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Chat Transcript: Anchor Bay
on Home Theater Forum

The following is a complete transcript of the on-line chat with with Michael Felsher of Anchor Bay Home Entertainment, held on July 26th on The Home Theater Forum. Thanks to Ron Epstein and the staff the HTF for all their hard work, and for providing the transcript for all to read. Enjoy!

Date: July 26, 2000
Session Start: Wed Jul 26 21:00:26 2000

[RonEpstein] At the END of this chat Michael has a surprise.... He will announce about 15 releases from Anchor Bay. So, you'll have to hang out to find out what they are

[RonEpstein] At this time, I would like to introduce Michael Felsher. Mike, as you know, is from Anchor Bay Home Entertainment. Welcome, Mike!

[Michael_Felsher] Thanks Ron, Great to be here. Hello Everyone! Thanks for stopping by

[RonEpstein] Please, tell us what you do over at Anchor Bay

[Michael_Felsher] I am the Internet Coordinator which is really a fancy way of saying I manage all aspects of the current website as well as being involved in a new website which will launch this October. Around that time I will be in charge of managing the release schedule around the office as well.

[RonEpstein] Thanks, Mike. Alright, I know you all have questions...

[Aaron_B] Thanks for coming... any chance of seeing Flesh & Blood, Near Dark, or WaxWorks 1 & 2 in the near future?

[Michael_Felsher] Hey Aaron. At this time we do not have any of those titles scheduled for release...though I gotta tell ya..NEAR DARK would be a dream!

[Larry_Fletcher] Any update on Godzilla 1985 dvd? Any possibility of obtaining the original ultraman series that is out on dvd in Japan right now and releasing it here?

[Michael_Felsher] Godzilla is on hold pending the acquisition of an uncut.. May take a while, but we still plan to have it happen. Don't have Ultraman, but thanks for the suggestion.

[Steven_Simon] Hello, thanks for joining us tonight, could you tell us Home Theater forum members what plans your company has as far as DTS 5.1 audio on your dvds in the future?

[Michael_Felsher] Well with DTS it is a matter of finding titles that would benefit strongly from it...though I am sure at some point in the near future it will be looked into.

[Ismael] I've heard many rumors that Anchorbay has the rights or will acquire the rights for Nightbreed and The Monster Squad , is this true? If not any chance of getting the rights to them?

[Michael_Felsher] Ismael, both of those films are ones we'd love to get... but at this time we don't have em.

[Jacques] Thanks for coming this evening... Can you tell us what possible extras might be included in the titles you've thus far licenced from Miramax?

[Michael_Felsher] I can't say yet what will be on titles for next year, however we are planning for example to get commentary on the upcoming NIGHTWATCH which is the original film from Ole Bornedal. Keep checking the news on the site for extras announcements on our forthcoming titles. Thanks!

[Wade_W] Hi Michael. I don't suppose there is any word yet on the 2 DVD set of "Watcher in the Woods"? Thanks.

[Michael_Felsher] Ah I wish I had good news, unfortunately it's right where it has been for the past several months. Still we have a good relationship with the licensor and we still hope to put it out on DVD.

[MatthewChmiel] Hello, thanks for coming tonight to answer our questions. A few months ago, rumors started coming up (this rumor also appeared on the Anchor Bay website) that you got the DVD rights for 'Halloween II' and 'Halloween 6'. Is this true and if it is, are there going to be a DVD in the soon future?

[Michael_Felsher] Oh yes that rumor...the subject of many many many many many emails. Again this one was not true and neither is with Anchor Bay...though anything is possible and we are VERY aware of the interest in those two films..believe it. Thank you for this question!

[DanPK] Are there any plans to re-release titles that have already been done in the past with anamorphic enhancement? I am speaking in particular about "Halloween IV"

[Michael_Felsher] Well that will be happening with some titles from our earlier days when things were admittedly not so good. Halloween IV isn't a candidate at this point however...though again it is great that we can find out what titles people want to see re-released. thanks for that.

[Lou_R] Hi Michael. Thanks for being here and thanks to AB for all the great DVD's to date. Any chance AB will ever do a special edition of "Return of the Living Dead" (unmatted please!) with extras like the extended ending (or better yet the full work print), a cast commentary (at least with Linnea Quigley), a separate audio track, and the rumored outtakes/gag reels? And since AB is doing "Slugs", how about "Squirm" (the unedited version)?

[Michael_Felsher] ROTLD was another rumor title for us, but alas not with us..though we have looked into it. Squirm, believe it or not is with MGM.

[Gus_Olvera] Tell us a little about getting SUPERGIRL together. Thanks

[Michael_Felsher] jeez that would take a day or two...but to sum it up, it was a matter of scouring the world for materials, and thanks to the efforts of people like Scott Michael Bosco who was our Special Projects Consultant on the film we were able to get all we did. The discovery of the original director's cut was actually was marked in film cans in Europe that said DO NOT USE...but the film looks fantastic...I hope you like it.

