to re-release Phenomena as a Special or Limited Edition with more features?

[MichaelFelsher] Hello Matt, currently we don't have plans for a re-release of PHENOMENA, though it is a possibility in the future.

[MatthewChmiel] Hello Michael. Thanks for coming tonight. I'd like to know if Anchor Bay has gotten the video rights for Sleepless (Dario Argento's latest film) and if you have gotten the rights, do you have a release date planned?

[MichaelFelsher] Matthew, we would certainly like to carry that one, but as of right now, we don't currently have the rights to SLEEPLESS.

[JeffKleist] First off, Anchor Bay rocks! My big question is whether or not you have looked into asking Disney if you could rescue some of Miyazaki's titles from rodent oppression. Also, I still will buy Warning Sign in a heartbeat should you ever aquire it!

[MichaelFelsher] Well Jeff those titles are ones we get asked about a lot, though at this time we don't have plans for them. And thanks for the compliment!

[JacobRubinstein] I see that you are releasing a SE of Beastmaster movie. Any plans for a SE of Beastmaster 2? or a release of Beastmaster 2 (non SE)?

[MichaelFelsher] Our SE of BEASTMASTER which will be THX Approved with DTS 6.1 & Dolby EX sound will be out on Oct 23rd, however we don't currently have the rights to BEASTMASTER 2. Expect a commentary from Don Coscarelli on BEASTMASTER!

[WesRay] Hello Michael. Any plans for Anchor Bay to release Night of the Creeps or The Hills Have Eyes? Any chance of getting the rights to them?

[MichaelFelsher] Wes, those two rank very high on our list of desired titles, but as of now they are unavailable. I love both of those films (especially CREEPS with the original ending)

[JohnHenry] Have you considered releasing the 80's slasher film SILENT SCREAM starring Barbara Steele, Yvonne DeCarlo and Cameron Mitchell? It was released on VHS by Video Treasures which I believe is owned by Anchor Bay.

[MichaelFelsher] That movie has been mentioned before. Video Treasures was a former incarnation of our company, however many of those titles are no longer available through us.. SILENT SCREAM is one of them, but there is always the possibility of us releasing it in the future

[Andrew] First off, I love you guys! Army of Darkness is my favorite DVD! Quick question. With that link you just gave us for the OPERA recall, it seems that we don't need to return the original disc to get a copy of the new one. Wouldn't that allow people who don't own it to get it without paying? It seems you can lose a lot of money that way. How do you keep track of that?

[MichaelFelsher] We took that into account Andrew, and we will be keeping a close eye on that potential problem. This was determined the best and most efficient way of handling this situation, and also caused the least amount of extra work for the consumers affected.

[MagnusA] I just saw that "What Have They Done to Solange?" isn't on the list of future releases any longer. Has it been pulled or just pushed forward?

[MichaelFelsher] Unfortunately the decision was made not to proceed with that title. Sometimes there are situations which cause titles to be delayed or sometimes not released. I try to keep that IN THE FUTURE page maintained often to reflect any changes.

[Anders] Hi! Thanks for being here, for the Heathers SE, and all the other wonderful discs. What can you tell us about when the Ealing comedies will be released (sometime in 2002 last I heard), and have you considered liscencing Universal's film noir (The Big Clock, Double Indemnity, etc.)? They have quite a collection of these films, and it would make a very cool line of its own. Thanks for your time, Michael!

[MichaelFelsher] Although those other films you mentioned are not available to us currently, I can say that we will be releasing several Ealing Alec Guiness Films around the middle of next year including... KIND HEARTS & CORONETS, THE LAVENDER HILL MOB, THE LADYKILLERS, and THE MAN IN THE WHITE SUIT. We will also (tentatively) offer a gift set containing those films and an exclusive bonus DVD of CAPTAIN'S PARADISE.

[Neil_S_Bulk] Hi! Thanks for coming tonight. I was wondering if your new edition of Highlander will contain the original soundtrack. It still exists and has dialogue that is not in the remix.

[MichaelFelsher] Hello, currently we are beginning work on HIGHLANDER and I will mention that to our producers. We hope to have a nice edition of that in the Spring of next year. (THX, DTS 6.1, Dolby EX, etc)

[MarkPfeiffer] Great job on "Un Flic". Any chance of other Melville films coming, like "Le Samurai", or getting Bunuel's "Belle de Jour" from BV?

