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Site created 12/15/97.

page created: 6/8/06

Chat Transcript:
Warner Home Video on HTF

The following is a complete transcript of the on-line chat on the subject of TV & animated DVD releases with executives from Warner Home Video, held on Tuesday, June 6th on The Home Theater Forum. Thanks to Ron Epstein, Parker Clack, Robert Crawford and everyone at HTF for all their hard work, and for providing the transcript for all to read. You'll also find a quick summary of the information learned at the end of the chat. Enjoy!

Home Theater Forum

Subject: Live Chat with Warner Home Video
Date: Tuesday June 6, 2006

[RonEpstein] Back in February we had the opportunity to talk with the theatrical division of Warner Bros Home Video. We were promised at that time that the TV and ANIMATION fans would get their opportunity for a chat....So, without further delay, I would like to say Good Evening to Warner Bros.

[WARNER] Good Evening!

[ParkerClack] Hello everyone at Warners!

[RonEpstein] Who do we have on your end?

[WARNER] We have Melissa (me) publicity/typer, Dorinda Marticorena, Amit Desai, Rosemary Markson and others will be joining us in a bit.

[WARNER] Before we start everyone we have a few things to say...

[WARNER] Well, first, we have a VERY exciting announcement that we made today. After decades of your waiting patiently, POPEYE is finally and officially coming to home video and DVD in 2007. This includes the entire originally theatrical group of POPEYE cartoons from 1933 to 1957 as well as all made-for-tv POPEYE cartoons from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

[WARNER] another announcement on our end is we have a replacement disk program in place for Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol 2, Disc 4. The discs were incorrectly manufactured with some cartoons in the interlaced rather than the progressive format. We will provide you with info on how consumers can send in for replacement discs at no charge.

[WARNER] we will advise consumers who purchased Tom and jerry Spotlight Collection: Vol 2 on a disc replacement program how to exchange and replace their discs at no charge to them.

[RonEpstein] Excellent News! You just made everyone's night! Thanks for taking care of the consumers on this issue - it has been a huge issue of discussion as of late

[WARNER] We hope to have a similar announcement shortly regarding Tom and Jerry Vol 1.

[RonEpstein] We are now going to open the floor to questions...

[JeremyHaines] Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for taking the time to be with us tonight. My question concerns Everwood. Many other shows have seen most if not all of their seasons released on DVD, while Everwood has only had Season 1 released. Are there plans to release Seasons 2-4, and if not, why?

[WARNER] we don' thave plans to release future seasons at this time

[georgekaplan] I love your Looney Tunes Collections, and I was particularly happy to see words on the last Looney Tunes collection about being geared to the “adult collector” along with an introduction by Whoopi Goldberg. However, I was surprised to find none of the cartoons that would actually require such warnings to be part of the set. Will the next set contain any of the cartoons that actually need such a warning, like Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips?

[WARNER] there are certain cartoons that have been out of circulation for several years and we will revisit their appropriateness for our future golden collection with senior management. Our goal is to always provide the fans with the best collection of Looney Tunes cartoons every fall. We know how much demand there is for these very special cartoons.

[ChuckL] Thank you Warner for your time. You all continue to ASTOUND with your fact, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane is in right now...but as far as television...thanks for the forthcoming Animanics and Pinky and The Brain! Also..thanks for KNOTS LANDING (my second favorite television show of all time) have got me for the entire series! As for my question...BIRDS OF PREY still DOA?

[WARNER] sorry to say, yes at this point. Music costs are quite high.

[PatrickMcCart] First of all, I'm overjoyed by the news of Animaniacs and Pinky & The Brain coming to DVD... as well as the replacement discs for the Tom & Jerry/Looney Tunes mistakes....

[WARNER] we live to make you happy Patrick!

[PatrickMcCart] Any scoop on the rest of the MGM cartoons (Tex Avery, etc)

[WARNER] the tex avery cartoons all require a full restoration which will be VERY VERY expensive. For us to release them, in any substandard form would obviously not make you folks happy. We are trying to find the financing within the various divisions of the company to justify this undertaking.

[ChrisS] Thanks for doing this chat! Do you plan to release Friends as a series set, and if so will that set have special features not on the individual season sets?

[WARNER] We did release a limited complete series collection last November and we have something special in the works that we can't talk about quite yet but it will be worth the wait!

