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Chat Transcript: 20th Century Fox
on Home Theater Forum

The following is a complete transcript of the on-line chat with with Peter Staddon of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, held on Tuesday, July 31st on The Home Theater Forum. Thanks to Ron Epstein, Parker Clack and everyone at HTF for all their hard work, and for providing the transcript for all to read. Enjoy!

Home Theater Forum

Subject: FOX HOME VIDEO chat

Date: July 31, 2001

[RonEpstein] Good Evening everyone. Thanks for coming here tonight. The gentleman with us tonight is no stranger to Home Theater Forum. He represents the studio that has not only embraced the DVD format with more passion than most, but has supported this format and Home Theater Forum membership above all others. It is our pleasure to introduce the Senior Vice President of Marketing at FOX HOME ENTERTAINMENT, Mr. Peter Staddon. Evening, Peter.

[PeterStaddon] Hi to everyone it's good to be back here again.

[RonEpstein] Anything you wish to say before we begin or would you just like to jump into questions?

[PeterStaddon] Lets just jump in and get as many questions as possible. It will be fun tonight since I have met so many of you in person over the last year.

[ParkerClack] Before we get started. I wanted to say congrats on your recent marriage.

[PeterStaddon] Thank you very much, and thanks to all the HTF members for the wonderful present

[RonEpstein] Brett Cameron was first...

[BrettCameron] Will their be any chance of you repressing corrected versions of Point Break? It had many had defective versions. I called Fox Customer Service and they did nothing.

[PeterStaddon] Hi Brett, I saw the threads that were started. We could not replecate any of the problems that you encountered. It must have been a faulty batch. If you still have a faulty disc let me know and I will sort it out.

[BrettCameron] Ok thanks I still do

[JeffKleist] What can you tell us about the current status of the long-delayed Buffy sets? Will there be more extras than the UK discs? Will the scratching problem with Season 2 be fixed? Will we get an accelerated release to catch us up with the rest of the world? Finally, what's the scoop on Angel's US release, and will it be 4:3 or 16:9?

[PeterStaddon] Wow, lets start with Buffy. It will be the same as the region 2 release. I am not aware of the season 2 problem but will look into it now. If it is a problem we will fix it. As far as the other series we are suffering from eseries going to syndication before we can release them. But I hope to have some good news for you soon.

[Nate_Thompson] Thanks for coming, Peter. I dont know if you are aware of this or not, but a lot of the HTF members who initially bought the X-Files season #1 have since had the slipcase fall apart on us... is there anyway we can get a new one from Fox (paying for shipping wouldnt be a problem)?

[PeterStaddon] Hi Jeff, If this is a problem we can get Customer service to set up a replacement program for the sleeve like we did for the Cleopatra disc. Can you start a thread to find out how big this issue is? Thanks for your help with Zardoz by the way.

[JeffUlmer] Hey Peter, good to have you back. I hope Zardoz sales are exceeding expectations. Any chance we'll see STEALING BEAUTY or THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY anytime soon?

[PeterStaddon] Stealing Beauty is in the works for all you Liv fans :)

[John_Berggren] Peter, as DVD becomes more popular and more prevalent there have been reports that Pan and Scan will become more favored. While I doubt Fox will tread that particular path, I was wondering if Fox might be proactive - Perhaps including a two minute spot on each release extolling the benefits of OAR over p&s/fullscreen. I think this could be done creatively by working in the film at hand with perhaps an introduction by the talent.

[PeterStaddon] Interesting point. We did include something along the lines you mention in Die Hard 5 Star. Studios will come under more pressure for p&s from retailers, but I think you will still see a strong commitment to OAR particularly with the support the format has recieved from talent.

[James_Garner] Im looking foward to the Simpsons set. Does Fox have any plans to release season sets of either Futurama, Pretender or Dharma & Greg?

[PeterStaddon] I'm afraid we have the same issues with syndication and rights for the TV show you mention. This is an issue we are looking at to try and get a quicker flow of our tv product to market. Hopefully I will have some good news in the near future for you, but nothing yet.

[MarkMcLeod] There were rumors about Moulin Rouge a month or so back. Just wondering when this is going to be announced and released and what we can look for on it. I've heard Baz wants to make this the disc to out do Fight Club.

[PeterStaddon] This release is going to rock! I have been working with Baz on this for the last couple of months and it will be very special. I can't give you details yet apart from the fact that it will be a double disc set, and you have to play it lod!!

[Bill_K] Any plans to re-release dvd's without dts with dts? I really enjoyed the new Die Hards,X-Files,etc.

[PeterStaddon] Hi Bill, we are looking at some of them. Some wil be released as five stars with DTS, some will be re released if there is a reason for it or if the talent asks us to look at a re release. There will not be another wave of DTS catalog titles this year but we will have plenty of DTS titles in the fourth quarter.

[Kevin_Coleman] Does Fox have any plans to release "Strange Days" in anamorphic with DTS? This would be excellent. Thanks for coming!

[PeterStaddon] That is one of the titles we are looking at re releasing. Its a question of fitting it into the release schedule at the right time and getting Lightstorms approvals and input. We will get around to it, but logisitcally it may take a while, not this year I'm afraid.

[jonathan] I was wondering if there was any chance of Home Alone being rereleased? I have the current edition and needless to say it is lacking in picture and sound. This is one of my favorites and I would give just about anything for a rerelease with a 16x9 picture and 5.1 sound. Thanks and keep up the good work.

[PeterStaddon] Hi Jonathan, It will not be released this year, and at the moment to be honest its not on our list of titles to work on. But that can always change. If it were to be released it would not be before Xmas 2002 at the earliest.

[BrettCameron] Any plans to release catlog titles such as Predator 2, Ford Fairlane, Hot Shots 1 and 2 on dvd or the rumored special editions of Speed and True Lies? If so when? Thanks for the great releases and for coming here tonight.

[PeterStaddon] Special Editions of Speed will be available as a 5 star release next year. True Lies may take a bit longer and we don't have any firm plans with Lightstorm yet. Predator 2 could be on the list for early next year, as we are still working on features.

[LukeB] Are there any plans to revisit "Big"? One of my all-time favorites (like Home Alone, both very popular movies) but received extremely poor treatment from FOX's early years in the DVD game. Any chance of a "Big" re-release" and when would be the earliest to expect it?

[PeterStaddon] Big is currently not planned to recieve any new treatment in the near future. There are a lot of titles that I would like to visit and this is one of them, but its a question of scheduling and return on investment. It will not happen for a while, maybe xmas 2002.

