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Chat Transcript: Criterion
on Home Theater Forum

The following is a complete transcript of the on-line chat with with Sean Anderson and Lee Kline of Criterion, held on July 12th on The Home Theater Forum. Thanks to Ron Epstein and the staff the HTF for all their hard work, and for providing the transcript for all to read. Enjoy!

Subject: CRITERION chat
Date: July 12, 2000
Session Start: Wed Jul 12 20:58:53 2000

[RonEpstein] Thanks, everyone, for showing up here this evening. These chats are so much fun, and I look forward to them. Tonight... We welcome Sean Anderson and Lee Kline of CRITERION. Hello, guys!

[Lee_Kline] hey there.

[Sean_Anderson] Hi!

[RonEpstein] Sean, I'll ask you first...what is your function at CRITERION?

[Lee_Kline] can i be snide and answer that?

[RonEpstein] Sure, Lee

[Sean_Anderson] My title is Director of DVD development, I handle special features, menus, stuff like that

[RonEpstein] And Lee, your function?

[Lee_Kline] I'm the Technical Director. I deal mainly with video and audio mastering. DVD compression also.

[RonEpstein] Thanks again for being here. CRITERION is recognized as being the crown jewels of DVD presentation, so you are amongst many admiring collectors here.

[Lee_Kline] gee

[RonEpstein] Our members are going to ask you questions, and we are going to now open the floor.

[DaveAnderson] Hello Criterion! Thank you for coming. First let me thank you for the excellent job done on Carnival of Souls DVD. My question is, does Criterion plan on releasing Halloween onto DVD? I've heard rumors about it and would love to get the John Carpenter commentary on DVD.

[Lee_Kline] maybe in the future, but no current plans at the moment. We have a good relationship with anchor bay, so it's possible.

[JohnGilmore] Hi..thanks for coming to the Chat...Criterion did such a great job with the LD of "Evita"...since you have released some Buena Vista titles on DVD, any chance of this title (with its wonderful extras!) porting over to DVD?

[Lee_Kline] Very possible. Our relationship with Buena Vista is also moving forward nicely.

[Sean_Anderson] Again, a possibility. We have a good relationship with BV also, but there are lots of potential titles there.

[Jeff_Reis] Any chance of putting King Kong out or does Warners have it sewn up? A new edition with any more extras you could produce would be wonderful!

[Lee_Kline] I'm not sure about King Kong, Sean?

[Sean_Anderson] Warner's - no go at the moment as far as I know.

[Lee_Kline] The Warner titles are all over the place since some came from MGM. Some came from Orion.

[Sean_Anderson] A lot of these questions can be answered with "we don't have the rights"...

[Robert_Holloway] Oooh, I've been chosen...........Any chance of the Kenneth Branagh 4 hour Hamlet? and any DTS?

[Lee_Kline] DTS is on the horizon

[Sean_Anderson] Hamlet, don't know, who owns it?

[Robert_Holloway] Hmm, I think it's Columbia

[Sean_Anderson] long answer coming from Lee, hold on...

[Lee_Kline] We're thinking about making the new 5.1 mix of Gimme Shelter in both DTS and Dolby Digital.

[Sean_Anderson] Columbia...not this week...

[SteveEnemark] Many reports have come in (including one from View Askew) saying that the CHASING AMY DVD has been mis-framed. Will there be a recall?

[Lee_Kline] Disney is looking into it as we speak since they supplied the master. It's only one shot.

[EricD] Any chance we'll see "The Rock" dts 2-disc set? and Silence Of The Lambs with a 5.1 soundtrack remaster? Any chance of seeing Robocop dts?

[Lee_Kline] Rock first, Sean?

[Sean_Anderson] The Rock is coming, we were waiting on finalizing the deal , which happened today. DTS, not sure, but were looking into it. Almost certainly a 2 disc set.

[Lee_Kline] Jonathan Demme didn't want ot remix Silence of the Lambs when we first put it out and we haven't asked him again. He really likes the first mix, and it was his choice. Robo DTS is not a possibility for DTS.

[hakan_powers] First of all thanks for all the great titles you have given new life through the Criterion Collection! Question: Can we expect future Criterion editions of THE ENGLISH PATIENT and/or GOOD WILL HUNTING (both Buena vista / Miramax)? I haven't seen either but want the presentation to be really good (criterion good) when I do see them.

[Lee_Kline] Well, not GOOD WILL and probably not ENGLISH PATIENT.

