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Chat Transcript: Paramount
on Home Theater Forum

The following is a complete transcript of the on-line chat with Martin Blythe and Michael Arkin of Paramount Home Video, held on September 6th on The Home Theater Forum. Thanks to Ron Epstein and the staff the HTF for all their hard work, and for providing the transcript for all to read. Enjoy!

Date: September 6, 2000
Session Start: Wed Sep 06 19:53:22 2000

[RonEpstein] Good Evening everyone and thanks for being here tonight I want to start off by introducing Martin Blythe of Paramount Home Video who will proceed to introduce his partners tonight... Hello Martin!

[martinb] Hi. At present it's just myself and Michael Arkin, who is Senior Vice President, Marketing for Paramount Home Enteryainment.

[RonEpstein] Thanks for coming here tonight - there are so many here who have questions for let us begin...

[Dedrick] I loved M:I-2 and I was wondering if it was PG-13 or R rated.Thanks

[michaela] The film was rated PG-13

[WouterHeyse] Thanks for being here! Could you tell us about the plans, if any, for Once Upon ATime In The West?

[michaela] We plan our release schedule year by year and currently that film is not planned for release in 2001.

[BillHuelbig] Thanks Paramount guys for all the great movies you've already released. Any chance for THE ELEPHANT MAN or (a real outside chance) Roman Polanski's THE TENANT? Thanks again.

[michaela] Neither of these films are on our upcoming release schedule for the balance of 2000 or 2001, but both titles are great recommendations.

[Mo_Hayder] What's the status on Roman Holiday? By the way, Thanks for Braveheart.

[michaela] We're planning on bringing out Roman Holiday in 2001. Thanks for the comment on Braveheart, we're all thrilled with how it looks on DVD and the great reception the title is getting from the DVD buying public.

[MarkPfeiffer] Universal, Warner Bros., and Criterion have done a terrific job with DVDs of Alfred Hitchcock's films. From what I understand, a new widescreen transfer has been made for "To Catch A Thief", which AMC has shown and will show again. Jeffrey Wells stated on that Paramount has no interest in releasing this to home video. Is there a possibility of seeing this in the near future on DVD? I have been very pleased with the transfers and supplements on Paramount films such as "The Talented Mr. Ripley", "Nashville", etc. Keep up the good work.

[michaela] We're evaluating our entire ctalog for release, including To Catch a Thief but no definitive date has been set. Thanks for your comments on Ripley and Nashville.

[todd_s] thanks, With the sucess of Fox's X-Files season sets. Could we see Star Trek:Tng this way? Also, any news on When Worlds Collide?

[michaela] We're exploring many different options of STNG, nothing is solidified, are boxed sets something you want?

[todd_s] Absolutely. With so many episodes. It would take too long for it all to be released a 2 per disc.

[michaela] we'll keep that in mind. done

[Steve_Simon] Thanks for comming tonight- All of us at the Home Theater Forum would love to know if there are any release plans for the GodFather movies?

[michaela] We're working very closely with Francis Ford Copolla on developing a strategy for the Godfather series, stay tuned...

[BrianDery] Thanks for being here. Will "Crocodile Dundee 1 & 2 be released for the theatrical release of "III" and what about the original?

[michaela] We're certainly thinking that a release of Croc 1 & 2 timed to the DVD release of Croc 3 makes sense.

[Ike] Thanks for coming tonight. Any plans for The Double Life Of Veronique on DVD? Thanks for the fantastic jobs on so many titles.

[martinb] Me again - rather than be a bit vague about unreleased titles, can we focus for a bit on some of our released and announced titles, such as MI2 for a bit?

[RonEpstein] I am sure people will have questions about MI2

[martinb] No problem. I was hoping we could talk a little about strategy, using MI2 and Ripley for examples... Regarding Veronique, I'm not sure but I don't think that's our title.

[RonEpstein] I just want to jump in and say to Martin and Michael -- while I understand your problem with unannounced titles, please realize that our members use this chat to give studios like yours feedback on what they wish to see on DVD. I am sure this will help you greatly, and if you can give a general idea on if some of these titles are in the works, it makes the consumer very happy. Would you both like to talk about MI2 for a bit?

[martinb] Absolutely we take a list of recommendations on board. Funnily enough, we get so many different requests that we can never satisfy everyone. You'be surprised at the diversity! Bring em on then.