[MichaelFelsher] We would welcome those films. I am particularly happy about our UN FLIC release. As of now we don't have any other Bunuel or Melville projects pending.

[SteveGon] Any chance of AB acquiring the rights to The Ninth Configuration?

[MichaelFelsher] Steve, we have asked about it, and all I can say is we don't have it planned currently. I love William Peter Blatty's work though and I would love to see that one come out in widescreen on DVD, it's a classic!

[glennlevesque] Hi, Michael, and thanks for all, have any plans on adding a french track on your future hammer collection titles(like prince of darkness,rasputin and plague of the zombies) ?

[MichaelFelsher] Glad you asked that, we will be adding French tracks to some of our upcoming releases if they are available...sometimes it is not possible to use foreign language tracks, but whenever it is feasible to do so, we will.

[ScottWeinberg] Hi Michael. Thanks for coming! I wanted to say thanks to Anchor Bay for releasing some great little horror movies (Hell Night, Fade to Black, Madman, many others) that their original studios wouldn't (or couldn't) do right. (Phenomenal job on Maniac, btw). ANYWAY, I'm wondering if you've ever heard of a 1982 horror flick called Evilspeak. (It's been released in R2.) This one definitely deserves to be an AB title.

[MichaelFelsher] Scott, we've inquired about that title..that's all I can say right now. Thanks!

[Kenneth_Grimm] Michael,The Army of Darkness Limited Editions (both single and double dvds) are selling for $80+ at places like Ebay are there any chances of a re-release of the Army of Darkness Limited Edition, and what's the status of Evil Dead and Bad Taste?

[MichaelFelsher] well...we aren't going to re-release the AOD 2 Disc Set, however that doesn't mean the Director's Cut will stay unavailable though. EVIL DEAD is on track for a February release with all the trimmings (DTS, THX, Dolby EX), and we are really jazzed about the Book of the Dead edition which will be a replica of the classic book from the films designed by Tom Sullivan.

[JeffKrispow] With the recent SE's of "Opera" and "Suspiria", the discs are packaged inside large keep cases instead of the expected tins. Does this denote a change in the future for special edition packaging?

[MichaelFelsher] Jeff, we are trying out new packaging ideas all the time (such as the EVIL DEAD "BOOK", and the upcoming BAD TASTE LE which will be a foldout edition ala UNBREAKABLE) We are not currently planning more tins past HALLOWEEN 4, though more may be released eventually.

[JohnVonThaden] Has Anchor Bay increased activity in its check disc process? I don't mean to be confrontational, but I ask because this year I've had to return MANHUNTER, A BETTER TOMORROW and now OPERA this year for various issues. I love a lot of the films you release and the quality you are often able to put out, but I've never had this amount of trouble with any other company.

[MichaelFelsher] John, we are too concerned with this recent OPERA situation and the ones you mentioned. We are investigating these problems and will do everything we can to prevent it from occuring in the future. Sorry for any trouble you've had.

[Ricky] Hi Mr Felsher. Thank you very much for coming tonight. You are the masters of releasing Horror movies on DVD and I know this is a long shot but Newline owns a title called CAMPFIRE TALES and I am pretty sure that they will never release it on DVD. If it is not too much trouble would you mind taking a note of that title and see what you could maybe do ? I know it is a one man suggestion but it really is a fun movie and if you could just see if you might be able to release it.

[MichaelFelsher] Ricky, we've gotten emails about that title before, and I will definately make a note of support for it.

[Tanner] Thanks for your time. What extras are going to be on the two Sleepaway Camp titles due out next year? Any cut scenes returned to the movies?

[MichaelFelsher] We don't have a set list of extras for SLEEPAWAY II & III but we have every intention of having the director's commentary and possible behind the scenes footage. Special thanks to Jeff Hayes and Michael Simpson for their support of our releasing those films, we are looking forward to them!

[KevinFox] Sorry if this has been asked already (I joined the chat at 9:25 EDT), but will the upcoming release of Michael Nesmith's Elephant Parts differ from the already-released version? And thanks for chatting with us.

[MichaelFelsher] Kevin, right now I don't have a list of extras for that title, it will release next year, but we will of course be fully remastering the title and I would expect extras on that one. It was the second laserdisc in my family's collection nearly 20 years ago!

[stevens] Hi Michael do you have any plans on getting new rights for hammer collection titles like vampire circus,captain chronos,twins of evil...