[Jason_Passon] do you have any plans to ever release Halloween 3 on dvd? Anything would be an improvement over the Goodtimes version.

[Michael_Felsher] Yeah that one is not with us, though again we'd love to do it. I always thought that film never got any respect. The Rodney Dangerfield of the Halloween Series.

[Louis-Olivier] Do you have plan to release the other disc from the Halloween limited edition as a stand alone like you did with army of darkness? or better yet re-release the entire set?

[Michael_Felsher] Currently we are not planning to rerelease the Limited Edition of Halloween or a separate release of the TV Version on DVD..though a release of the TV version on VHS is most likely going to happen next year.

[Frank_Sesma] Good evening and thank you very much for chatting with us tonight !!! I was wondering what the chances are that you could do a definitive release of at least one of Director Peter Jackson's films "Braindead" (known in the U.S. as "Dead Alive"). While the U.S. "uncut" release is 97 min.'s, unfortunately the most uncut version exists only on the 107minute R2 PAL dvd released in Germany by Laser Paradise. If you need any information on what's been cut, there's a detailed summary here:

[Michael_Felsher] Frank that's another one that I love too. The rights lie in the states with Trimark, but thank you for the support for such a release. We'll look into it...

[TerryW] DO you think you'll release obscure Argento titles like La Porta Sul Buio or Le Cinque Giornate? Will Suspiria be a 2 disc set or limited tin?

[Michael_Felsher] Titles like FIVE DAYS have been discussed but isn't likely unfortunately due to some outside factors. Actually at this time we are planning both a single disc and a limited edition tin of SUSPIRIA for next May!

[Chris_Peltier] Do you plan to start up a Wim Wenders Collection?

[Michael_Felsher] Chris, that has been looked into and hopefully something will happen..though at this time there isn't anything scheduled. Thanks...A Wenders fan here too!

[JakeMinn] I was wondering if you can aquire Umbeto Lenzi's Nightmare City and Eaten Alive... Rugero Deodato's House by the edge of the park and Ultimo mondo canibale.. Lamberto Bava's A blade in the Dark.. Michele Soavi's Del amorte Delamore..Too many to suggest! Finaly will Zombie and demons get anamorphic transfers?

[Michael_Felsher] Whew..good list man!! Those are certainly films we will investigate, if we haven't already. Demons isn't due for a reissue at this time, though we will have Zombie back out in late 2001. The current DVD is beind discontinued at the end of the month.

[andrewking] The Spaghetti Westen 'A Bullet For The General' has two enhlish language dubs - which for the DVD?

[Michael_Felsher] We haven't gone into production on that title's going to be released along with KEOMA, COMPANAROS, and TEXAS ADDIO next July..if at all possible the original language tracks will be used. Good question, thanks

[GregStaten] One film I'd love to see on DVD that sounds right up your alley is Laurie Anderson's HOME OF THE BRAVE. The film was released on laserdisc by (I believe) Lumivision (not sure - I have the Japanese import LD). Any chance???

[Michael_Felsher] Not sure who owns that one, but I will definately pass the info along.

[Brook_K] Can you tell me your plans for A BetterTomorrow I&II and will you be able to acquire the rights to other non-Winstar Woo titles like Bullet in the Head?

[Michael_Felsher] We are hoping to get John Woo involved in the releases, however we haven't been able to get with him yet. He is currently involved in his next film. The releases are now scheduled for early 2001 and we will have the best looking and sounding TOMORROWs in any case. Bullet in the Head is being looked into. Thanks, Brook.

[WayneReibold] Does Anchor Bay have the rights to Elvira: Mistress of the Dark??? If so, do you have any guesstimate of a time frame it would be released? Would the disc include any deleted scenes, commentary by Cassandra Peterson, anamorphic transfer, Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack, etc.?

[Michael_Felsher] Ah the lovely ELVIRA. Yes we do! We are looking at a Spring 2001 release. Extras and specs are being investigated currently. Ms. Petersen if you are out there, we would love to have ya on the disc!

[JasonSeaver] I noticed the other day that my "Jeeves & Wooster" tapes were distributed by Anchor Bay. Do you have the rights to those on DVD, and if so, what's the holdup? :)

[Michael_Felsher] I do not believe those will be coming out on DVD from us, though I will look into it.

[BruceW] Since Anchor Bay has got the rights to such titles as "Army of Darkness" and other universal titles is it possible that you can get rights from Universal to titles that need s.e treatment such as Hard Target ,Childs Play sequels, and Darkman etc.?

[Michael_Felsher] We have a terrific relationship with Universal and we will continue to work with them on many movies we hope. Currently none of those have been acquired by Anchor Bay though.

[Sean_Carlson] What are the plans for the DVDs of George Romero's The Crazies and Season of the Witch?