[Pavan_P] Hello, I'm from and we helped out with picking the episodes of Alice, Perfect Strangers, and Full House for your TV Favorites campaign. So what happened to Perfect Strangers and can we expect season sets for this sitcom soon? Also, what about other Miller-Boyett/Bickley-Warren sitcoms (Family Matters, Step by Step, Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, Valerie/The Hogan Family) are coming for season sets?

[WARNER] We are evaluating a number of the 80s sitcomes you mentioned however, we dont' have any specific plans to speak of at this time

[DZ] Do you plan to give a North American and/or theatrical release to the anime film Brave Story?

[WARNER] not our title, sorry.

[WARNER] Don't forget is street date for the great Warner Classics CHEYENNE and F-TROOP - both complete First Seasons

[Christina_Gioberti] Thanks Warner & Ron. Can I ask why a second season of Knots Landing is not planned for release ? Are there plans for Dallas season 7 or Falcon Crest ? Thanks

[WARNER] You're skipping Dallas Season 6? We just released 5! We're not ruling out a second season of KNOTS, there are just no plans at this time. No plans for Falcon Crest yet.

[JonHale] Warner Bros., Mortal Kombat is a very popular and successful franchise spanning several mediums. I am down on my knees right now begging you to release the one and only season of the live action TV series, Mortal Kombat Conquest on dvd. Again, MK is hugely popular. What reason could you have not to do so?

[WARNER] Mortal Kombat is not ours.

[MichaelSliger] Thanks for coming tonight. I was wondering if you could give a clarification about the upcoming Justice League Season 2 set. Many reports have claimed that these episodes will be presented in a letterboxed widescreen format, not in anamorpic widescreen. Since the separate "Starcrossed" release (containing episodes from this season) was encoded anamorphically, why was the entire season release not prepared this way?

[WARNER] The director requested the 4x3 letterbox for Justice League season 2. We have revisted this issue and will be releasing Justice League Unlimited Season 1 in 16x9

[KenRanke] Any news on Man From UNCLE series and features?

[WARNER] We can confirm that Warner does own the rights to MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E and we hope to release it in the future however it won't be in 2006.

[RonEpstein] Warner, just want to clarify something. You state MAN FROM UNCLE will not be available in 2006. I am hearing it is up for preorder on various etail sites. You may wish to look into that.

[WARNER] Thanks Ron, we'll look into it, that is incorrect info.

[CoreyScapito] First off I would like to say thank you so much for releasing your top notch DC Animated boxsets. I was wondering when/if Static Shock & The Zeta Project would be released to DVD in Season boxsets form?

[WARNER] No plans at this time DONE

[WARNER] and for your kids, WHAT'S NEW SCOOBY DOO VOL 9 Route Scary Six came out today!

[SamRizzo] Hi Warner I'am a big fan of the live action Superboy series, thank you Warner for Season One that is coming out June 20th will there be Seasons 2,3,& 4 released either this year or some time soon?

[WARNER] we'd love to release the rest, we'll have to evaluate after the first season is released.

[MeghanB] I was a bit late to the chat but I, too, am very interested in the remaining seasons of Everwood on DVD (I currently own Season One and view it regularly). Is this something that could be discussed or developed in the near future (especially in light of the large jump in sales recently according to Amazon.Com) or is it a bit of a lost cause at this point? Simply curious. Thank you very much for your time.

[WARNER] Never a lost cause! We'll always revisit if it makes sense. It is still on our radar.

[ZachDemeter] Is there any chance we'll see widescreen releases of the TEEN TITANS and THE BATMAN series on DVD? The show is animated in widescreen, but is released on fullscreen DVDs (probably due to the KIDS label). Also, any plans to release a new MASK OF THE PHANTASM DVD with new special features/commentary and audio/video transfer? And one last question--FREAKAZOID? Any plans? Thank you!

[WARNER] Teen Titans and The Batman - we are considering widescreen on both as well as evaluating a Freakazoid release. As mentioned earlier we are reviewing a Mask of the Phantasm Special Edition. Thanks for your support!

[MarcoBiscotti] What about the Hanna Barbera TV Specials and made-for-TV movies - Flintstones / Yogis Christmas, Top Cat, etc..