[MichaelFelsher] The problem with the Hammer titles is that the rights are spread out with many different studios and companies. We will certainly release the Hammer titles we are able to get ahold of, but those ones you mentioned are not planned at this time.

[NeilEdwards] I am curious about the economics of DVD production. Since your catalogue is mostly "cult" films, how many units do you consider a successful release? How many units do you usually press, and if you sell out, how fast do you make more? Also, how much extra does it cost to master a DVD in anamorphic? After all, the more money you make, the more you will continue to give us great product!

[MichaelFelsher] Although I can't give specific figures...we always apply the same standards to mastering a title no matter if it is a cult or mainstream film. The cost may be a little more, but our company is definately benefitting from it.

[JosephGoodman] Godzilla 1985... whats the status?

[MichaelFelsher] Currently it is on hold unfortunately, though we do hope to be able to release it eventually.

[MichaelFelsher] Thanks to everyone for coming...really great turnout everyone!

[ScottMuhlbaier] Thanks for chatting Michael. I started collecting AB titles with Halloweeen and they've been increasing at a rapid pace. Suspiria is a milestone...the sound in DTS-ES in the opening rain scene is unreal. I was wondering about a couple of my favorite movies. "Without a Clue" (Michael Caine comedy) and two horror movies, "American Gothic" and "Waxwork". Both of those would be tailor-made AB releases.

[MichaelFelsher] Hi Scott, thanks for the compliments on SUSPIRIA...we are very pleased with the reaction it has been getting from fans. Those movies you mentioned are great ones, but alas no plans at this time.

[Fred_Krampits] Good to see you again Michael, don't know if this question was asked but what has happened to the re-release of Zombie?

[MichaelFelsher] Fred, currently we are not able to re-master ZOMBIE as we would have preferred to. However we are considering re-releasing the existing DVD at a lower price. Not the ideal alternative, but we are hoping this will be a positive one nonetheless.

[JohnSullmeyer] I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but as you might know there is a great demand for the the DVD release of Wild at Heart. You guys had planned on releasing it on DVD, but your rights had expired. MGM claims they don't have the rights to it, you guys say you don't. Elite, who was going to release an extended cut on Laserdisc no longer has the rights to it. This title is in rights limbo !

[MichaelFelsher] We love David Lynch, and if we can ever clear the way for that to be released we would gladly do so.

[DavidLambert] I'm curious where old discs go? Suncoast had a "special buy" of $5 AB titles (Moonlighting, Candleshoe, etc.). Where can I get more old AB titles (not random bin searching)? Also, any Dean Koontz-based horror coming from AB?

[MichaelFelsher] Those titles you mention were part of a special arrangement with a customer of ours. Currently any in-print title can be ordered from any number of our online and local retailers. No Dean Koontz horror though right now.

[GregSH] Hi. While working on Beastmaster with Don Coscarelli, was there any discussion about reteaming in the future to do the Phantasm sequels (2 and 3)? I'd love to see what Anchor Bay could do with these films.

[MichaelFelsher] Oh that subject definately came up, we've been wanting to work with Mr. Coscarelli for a long time. Nothing burning on those films right now, but we hope it may be possible down the road...

[DanHuey] Hi Michael! There is a lot of interest in AB obtaining the rights to Halloween H20, and releasing a SE with anamorphic, DTS, rejected score isolated, ect. Is there any chance of this happening?

[MichaelFelsher] There's always a chance, however we don't have anything planned at this point. We have received a great many emails on this and the other HALLOWEEN films.

[StevenGrahm] Why were the Paul Naschy werewolf films WEREWOLF vs. VAMPIRE WOMAN and CURSE OF THE DEVIL delayed a full year? Are they still coming? Also, any plans for more Naschy or other Spanish Horror films like the rest of the BLIND DEAD movies? Oops, I mean WEREWOLF'S SHADOW.

[MichaelFelsher] For various reasons THE WEREWOLF'S SHADOW and CURSE OF THE DEVIL were pushed back to the middle of next year, but they are definately still coming out with (tentative) involvement from Mr. Naschy. We don't have the rights to the other BLIND DEADs yet though.

[Dan_Brodin] First and foremost I want to thank everyone at Anchor Bay for the quality releases that have put out. My question is has work started on Transylvania 6-5000? If so can you fill us in on any details or rough estimate on a release date? thanks.

[MichaelFelsher] We havent started work on it yet, but it IS coming out, most likely late next year. Extras TBD

[michaelT] hello!,are there any other Fulci titles in the works?