[Sean_Anderson] Miramax will probably handle them

[Lee_Kline] Miramax will probably put out both

[Vincent_Maskeeper] Thanks for producing the absolute best discs anywhere!! Now on to the question: SEAN: I'm curious as to how you got your job and what you can say about your professional background (education/experience?). In my opinion, doing production designing work for a company like Criterion would be an absolute dream (heck, I'd personally do it for free). Any advice on the areas of study one should be familiar with in order to go the route you have?

[Lee_Kline] Sean, didn't it start with MacDraw? (just kidding.)

[Sean_Anderson] I went to filmschool at CU Boulder , then started as an Intern at Criterion, been here 6 years and worked my way up. I got all my training here, basically.

[DaveF] Going forward, do you expect the majority of releases to be reissues of films that had previously been on laserdisc or completely new films?

[Lee_Kline] both.

[Sean_Anderson] So far we've been mixing it up pretty well I think...

[Lee_Kline] If they are reissues, than we'll be remastering the old stuff so it's fresh.

[Sean_Anderson] minty fresh

[Lee_Kline] It's nice to go back and do new transfers with greater technology.

[PeterMFitzgerald] What are the prospects of these getting Criterion treatment: SHALL WE DANCE (1996-Japan, Miramax), MURDER HE SAYS (1945 Universal), ARABESQUE (1966, Universal), GAMBIT (1966, Universal), THE LAST HOLIDAY (1950-UK, Janus)?

[Lee_Kline] The Universal stuff is certainly a possibility. Shall we Dance wont happen with us. As for LAst Holiday, not at the moment, but keep an eye for other Alec Guiness films like HORSES MOUTH.

[PeterMFitzgerald] LAST HOLIDAY is a great UK comedy with alec Guinness, I think your "Home Vision" VHS arm put it out on tape awhile back.

[Lee_Kline] I think you're right

[StevenA] Firstly, thank you for consistently producing the most exceptional discs for the true cinephile. We are forever indebted to you!! My question relates to the brilliant animated films from Japan's Studio Ghibli (Princess Mononoke et. al.) Since you have a relationship with Disney, who appear to hold the rights to these films, is there any possibility that Criterion could ever release some or all of them. I am very fearful that the less well-known Ghibl

[Lee_Kline] I'll look into it.

[Sean_Anderson] Probably not Mononoke, Miramax has got that covered. Maybe some other titles - any suggestions?

[Lee_Kline] the floodgates are open...

[StevenA] Only Yesterday is a masterpiece and a Criterion GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES would be wonderful (Disney doesn'y have that one)

[RonEpstein] If at any points during turns, members have suggestions, please feel free to suggest

[SteveBlair11] any chance of a Pulp Ficition CE?

[Lee_Kline] You all seem to like the Miramax stuff....

[Sean_Anderson] Didn't Miramax already do an SE?

[Lee_Kline] We haven't really discussed this one too much. At least a special edition. It would be nice for Tarantino to want to do some more, so who knows.

[MarkPfeiffer] Any chance of Criterion acquiring any Krysztof Kieslowski titles for release? I'm thinking specifically of the Three Colors trilogy or The Double Life of Veronique, but I'm very interested in seeing his other work. What about Scorsese's "Italian-American" and his early films prior to "Mean Streets"? I think in regards to the Miramax stuff, a lot of that seems to trickle out and not always in the best shape or with supplements, like "Pulp Fiction" or "Exotica".

[Lee_Kline] Again, a lot of these are Miramax, and things are good with them. They're doing a good job and getting better, but we can always do different stuff and have tons of titles. Italian American will come out, probably in 2001. Mean Streets will probably not.

[Sean_Anderson] Also, we only release 4 titles or so a month (quality is job 1), we try to get to stuff, but a studio like Miramax has a lot of other gems..

[MarkPfeiffer] Any chance of that having "The Big Shave" which was on the videotape?

[Lee_Kline] I think all the Scorsese shorts will be a package for 2001

[Ike] Hi, thanks for coming guys! I was wondering if you could hint at what will be on the Spartacus disc, and when it will come out? You guys did a great job on Last Temptation of Christ, Seven Samuari, The Third Man, Brazil, and everything you guys do (I don't think I've ever heard of a medicore Criterion)! Thanks again for coming and chatting!

[Lee_Kline] The reason Spartacus is been delayed so much is we've been holding out for an anamorphic transfer which finally looks to be a go.