[Michael_Felsher] hehe..Sean funny you mention that I was just discussing those at the office today. We hope to do THE CRAZIES soon, though we don't have a date set for it. SEASON may take longer...but we are the biggest Romero fans there can be so we are gonna do our best :)

[BillPowell] Any interest at AB for George Hamilton films esp: "Zorro, the Gay Blade" and "Love at First Bite"? Tks! -

[Michael_Felsher] Oh lots of interest...however both are with other studios...MGM and Fox I believe. Thanks for the suggestion.

[Chris-DVDNightmare] with the hammer titles you will be annnouncing tonight any chane AB will be releasing Ilsa, tigres of siberia?

[Michael_Felsher] TIGRESS is currently owned by another party, which is why it wasn't included with the other three. We are hoping to acquire it in the near future..but nothing at this time.

[Matt_Smith] Do you have any plans to release the 1986 film Chopping Mall aka Killbots? A commentary with Kelli Maroney and deleted footage would be nice.

[Michael_Felsher] I believe that one is with Roger Corman's company now. Gotta love any film with Dick Miller and Barbara Crampton!..thanks

[DerekGermano] Thank you for coming tonight. I am very impressed by the job Anchor Bay is doing on DVD, especially with the Hammer titles. Any chance of licensing Hammer titles like THE VAMPIRE LOVERS and HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES from MGM or THE GORGON from COLUMBIA or HORROR OF DRACULA from Warner or CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF and BRIDES OF DRACULA from Universal or FRANKENSTEIN AND THE MONSTER FROM HELL from Paramount?

[Michael_Felsher] Derek glad you could make it..visit your site all the time. Your Hammer efforts are well known and appreciated. It seems most studios are clinging to their Hammer product very tightly, though something could never know. HORROR OF DRACULA would be beyond the way stick around I will announcing nine new Hammer acquisitions for 2001.

[Arthur] Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. I'm a big fan of the movies you release. And often thought I was the only one who even heard of most of them, let alone liked enough to purchase. My question is, is there any chance of you acquiring and releasing: Hellraiser 3, Super Fuzz, Masters of the Universe, The Pirate Movie, or Robot Jox?

[Michael_Felsher] Well it's always a possibility. Hellraiser 3 is one we gets lots of requests for...but at this time we do not have plans for those films.

[Andy_Olivera] Hi Mike, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Just wondering is the upcoming Hellraiser/Hellbound box set will contain the directors cuts of both films? Also, any plans for Hellraiser 3 & 4?

[Michael_Felsher] The tin set will contain the R-Rated cut of the first film and the the unrated edition of Hellbound. I am not sure if Clive Barker was interested in restoring anything to the first film or not, though he was heavily involved with the releases so its safe to say this is what he wanted shown. By the way they both will be THX approved.

[JonS] Do you have any plans for a Dawn of the Dead Special Edition. A 4-disc edition would be great. All 3 cuts on septerate discs, each disc with features that pertain to that specific cut and remastered anamorphic video and 5.1 audio, commentaries, documentaries and a 4th disc loaded with big special features would be great. Maybe you could even track down the legendary alternate ending. Thanks.

[Michael_Felsher] Ah DAWN...Well here's what's going on with that. It is coming in a big special edition way in late 2001 or early 2002. We hope to include all the existing cuts of the film (i.e. the Cannes cut, the theatrical and the European Argento cut) as well as commentary tracks, stills, etc. Production is a long way off but it will be worth the wait. I can also say that DAY OF THE DEAD will receive a similar re-release treatment.

[Thomas_Hart] Thanks, I think you and Criterion as the 2 best DVD companies out there. What are the chance of more Italian Giallo films in the future?

[Michael_Felsher] Well we are certainly looking into more Italian horror... We have Lamberto Bava's MACABRO coming next year as well as The Antichrist (L'Antichristo) I am sure there will be others too.

[John_Koehler] Thanks for being here Mike! Val Guest's Day the Earth Caught Fire scheduled for AB release on DVD...will it be orig aspect ratio (Dyaliscope), and with opening/closing reels tinted red-orange as in theatrical showings?

[Michael_Felsher] Well it will be presented in Widescreen, though I honestly am not sure about the tinting..thanks for mentioning that I will pass that along to our production staff... The film doesn't come out until the middle of next year so we have plenty of time to investigate.

[Joao_B] Hi. Sometime ago, there were talks about an "Evil Dead Box Set", which was supposed to include aditional extras not included in the individual releases (like the "Within the Woods" short). Is this still planned and if so, what will it include, and when will it be released and if not, will the "Evil Dead" dvd include the "Within the Woods" short?

[Michael_Felsher] A box set is not currently scheduled, though I imagine one will eventually happen. Within the Woods has been discussed more often than the weather around here, and if it is at all possible it will come out on the THX Evil Dead (from the actual original negative found recently in Detroit) coming in September 2001.