[MichaelFelsher] Michael, right now we have plans for a couple of Fulci Double Disc sets similar to our recent Dario Argento sets earlier this summer. As for new FULCI, expect his Spaghetti Western FOUR OF THE APOCALYPSE this December in the longest version ever released to video in the world.

[Max_Yokell] First off you guys are doing a Kick ASS Job !!!! Since AB has done such a good job getting the rights to movies from others especially the Italian Horrors. Has AB considered Do any original theatrical Productions or maybe some straight to DVD ;) Productions and especially in the horror/Gore Genre maybe give some younger talent that looks up to the Italian Masters like Fulci, Bava and Argento a chance to show what they have?

[MichaelFelsher] hehe..Max the subject of new and/or theatrical productions is one we have been talking about for a long time. No concrete plans yet..but keep your eyes peeled.

[BillCrosthwait] Hi, Sorry if this has been asked before. Any plans to release or get the rights to Flash Gordon (1980) and Yor: Hunter from the future. Thanks, Plus you guys rock!

[MichaelFelsher] Hi, we don't have those titles planned currently..though I would love to see YOR come out...a classic if ever there was one! :)

[Joao_Bastos] Hi. Thanks for coming. I just wanted to suggest a movie that would make an excelent release: "The Item", a '99 movie directed by Dan Clark. I believe this movie wasn't released anywhere, not even in vhs. It was shown in several festivals (including Sundance), and it's one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. If you have the chance to check it out do it, because I believe it has the potential to be a huge "cult" movie. Check for example the Imdb and you will see I'm not the only one who loves the movie. Check it out, it's worth it! thanks.

[MichaelFelsher] I will look into that one, thanks for bringing it up. It is always great when fans bring unknown or unheralded films to our attention, it really leads us down some wonderful roads.

[JustinStokes] Anchor Bay rules! Will your release of Brian Yuzna's SOCIETY next year be the uncut version, and could you get the rights to Craven's THE HILLS HAVE EYES?

[MichaelFelsher] Although HILLS isn't planned, we have every intention of releasing SOCIETY uncut.

[PeterMFitzgerald] Cheers, Michael. I heard recently that MGM no longer holds the rights to a great Brit sci-fi flick, THE UNEARTHLY STRANGER ('63), starring John Neville (Gilliam's BARON MUNCHAUSEN, X-FILES). It is very much in the vein of DAY THE EARTH CAUGHT FIRE (great job, btw!) and the QUATERMASS films (ditto!), so is there a decent chance of you putting it out in the near future? Also is there a street date yet for DR. JEKYLL & SISTER HYDE?

[MichaelFelsher] Hi Peter, I wasn't aware of that title's situation, I will pass the information on. Hammer's DR JEKYLL is set for November 20th along with LUST FOR A VAMPIRE.

[Thomas_Hart] Michael, thanks for coming tonight and for putting out a great selection of obscure titles. Any chance of seeing the following obscure films: William Castle's "Let's Kill Uncle", Dario Argento's "Trauma", "Alligator", "Arnold" (1973), "Ms. 45" (Uncut), "The Manitou", "The Evil" (1978), "Embryo", "The Nude Bomb", Borowczyk's "The Beast" and Jackie Garry's "The Curse" (Female werewolf film which can't seem to find a distributor).

[MichaelFelsher] Thomas those titles have all come up and we are actively pursuing a couple of them..hopefully something will be announced down the line.

[JeffUlmer] Hi Michael. Any chance WHY SHOOT THE TEACHER (Canada's highest grossing film) or THE LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVES DOWN THE LANE (with Jodie Foster commentary) is a possibility? Really looking fporward to BAD TASTE. Please keep the finger on the tin!

[MichaelFelsher] Jeff, we have asked about those, especially LITTLE GIRL, but nothing yet. Let me tell this about our BAD TASTE packaging plans...The Limited Edition will be a foldout similar to such releases as FIGHT CLUB or UNBREAKABLE and will have a bonus DVD with the GOOD TASTE MADE BAD TASTE DOCUMENTARY. There will also be a 16 page booklet with interviews with three of the cast members in the LE. The Front of the Limited Edition will have a lenticular cover which will alternate between the classic finger pose for the alien and the peace sign. The regular edition of BAD TASTE will come with the peace sign cover displayed, but with the single finger cover printed on the reverse side...That way everyone can get flipped off if they so choose :) BTW I am watching BAD TASTE right now...this is a personal fave... Peter Jackson is the man!