[Sean_Anderson] Spartacus is coming. It will be a repackaging of the excellent laser, 2 disc set

[Lee_Kline] Since it's a 65mm transfer, it's a big undertaking.

[Sean_Anderson] tons of stuff

[Lee_Kline] We want it out as much as you want it.

[TimWilson] Hi guys, I loved CARNIVAL OF SOULS - are there any other horror titles getting the Criterion treatment in the near future? Thanks for the great work!

[Lee_Kline] Sisters...

[Sean_Anderson] Fiend without a face...

[Sean_Anderson] The Blob

[Sean_Anderson] Equinox in 2001

[Sean_Anderson] I'm sure there's more...

[Sean_Anderson] Honeymoon killers

[Lee_Kline] If that counts

[Sean_Anderson] We like 'em!

[JeffKleist] Miyzaki/Ghibli Suggestions: If Anchor Bay hasn't managed it, Nausicaa in the Valley of the Wind, Laputa:Castle in the Sky, Only Yesterday, Porco Rosso, Kiki's Delivery Service. One that would fit in with your new music videos is On Your Mark, which I don't believe Disney has the rights to. It's a music video made by the Japanese band Chage&Aska, directed by Miyazaki and animated by Ghibli. There are all sorts of cool supplements you could get for this. From Mouse-y oppression! Please Criterion, you're the only hope of Miyazaki fans! One last note: I'd love to see Tim Burton's Ed Wood if you can manage a license. It appears Disney is going to sit on this one for all of eternity. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

[Lee_Kline] Ed Wood could happen. We'll keep your list of the others.

[Sean_Anderson] I'd love to see Ed Wood - other stuff you listed is noted also.

[Lee_Kline] I would love Ed Wood too

[RonEpstein] Before I start the next round...Anything SECRET you guys can let out of the bag tonight as to what CRITERION is releasing?

[Sean_Anderson] Confirmation of the Rock is about the only thing I can offer I think...let me stew on that a little.

[Lee_Kline] 8 1/2 and La Strada are diefinate

[Lee_Kline] we'll keep thinking about it...

[RonEpstein] That's fine. I'll move on in the meantime...

[ParkerClack] You did such a great job on the Bladerunner LD. Do have plans for a DVD in the future?

[Lee_Kline] Sorry, no. Call Warner and tell them you want Blade Runner Criterion.

[Sean_Anderson] think that one is covered elsewhere, I'm sure the new one will be great

[Lee_Kline] We need your help!

[Sean_Anderson] isn't there a new cut coming out to DVD/ SE also?

[DaveAnderson] Any other plans to release classic B&W horror from Criterion onto DVD? I'd love to see something like Freaks released by Criterion.

[Lee_Kline] Freaks is at MGM and that wont happen

[Brook_K] Another Miyazaki suggestion: My Neighbor Totoro. I'm a huge Kurosawa fan but a bit disappointed by the lack of content on releases, will we see any SE material in the future (historian commentaries, etc) and is IKIRU in the pipeline, it's my favorite?

[Lee_Kline] You'll be happy to see Hidden Fortress when its out soon. We have finally gotten Toho to allow us to remaster stuff in a way that wasn't possible before. The new transfers are going to be amazing for all the Toho titles.

[Lee_Kline] Before you all ask, we do not have the rights to THE KILLER and HARD BOILED any longer, and we do indeed apologize. And please don't patronize Fox Lorber.

[Lee_Kline] Oh, it's Winstar now isn't it...The standard of quality

[Sean_Anderson] Lee's on a roll, stand back

[TimRaffey] How about a disc that's a collection of a director's non feature work (music videos, commercials, shorts). (David Fincher, Spike Jonze, etc.)Lots of rights issues, I know, but it would be cool. Also, is there a chance of a Deuce Bigalow Male Gigalo SE? Thanks

[Lee_Kline] good question

[Sean_Anderson] we've discussed that in the past, so there's always a possibility, maybe if/when our feature work dies down. I think it's a great idea.

[Lee_Kline] The Beasties DVD will be a good start. It's going to be really great.

[Brett_Miles] I'd like to know anything you can tell us about the possibility of contracting (or collaborating) for your existing supplements to studio discs, e.g. the rumored Criterion content on Seven SE from New Line.

[Sean_Anderson] I think that's just a rumor. We don't make movies, our only assets are our supplements, so we have to be very protective of them. Licensing is a question that has come up before, but we have yet to do it.