[michaela] The DVD release of MI2 is Paramount's most ambitous release to date...because I don't want to be redundant, have any of you seen the details of the release on the web?

[RonEpstein] Yes, we have been talking about the title on the forum. In fact, the full specs of the release has been posted. Anything you wish to add, gentlemen?

[michaela] The disc has the most dynamic interactive menus that I've eve seen... it will serve as a signature disc from Paramount and I believe will raise the bar on DVD features.

[RonEpstein] Paramount has slowly been releasing more abundant Special Editions.

[michaela] Paramount may have been slow in the game, but we're jamming to increase the number of special features on our discs...we've seen over a 500% increase in the number of special features and although we don't call any of them sepcial editions, releases like Ripley and Sleepy Hollow as well as Angela's Ashes are loaded.

[RonEpstein] That's the way to DVD right! Thanks Paramount

[martinb] We plan to show as many of you as we can the contents of the MI2 DVD before street date. I don't know that I plan to show loads of it to consumers however I consider you forum guys sort of honorary members of the press. Notice that we don't call it a special edition, and we didn't do so with Ripley or Sleepy Hollow or Braveheart. Special Editions sounds like a marketing ploy. We try to tailor contents appropriate to each DVD and newer bigger titles.

[RonEpstein] I'll try to refrain from using Special Editions and Paramount. We understand.

[michaela] Don't misunderstand, we may in fact release special editions in the future, but you tell me what is the criteria for calling something a special edition?

[SteveEnemark] When can we expect to see John Ford's THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE on DVD?

[michaela] You should see that title sooner rather than later.

[martinb] It's been a thrill to work on some of the older westerns like Shane, where George Stevens Jr (the son) did a lot of major newspaper interviews and National Public Radio to promote the DVD. Also True Grit and El Dorado. These titles because they are older take a long time to prepare. Please understand some of the reasons for delays have to do with the original theatrical materials. done

[Aaron_B] Any plans for Ghost?

[michaela] We haven't locked into a release date for Ghost just yet. We've certainly had many conversations about it and what we would like to see on the disc.

[StevenA] Do you plan to release 1980's Best Picture winner ORDINARY PEOPLE to DVD? And please, if possible, release the original Australian cut of Croc Dundee 1, via seamless branching would be great! Thanks!

[michaela] We were considering Ordinary People for a 20001 release but actually may slide it back a year or so. I know we've taken a ribbing for being slow in releasing our titles, but Ordinary People is not slated for a 2001 release.

[IvanShreve] With the cult classic PRETTY POISON currently out of print on video, is a possible DVD release in the works?

[martinb] Sorry we better look up Pretty Poison - never heard of it - but I'll look it up right now.

[TaoT] Hi there! I guess this is a big question this evening. Can you tell us about the plans, if any, for redoing and re-releasing Star Trek movies in a Special Edition form (like ST:TMP) with more extras as well and remastering STV, STVI, and Generations in widescreen anamorphic format? Also, can you give us some details about ST:TMP's facelift? Sorry this isn't about MI2, but I had my question all copy+pasted and ready :)

[martinb] We have BIG BIG plans for the Original ST Motion Picture but without being snotty about it, I want to be able to announce it in the regular way. Hope you guys can stay tuned a bit longer....

[Noels] Following the tone that MI-2 will set, are there any special edition versions of Titanic, Face/Off or The Saint planned for release next year? Keep up the good work, we're all looking forward to MI-2!

[michaela] From the very beginning, we had conversations with Lightstorm about a special edition of Titanic on DVD and I'm confident that eventually there will be one. Mr. Cameron will certainly be involved in anything we would do with this title. The other two are not under consideration for special editions at this time.

[martinb] I would add that we are careful not to upset consumers by bringing out special editions close to the original standard release. So there will always be a proper time lag.

[Neil_Bulk] Thank you for coming tonight and for the wonderful Star Trek - The Original Series DVD's. What movies do you have planned for 2001? Is The Untouchables one of them?

[michaela] Untouchables is a title that we'd like to embellish with special features and we're currently trying to work out the logistics of getting as many cast members involved as possible. Naturally, when you have a cast that includes some of the biggets names in the business, scheduling is a challenge. This is the same reason that we had to delay Braveheart, in order to get Mel Gibson's commentary.