[rhett] Hey Michael, first off thanks for answering our questions... Hey, I was just wondering about the proposed SE of Prom Night. Could you tell us what supplements are going to be on the disc, and when it is going to be released? Also, any chance for getting the rights to The Prowler?

[MichaelFelsher] Currently we don't have plans for a new SE of PROM NIGHT, though it could always be considered later. THE PROWLER is one we get asked about all the time, but the rights aren't available to us at this time.

[BenMotley] Hello Michael, thanks for coming! I would just like to first thank you and AB for their ongoing commitment to Hammer Films. The new releases are beautiful! . Also, great work on the Wicker Man box, and thank you thank you thank you for such a bang up job on Suspiria, and the Citizen Kane of horror, Maniac.

[MichaelFelsher] Thank you Ben!

[BenMotley] As far as Hammer goes, I am very excited about Lust for a Vampire and Dr.Jekyll and Sister Hyde. My question regarding those has been asked and answered already, so I’ll ask when can we expect Dawn of the Dead? It seems like this keeps getting pushed back.

[MichaelFelsher] Right now we hope DAWN can be re-released late next year, but that is tentative right now.

[SeanBateman] Well, my question was in reference to Dawn... is there any possibility the Argento cut, Zombi, with the complete Goblin score has any chance of being released?

[MichaelFelsher] Right now we hope we can do that, but again it is all tentative right now.

[SeanBateman] And... is it true that Anchor Bay is backing Romero's 4th Dead film?

[MichaelFelsher] Sean, we don't have that in production at this time.

[JeffreyGray] Hi Michael. Are you considering a DVD of CHARLY (based on Daniel Keyes' short story "Flowers for Algernon" and starring Cliff Robertson)?

[MichaelFelsher] That has been discussed Jeffrey, and I believe we will be able to release that at some point in the near future.

[BrettHancock] Are there any plans to release Motel Hell on dvd???

[MichaelFelsher] Sorry Brett, that one is with another studio.

[Kelley_B] Thanks so much for Suspiria, WickerMan, Maniac, basically thanks for being Anchor Bay. Ok why no Tin for Bad Taste? What makes you decided what gets an Ultra Cool box like the Tins, and that Ultra Swank Wicker Man box? What/When can we expect from The Evil Dead? Oh and thanks in advance for the sweet ass job I am sure you will be doing on Bad Taste.

[MichaelFelsher] hehe...Kelley we always try to keep our options open on packaging rather than doing one type of thing all the time. For BAD TASTE and EVIL DEAD for example, other options rather than tins became available so we decided to try em out. I think you will be pleased..we hope!

[Emils] Thks Michael for visiting. Any update on when more Moonlighting episodes will be coming? Will they be in a box set? Also, is there any date on Stuntman LE?

[MichaelFelsher] We are hoping for more MOONLIGHTING next year, but I can't give a date or specifics at this time. THE STUNT MAN will be released on November 20th..details will be on our website this week but...expect a commentary from Richard Rush and members of the cast, a new THX transfer with 6.1 DTS & Dolby EX sound, and the release of the acclaimed SINISTER SAGA OF MAKING THE STUNT MAN both separately and in the Limited Edition.

[GlennMason] Now that AB has expanded into Europe, are there any plans to extend to the Australian market. Also; glad to see that you are releasing Brittania Hospital. Any plans for If.. and O, Lucky Man to complete the set.

[MichaelFelsher] We do have a presence in the UK now, although we don't currently have plans for an Australian location. The other two Lindsay Anderson films you mentioned aren't available unfortunately.

[DerekMiner] I wondered, through your relationship with Universal, if you had ever considered doing a DVD of Robert Zemeckis' first film, I Wanna Hold Your Hand. I don't know if Universal cares much about it, since it bombed theatrically and they licensed it away to Warner for VHS and LD. I think it's a wonderful film and I would love to see it get some respect.

[MichaelFelsher] That is a great film, but right now we don't have plans for it.

[TerryW] 1st thanks for ALL of your work especially the Argento titles, Will the within the woods short be complete on Book of the Dead Limited? Or missing some music?

[MichaelFelsher] Right now the tenative plans is to have sections of WITHIN THE WOODS on the DVD due to music copyright issues, but we do want to have this lengendary short featured on our EVIL DEAD release in any way we can.