[Jaime_Weinman] Any chance of Fox doing some DVD releases of some of the classic TV shows from MTM Productions (acquired in a buyout a few years ago)? I'm particularly interested in "WKRP In Cincinnati" and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," but there are lots of other great shows from MTM.

[PeterStaddon] WKRP would be a great release - if only we could afford the music clearance rights! We are looking at MTM but I think we need to do a bit more research on how well classic TV sells before making a commitment. We are releasing MASH TV in the not too distant future and will use that as a way of reading the size of the classic tv market.

[Greg_P] Hi Peter, I'm really enjoying watching X FIles Seasons 1-3. Are you still planning on releasing all the remaining seasons?Also any chance of releasing a 16X9 OAR version of The Commitments to replace the current 4:3 version? Thanks!

[PeterStaddon] Hi Greg, rest assured we will release all the X files seasons as we have been doing, two release a year until we run out. WE are very pleased with the results. The Commitments would be great in 16 x 9 wouldn't it, sometime next year is a real possibility. I can't be any more speciffic than that for a number of reasons I'm afraid.

[RicP] Hi Peter!! Great to have you back. I was hoping that you could give us a status on two titles...."Johnny Dangerously" (of course ;) and "The Girl Can't Help It". Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the great releases!

[PeterStaddon] Hi Ric, Johnny Dangerously is a great film. It is in the works but dont expect it for a while yet, there's a lot of work that needs doing on it if we are to release it properly. No plans for the Girl Can't help it yet. Thanks.

[RonEpstein] I am going to sneak in a question that I promised Bill Hunt of THE DIGITAL BITS I would ask on his behalf. From Bill Hunt: "Hey Peter - here's an easy one that has nothing to do with Star Wars. Is there any chance that we'll see Ralph Bakshi's Wizards on DVD any time soon?"

[PeterStaddon] Here's an easy answer - no.

[RonEpstein] hahaha, okay...

[PeterStaddon] I'm afraid we can't get this out we would love to get it out for the 4th quarter.

[MichaelHofferica] Any chance of going back and re-doing a special edition of Alien 3 with David Fincher?

[PeterStaddon] I don't think we will be revisiting this title any time soon. I know there is a lot of talk about material that was cut etc, but there's a lot of background here. I think the movie will stand as it is. thanks.

[mike_brian] The upcoming French Connection SE looks like it will be great. Are there plans to release any other 70s car chase films like The Seven Ups, Vanishing Point, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, Race with the Devil, The Driver, etc.?

[PeterStaddon] Hi Mike, French Connection looks fantastic. It is a great movie and I am really proud of the way the DVD has turned out. As for the other titles you mention we are looking at a couple of them, but haven't got firm release plans. We are looking at how well some of the lesser known movies sell and using that as a benchmark for what to expect from movies like vanishing point. I don't have a date for anything yet but we are looking at them.

[JeffDrozen] Thanks for coming and answering our questions...after falling in love with the t.v. show The Family Guy, I am dying to know if you could give us any relatIve date when we might see it on dvd. 6 months from now? 1 year from now? 2 years from now?? Also, when might we expect KOD, a possible Office Space SE, or (i don't know if it's already been asked) the classic Star Wars trilogy on dvd? Thanks again!

[PeterStaddon] Ok, lets start with the easy one. No Star Wars trilogy plans at this stage. We are concentrating on Ep I DVD right now. The TV series are tied up in syndication issues and I don't want to raise expectations by putting a date out there that is beyond our control. Kiss of the Dragon will be a really packed DVD but don't expect it this year, and we are working with Mike on Offic Space SE now but again dont expect it this year. And if you like Office Space you will love what we have planned for the SE - its projects like this that make me really love my job.

[ToujiSuzuhara] There has been some confusion about the audio on Edward Scissorhands. On the DVD it is 4.0 sound but it was given a limited release in 5.1 CDS on 70mm prints. Why wasn't the 5.1 track used?

[PeterStaddon] OK bear with me on this as I don't have all the material to hand or in my head right now. I would have to search some of the old threads on this I know Steve Tannehil and I had a long thread going on this. I know we used the best source that was available to us at the time but I can't answer beyond that now. Sorry. I will check and post in the next couple of days.

[Norm] Any word on these movies? The Hot Rock (Robert Redford), Quest for Fire, Panic in Needle Park(Al Pacino). We need more 1970s movies!

[PeterStaddon] Hi Norm, the 70's movies are an area that we are looking at very hard right now. The success of French Connection will help us judge how big the market is for these types of titles. I would expect us to launch several of them next year. The Vanishing Point and Panic in Needle Park are titles that we are looking into now but we have no release plans yet. thanks.

[Louis-Olivier] I'm asking this question on Behalf of Fox includes french tracks on most of their titles, thank you for that. But do you have any plans to start including 5.1 french tracks, at least with new releases? (if i may ask a personnal question, do you have any plans for Space above and Beyond?)?

[PeterStaddon] It's a question of space on the disc. For a number of our bigger titles we will be releasing French 5.1 on one disc for the Canadian market and Spanish 5.1 for the US market. It is more difficult on smaller titles where it doesn't make sense to produce two different versions of the disc. As for Space above and beyond - no plans yet.

[AdamLenhardt] Thanks for coming, Peter! First, is the Episode I case a double, ala 5 Star titles, or a single-sized double ala Castaway? The Castaway style cases don't last. Also, how long does syndication delay a TV show on DVD?

[PeterStaddon] It's planned to be a Cast Away style case. I wasn't aware of problems with that case could you elaborate?

[AdamLenhardt] The cases tend to have problems with the discs not staying in as well. It's not a big issue, but the 5 star cases are a plus.

[PeterStaddon] Syndication delays depend on the deals the individual shows have struck with the network or producers so they vary - which makes it difficult to set general guidelines for availability.

[PeterStaddon] I'll look into the issue raised as we planned to use that case for a couple of other titles as well!!

[CraigS] Looking forward to the Simpsons. Some sites are reporting just one of the Ullman shorts will be included, others are saying all of them. I suspect it is the former, can you confirm? If so, is there any chance we might see the rest sometime in the future? Oh yeah, FWIW, I love the CastAway style cases!! :) Thanks!