[JonathanH] Are there any plans to rerelease Top Gun in 16x9 widescreen with extra features? Also, could you give a possible timeframe for a Titanic SE?

[michaela] To answer an earlier question, the Double life of Veronique is a Paramount release, but we haven't scheduled a DVD date for it. We probably will do a 16x9 on Top Gun, but cannot confirm any dates or other info at this time. Ditto to on Titanic.

[TravisHedger] Thank you for joining us tonight Paramount. We appreciate your time. Any news on Forrest Gump? I had this on CD-i a few years back and it had a 60 minute featurette disc along with the movie. Also any chance of ST:TNG on DVD to have 4 episodes per disc?

[michaela] No plans on Forrest Gump just yet. We're loooking at the number of episodes to put on DVD for all our TV product. done

[DerekGermano] Will MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS be coming to DVD any time soon?

[michaela] Murder on the Orient Express will be a great title on firm plans just yet.

[martinb] I would like to add that my DVD release schedule changes so drastically each month that it's difficult to predict when titles will appear. I think it's important to point this out because it's one of the reasons we are being cautious about predicting release dates. It's for all the usual reasons: legal clearances, the search for bonus materials, filmmaker input, etc etc.

[Scott_J] Thanks for coming tonight. Now that you've released the Naked Guns (which are great discs BTW), any plans for a DVD release of the Police Squad series? Again, thanks.

[michaela] No plans for Police Squad but look for the Airplane 1 with commentaries on 10/24 done

========== Group Question from Paramount ==========

[michaela] What did you guys think of Chinatown?

[Scott_J] Commentaries?? Ooh, thanks.

[Mark_Basile] i love Chinatown. Excellent transfer.

[Brian_Dery] Chinatown was great

[Scott_C] Chinatown was TERRIFIC!

[Neil_Bulk] Chinatown is a great movie, and the DVD is wonderful. Thanks for including the original mono soundtrack.

[Henry_Carmona] good transfer

[Lane] good job!

[Joey_Nazzari] chinatown was terrific

[Jason_Whyte] Overrated

[JohnRyan] great ...why no Polanski commentary?

[Ike] Brilliant! Chinatown was great. Transfer looked almost perfect.

[IvanShreve] It's on my wishlist!

[ZacS] fantastic movie that needed to be available in a viable format for us film students to be able to study with a smile on our faces :)


[MichaelS] I have the original 6 Star Trek movies in a collectors set (on VHS) will there be a simular set with DVD? And to comment, please emulate XFiles with ST:TNG's release.

[michaela] We're considering a Star Trek Movies gift set...stay tuned for more info.

[Lane] First off, thank you for taking the time to join us tonight. I was just wondering if you have set a release date for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. And if you cant tell us the exact date, could you give us a rough estimate on street date?

[michaela] We're looking at a release in the first half of 2001.

[Jason_Hughes] What can you tell us about the DVD of The Virgin Suicides? Also, count me in for DVDs of Polanskis The Tenant (loaded please) and Veronique. Thanks fror coming.

[michaela] The Virgin Suicides is slated for release this year and will be enhanced with special features that until we officially announce the title later this month must remain does have some great stuff on it.

[FinnAnthony] Following the success and record breaking sales of "The Matrix" DVD, which is currently the most successful title in DVD format's history, do you anticipate the same success for your upcoming release of "Mission: Impossible 2," which comes out on Nov. 7?

[michaela] We anticipate great things from MI2...the movie so lends itself to the DVD audience. The film delivers on so many levels that it would be a fantastic disc even without the special features that we've created which will blow you away. John Woo was so terrific in helping us create a spectacular disc...he devoted 7 hours to us on Father's Day to record commentraies and interviews, We shot him in Hawaii while filming his new movie, Windtalkers.

========== Group Question from Paramount ==========

[RonEpstein] I want to stop here for a second. Someone reminded me that Paramount asked your opinion on a Star Trek NG boxed set. I will open the channel so you guys can give some input.

[Chris_M] Definately a box set! That would be awesome!

[NateThompson] please follow fox's lead w/ the xfiles!


[Noels] We would LOVE one.