[JohnSteffens] What about Class of 1984(82) and Class of 1999(90)? and if so, is there a possibility of both movies being UNCUT!

[MichaelFelsher] Nothing planned currently, but if we ever did release them, they would be uncut.

[Michael_M] Hello. I wanted to know the status and any extras on the Emanuelle In America and Silent Night Deadly Night 2 discs. They were on the schedule a few months ago but were removed.

[MichaelFelsher] SILENT NIGHT 2 is still on hold, but it should be released eventually. EMANUELLE IN AMERICA is on track for an early 2003 release when we plan to have a few other EMANUELLE titles available.

[chris] thanks for taking the time to chat and give us great info...any chance of getting the rights to peter jackson's meet the feebles?

[MichaelFelsher] Chris, all I can say is we are looking into it...that's my favorite Jackson flick...Any film that has a drug-addicted frog whose knife throwing act is interrupted by Vietnam flashbacks deserves our respect.

[Dave_F] Hi Michael - thanks for being here. Do you have any more plans for John Woo and/or Hong Kong films in general? How about taking all those awful releases from Disney (Jet Li/Jackie Chan titles among others) and making them good!

[MichaelFelsher] Dave, we are investigating the possibility of more Woo films down the road, but that is all I can say right now.

[todds] Do you have the rights or can you inquire about them for the 1980 fantasy film "Hawk The Slayer" starring Jack Pallance?(I know Image had the LD rights, but not anymore). Also, do you plane on releasing any scifi/fantasy tv shows? Thanks!

[MichaelFelsher] As for television shows, we are looking into some of them, but nothing yet. I will ask about HAWK THE SLAYER!

[SteveHauben] What is the Status of the Are you Being Served Movies, Any Chance of Bad Medicine or Hamburger:The Motion Picture

[MichaelFelsher] Right now we are planning for ARE YOU BEING SERVED (the movie) in 2003, but that is all I know right now. No plans for the others you mentioned.

[arabella] Hi, love AB's work on movies of all kinds-any chance of you guys laying hands on sixties protoslasher flick Corruption? With Cushing?

[MichaelFelsher] That's always a possibility I will ask about that one...anything with Cushing is always worth a look.

[Phil] Hello! Any chance of AB releasing the 1986 BMX Masterpiece RAD? Also what about the horror films: BLOOD DINER, THEY BITE, and CEMETERY HIGH. Finally, any chance of AB releasing any Asian horror films? Oh yeah, THE FRIGHTENERS DIR. CUT (a man can dream, right)!?!?

[MichaelFelsher] All I can say is we are investigating some of those...although they aren't horror we are releasing the Asian action series MAD MISSION (aka ACES GO PLACES) late next year.

[GregorMenasian] First, as everyone here knows, but it's worth stating again, Anchor Bay rocks, especially your special and limited editions - I own at least 30 of your DVDs! There are many films I'd love to see done properly on DVD by Anchor Bay, but this is the most important one by far: You've managed to release great uncut DVDs of films which Miramax has the rights to but refuses to release on DVD, and tends to only release edited versions of, so I was hoping that you you might be able to release the full uncut New Zealand version of Peter Jackson's HEAVENLY CREATURES in open matte 1.33:1 with matte bars via the subtitle track (like Pioneer did on Bride of Re-Animator)? It would also be great to also have the film in anamorphic 2.35:1 (or 1.77:1 with subtitle matte bars), with the Miramax US edit and slightly extended UK edit available via seamless branching for comparison with the original (perhaps with a commentary explaining the editing decisions for the different markets). There is a huge fan base for HEAVENLY CREATURES (and of course Peter Jackson in general) which has been writing to Miramax directly about this unsuccessfully for a while now, so I was hoping Anchor Bay could help.

[MichaelFelsher] Well my love for all things Peter Jackson certainly extends to this film and I know we would jump at the chance to be a part of it, however we don't currently have it planned. Great suggestions though.

[Ricky] Hi Mr Felsher. I understand Anchor Bay releases some action movies as well. I was wondering have you ever thought about obtaining the rights to BEST OF THE BEST and KICKBOXER 2 ?

[MichaelFelsher] We have, however those two aren't with us at this time

[Matt_Stevens] Hello! Two Roger Moore requests: The rarely seen thriller THE MAN WHO HAUNTED HIMSELF, and the UNCUT 144 minute version of the terrific Peter Hunt directed SHOUT AT THE DEVIL! The U.S. version is 125 minutes. :-( Also... The ORIGINAL soundtrack for HIGHLANDER and your Argento's are fantastic. DEEP RED RULES!