[PeterStaddon] Hi Craig, just one of the shorts was approved for inclusion in the set. I would have loved to have included them all but had to settle for one. But there is plenty of good stuff on the discs to keep you happy! As for seeing them in the future, I really don't see the approvals being granted so the outlook is bleak.

[RonEpstein] Peter, a question. What is the current status on "ALL THAT JAZZ"? (1979)

[PeterStaddon] How did I know you would ask this?

[RonEpstein] Oh, I have no idea :)

[PeterStaddon] The film has been fully restored and looks magnificent. Those of you who come out to visit us this fall will get a chance to see the before and after restoration. Expect the DVD sometime early next year.

[MartinB] Good evening. On the last chat session with Fox last year, I asked why there we no dolby digital 5.1 FRENCH sound on Fox releases. Universal, Disney, Warner are among those who understand that french Canada consumers do have home theaters, just like american consumers and that SPACE is available on DVDs. Last year, your response was that you were looking for ONE specific title to experience french 5.1 encoding in 2001. Last June, I was thinking that Cast Away was the perfect one for that sound encoding. Obviously, you didn't think so... How come we don't have any 5.1 sound in french yet from you ? Thank you .

[PeterStaddon] I think I answered the French 5.1 question earlier. You will have at least three French 5.1 tracks by the end of this year.

[Craig_Edelstein] Hi Peter. On some of the other questions I've seen some other television shows mentioned, But I am really wondering if there will be a U.S. release of the first season of a popular fox show, "Dark Angel", starring Jessica Alba. Do you have any information on that, any "inside" info? ;-)

[PeterStaddon] Craig, I hate to sound like a broken record but I can't release Dark Angel yet because of rights and syndication issues. It could be as long as five years before we get the green light to release season 1. We are looking at ways to try and speed up our release of tv shows but I have no good news for you as yet. Sorry.

[JacksonWright] Hey Peter, thanks for giving us a voice. Is there a chance for some early 90's comedies, particularly PCU, Airheads, Dutch, or The Beverly Hillbillies to come on DVD any time soon? Thanks so much.

[PeterStaddon] Airheads will come out later this year, as well as a couple of other off beat comedies. No plans for the Beverly Hillbillies yet. Thanks for asking.

[ScottJohnston] I was hoping you could tell us what street date Buffy The Vampire Slayer DVD will be released. Also, is there any truth to the rumor that FOX is going to auction off autographed set by each Scooby a first season box set for a charity like Rosie's All The Kids or N. Brendon's [Xander] The Stuttering Foundation as a PR move? I, and my e-mailing list, appreciate your time.

[PeterStaddon] We don't have a street date on Buffy yet. It will be either very late this year or early next year. I don't know about the PR move, but it sounds cool so I might claim that as my idea and run with it :) I just want to get Buffy out there on Region 1 I appreciate the Fans patience with us.

[Josh_Makison] I know this has already been asked, but what are the chances for Special Editions and/or 5-Star editions of Speed and True Lies (especially) next year, as well as Predator 2 on DVD? Thanks.

[PeterStaddon] Speed and True Lies are very strong 5 Star candidates. Predator 2 will come out sometime early next year, it is not a strong 5 Star candidate, but expect DTS.

[Jacob] first I want to say thanks for coming.. You are the best studio in town for dvds. I wish all studios would follow your track.. my question.. THE FLY remake SE there was a cancelled laser disc before the double feature dvd of the fly and fly 2. We the fans want a SE with commentary and deleted would make a great companion to the big trouble dvd..since it was also released on dvd.

[PeterStaddon] Its interesting, we had as many people say that the Fly double feature was a good release as we did those saying why did we taint the Fly with the Fly II. I think we will look at the Fly as a possible SE but it will not be for a long time yet maybe fall 2002 at the earliest. Thanks.

[Andrew_Walsh] First, thanks for doing the right thing with the Cleopatra DVD. Hopefully other UNIVERSALLY known companies will do the same in the future. I was wondering what your views were on Columbia's recent announcement about Superbit DVDs? Has Fox got something similar up its sleeve?

[PeterStaddon] Superbit DVD's are an interesting concept. I'm not sure how well they will sell in the broader market. I know I will buy a couple to check them out. We will be looking at how they do and if they sell well you never know .. .

[Ricstorm] I was wondering about the status of Ford Fairlane and The Chase (1994) as well as tv series 90210 and 21 Jump Street. Thanks!

[PeterStaddon] We don't have the rights to 90210 or 21 Jump street. Ford Farlaine has a cult following, and I know there has been a thread in the studio feedback area for a while, but we have no plans to release it yet.

[CraigBeam] Hi Peter. It's an honor to talk to you and be able to thank you personally for all the great Fox DVDs. You've done so much already - it seems greedy to ask for more, but I've got to ask about the status of my favorite Fox movie, 1959's JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH.

[RonEpstein] oooh Great Film!

[PeterStaddon] You know thats a title that we have completely overlooked. There are no plans to release it right now. But if it ends up being released in the next 12 months its because you raised it here tonight.

[GregYurkovic] Good evening, Peter. I was wondering if you could address all 3 Coen Bros films that Fox has rights to (I think): When can we expect to see MILLER'S CROSSING and BARTON FINK? And will we ever see RAISING ARIZONA revisited (anamorphic SE maybe?) Also, I was going to thank you for Die Hard Ultimate Collection discs, but there are many other great Fox discs out there, so thanks to those responsible at Fox, especially you, for supporting DVD so much!

[PeterStaddon] Hi Greg, We will release the three films ( re releasing Raising Arizona ) at some point, but we do not have a date yet. I would expect them by mid 2002.

[Chucky_P] Hi Peter I was wondering if The Boston Strangler, Compulsion, The Cementary Man, and some Hammer titles like The Nanny and One Million years BC will come out on dvd?

[PeterStaddon] I'm not sure about the rights to the Hammer films, One Million Years BC should be on DVD by mid 2002. We are looking at a number of our horror titles that are released this year - Phantomn of the Paradise, Legend of Hell House, The Fury, etc - to see what type of demand we can expect from similar titles. I hope they sell well !!

[MikeAllred] Are there any plans to release the following on DVD in the near future? 1- "Hoffa" (Jack Nicholson) 2- "Only the Lonely" (John Candy) 3- Hot Shots Parts 1 and 2.

[PeterStaddon] Hoffa - yes but we are just starting and it could take a while to get everyone involved on board. Hot Shots 1 & 2 - guilty pleasures both of them - will make it to DVD next year. Only the Lonely - no plans I'm afraid.