[NedVogler] sounds good to me! I'd certainly buy a season at a time

[Joey_Nazzari] Season Box set for episodes is a MUST

[Jason_Hughes] A season at a time please, for about $130.00

[Arthur] I will buy all TNG box sets.

[SteveBlair1] 4 per disc, definitely!

[Frank_Sesma] awesome series. But please pack as many episodes per dvd

[JeffKleis] DS9 first!

[James_Luke] BIG box set PLEASD

[Henry_Carmona] My god we would love you guys to death!!


[RobWilley] Gentlemen, I would like to ask about Sunshine. I expect this tremendous film to get a lot of recognition come awards time. The catalogue inserted in the Braveheart disc said Sunshine would be released "Fall '00". Is this still the case or can we expect a delay on this title until after the awards season? Thanks!

[michaela] Look for Sunshine sometime in the first half of 2001.

[TimFlavin] Will there be anything included with the announced Cheech & Chong movies, like maybe a commentary or interview with Cheech Martin and Tommy Chong? Or anything other than the typical trailer that has been announced?

[michaela] We're working on Cheech & Chong right now. There will hopefully be some very hilarious commentaries.

========== Group Question from Paramount ==========

[michaela] What do you guys think of our DVD offer in the new Braveheart 4 get seven get 2 free. done

[TimFlavin] Destroy the product to cut the UPC, no thanks

[SteveBlair1] The offer is useless if you have to cut up the cover insert. Put the pop's inside the booklets

[GregStaten] I like it, but please let us send copies of the original receipts. I need 'em for tax purposes.

[Chris_M] We hate destroying the packaging!

[hakan_pow] It's not worth it when the you have to cut the UPC out of the cover.

[Jason_Whyte] I would like it if there was a removable sticker of some sort on the box. I will NOT remove the UPC by cutting up the package.

[JesseLeonard] Gotta love free stuff!


[RonEpstein] Thanks, guys. Smeone mentioned that Fox puts their UPC on the insert - not on the boxes. Understand, people are very particular about destroying their DVD boxes. Just a suggestion to Paramount. That's what we are here for. What can members do so they don't have to destroy the UPC on the box?

[michaela] Thank you for your guys are really passionate about the box's food for thought and I'll talk to our creative people to see how, on a go forward basis, we can remedy that.

[DanR] On behalf of all DVD fans, I ask what you can tell us about the status of Indiana Jones on DVD? Might we see something for the 20th anniversary of Raiders next year? (PS I already have the MI2 DVD on order. ;) Thanks

[michaela] Thanks for you order on MI2...I'm sorry to say that I have no definitive answer for you on Indiana Jones at this time.

[RonEpstein] Let me stop for a moment...Michael Arkin needs to leave, but Martin will stay a bit longer. I want to thank, on behalf of everyone here, Michael Arkin for being here.

[michaela] I'm going to say thank you to everyone. It's been fun and informative. See you in the Fall.

[RonEpstein] Martin will be with us for another 15 minutes, so let's continue...

[Anders_Runestad] Hello! Thanks so much for your excellent DVD output and for being with us. I would greatly love to see Pretty In Pink and Lady In a Cage come to DVD (and please allow me to put in a plug for previously-mentioned Once Upon a Time In the West). Any current plans on those titles?

[martinb] I wish there was! Once Upona Time is one of my personal favorites. In some ways there's an embrassment of riches and we have to pick and choose according to the many variables. Sorry none of them looks like any time soon. That said, I think you will see a ramping up of our releases through neext year. We've already begun boostin g titles over last year. But everything takes resources - got to the good transfer above all!

[NateThompson] thanks for coming tonight. i was wondering if you could comment on the lack of a DTS soundtrack on the upcoming MI:2 disc (as it supported dts in the theaters) and if this will be the general trend on Paramount releases (no DTS soundtracks) in the upcoming year. Thanks again for setting this chat up.

[martinb] Regarding DTS, this has been an open question for some time. I don't have any comment pertaining to MI2 because we've discussed it as a general policy thing. It's hard to say - I think the jury is open on whether or when we get into DTS. Disk space has always been a major consideration. Regarding 2 disk sets, we haven't got any in the works but the industry seems to be going that way so it may occur next year if there's an appropriate title for it.