[MichaelFelsher] Well Matt good news on MAN WHO HAUNTED is coming from us next year with a commentary track with Mr. Moore himself! I will look into the HIGHLANDER situation.

[MagnusA] Hi again! Really appreciate you doing this. Do you think that Anchor Bay will get any real competition (with euro-horror titles, in the US) from european companies like EC Entertainment, now that they're making most of their releases R0/NTSC? Even though their releases are no way near AB standards, they usually come out much earlier.

[MichaelFelsher] Well we view competition as a good thing. The more people are interested in Euro Horror, the more they are likely to see what other titles are out there. EC, Synapse, Media Blasters, Image, and a whole list of other companies are doing great work and we feel that our product has benefitted from all the options available to fans out there. If we were the only ones doing Euro-Horror, I'd be worried LOL

[ScottMuhlbaier] Speaking of Peter Jackson....Have you looked into redoing Dead Alive (Braindead in the UK) for the US-starved Jackson fans? That DVD left a bit to be desired by Tri-Star--but at least it wasn't the "R" version.

[MichaelFelsher] ah Mr. Jackson again...that one would be heaven to release, but alas it is not with us at this time.

[ScottMuhlbaier] oh...and who designed the wicker box?

[MichaelFelsher] The Wicker Box was designed by a rather talented couple of folks here in our office. I will pass along the compliment.

[Jeff-Kleist] Will Highlander feature the Queen music videos done for the movie? That's a #1 most wanted extra! Also, don't forget about Warning Sign :)

[MichaelFelsher] Jeff, we are looking into the music videos possible inclusion... that came up today in fact.

[EricV] about zombie ;) you've tell us that you can't re-release it cause you couldn't restore it as good as you would have want to... so my question is : is it possible to at least take the old transfer and make it an anamorphic one? is it something that can be done on the technical side? and also any ways you could get your hands on the rights for return of the living dead?

[MichaelFelsher] Right now all I can say is that ZOMBIE can't be re-released to our liking for a variety of reasons. This doesn't mean it wont ever happen, just not in the near future. RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD...not with us unfortunately...we get many requests for that one.

[Dan_Brodin] nomination for Return of the Living Dead to be released. Would AB ever considering releasing The Video Dead? This is a classic B zombie flick from 1987.

[MichaelFelsher] We asked about that one I believe a while back, but we don't have plans for it currently.

[Ricky] Is there any plans to release MONSTER SQUAD on DVD ??

[MichaelFelsher] Not currently, but we'd love to work with Fred Dekker on that or NIGHT OF THE CREEPS..they're great flicks.

[WesRay] I was wondering if Anchor Bay plans to obtain the rights to rare horror films like Just Before Dawn, Deathdream, or Curtains? Also, any thoughts on re-visiting Maximum Overdrive in a special edition (with possible King commentary, AC/DC music videos, and the complete uncut director's cut)?

[MichaelFelsher] We are actually investigating those you mentioned..hopefully something down the road will happen. As for MAXIMUM, we don't currently have plans for a special edition and the uncut version could not be located for our recent release

[ScottWeinberg] Thanks again, Michael... How about Joy Sticks? hehe

[MichaelFelsher] hehe...believe it or not that gets several requests every other week...we're looking into it.

[glennlevesque] Is it possible for you to have the rights for some movies of Mario Bava ? DIABOLIK ,HERCULES never release in DVD !

[MichaelFelsher] We've looked into those, but the rights are just not available at this time. Its good to see his work getting such a widespread release on DVD these days.

[Anders] Any chance of a release of the full, original cut of Manhunter? I know there were some issues with the interpositive not having all the footage, but new sources do tend to pop up.Also, is it true that more Hitchcock titles are on the way?

[MichaelFelsher] We do have the rights to some of Hitchcock's early films before his big US sucesses like REBECCA but no dates are set yet. As for MANHUNTER anything is possible, however we don't have plans for another release at this time.

[Neil_S_Bulk] Hello again. What are the chances of AB revisiting The Black Hole and doing a new anamorphic transfer for it? And while you're at it, why not make it a full blown special edition as well?

[MichaelFelsher] Oh that is one we would love to is something we hope to do in the future if possible.