[CalvinWattsIII] Hi guys. Thanks for taking the time to do this chat with all of us. Any chance of Predator being looked at later as a future special editon or a 5-star edition?? Thanks! BTW, the 5-Star DVD's are some of best out there..please consider looking at some of your titles already out for a 5-Star upgrade. Keep up the excellent work!!!!

[PeterStaddon] Predator will not be revisited any time soon. We released a new version in January and have no plans to revisit them. Thanks for the comments on 5 Star we have a lot of folks here who work hard on these titles.

[BrettHalsey] Hi Peter. I was wondering what the current plans were regarding the release of "The Simpsons" Season Box Sets. More to the point when will we see the second and third seasons on DVD? And will they be more expensive than season one? Thank you.

[PeterStaddon] The second season will be released hopefully in the next six months after the release of the first season. I don't want to promise dates beyond that as the process of bringing them to market is complicated. An yes the price will increase as the number of discs in the set increases. We haven't released what that price will be yet.

[DerekMiner] With a live-action version of "The Tick" coming up, any chance of seeing the animated "Tick" series on DVD, perhaps as a tie-in to the new show (hint, hint)? Hopefully this one's been around long enough not to be tied up in syndication issues. Keep up the good work (Can't wait for Buffy: Season 1)!

[PeterStaddon] Haven't really thought about that one, so I guess that means there are no plans yet. I forgot to mention to the buffy fans earlier that we will be releasing the original Buffy movie on DVD this fall.

[Robert_George] Hello, Peter. First off, congrats on Apes' opening weekend. I expect that will be stuffing quite a few stockings later this year ;-). The title I want to ask about is "The Man From Snowy River". I hope you can find room on the schedule sooner rather than later. Also, what happened to the "Tony Rome" double feature?

[PeterStaddon] Obi, how are you? Apes was a nice opening - better than Monkeybone!! Man From Snowy River will be out on DVD along with the Sandlot and Rookie of the year sometime early next year. Tony Rome needs a bit of a facelift before we let him see the light of Day, but he'll get there. I really appreciate the effort you put into reviews. Thanks

[RonEpstein] Yes, BTW, we all send congrats to Fox for a record-breaking opening on PLANET OF THE APES.

[BrianWheatley] Hi Peter. I would like to know if it is still possible to get the fourth disc for the Alien Legacy box set. When it came out I did not rush to buy it because I already had the (very expensive) laser discs. I did not realize at the time that it was a limited time offer.

[PeterStaddon] It's not currently available and I don't think we have any in inventory. I know we were looking at doing something with this as a stand alone release for charity but we couldn't make it work out. Sorry I can't be of more help.

[MatthewChmiel] Hello Peter, is there any chance that we might see the Rocky Horror Picture Show equal/sequel Shock Treatment on DVD one day?

[PeterStaddon] I don't think so. Rocky Horror really got the special treatment from us and the sales were good but not great. I think we would have to look very long and hard at Shock Treatment and at this point It doesn't look too good.

[Clay_H] Hi Peter, congrats on the huge turn-out tonight. I was wondering... if we asked really nicely, do you think we might see "Bill Cosby: Himself" in the near future?

[PeterStaddon] Thanks, "Bill Cosby himself" will not be seen on DVD in the near future, I don't think we have even looked at that yet so it would be a way off in the future. Thanks

[Jon_Allen] Thanks for taking our questions. A lot of people on the HTF have some strong feelings with regards to DVD cover art. Can you give some reasons/examples why Home Video chooses not to use the original theatrical key art (and generating completely new artwork)? For example, hiring The Cimarron Group to produce new art for THE PHANTOM MENACE home video release(s), as opposed to using the original Drew Struzan domestic poster art.

[PeterStaddon] There are a number of reasons why we sometimes move away from the original key art. As for the specifics on Star Wars that is a Lucasfilm Decision, I'm not sure who the Cimarron group are - they did no work for us on the Phantom Menace. Sometimes we change the artwork because of feedback from consumers who saw the movie and were interviewed, sometimes we change the art becasue the Director asks us to (Fight Club for example) And sometimes we change the key art to a piece of art that works better on a DVD case than on a theatrical poster. There can be a number of reasons.

[Dane_B] Thanks for coming tonight and for the great job on the Die Hard box set. I wanted to know if there are any release plans for the baseball movie The Sandlot?

[PeterStaddon] Yes, great family film that has sold incredibly well on VHS over the years, it will be coming out along with the Man From Snowy River and Rookie of the Year sometime early next year. I saw the thread that was going on this in the feedback section as well as the private messages I got on it! Please bear in mind that I can't always answer private messages as quickly or as often as some people would like.

[JoeyLeMur] Is there any info on the 1961 "The Hustler"?

[PeterStaddon] Yes but I'd have to break your hands if you told anyone it was going to be a special edition next year. We will have a Paul Newman Commentary and some interesting extras on the Hustler.

[Garry_I] Hi Peter, I firstly wanted to say is there any chance of putting the FBI warnings at the end of the movie like the WARNER titles?

[PeterStaddon] Not while we have the legal department that we currently have. I was going to do that on a title earlier this year and was "advised" in no uncertain terms that it would be a bad thing to do - so it stays where it is and I keep my job!!

[Garry_I] I bought the Bruce Lee master collection 2 years ago and I recently bought the region 2 Hong kong legends versions. I would like to point out these as they are reference material.

[PeterStaddon] I saw the thread on the HK Legends.

[Bill_Crosthwait] What is the status of Flint on DVD?

[PeterStaddon] We produced DLT's on the two films and they looked poor. We have gone back and done some cleaning and DRS on the material and are looking when it would make sense to release them. If only Austin Powers 3 would hurry up and get out we would release Flint alongside it. We don't have a date yet but they will come to DVD.

[John_Simon] Will The X-Files sets be released in widescreen starting with season 5 (since I believe that's when they started filming the eps in widescreen). Also, do you have any idea if LucasFilm plans to release Episode II on DVD at the same time as the VHS next year? Thanks so much for coming!!!

[PeterStaddon] Yes we will launch X files in widescreen as soon as it is available (Season 5 I think as well). I have no idea about when Lucasfilm will release anything releated to Episode II, we have to get through a lot of ground before we are ready to talk about that.

[James_Moran] Fox released a movie on laserdisc many years ago called "The Quiet Earth". Does Fox still have rights to this in the USA and if so are there any plans for a DVD release? If not, any clue to who has the USA rights to this amazing New Zealand film?