[Mark_Walker] Any chance of seeing Harrison Ford's version of SABRINA or SHIRLEY VALENTINE? ..and thank you very much for coming tonight. :)

[martinb] Love em both but if it's scheduling questions, Michael is the best authority on that. Actually this week turned out to be a bad week for the chat since we just turned next year's release schedule upside down again. I don't know if either of these titles is planned any time soon.

[david_coleman] Are there any plans to revisit some of your previously released titles e.g. Jack Ryan Trilogy, Footloose?

[martinb] If you're asking whether the Jack Ryna titles could be special editions, I think the answer is No. If you're asking whether we'd do anamorphic for non-anamorphic titles, then the answer may be yes.

[danpk] First, I wanted to thank Paramount for their commitment ot anamorphic enhancement of your feature film question is you have plans to standardize anamorphic (like Warner and Anchor Bay) features, like trailers, menus, and extra features?

[martinb] Great. Actually I think it's in the area of transfers that we're proudest. We've taken some stick for not enough extras but the transfers are always our first priority and we've been vindicated with QCs that cut out any bugs. We get very very few consumer complaints. To answer your question, I don't know but I'd say that the answer is No to doing anamorphic on bonus features. At least for the time being. Wow, I didn't know Anchor Bay did that!

[Mark_Basile] Thanks for coming Martin. I really do wish Paramount would begin to use DTS sound. That said, is " Foul Play" in the works for 2001?

[martinb] Foul Play - I doubt it. But I'm actually making a list here of the requests. I think it's fair to say that medium to large titles like this will stand the best chance of a release next year. Smaller titles are hard to support from a business pov and the blockbusters are category unto themselves where we try to stagger them.

[Romier_S] thanks for coming, I dont know if this was asked earlier but I was wondering if there were any plans for more Eddie Murphy movies such as Trading Places, Beverly Hills Cop trilogy and especially Eddie Murphy Raw and Delirious! You guys and this forum are great!

[martinb] Might see one of the Eddie Murphys next year

[Pete_M] Thanks for coming..... What are your thoughts (or plans) on rental pricing for DVDs? Please say no way!

[martinb] Talk about throwing me a curve ball. Actually, as a studio publicist I'd always duck that one anyway. Sorry guys that's a no comment, but you shouldn't read anything into that!

[SteffM] Hi! One of my all-time favourite movies happens to be BROTHER SUN SISTER MOON (1973) by Zeffirelli. Any chance of a DVD soon? Thanks for putting the French-language tracks most of the time!

[martinb] What about the fact that we put out Romeo and Juliet - I must have had a ton of requests for that title (coulda been the same guy!!!). Sorry about your title though - I don't know it but I'd expect it to be well down the list. With older catalog titles we're focusing on the classics - like White Christmas which is coming out this November 21 and 1980s recent classics like American Gigolo (recently out), the Cheech and Chong movies.

[Chris_M] Re: Pricing. I live in Canada and the prices for Paramount titles are too high compared to other companies! Even the new releases are at least $5 more. Are there any plans on re-visiting pricing on all Paramount titles? Espcially titles with few or no features? Thanks.

[martinb] I think you're victims of your exchange rate, sorry. They're an exact translation right now. If we lowered the price we'd have the US impoprting them! So please don't talk about lowering US prices (that's a joke, ok?). done

[Keith_H] Any chance we will see Waynes World and Waynes World 2 in the near future. Thanks.

[martinb] Wayne's Wolrd 1 and 1 are currently being considered for next years' schedule.

[Jason_Whyte] Hey guys. 16x9 widescreen enhancement aside, do you plan to mandate a STANDARD ASPECT RATIO FRAMING on widescreen releases in the future? I ask this because I feel that to fully experience the widescreen aspect ratio on DVD, that it should be EXACTLY the same as the cinematic theatrical ratio, which is 2.40:1 for scope anamorphic releases, and 1.85:1 for spherical flat releases. Many of your titles have not been at these correct theatrical ratios.

[martinb] Not really my area. I'd have to say that we wouldn't mandate it. I'd probably have to ask our Digital Mastering guys since titles vary so much. I'm not ducking this but perhaps I could follow up with Ron and get you a statement later. It'svery complext. That's why we never elaborate on the package.

[JohnGilmore] I gotta ask about "Mommie Dearest"...any plans?