[Michael_Pakula] Is there any plans for a Evil Dead 1 Tin and any possible Release date yet? Thanks

[Michael_Felsher] September 2001 is the projected date currently. And yes there will be a tin

[Christophe] Hello from Paris (France). Why there's no subtitles (at least in english) on your DVD ? Your discs are widely distributed in Europe. And this lack of subtitles is a problem for those who don't understand english very well.

[Michael_Felsher] Engish subtitling and captioning is something we are making a strong effort to include on our future releases. Expect them to become much more prevalent starting with such titles as EVIL DEAD 2, HALLOWEEN 5, SUPERGIRL, HELLRAISER and REPO MAN.

[Charlie_Largent] We appreciate all your great work. Any plans for Don't Look Now (Roeg) and any details on the forthcoming "Candy"? Done.We appreciate all your great work.

[Michael_Felsher] Dont Look Now we don't have, but are looking into it... Candy has FINALLY started to come together. Expect it and a LE Tin in February of 2001

[garyt] GODZILLA '85 was mentioned. Any plans for any other Godzilla films, or other Japanese sci-fi?

[Michael_Felsher] Not currently no, though again not because we aren't interested.

[Jeff_Zahnen] How about more Fulci? (the Psychic, Lizard In A Woman's Skin, Smugglers) and are you still releasing Opera, Sect and Church? (all used to be on the release schedule)

[Michael_Felsher] The three Argentos you mentioned are currently in the works, however a date cannot be announced yet. More Fulci?...well nothing as of right now, but I would expect others to follow :)

[Dan_Huey] Is there any chance that in the future you could purchase the rights to Halloween: H20 from Dimension and release a 2 disc special edition like the original "Halloween"? Thanks!

[Michael_Felsher] There's always a chance, however it isn't something that is in the works at this time.

[BlakeMonahan] love the new dvd's but what is up with Wild At Heart! Also you should look into releasing some classic JOHN WATERS! CHEERS!

[Michael_Felsher] Wild at Heart isn't with us any more unfortunately. We won't be doing the DVD. And as for John Waters, most of his stuff is with New Line, in fact I believe they are planning a box set.

[Tex_Walker] What extras have been decided for for the upcoming Suspiria dvd and will it be a tin? Sorry if this has already been asked.

[Michael_Felsher] There will be a SUSPIRIA tin along with the single disc.. Extras are too early to determine though expect interviews, trailers, etc and more at the very least.

[SteffM] Hello Mr.Felsher. Can you tell us what is ANCHOR BAY's position towards multiple language tracks? Is it something we can at last look forward to from your company in the near future? As one of many frustrated French-Canadian DVD enthusiasts I'd certainly like to know! Thanx for THE CAR by the way!

[Michael_Felsher] Good question. We are always open to releasing alternate language tracks when they are available to us...there are many factors that can prevent such a thing from happening. Since we deal in independent and non-studio features mostly there isn't a wealth of materials sometimes which can be a hindrance. But in some cases we can make it happen and will continue to include optional language tracks when they can be utilized.

[Edwin_Samuelson] Hi, Michael Great to see you. What is you stance on regional coding and any plans for any blaxplotation classics? Also can you us some specs on Let Sleeping Corpses Lie? and keep up the great work

[Michael_Felsher] Well hello Eddie, glad ya made it in here. Regional coding is only used when the licensor specifies that it be used..otherwise we normally don't region code our DVDs..though we do not sell direct outside of North America. As for blaxploitation...nothing yet...yet. Let Sleeping Corpses is just on the fringe of being announced. Should have final specs this week for everyone.

[IvanShreveJr] Any plans to release the classic 60s thrillers THE LIST OF ADRIAN MESSENGER and MIRAGE to DVD? Thanks!

[Michael_Felsher] Hi Ivan.. We don't have rights to those films for video at this time.

[Cary] First off, thanks for the great work on Argento, Fulci, and of course, Supergirl! I'm curious if there's anything you can tell us about the Dutch Verhoeven films and Withnail & I.

[Michael_Felsher] Well next March will see the release of some of Mr. Verhoeven's early films such as THE FOURTH MAN, TURKISH DELIGHT, A GIRL NAMED KATY TIPPEL, SOLDIER OF ORANGE and BUSINESS IS BUSINESS. Mr. Verhoeven will be involved and contributing commentaries. Withnail and I is not planned for DVD from us, check with Criterion on that one actually.

[David-Olson] Any chance at Jodorowsky's films? Thanks!Any chance at films by Alejandro Jodorowsky - Like El Topo, Holy Mountain or Santa Sangre. Thanks a lot

[Michael_Felsher] Well I have put out an email to Mr. Jodorowsky to see what the rights status of his films are...hopefully we can find out. EL TOPO is one of our top ten requested titles. We shall see.