[PeterStaddon] I must confess I have no idea what this title is but you have raised my interest. I will check it out and maybe at the next chat I'll have an update for you. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

[SteveSimon] Peter, Thanks for participating in this chat with us tonight!!!! Since you have been working for Fox, which dvd release would you consider your Crown Achievement up to date?? Fight Club Being mine :)

[PeterStaddon] There are a number of titles that I really like. Fight Club is an obvious one, but I also like Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid & Cleopatra. I like the fact that DVD can make these films relevant and compelling viewing to a new audience. I am also proud of the X files as the first seasonal approach to TV on DVD. I could go on for a long time. thanks again.

[Andrew_W] Thanks for being here Peter. First I love Tora! x 3 and Patton. These are great transfers of early 70's films and a few of my favorites from Fox. Can I expect to see Calvacade anytime soon?

[PeterStaddon] I'm afraid we have no plans for Cavalcade yet. I agree with Tora 3 and Patton. I really got a kick out of seeing Tora3 at the top of Amazons best sellers list for a couple of weeks this summer. It should sell well this Xmas as well when that other Pearl Harbor movie comes out ;)

[Mike_Shannon] Thanks for coming, Peter. What's the status of "The Day the Earth Stood Still"? Also, would like to second a call for a "Big" re-release. St. Elsewhere was a great series that deserves a DVD release. Finally, I'd like to put my two cents in for an "older" release...the 1983 film "Without a Trace" starring Judd Hirsch, Kate Nelligan and Stockard Channing. Whew!

[PeterStaddon] The Day the Earth Stood still will get a special edition release in 2002. Robert Wise is an incredible man. We have three of his films (Sound of Music, Sand Pebbles and The Day the Earth stood still). I have met him a couple of times and he is the most gracious and unassuming gentleman you could imagine. The breadth of his filmography is amazing. I really want to do this one properly.

[PaulSuarez] Finally! Howdy, Mr. Staddon. Congrats on the nuptials. Are the following two possible (re-)releases being discussed/worked on: the CBS/Fox title ALL THE RIGHT MOVES? And a possible *anamorphic* re-release of WAITING TO EXHALE?

[PeterStaddon] All the right moves is in the works probably early next year. Waiting to exhale is not being worked on at this stage. Thanks for the congrats.

[LoringCleaveland] Greetings Peter, and Thank you for coming.. Fox DVDs are the best... QUESTION: Will there be any Red Dwarf DVD(s) or set for the States...

[PeterStaddon] I'm not sure we have the rights to Red Dwarf - but I agree its a great show.

[Sem] Peter: Big THANK YOU for restoring All That Jazz. Will it be a SE and also, can we hope for Russ Meyer's Beyond the Valley of the Dolls anytime soon?

[PeterStaddon] I think we have to start thinking about what is a SE and what is just a well made dvd. It will have restored video and audio and some significant extras, some of which we are still working on. We are not working on Beyond Valley of the Dolls - yet.

[DerekGermano] Thanks for coming tonight. Any chance of us seeing the Laird Cregar titles THE LODGER and HANGOVER SQUARE released on DVD as a double feature or separate? I'd also like to drop a plug for some Bette Davis titles- namely wide screen editions of HUSH, HUSH SWEET CHAROLETTE, plus the Hammer titles THE ANNIVERSARY or THE NANNY.

[PeterStaddon] With the release of "From Hell" bringing the story of Jack the ripper to the forefront again it could be a good time to revisit the Lodger and Hangover Square. If it happens it will probably be mid to late next year. I'm not sure how big the market is for some of our earlier titles so it may take a while for us to bring them out, but I think Hush Hush would be a great film that DVD could bring to a new audience.

[JasonQuillen] Hi, Peter and thanks for coming out tonight. Another Buffy Question... I was wondering if the US will get any kind of accelerated Buffy release timetable, to catch us up on the rest of the world? And can you tell us if ANGEL will have a DVD release in the near future?

[PeterStaddon] I would like to see Buffy being released at 2 seasons a year to catch up but we are still negotiating. Angel is still tied up in syndiaction issues in the U.S.. Believe me it is so frustrating to develop this product and not be able to launch it in the U.S.

[ChrisCarr] Thanks for coming tonight Peter! You are a true trooper to keep standing with all of these questions. Since I came into the chat at around 9:30 I did not get a chance to really see anything about BUFFY. Let me say that I am so glad that the BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER movie is coming out on DVD. Now about the TV series, I just want to know if the release will be identical to the UK version like box-wise, supplements.

[PeterStaddon] Yes it will be the same as the UK release, box wise it may be slightly different.

[CraigBeam] Fox made the greatest World War II movies and most of them are on DVD already, except one of the best to come out of any studio, George Steven's THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK. Any news on that one? Thanks again.

[PeterStaddon] Hi Craig, We are looking at bringing a lot of our classic war titles out on DVD although the Diary of Anne Frank will not fit into that category it is a title we are very aware of and looking at when it would make sense to release it. We don't have a date set yet but it will get there.

[Ricky_f] Hi Mr Staddon LOTS AND LOTS OF CONGRATS ON THE DIE HARD BOX SET I LOVE IT, thank you very much for being here. I started a thread over at studio and manufacture feedback, to see who wanted The Sandlot released on DVD. We got a magnificent response of 130 +. If it is not too much trouble Mr Staddon could you please, please look into THE SANDLOT and consider a DVD release. It is a great funny, touching Movie that means alot to me and many others.

[PeterStaddon] I saw the thread, and we are releasing it as I mentioned in an earlier answer. I also mentioned that I cannot always answer PM's as quickly or as often as people would like and hope you can understand. Look for it early next year. thanks.

[DAVE__B] Hi Peter, thanks for coming. any update on the Paul Newman classics The Hustler or The Verdict? thanks.

[PeterStaddon] The Hustler will be a special edition early next year and The Verdict is in the works, we are looking at what supplemental material may be available. They are both great films.

[Tom] Are there any plans for a POSEIDON ADVENTURE, 5-Star Edition? The 30 anniv. is next year: commentary, 16X9, making of feature, deleted scenes, 5.1, and a restored ending that was originally planned that had the ships approaching the hull as the helicopter took off, could easily be done now with CGI, there is a big Poseidon Adventure fan base out there and it was your highest grossing film of 1973

[PeterStaddon] I knew this would come up. Maybe not a 5 star but it may well get a re release next year. The audio is a problem right now and I don't think we will have the budget to restore the ending with CGI effects - have you any idea how much it costs to have someone from ILM just sit in the same room as you?