[martinb] Mommie Dearest is also being considered for this coming year. Hey that's sounding positive even if vague.

[ParkerClack] Braveheart was one of the best looking DVDs I have seen done. Care to comment on the amount of time Paramount has to spend on getting a film to disc? That is with all the legal issues addressed, etc. No red tape. BTW, thanks for coming tonight.

[martinb] 20-24 weeks if there's no remastering of the original film elements (which there was in the case of Braveheart,a s you probably know we did a high def).

[ChrisCook] Hi! This was for Jeff because he did the interview with Digital Bayou. Will "MacGyver" be released on DVD, and video? What's happening with that? Is there some way you can get that out faster? Thank you for staying this long.

[martinb] Jeff says we're currently evaluating our TV product for DVD release. There hasn't been the level of detail just yet to identify titles. We have of course acquired the CBS TV library recently.

[JungWoo] I came in late, so I don't know if it was asked before. But I'd like to see more Bertolucci movies - The Conformist and 1900 in particular. Any plan? And is a rumor that Sunset Blvd is in the works true?

[martinb] I can confirm that Sunset Blvd. IS in the works. The Bertolucci movies are possible contenders - as celebrated classic foreign films - however 1900 may present special probalems because of its running time. There have been a number of requests lately for this title.

[ThomasHart] Thanks for coming and chatting tonight! I love old horror films and I wonder is there any chance of some Hammer titles in the future, like "Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell", "Captain Kronos", or "The Man Who Could Cheat Death"?

[martinb] Believe it or not, they were on the schedule at one point but dropped off, so yes, we are aware of them and theye are being evaluated again.

[garyt] Any vintage sci-fi in the works, such as "When Worlds Collide", "I MArried A Monster From Outer Space", "Conquest of Space" etc.?

[martinb] Sorry - can't be as positive about these. Maybe When Worlds Collide but the others may be too small.

[JeffKleis] I realize that you don't know when Lucas will let you do Indiana Jones, but why wasn't it released with last year's remastered VHS? Of course, I do seem to be detecting a pattern here regarding Lucas and DVD :( When we do see Indy, I heard a rumor that we will see Young Indiana Jones DVDs at the same time. Can you confirm/deny this, and tell us when there will be more Young Indy tapes?

[RonEpstein] Any little hint on Indiana Jones would be a real treat Martin. This is a #1 request.

[martinb] We're undecided whether to release more Young Indys on tape, however I don't see it where we'd link the film DVDs to the TV series. Maybe they could conceivably be released around the same time, but we'd never link them in any other way. Ron, to be frank, Indiana Jones aint' anytime soon, sorry. It's going to take a whole year to prep them at the very least!

[RonEpstein] Well THAT is definitive news that will squelch many rumors., Thanks Martin

[Frank_Sesma] Hi!, I saw that David_Coleman asked earlier about "Footloose" but I didn't see you comment on that one so i'll just quickly bring it up again since it was an 80's fav. of mine! :) Also, do you guys have the rights to "Prayer for the Dying" and "Man Called Horse" for a dvd release? I searched but couldn't make heads or tails of the current owner. Thanks for tonight's chat !!!

[martinb] We're evaluating Footloose -it's a priority but complicated for reasons I can't go into.... A Man Called Horse is part of the CBS merger and we're still evaluating all that before we get into the specifics. Too early. A Prayer for the Dying isn't on the schedule at the moment. Will make a note of it.

[RobCaianiello] Good Evening, since you guys are focusing on Classics what about Saturday Night Fever and Grease?

[martinb] You'll have to forgive me but these are reaaaaaaly complicated. Both of them. Trust me, we'd love to put them out but we're having to wait. I can't elaborate, sorry.

[RonEpstein] Martin... On behalf of everyone here... Including my partner, Parker Clack and moderator Ned Vogler...We Thank You and Paramount for this chat. Please - make this a regular visit. We'd love to talk to you again.

[martinb] It's been great. I'd like to do these more often and maybe that's the way we can get around the being vague about what's coming out. Again, I do read the strings on the forum site and we do take suggestions on board. I hope to see a bunch of you in November?

[ParkerClack] Thanks for taking the time to put out some great looking discs too.

[RonEpstein] We will see you in November.

Session Close: Wed Sep 06 22:21:45 2000

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