[Bruno_Andrade] Are there any plans on releasing any Alejandro Jodorowsky title? Thanks.

[Michael_Felsher] hehe..Bruno check the last question's reply :)

[joelf] what episodes can we expect to see on the next Moonlighting discs? Also, how will you be handling Crime Story? Thanks

[Michael_Felsher] There will be at least three discs (containing 3 episodes each, selected by Glenn Gordon Caron) next year. I can confirm Big Deal on Mulberry Street and Womb With A View at this time...look for them in the middle of 2001. Crime Story (the series) is being looked at, however nothing scheduled yet..aside from the pilot movie in September of this year.

[IanCollazo] Hi great to have you here! I really like what AB has released! Its too bad that you wont be doing Return of the Living Dead though. Anyway I was wondering what that claim another company made (dont remember the name} saying that your version of Franco's Ilsa the Wicked Warden being illegal and that theirs is the 'official version' to clarify? Thanks for your time!

[Michael_Felsher] To put it succinctly. We licensed it from the actual company who owns the rights to WICKED WARDEN for North American distribution only.

[william] Hi. Just like to say great work on your releases thus far, especially INFERNO. Some I'd like to see are MY BLOODY VALENTINE uncut or maybe THE BURNING. Any wild chance of acquiring any of the (uncut) Friday The 13th films (though I'm sure this is futile as Paramount doesn't seem to care)?

[Michael_Felsher] William, believe me...if we could do them we would.

[Robert_John] Any chances of HALLOWEEN 2 and 3, JAWS 2 and 3-D, THE FUNHOUSE and FLASH GORDON special editions?

[Michael_Felsher] There's always a chance...however none of those films are currently licensed by Anchor Bay. Good titles though Robert

[JustinLane] I recently heard AB has obtained the rights to the enitire Higlander series. Is this true and what do you have planned for any releases if so?

[Michael_Felsher] Well glad you asked that so I can clarify this one. We don't have rights to the entire series. We will be acquiring the first film however. A DVD release is a ways off probably until 2002 at the earliest.

[JeffUlmer] Any chance we'll see more Jodie Foster, especially Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane? Or more Bardot? AB Rocks! Thanks for all the awesome discs!

[Michael_Felsher] hehe..thanks Jeff. Currently there aren't any Bardots coming up, though like Fulci I am sure more will be in the works eventually. As for Jodie, same situation.

[MichaelGuillory] I missed the very begining so hopefully this hasn't been asked, but what is in the decision making process for releasing 16x9 enhanced DVD's, and is there any chance that earlier releases make get a new treatment, specifically Tenebre

[Michael_Felsher] Michael, usually anamorphic is what is done with practically every release on DVD from us now. There are always going to be exceptions, but it's become the standard. There will be 16x9 reissues of some of our non-anamorphic titles in the future, but that is all I can at this point.

[Jose_Bastos] hi. Is there any chance you could release the following tv-series (both star Robert Englund): "Nightmare Cafe" (6 episodes, produced by Wes Craven) & "Freddy's Nightmare's (44 episodes; Tobe Hooper directed the pilot, and Jeffrey Combs was on one of the episodes). Thanks, and keep up the good work

[Michael_Felsher] Good suggestions, I will pass them along, though I imagine New Line has all things Krueger :) Thanks Jose

[emil_stoica] Thanks for coming to chat with us. A second on that request for a "Halloween 4" reissue. Will the "Hellbound SE" disc being released 4/01 be the same as the one in the "Hellraiser" tin? Are the DVDs in the tins going to be in keepcases?

[Michael_Felsher] The Hellbound Disc in both the Tin in September and the one coming out by itself next August will be identical. The Tins contain a jewel case for the DVDs instead of a keepcase (size issues)

[George_Reis] Besides your AMAZING work with the Hammer stuff, any chance for other British horror like Amicus titles, as well as Cushing and Lee titles?

[Michael_Felsher] With Amicus there isn't anything I can report on unfortunately, but we will have THE MANY FACES OF CHRISTOPHER LEE next year as well as Lee's most requested title THE WICKER MAN.

[Tim] Hi, thanks for coming. I’d really like to see an Anchor Bay release of Michele Soavi’s Cemetery Man (Dellamorte Dellamore). Is it possible? And has somone already asked if the Elite supplements will be on the Evil Dead disc coming next year? Thanks.

[Michael_Felsher] Can't comment on what will be on EVIL DEAD yet...hasn't gone into production yet. And as for DELLAMORTE..sadly that isn't one we have either, but we are investigating.

[Dave] First of all, thank you for being here. Secondly, what is the status regarding your attempts to acquire the license to 'Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind'? - any plans for any other Studio Ghibi classics??

[Michael_Felsher] Well unfortunately NAUSICAA will not be coming out through Anchor Bay. That's really all I can say about it, however we do really appreciate the many emails and letters of support for us trying to bring it out. We won't be pursuing any kind of release of the cut WARRIORS OF THE WIND either.