[M_W_Birchall] Hey Peter, what's happening. Thanks for being here. Let me put in a vote for the big, thick double case (like the Five Star Collection discs) for Episode I. To me, there's a percieved value with a double case as opposed to a case like Cast Away. Regarding Episode I, can you give us an estimate of how many units Fox is planning on shipping to retailers in October? This should be pretty much the biggest DVD released to date, sales-wise.

[PeterStaddon] I can't comment on how many units we will be shipping to retail. I think you are right in that it could easily be the biggest DVD of the year. The transfer is simply amazing and the extra material is difficult to describe how good it is because it takes a different approach to a lot of the othe SE's out there. I think a lot of people will be very happy with Episode I , I got a call from Cal Tech the other day after I let the Pod Reace rip at refernce level, they thought my two SVS subs might be a threat to tha san andreas fault - just kidding .done

[Keith_Paynter] Hey Peter, how's the Pizza? ;) I have a question re: the Rocky Horror DVD (sorry it wasn't as big a seller as you hoped - I think it's great...) Specifically, regarding the audience participation track used from the 20th anniversary LD box set... The use of a Dolby Surround matrix made this track difficult to understand on the DVD (a 4.0 mono would have been better), and...The audience track shows that they watched the Time warp ending, not the Sci-Fi Double feature ending. This could have been corrected with the stems Fox had, but why not?

[PeterStaddon] Hi Keith, with a movie such as this where there are true fanatics - in the good sense ;) - we relied very heavily on Lou Adler and the Chairman of the Fan Club who's name escapes me now. They selected and approved the audience participation tracks and we went with their recommendations.

[johnmermigas] Peter. great to hear you. Conquest of the planet of the apes director, J. Lee Thompson has shown intrest in reconstructing this movie now to its full glory like 1776 at Columbia. now is the time. As you may know it was severly altered . thanks.

[PeterStaddon] This is the first I've heard of it. If that's the case we have missed the boat as it would be good to get he disc out when all the noise surrounding the Tim Burton film is at it's greatest. I will follow up on this . Thanks for the tip.

[John_Steffens] I'm curious about "Licence to Drive" What about a double Corey commentary? I know there are also some deleted scenes. ALSO, Do you still own "Nuns on the Run"?

[PeterStaddon] We do own the rights to Nuns on the Run but don't have any plans for it at the moment. I'm not that familiar with License to Drive so I'd have to check to see if it is included in any comedy promotion. I don't think we are working on it now.

[Thomas_Hart] Hi Peter and thanks for coming. I was wondering the likelihood of a FLY DVD Box Set Collection (5 Discs - all 5 movies- i.e. The Omen Box Set) including "Curse of the Fly" (not on DVD yet) for Halloween 2002; maybe? Also, any luck wishing for a Special Edition DVD of "Freaked" (1993) or the TV-Movie "Helter Skelter" (194m version). And sweet news on "The Hustler" SE.?

[PeterStaddon] On the Fly series we will be concentrating on the first film only at this time. I like the idea of a box set for Halloween, so you never know. Nothing doing on Freaked or Helter Skelter yet, and yes the Hustler should be sweet.

[MikeSerrano] Hello Peter, and thank you for showing the other studios how a home video division should be run. My question is concerning any Mel Brooks films that you may have the rights to (Silent Movie, Robin Hood: Men in Tights [?], others?)... are there any plans for these titles? (Also, thanks for coming through with Barry Levinson's "Toys").

[PeterStaddon] A Mel Brooks promotion would make a lot of sense wouldn't it! Probably first half of next year , all the titles you mentioned and more.

[james_Stinson] I apoligize if this has been asked, I just got here, but what is the statusof Rapid Fire starring Brandon Lee, and I would really love a special Edition of Commando. Thanks Peter.

[PeterStaddon] There's no plans for an SE of Commando at this point. I saw the threads on Rapid Fire, it will make it to DVD but we are looking for the right time to bring it out. We haven't set a date yet. Thanks.

[GarethFlynn] Hi Peter, greetings from Ireland at almost 5am :-) Given the apparent success of The X-Files season boxsets, are there any plans for similar releases of the three seasons of Chris Carter's "Millennium"? Hopefully it's old enough that syndication rights aren't a problem? (I'd also like to make a plea for "Space: Above And Beyond" - it's only one season after all!)

[PeterStaddon] I'd love to release Millenium - especially the first season which was some of the best TV around. I can't promise anything but I'd like to get it out next year. There are no plans for Space above and beyond yet.

[DanBrecher] A very good evening to you, sir (you've gone and got me up past 4am again!). I think many here will agree that ever since the studio's turn around in their stance toward DVD, Fox have helped push the boundaries in many ways in regard to presentation and content of DVD releases. Do you now feel that DVD has been pushed to its limits in these areas (presentation & content) or do you still feel that there are many exciting avenues to explore in producing for the format? Look forward to seeing you again in September...

[PeterStaddon] Dan how are you? 4 am is you bedtime isn't it? I believe we still have a way to go with DVD. I look to some of our creative talent to really push what can be done with the format. As studio people we have to be open to exploring new ideas and giving the creative people freedom to explore within certain limits. I think you will see a lot of special editions over the next year that will take DVD to another level - I know a couple of them will be from Fox.

[Michael_Pakula] Could we Possibly Expect A Special Edition of the Planet of The Apes Remake later this year? Maybe even with the rumored Alternate Endings?

[PeterStaddon] I couldn't possibly talk about a DVD release of the most important film for the studio only five days after it has opened :) !! well I could, but I'd be looking for another job! When it comes out it will be very cool. David Prior is the producer, we have been working with the production team very closely. It will not disappoint -- whenever it comes out!! Hope you understand.

[JosephGoodman] "Journey to the Center of the Earth" (1959) or the three-strip Technicolor version of "The Robe" at all?

[PeterStaddon] Journey came up earlier, we are guilty of overlooking this gem so we will start from scratch and see when we can get it out. I'd have to check on the status of the Robe, unfortunately I'm doing this chat from memory and don't have access to all the production records!

[GregStaten] Hi Peter. Looking forward to visiting you and Fox again in September. Are there any plans to revisit the Rogers and Hammerstein musicals you put out early on? It would be great to see Oklahoma, The King and I, etc. with anamorphic transfers.