[Vincent_Maskeeper] My suggestion for Anime from LAPUTA: CASTLE IN THE SKY!! A masterpiece from Miyazaki/Ghibli which I wouldn't trust Disney to release (there aren't many disney fans round these parts)! This one would sell quite well... lots and lots of fans out there! Now on to the question: I would imagine both of you have worked on the upcoming Beastie Boys video anthology. 1) Did the group approach you guys about doing it or vice versa (Adrock is a big Criterion fan from what I've gathered). 2) What can you tell us about this upcoming release? Don't be shy, please gush!!

[Lee_Kline] MCA approached us. Angles, angles, angles. Lots of angles. Lots of music.

[Sean_Anderson] Actually Adam Yauch directed alot of the Beastie videos

[Lee_Kline] remixes and 5.1. Subtitles.

[Sean_Anderson] He was very hands-on in the development of the disc - very cool guy

[Lee_Kline] You can spend days with this thing and never see it all. Our Quality control guys are ready to quit.

[Sean_Anderson] Lots of new features we haven't done before, great oppurtunity. Some tracks have audio and angles fully loaded

[Vincent_Maskeeper] i'm quivering with anticipation!! Thanks a ton guys! Any idea on a release date


[Lee_Kline] End of the year, assuming it plays on all players without a problem

[Sean_Anderson] crazy!

[RonEpstein] JeffKleist had a website for you guys. I am going to give him quick VOICE so he can give it to you. It's a site for Miyazaki/Ghibli. Jeff?

[Sean_Anderson] Man, you guys love Miyazaki

[JeffKleist] is the premiere Miyazaki/Ghibli site, should contain all the info you need to figure out which ones you want to try for.

[Sean_Anderson] cool, thanks a lot.

[Dedrick] Thanks for coming. I would like to ask if you are working on any other John Woo films right now. I would also like to ask if the Rock will be anamorphic.Thanks.

[Lee_Kline] Yes, the Rock will definately be anamorphic.

[Sean_Anderson] No Woo as of right now, always a possibility

[Lee_Kline] see Fox Lorber, the mark of quality.

[Lee_Kline] ouch.

[Sean_Anderson] dude..

[RonEpstein] Getting hot in here

[Sean_Anderson] axe to grind lee?

[Lee_Kline] Maybe they'll even pan/scan them this time

[ParkerClack] ooooooooooooo

[Lee_Kline] i'm done. And finsihed.

[Jacques] Thanks for the great care you give your titles, and for coming tonight... I was going to ask about 8 1/2 and La Strada, but I'm happy to know they're coming! Any hints as to any possible extras? Also, any plans for Fellini's La Dolce Vita? Criterion's Nights of Cabiria is a favorite of mine, and it would be great to see more Fellini titles get similar treatment.

[Lee_Kline] Unfortunately, La Dolce Vita is not ours.

[Sean_Anderson] extras...not sure

[Lee_Kline] It's hard to put alot of extras on the Fellini since we've done Cabiria so extensively. I will tell you that the Italians restored 8 1/2 and it looks phenominal. We've retransferred it high def in Italy in 16x9. La Strada is also restored.

[Sean_Anderson] Sometimes we have to put titles out straight to keep 'em coming - the main feature being transfer and audio work

[Lee_Kline] These are that kind.

[Sean_Anderson] a lot of work in itself

[Michael_Shisler] Is it true that you are working on a release of the "V" tv movies? If so, what kind of extras can we expect?

[Sean_Anderson] nope - pure rumor. In fact one I haven't heard before.

[RonEpstein] hour has gone by. Do you wish to continue?

[Sean_Anderson] 10pm here, but we'll take another round

[Lee_Kline] and i promise- no more digs on Fox Lorber.

[RonEpstein] Promises! Promises!

[Lee_Kline] But Winstar...

[SteffM] OK, guys, what about French tracks on your releases? There's a french-speaking market northeast? Thanks!

[Lee_Kline] complicated issue. If we do French, we should do Spanish, Italian, Etc. Since we only have North American rights on our DVD's, foreign languages don't make much sense. We do provide the English dubbed track if it exists.

[Sean_Anderson] We do present the films in thy're original language as our primary goal.