[ChrisG] Is there any chance of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls coming out on DVD?

[Michael_Felsher] love that one, but I believe Fox is working on it.

[AndersRunestad] Thanks for being with us, and for all the excellent work Anchor Bay does! Is it true that Anchor Bay is going to release some Ealing Studios comedies (starring Alec Guinness) and, if so, can you tell us which titles and when they'll be coming?

[Michael_Felsher] Great question Anders...I will go ahead and tell them to everyone now (Ron I have many more to talk about at the end) We have...A RUN FOR YOUR MONEY, KIND HEARTS AND CORONETS, THE LADYKILLERS, THE LAVENDER HILL MOB, and THE MAN IN THE WHITE SUIT coming in 2001. Also another Guiness for good measure... CAPTAIN'S PARADISE.

[PatrickL] Apologies if this has been asked....I keep getting bumped offline tonight! I've heard conflicting reports about the Cassavettes films, especially "A Woman Under the Influence" ...does AB have it, and if so, what's the status?

[Michael_Felsher] We only have DVD rights to MINNIE AND MOSKOWITZ, the other Cassavetes we have are VHS only including WOMAN.

[vaar] Hi, anychance of seeing Disney's Dr. Syn or Universal Hammer's Night Creatures from you guys? Loove your work!

[Michael_Felsher] Thanks vaar. Currently neither of those is coming from Anchor Bay.

[PeterMFitzgerald] Hi Mike, I just got your DVDs of QUATERMASS 2 and ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN the other day. Does Anchor Bay have the rights/have interest in getting the rights/plan to release the english-dubbed, North American version of the cult classic INFRA-MAN ('76-Hong Kong/Joseph Brenner Associates, in 5.1 "Stereo INFRA-Sound"!), MONTE WALSH ('70), THE REIVERS ('69), THE UNEARTHLY STRANGER ('63-British), and/or the non-Toho sci-fi/horror film GOKE - BODY S

[Michael_Felsher] Dont have the rights on those titles..though we are interested.. maybe in the future.

[Bill_Ackerman] Any plans to work with Criterion on a joint Halloween? With commentary....

[Michael_Felsher] Bill, there are no plans at this time for another Halloween release. Thanks for the question.

[Chuck_Pennington] What happened to THE WATCHER IN THE WOODS special edition? And FREAKY FRIDAY? It is possible SUSPIRIA will have the original stereo tracks included? And will STEPFORD WIVS be remastered?

[Michael_Felsher] Well WATCHER is on hold unfortunately. We hope to work with the licensor on a release still...We currently don't have rights to FREAKY FRIDAY. As for STEPFORD...We are planning a special edition re-issue with (hopefully) interviews, trailers, etc in 2001.

[DustinD] Are there any plans for episodes of Elvira's Movie Macabre on DVD? I don't think the originals have been seen since the 80s. Also, is there any possibility of you getting the rights to Xena on DVD? Thanks!

[Michael_Felsher] Currently it's only the ELVIRA MISTRESS OF THE DARK film we have the rights to..though those shows would be excellent DVD releases. XENA is not with us either.

[JACOB] thanks.. any plans to release some tom selleck movies like An Innocent Man or other films? They are owned by Disney.

[Michael_Felsher] Hi Jacob. Currently we don' t have plans for those.

[Jason_Hughes] sorry, I missed the beginning of the chat...what is going on with Wild At Heart?

[Michael_Felsher] Jason, WILD AT HEART isn't with us anymore unfortunately.

[HarryWarden] Any chance of getting Silent Night Deadly Night out? What about Black Christmas?

[Michael_Felsher] Well we do have SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT PART 2 planned (which ironically contains more footage of the first film than new stuff). Black Christmas (which I love too) is over at Warner Bros.

[Michael_M] Hello Michael, I was wondering were there any available materials for Martin that wasn't used?? I was hoping the cut scenes from the first cut of the movie would be included as a supplement

[Michael_Felsher] Believe me if George knew where the original 3 hour cut of the movie was we would have done it. It's one of those unfortunate cases where it got misplaced or taken and has become a thing of legend. George Romero mentions it quite often in the commentary on MARTIN.

[Brian_Cleary] Is Toho studios holding out for more money? Please work it out with them and pass the buck over to the consumer. Believe me, the fans don't mind paying extra for uncut widescreen Godzilla classics.

[Michael_Felsher] haha...well we are gonna try our best to work it out Brian. We want to bring em out as much as you do.

[ChipNestor] Hi Michael - your studio gives wonderful treatment to titles I thought I'd never see on DVD! Now that Disney has warmed up to anamorphic transfers, is there any chance of revisiting "The Black Hole" as a special edition? (your company was outstanding in the way it handled the missing audio recall on BH's 1st pressing - other studios could learn something from you!)