[PeterStaddon] We were talking about our plans for R&H titles earlier today. We have to look at how much it would cost to remaster these titles and produce new discs aqnd how many incremental units we would have to sell to break even. Its a pretty big number so we are still undecided about which way to go with these.

[Nigel_McN] Hi Peter greetings from New Zealand. Could you give us any info on Fox's position on the rumors of an eventual move to Rental pricing? It is a topic that has come up a bit lately. thanks.

[PeterStaddon] Rental pricing is difficult and I really don't want to comment on it too much because as its so sensetive anything I say can and will be thrown back at Fox. We cannot ignore the economics of the situation, the studios need the revenue from the rental market and as DVD penetration increases dvd will cut into that market unless some form of rental pricing or revenue sharing is implemented. The reverse side of the argument is that DVD is growing at a fantastic pace. It is a complicated and uncertain position that all studios find themselves in. Is rental pricing possible? of course. Is it inevitable? not neccessarily. We will all have to wait and see on this. Thanks done. Phew!

[GordLacey] Phew, thought we lost you for good! Peter, where can we find a list of the TV shows that Fox has DVD rights to so we know what to beg you for? Is there a master list at Fox, or is it all in your head?

[PeterStaddon] Part of the process we are going through at the moment is assembling that master list. Just becasue a show aired on Fox doesn't mean we have the rights to it and we also have rights to shows that are on other stations (Buffy). I really think that 2002 will be a breakthrough year in our ability to bring TV shows to market in a more timely manner. Thanks

[John_Morris] Mr Staddon: thank you so much for your generous time spent here tonight with us your biggest fans! As a hardware nut, I can't help wondering in what environment and with what equipment you sit back with a glass of cab and enjoy your favorite Fox DVDs on?

[PeterStaddon] First of all it's never a glass of Cab, it's a bottle! I have been bitten by the hardware bug since I joined the forum. My set up at home is as follows:

Mitsubishi ws73905 tv
Panasonic h1000 dvd
Lexicon MC1 & B&K ref 7250 amp
NHT vt2 and VS2 speakers running logic 7 most of the time
and two of the most impressive subs you can ever experience from our good friends at SVS , although I forget the exact model description.

It's great to get back home and kick back and watch a movie without some idiots cell phone going off. It makes it worthwhile!!

[SamGraves] Do I have the definitive DVD of All About Eve in my collection now? When will I be able to place Hitchcock's Lifeboat beside it?

[PeterStaddon] We have no plans to revisit All about Eve so if you have it. It's the only one we've made. No plans on the lifeboat yet

[Clay_H] Most of us have at least one film that our collection feels empty without. What is(are) your "must have" unreleased disc(s)?

[PeterStaddon] Good question. Empire Strikes Back is on the list, The Godfather Trilogy (well the first two anyway), Those spring to mind right away as do Indiana Jones but I don't want to be seen to be picking on Lucasfilm!! The great thing about DVD is that I am constantly discovering films that I may have heard of but never seen before. I love gettting hold of a film and finding something wonderful that I didn't know about before . Its a greast part of the hobby.

[Wes_Ray] Peter, will we see Terror Train, Quicksilver Highway, or The Good Son on DVD UNCUT anytime soon?

[PeterStaddon] The only one of those we are working on at the moment is The Good Son, but that will not be out until next year. I'll have to look up the other titles as I'm not that familiar with them.

[Yannick_Martin] I don't know if it's been ask earlier but any news on Futurama?

[PeterStaddon] That's another one of the TV shows that we have problems launching in the US because of syndication issues. I would expect it to be available in Region 2 first a la Buffy. I don't have a region 1 date yet , but I'm working on it. It's been very interesting tonight seeing how many questions there have been about our TV properties.

[BillHuelbig] Thanks for spending your valuable time with us tonight, Mr. Staddon. My question concerns the original PLANET OF THE APES ... can we expect a new anamorphic edition, perhaps under the 5-star banner? Perhaps it could coincide with the home video release of the Tim Burton remake. I'd also like to put in a good word for 1944's JANE EYRE with Orson Welles. Thanks also for the hopeful comment on JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH.

[PeterStaddon] We are not planning on revisiting Planet of the Apes (original) any time soon. It would make a good 5 star title - it certainly meets all the criteria but probably not until 2003 at the very earliest. We are releasing the Planet of the Apes TV series in the not too distant future for all the apes fans out there.

[Tom_B] In regards to "Office Space - Special Edition". Are there any updates as far as a release date or special features list such as deleted scenes or a Mike Judge commentary?

[PeterStaddon] We are working with Mike on this and it will be a lot of fun, he had an accident which put the project on hold for a while but we are back up and running now. We don't have a firm date set, count on a commentary and a lot of other special features.This will be a really fun disc to play around with and there will be a lot of extras.

[JohnGilmore] Thanks for coming tonight Peter...quick question on the status of two Fox films that I would *love* to see on DVD, "Laura" and "Valley of the Dolls" (sorry if either of these titles has already been discussed).

[PeterStaddon] Neither are on the release schedule yet. Laura will probably get there before Valley of the dolls but we don't have dates on either yet. We are looking at the best way to bring our classic titles to DVD.

[Ben_Motley] Peter, just to clarify, The Nanny and The Anniversary are two Hammer titles. Do you have any knowledge regarding the rights to these two films, and do you see them coming to Fox DVD if they are Fox's? Also... Wizards or Fire and Ice? OAR? I have to have Wizards! Thanks.

[PeterStaddon] I don't think we have the Hammer rights but I will check. We could not get Wizards out for this fourth quarter, maybe you should look for it when Harry Potter is announced for DVD. ;)

[TomRyan] Ok I'm really sorry if this has been done before but with the close release of Star Wars Episode I has Lucasfilm given you any indication on a timeline for the release of the original trilogy? Sorry to beat a dead horse, but my question (about the Apes!) was taken ;), so I just figured I'd ask about my favorite films of all time. Thanks Mr. Staddon! If you feel this doesn't need to be answered, don't.

[PeterStaddon] Lucasfilm have stated that there is no current release date for the original trilogy on DVD. At Fox we are only working on Episode I, so I can't really help you on this.

[alexrichard] Hello mr. Staddon, I'm sorry I have joined the chat at the last minute here, and I've had some beer and columbian sunrises. I'm wondering about releases of vanishing point and The Innocents, And please, please please give The Norliss Tapes to Anchor Bay, I'm dying for it!