[Ricky] Is there any plans for a HALLOWEEN 6 : SE with the cut footage and was a Prom Night : SE planned then scrapped because it was announced at

[MichaelFelsher] Don't have the rights to HALLOWEEN 6, though we would gladly welcome the chance to take it on. PROM NIGHT was never planned for a re-release as far as I know.

[TerryW] Cat O'Nine Tails is a fantastic release (where did you find those radio interviews?) but in a previous chat here you said it would have English Subs (with Italian track) and 5.1 sound. What happened there? And with your obvious direction into DTS-land will you ever consider revisiting the near-perfect Deep Red and maybe fix the end credit sequence?

[MichaelFelsher] Sometimes our early plans for releases are changed when elements are not available for certain elements like a 5.1 mix. We did plan that for CAT initially, but it wasn't able to be done. As for a re-release of DEEP RED in DTS, no plans currently.

[JustinStokes] Do you have any plans to release Pupi Avati's THE HOUSE WITH WINDOWS THAT LAUGHED? Also, will your release of THE INITIATION next year have some extras?

[MichaelFelsher] No plans for LAUGHED though that is a interesting film I will ask about...THE INITIATION will have a new 16x9 transfer and a trailer I believe.

[Joao_Bastos] Can you please update us (a little more) regarding the re-releases of "Re-animator", "Dawn of the dead", "Day of the dead" & "Evil Dead" (what extras are you planning to include/release dates; will the "Elite dvd" extras included on Evil Dead )? Also, when will you be pressing more copies of the "Blind Dead" double feature dvd, and the "Zombie" & "Prom Night" dvds (since you don't have any current plans for a SE)? I can't find them anywhere.. Also: you need to re-release "Sleepaway Camp" UNCUT. Since you're planning to release a box set with all 3 movies, that's a great chance to include the uncut version, to make it the "ultimate" box set for the films.

[MichaelFelsher] All I can say is that currently we aren't able to release another version of the original SLEEPAWAY. But we hope you will be happy with the release of the sequels and the box set, we will do our best to make them top-notch releases.

[JohnHenry] How come all the extra features that were on Anchor Bay's previous VHS release of ELVIRA MISTRESS OF THE DARK didn't make it onto the new DVD? Also, will you release her new film ELVIRA'S HAUNTED HILLS?

[MichaelFelsher] Extras weren't available for the DVD due to a couple of issues, however if we can revisit ELVIRA later with a SE we would consider it. We don't have plans for Elvira's HILLS right now...hmm maybe I should rephrase that :)

[RonEpstein] Okay, that does it. Before I thank our guest, I need to thank Ned Vogler for Moderating, and my partner, Parker Clack for his help tonight. Thank You, Michael, for being here with us. I understand you have some product announcements?

[MichaelFelsher] Just a couple of things I want to mention yes...

[MichaelFelsher] For those of you wondering about our upcoming WATCHER IN THE WOODS DVD I would like to say that it is due in the 1st Quarter of 2002 with DTS & Dolby EX tracks and possibly THX Certification. There will be other extras as well.

[MichaelFelsher] Look for more Dolby EX sound on such titles as STAGEFRIGHT, THE CHURCH, THE JAZZ SINGER, CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC and more. JAZZ & CAN'T are also planned to have DTS 6.1 tracks as well.

[MichaelFelsher] For horror fans 2002 will see the release of Umberto Lenzi's NIGHTMARE CITY and Brian Yuzna's SOCIETY as well as Tobe Hooper's SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION

[MichaelFelsher] The first entries in our Wim Wenders collection will come later next year.. THE AMERICAN FRIEND, TRICK OF LIGHT, and NICK'S FILM.

[MichaelFelsher] and finally...we will be releasing two films from director Roland Emmerich the original full-length version of MAKING CONTACT and THE NOAH'S ARK PRINCIPLE.

[MichaelFelsher] We hope to have several more BIG announcements by the end of this year. Thanks Ron, and everyone at Home Theater Forum for having me back. And thanks to all of you for coming tonight.

[RonEpstein] Michael, will THE JAZZ SINGER be a remastered video transfer?

[MichaelFelsher] Oh yes it will be a new anamorphic transfer

[RonEpstein] Great! Time to upgrade! Thanks, Michael, for taking an interest in our forum and its members. We will have you back soon.

[ParkerClack] Thanks for coming bye Mike.

Session Close: Tue Sep 18 23:10:06 2001

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