[Michael_Felsher] Chip thank you for the compliment, we are glad we were able to handle that one as smoothly as it happened as well. Any re-issue of THE BLACK HOLE wouldn't really be our decision, but with the licensor, but it is something we would like to do.

[David-Sales] What are the plans related to any future titles on the "Dario Argento Collection"? What special treatments are CAT O'NINE TAILS and SUSPIRIA going to get? Will they feature the italian soundtrack with english subs.? Thanks.

[Michael_Felsher] David, we will be starting on those titles soon, and they will be as definitive as we can make them. Argento fans would crucify us me.

[Harold_Gervais] Hi-love your stuff-Hammer questions Scars of Draculae(my fav).. Cushing Sherlock Holmes you guys!

[Michael_Felsher] Well thank the way SCARS is coming in 2001.

[Robert] its gone 4am, aggh! Whats the current attitude towards the Hammer collection for the future

[Michael_Felsher] Robert we have more Hammers coming next year...there will be nine more at least for 2001. Titles at the end of the chat :)

[ScottDill] Love your stuff. is there any chance you can include Sam Raimi's Within the Wood on your upcoming release of "The Evil Dead"? Thanks

[Michael_Felsher] Honestly Scott if can be included it will be.

[Shane_Martin] Are you guys going to release Willow on dvd? What about more moonlighting episodes? and what is your plans for dts I hope it isn't wait and see. Last i checked Willow is in limbo.

[Michael_Felsher] Well on DTS it is something we are discussing, but nothing definite at this point. Willow isn't with us, and I am not sure who has any case that would be a Lucasfilm decision. We have several more Moonlighting episodes planned for late Spring of 2001.

[GregStaten] One of the films you have that I'm really looking forward to is REPO MAN. Any chance of releasing other Alex Cox films, especially HIGHWAY PATROLMAN (EL PATRUELLO)?

[Michael_Felsher] Oh absolutely Greg, Mr. Cox has already completed work on STRAIGHT TO HELL, DEATH AND THE COMPASS and THREE BUSINESSMEN for us to be released next March.

[JasonSeaver] Any chance of "Crimewave" by Sam Raimi & the Coen Brothers?

Michael_Felsher] ah Jason, we would love to, but alas we don't have it at this time.

[JACOB] what about nightbreed? I know that clive is working on the hellraiser films with you.

[Michael_Felsher] Nightbreed is also a title we and Clive have spoken about, but it is owned by another company. Hopefully in the future we can work something out.

[Fulci] Why was House by the Cemetery delayed? And will it be a tin also? Thanks for putting all my films ahem.. I mean all of Lucio Fulci's films out in a great transfer.

[Michael_Felsher] hehe Well Fulci...HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY was delayed in order to secure the best elements possible for the release. It is on track now and will come out next Spring.

[Frank_Sesma] Hi again. Real quickly I'll just mention that I think there's another horror film that's greatly deserving of your attention: The 30 min. film "Aftermath" directed by Nacho Cerdà released in 1993 in Spain (info: It's a totally wordless film with gorgeous cinematography and swelling haunting classical music that depicts and explores the depravity of a mortician one late-night. Since it is so short, maybe you could put Nacho Cerdà's other two shorts 1.Awakening, The (1990) and 2.Génesis (1998) on there =) Thanks again tonight and 4 taking the time for answering extra questions !!! =)

[Michael_Felsher] Frank, excellent suggestion again. I will bring it up!

[Arthur] Any plans for Disney's Escape to witch mountain or return from Witch Mountain? How about animated films like The last unicorn, Vampire Hunter D or return of the king?

[Michael_Felsher] Currently we don't have anything pending on those titles...though ESCAPE is a personal fave of mine too.

[Sean_Carlson] What can you tell us about the DVD to Midnight Madness?

[Michael_Felsher] Although it has not gone into production yet, it will be released in late spring of 2001 and in Widescreen.

[Jeff_Zahnen] Any news on Four Flies On Grey Velvet or the Hammer non-DVD releases by you (Shatter, Flesh & Blood, Robin Hood)

[Michael_Felsher] FOUR FLIES (currently our most requested title) is being investigated... but nothing currently. The non-DVD Hammers you mentioned WILL come out on DVD at some point, though I don't have dates yet...probably 2001 early 2002.

[Lou_R] Very kind of you to stay around Michael. Any chances: "April Fool's Day", "The Burning" (uncut), "From Beyond" (would be a great followup to "Re-Animator" for you!), "The Howling", "Let's Scare Jessica to Death", "My Bloody Valentine" (uncut). Thanks again!

[Michael_Felsher] All of those are with other studios..though they have been inquired we will see.

[Ismael] you mentioned that you have a great relationship with Universal, any chance of getting The Frighteners with the extra footage that the LD had?