[StevenA] Just quickly, don't neglect the Takahata films from Ghibli as well as Miyazaki- he's an equally brilliant director, but more naturalistic (his are GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES and ONLY YESTERDAY. Now, are you likely to release more silent masterpieces like THE CABINET OF DR CALIGARI and Fritz Lang's DIE NIBELUNGEN and METROPOLIS. Also, more Ingmar Bergman (PERSONA?) or some Godard (CONTEMPT?)

[Lee_Kline] Contempt would be great.

[Sean_Anderson] noted. More Bergman definitely

[Lee_Kline] We're retransferring Cries and Whispers (yes, 16x9)

[Sean_Anderson] Wild Strawberries I think

[Sean_Anderson] can't get enough of the guy

[Lee_Kline] Wild Strawberrys and the trilogy - those are scheduled for 2001 (Winter Light, Through a Glass Darkl, etc.)

[Sean_Anderson] Silents - Vampyr is coming. Master of the House. That's all I can think of

[Ike] Thanks for coming, again! (and I do enjoy the Fox Lorber digs!), I was wondering what if you favorite already released Criterion? What is your favorite upcoming title? BTW, this is one of the best chats since Fox!

[Sean_Anderson] Brazil! Rushmore

[Lee_Kline] Nights of Cabiria

[Sean_Anderson] Beastie is gonna be awesome

[Lee_Kline] Brief Encounter is a great film. A lot of Czech films will be coming out in 2001. All really great films. Gimme Shelter will be awesome.

[Sean_Anderson] this is true

[Lee_Kline] Hopefully a bunch of the good Miramax stuff too.

[GregORear] I love the Powell/Pressburger DVDs, and am looking forward to "Pygmalion" (beautiful cover art). Any chance for more Archers or Leslie Howard discs ("The Scarlet Pimpernel" could use a good restoration)? How about "The Prisoner" series? And I would love "Wings" (Bill Wellman's Wings, not the tv show)

[Lee_Kline] We're restoring Black Narcissus as we speak. And I Know Where I'm Going, also.

[dougd] Thanks so much for coming and sticking around so late. any chance we can expect more von trier, renoir, cronenberg, or 90's foreign films (a la TASTE OF CHERRY and INSOMNIA)? Also, what can we expect re: features for DO THE RIGHT THING? re: the earlier shorts idea, Egoyan and Lynch would be great dir's for this. Finally, let me second the earlier requests for Kieslowski's films, IKIRU, and ED WOOD - i know plenty of people are eagerly hoping to see these!

[Lee_Kline] THE ELEMENT OF CRIME (Von Trier) will be out soon.

[Sean_Anderson] DTRT will have the laser extras plus a couple more we're working on.

[Lee_Kline] RULES OF THE GAME is next up for restoration.

[Sean_Anderson] oh yeah. love it.

[dougd] THE KINGDOM would be great if you can get it

[Sean_Anderson] I agree, not sure who has it...

[Lee_Kline] There is this great documentary on ELEMENT OF CRIME that's a must see.

[SamTorres] Any chance of adding Bottle Rocket to the Wes Anderson collection...I really want to see that 15 minute short and listen to a commentary...pleeeeeeease? It's Columbia by the way...

[Sean_Anderson] We love Wes and I believe it's been discussed, but I wouldn't count on it.

[SamTorres] any reason why not?

[Lee_Kline] Well, as you said, it's Columbia...

[SamTorres] don't you have rights to columbia though?

[Lee_Kline] Not any longer.

[Sean_Anderson] they're doing a fine job themselves also

[MarkPfeiffer] Are Truffaut's films lost to Fox Lorber/Winstar? Glad I have the Criterion "400 Blows". Any chance of Victor Nunez's films, specifically "Ruby In Paradise"?

[Lee_Kline] Yes, they have the Truffauts, but hopefully not forever. Ruby in Paradise is a no, sorry

[Sean_Anderson] that's sad

[Lee_Kline] we miss the Truffauts a lot.

[MarkPfeiffer] Any idea who has "Ruby"?

[Sean_Anderson] don't know

[Jeff_Reis] I think I speak for everyone when I say commentaries are my favorite supplement. I'd love to see Roger Ebert do some tracks. Any chance of this?

[Lee_Kline] there was talk of that once before, but i don't know what happened.

[Sean_Anderson] We have a relationship with Roger, he's done a lot of liner notes for us, I'm sure with the right project/timing etc. it may happen

[Lee_Kline] there are so many commentarys now, that we really want to make ours special so they stand out.