[PeterStaddon] Vanishing Point is under strong consideration at the moment, look for it in 2003. I'll have to look up the Norliss Tapes. Could do with some beer over here!!

[Karsten_Serck] Good morning from Germany! While most Region 2 releases from Fox have the same extras as the Region 1 DVDs we don't get any DTS here so far. When will there be DTS DVDs from Fox in Region 2 as well and will Fox support the new 24bit/96 khz DTS?

[PeterStaddon] Until recently I have only been responsible for Region 1 DVD development and so can't comment on the supplemental material on old region 2, 3 or 4 discs. I would expect to see some region 2 DTD releases in the next year but that is really the call of our International colleagues. If there is a vocal demand locally I'm sure it will be met .

[Vince_Maskeeper] I don't really have a question, I popped in here late (Half past midnight my time) and expected the chat to be long over! I just wanted to thank Peter for coming and hanging out and taking this much time (!!) to answer questions, in addition to the time he spends answering questions on the forum proper. Peter, if you are keeping a "check on it" list- I'd love to know if Fox still has the rights to my guilty pleasure, the Altman film "OC AND STIGGS"!

[PeterStaddon] Hi Vince, glad you popped in - I was dreading some very difficult technical question. I'll check on the Altman film I know we are looking at some of his films - other than MASH - for next year.

[SteveHauben] Any word on Hello Dolly, The Grapes Of Wrath, and Cocoon/Cocoon: The Return ?

[PeterStaddon] The two Cocoon films should be out next year, we haven't pinned down an exact date yet. Same for Hello Dolly. The Grapes of Wrath isn't on the schedule yet. Thanks.

[DavidIllingworthII] I hope it hasn't been asked yet . . . how does somebody break into the DVD business? Say, a young graduate with a broadly applicable degree, like Business or English? Also, would love to see Romancing the Stone re-released special!

[PeterStaddon] I don't really know how you would break in. I got in quite by accident and I have a degree in archaeology! A love of film helps enormously and also it really depends on which side of the business you want to get into . Marketing / distribution / production all have very different requirements. Romancing the stone is on the possible list rather than the probable one so I wouldn't hold your breath! thanks.

[RonEpstein] Peter, another question from moi. I am happy to see that you have noticed a demand for Fox TV product. Are we any closer to getting the 60's LOST IN SPACE or BATMAN on DVD yet?

[PeterStaddon] We don't have the rights to Lost in Space any more, and the Batman series is tied up in legal gridlock like you wouldn't believe. I'd love to get the Batman TV series out there, it will be interesting to see how the Batman film does - the commentary is hillarious!

[ScottWeinberg] Hey Peter! Heres my question: Could you explain the end to POTA? (joking). The War of the Roses and/or Scavenger Hunt? Any plans? Thanks for coming tonight!

[PeterStaddon] No!!

[PeterStaddon] The War of the Roses Special Edition will be out this fourth quarter.

[Agee_Bassett] Robert Rossen's The Hustler? sorry if already asked.

[PeterStaddon] The Hustler will be out as a special edition in the first half of next year. It will be a really good presentation of a fantastic film.

[Chris_Maynard]Hi Peter! How is the Say Anything project going?

[PeterStaddon] Say Anything is proving difficult to get everyone together at the right time to do the commentary and get the approvals on the additional materials. Everyone is so damm busy! We were hoping to make this year but that is looking really tight right now unless something comes together very quickly. Looks more like next year.

[Van_Patton] Any word when or if Peyton Place will be released???

[PeterStaddon] We're not working on that yet so It wouldn't be until 2003 the earliest.

[PeterMFitzgerald] Hi Peter, thanks for this great chat, and congrats on your wedding. I'd like to see some of Fox's classic film noir (apart from LAURA) on DVD, as double-features: THIEVES' HIGHWAY ('49) and NIGHT & THE CITY ('50), ROAD HOUSE ('48) and PICKUP ON SOUTH STREET ('53), CALL NORTHSIDE 777 ('49) and FOURTEEN HOURS ('51), PANIC IN THE STREETS ('50) and MAN ON A TIGHTROPE ('53)...also, any DVD plans for THE FLIM-FLAM MAN ('67)

[PeterStaddon] I've seen a number of the suggestions for the film noir on the board. We are looking at ways to bring these to market, the first titles will probably be the Lodger and Hangover square sometime next year and we'll review other titles after that. thanks.

[lauren_w] I would love to see SE's of How to Steal a Million, Two for the Road, and 11 Harrowhouse. A friend wants me to ask about the Raquel Welch and Jacqueline Bisset movies: Bedazzled 1967, 100 Rifles, The Sweet Ride and The Mephisto Waltz, who should be happier? :) Thank you, end.

[PeterStaddon] How to steal a Million is the only title on that list that we are working on, so I'm not sure if either of you are going to be that happy! Sorry about that.

[Ken_Nak] Forgive me if this has already been asked. Does Fox plan to release True Lies and/or Speed in the next 6 - 12 months. If so, will the titles be special edition and/or Five Star releases. Or will they be anamorphic / dts movie only re-issues. Thanks for your time Mr. Staddon.

[PeterStaddon] Both are being looked at as possible 5 star releases. It will take more time to do anything on true lies. Any re release of these titles will be anamorphic and DTS as a minimum.

[KevinFox] Peter, I wondered why the edge enhancement was so bad on Die Hard with a Vengeance and why Fox didn't seem to take any steps to correct it with the new edition. Pardon me if this has been asked.

[PeterStaddon] I asked our tech guys to give me some info on this as I was suprised by the reviews on the board. Apparently a lot of the reported edge enhancement isn't caused by edge enhancement at all but byartifacts on the print that were not taken out. It was a new master made from the 35mm IP directly to a D1 NTSC master, no anti aliasing or edge enhancement was done during the telecine process, no DVNR was added during the telecine process.

[RonEpstein] Well it's now 4.25 hours and 88 questions later. Peter, there is no doubt as to why Fox is consistently releasing the best DVD product -- it's because of people like yourself who have a passion for what they do, and look to forums like ours for feedback from the membership. Thank You so much on behalf of Parker, myself, and everyone here tonight. You are welcome back anytime.

[PeterStaddon] Thank you to Ron and Parker for running the best forum on the net. I look forward to meeting more of you when you visit us in LA in Speptember. Thanks for your input , it really does make a difference, over and out , Peter.

Session Close: Wed Aug 01 07:46:31 2001

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