[Michael_Felsher] That one is completely Universal's call. But we would LOVE to do it

[Jose_Bastos] Hi. Can you please do us horror fans a favor: can you buy Last House on the Left & Killer Klowns from Outer Space from MGM and do the SE they deserve?

[Michael_Felsher] Jose...If it were up to wouldn't have to ask. I am looking forward to seeing what MGM does with the films though, they are great movies.

[PeterMFitzgerald] Hopefully this isn't too difficult a question: What exactly are the "parameters" of your license with Universal? I realize Universal will do their most famous/popular stuff themselves, but I was surprised when you had to nix an earlier request in this chat for Universal's MIRAGE and LIST OF ADRIAN MESSENGER. I would assume that extends to other Universal catalog gems like GAMBIT ('66), ARABESQUE ('66), NIGHT WALKER ('64), MURDER HE SAYS.

[Michael_Felsher] I can't discuss specifics of a licensing agreement but it really comes down to what a studio is willing to let another company do...any studio. It's complicated. However we have an excellent relationship with Universal and they have been great to us, and we hope we've done well by them. We WILL continue to work together.

[Aaron_B] Any plans for Spellbinder (with Tim Daly and Kelly Preston) or The Keep?

[Michael_Felsher] Not currently Aaron. Though since you mention THE KEEP, I will say that Michael Mann's MANHUNTER is set for February with a THX approved version planned of the theatrical, and if we can track down suitable elements, the longer RED DRAGON TV cut as well DONE.

[Robert] The sun is now begining to rise outside my window! What can you tell us about the Wicker Man release for next year. Its been a long time coming, and I can't wait. Aside from the unlikely event of finding extra footage, what else will be on the release to wet our appetite? Thanks.

[Michael_Felsher] Robert, we are going to do EVERYTHING possible we can to get the longest cut we can. There will be at least a 16x9 remastering of the version already known to all fans if we can create a long version we might treat it as we did the 2 Disc LD of SUPERGIRL. In any case, we intend to make it the best WICKER MAN we can.

[Chris_M] I don't know if this was asked as I arrived late, but what are your plans for Highlander: the 3 movies and the TV series? Especially The first movie! :-)

[Michael_Felsher] We only have rights to the first film and a DVD won't come for quite a while...probably 2002.

============ A N N O U N C E M E N T S ===============

[RonEpstein] Well, this was a record chat with (it looks like) 100 questions answered! Before I give the floor to Michael...I want to thank Ned Vogler for doing a great job behind the scenes. And now... I'll let Michael Felsher do the talking. He has some announcements...

[Michael_Felsher] Ron, first off thanks for hosting this chat. I have had a great time and we hope to do it again before Halloween.

[RonEpstein] Consider it done

[Michael_Felsher] Now...I am going to run through a list of titles that I wanted to announce exclusively here on Home Theater Forum All will be in 2001/2002, and will be on the Anchor Bay DVD Website Schedule by next week. Here goes...and's quite a bit more than 15. I hope we have a transcript! :)

* We have four Agatha Christie films coming. DEATH ON THE NILE, THE MIRROR CRACK'D, EVIL UNDER THE SUN, and ENDLESS NIGHT .

* There will be the CARRY ON series of films (i.e. CARRY ON CONSTABLE, TEACHER, etc.)

* The TV movies of such British shows as ARE YOU BEING SERVED and STEPTOE AND SON


* The 1948 Robert Donat THE WINSLOW BOY as well as two other Donat starrers



* The Disco classic CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC

* Neil Diamond's THE JAZZ SINGER

* The rare Dr. Who films, DR. WHO AND THE DALEKS and INVASION EARTH 2150 A.D.

* The Ealing comedies such as PASSPORT TO PIMLICO and HUE AND CRY and others

* Many early Hitchcock efforts such as NUMBER SEVENTEEN and BLACKMAIL


* Robert Duvall in TENDER MERCIES

* CROSS CREEK, PLENTY, FRANCES, and the 120 min BAD BOYS starring Sean Penn


* The classic 1945 DEAD OF NIGHT


* Several WWII films including THE SHIP THAT DIED OF SHAME, and THE CRUEL SEA

* Akira Kurosawas RAN (2002)

* John Schlesinger's HONKY TONK FREEWAY



* Alastair Sims THE GREEN MAN


....and many others to be announced next week...but at last the nine Hammer Titles



* SCARS OF DRACULA (commentary by Christopher Lee and Roy Ward Baker)







[RonEpstein] ....take a breather

Michael, we are honored you chose to announce all of this on Home Theater Forum's chat this evening.

[Michael_Felsher] happy to do it. Thanks to everyone for coming out and if any of you are in Chicago this weekend check out Mr. George Romero at the Gene Siskel Film Center where he will present his new film BRUISER.

[RonEpstein] Michael, this was a superb chat, Thank You

Session Close: Wed Jul 26 23:52:11 2000

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