[Jeff_Reis] And on the Toho front any chance of Godzilla?

[Lee_Kline] No, Godzilla is out of the question for the time being.

[Sean_Anderson] done

[Brook_K] My Metropolis and Von Trier questions have been asked but count me a huge fan of any Von Trier, Kurosawa, Kieslowski, or Miyazaki releases. Another Von Trier to consider would be Zentropa. Any release dates yet on Hidden Fortress or Do the Right Thing? Thanks

[Lee_Kline] Do the Right Thing will probably be at the end of the year.

[Sean_Anderson] no promises! they come out when they're done!

[Lee_Kline] Spike has completely reopened what was once a standard reissue into adding some new stuff

[Vincent_Maskeeper] Once again I can't stess enough what heroes Criterion is looked as in the Home Theater world! I would also like to put in a vote to doing more "film scholar" commentaries on DVD releases. Now on to the question: Rumor has it a handful of Criterion's rights to titles are about to lapse (specifically mentioned lately are SID & NANCY, BRAZIL, ROBOCOP, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS). Just wondering if you can comment on this so we can pick up titles before they go the route of Spinal Tap (up to $200 a copy on ebay! yikes)?

[Lee_Kline] We don't even get that information sometimes, so it's hard for us to say. Brazil is fine, but the others we're not sure about.,

[JungWoo] Will the Rules of the Game be on DVD?

[Sean_Anderson] yes

[Lee_Kline] 2001

[JungWoo] Wow! that's great news. I have on more general question

[Lee_Kline] ok...

[Sean_Anderson] ok

[Lee_Kline] sean, you're mimicing me.

[RonEpstein] You guys don't get along, do you :)

[Lee_Kline] we're very close.

[Sean_Anderson] he's across the hall if that's what you mean by close

[JungWoo] Criterion has impressive LD collection of foreign classics, how long would it take for DVD colleciton to catch up in quantity?

[Lee_Kline] we don't want to rush things out for the sake of it, so we take our time for all the titles.

[Sean_Anderson] we'll probably stay steady at 4-5 titles a month. Not sure what the math would be on that.

[Lee_Kline] sometimes we think a title is ready to go to authoring and then something new and unexpected turns up. That means holding the release and making it late.

[GregStaten] Do you have any current plans to release DVDs of some of the films of Yasujiro Ozo (FLOATING WEEDS, TOKYO STORY, etc) or Masaki Kobayashi (KWAINAN, etc)?

[Lee_Kline] KWAIDAN has just been retransferred and restored completely.

[Sean_Anderson] isn't Good Morning out? I'm not sure if there's anything else right away... maybe coming soon

[Lee_Kline] KWAIDAN will be a great a "show" DVD for video quality.

[ParkerClack] Do you guys do all you own mastering or do you outsource it? If you outsource it do you use Wammo or Technicolor? BTW, thanks for coming.

[Lee_Kline] Not sure I understand what you mean by Mastering

[Sean_Anderson] film to tape transfer? or DVD mastering?

[ParkerClack] film to disc mastering.

[Lee_Kline] We do most titles ourselves at various labs all over the world. Studio titles are handles by their labs some of the time.

[Sean_Anderson] we use Crush in NYC, POP in LA, Complete post and more for compression and authoring. DVCC.

[Lee_Kline] a couple of others. We find that some houses do better work on certain titles.

[Sean_Anderson] we like to spread the work around so we can compare and get the best

[Lee_Kline] Some compressionists are great at black and white...some are good with complicated authoring. Some are really quick when we need it. It all depends.

[ParkerClack] cool. Just curious we were lucky enough to see Technicolor while out in LA. We were impressed.

[Sean_Anderson] We'll check it out next time we're out there.

[Sean_Anderson] alright, time to go?

[Lee_Kline] we're sleepy

[RonEpstein] We wish to thank Sean Anderson and Lee Kline of CRITERION for coming tonight. This chat was loads of fun. You guys need to get a personality! :) I want to thank NED VOGLER for doing a great job on his end. You have no idea what this guy must do to keep the chat flowing. Thanks again, SEAN and LEE!

[Lee_Kline] Take care, and thanks for coming.

[Sean_Anderson] thanks guys, see you

[ParkerClack] Thanks so much guys! Have a great night and come again. This was really fun.

[Gary_E] thanks for coming guys and please..ED WOOD!

Session Close: Wed Jul 12 22:32:48 2000

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