[WARNER] They are in the works but require remastering so they may not be release for awhile.

[SteveO] Hi. Thank you for coming. Your attendence and great work are most appreciated. I love your Reeves Superman sets. Any more vintage (50s/60s) TV series in the pipeline you can tell us about that haven't already been announced (Maverick season sets would be great)?

[WARNER] We are considering alot of great series including Maverick and The FBI but we don't have any specific plans to report at this time.

[WARNER] All you sports fans...go buy Super Bowl stores today!

[ZacharyTait] Great job on Veronica Mars Season 1! Are there any plans for any episodes of Veronica Mars Season 2 to have commentaries? and English subtitles?

[WARNER] 1 moment on Veronica Mars...but in the meantime For the Hanna Barbara fans...Magilla Gorilla is coming in August...includes Ricochet Rabbit, Punkin Puss and more!

[WARNER] No commentaries or English subtitles on Veronica Mars Season 2. However, we'll have 2 great featurettes including one BTS with Kristen Bell as well as deleted scenes and a gag reel. We think you'll be pleased.

[Arild] Some TV season sets (like "Full House" season 3, and some "Fresh Prince" sets) have mono sound even though the shows aired in stereo. Why is this and will it affect any future releases as well?

[WARNER] We would have to check on the specifics for the specific series. We would never choose to release a series in mono if we had stereo.

[TonyPotoeski] Thank you I am a huge fan of Hanna Barbera and At the end of last year you said that Wally gator and Quick Draw McGraw were coming to dvd then it was pulled and replaced with Magilla Gorilla and Hong Kong Phooey. Why was it pulled from the schedule? Will we see it on dvd anytime soon? Can we expect to see the Jetsons 1980s episodes on dvd as well as Jetsons Meet the Flintstones,Rockin with Judy Jetson,Top Cat and the Beverly Hills Cats, etc.

[WARNER] They were pulled because significant remastering work needed to be researched. We are exploring adding them back to the schedule next year.

[WARNER] We will evaluating the rest ofthe content that Tony mentioned. Thanks for the input.

[WolframM] Hi, are there any plans to release Eyes-Complete Series, Scarecrow and Mrs. King Season sets and Without A Trace Season 2/3. Thanks

[WARNER] Unfortunately no plans at this time on these.

[PaulMiller] As a fan of 80s cartoons, is there any chance of The Smurfs, Pac Man, or the Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Hour coming to DVD anytime soon?

[WARNER] We are working on the Smurfs and hope to release it in 2007. We'll look into Pac Man and Plastic Man. Thanks for the suggestions

[MissyL] Thank you very much for coming to talk to us today, Warner. I'm glad to hear Everwood is not a lost cause. After the recent cancellation of our beloved, high-quality show, we Everwood fans are devastated and would really appreciate it if the DVDs of the show were at least released. Season One is currently ranked #8 on and the show is very popular, so can you please tell us why are there no plans to release seasons 2, 3, and 4?

[RonEpstein] Hey folks, let Warner make one final statement on this and then let's steer away from EVERWOOD for the rest of the chat, please!

[WARNER] Once again, we'll continue to evaluate. If the demand is there in clear numbers we will definitely consider it. Keep in mind music costs for the show may be prohibitive.

[ToddF] Hi, I'm from It is nice to see TV Favorites sets like F-Troop lead to season releases. Can we expect any season sets for Welcome Back Kotter, Chico and the Man, and The Drew Carey Show or additional seasons of Night Court?

[WARNER] we are considering all of these for potential release but we don't have specific plans to share at this time.

[WARNER] For the Hanna Barbara fans...Magilla Gorilla is coming in August... includes Ricochet Rabbit, Punkin Puss and more!

[AntonioLopez] Warner, thank you for your continued participation in these chats. You're devotion to the consumer is outstanding. Can we expect season/complete series sets of Duck Dodgers, The Fugitive with Tim daly, and Two and a Half Men?

[WARNER] We can confirm that we will be releasing Two and a half men in 2007. No plans on the Fugitive or Duck Dodgers at this time

[ChadZ] With the newer DC Comics cartoons almost all released, are there any plans to release the old DC Filmation cartoons, the Ruby Spears Superman version from the 80s, or the All New Superfriends Hour?

[WARNER] We're evaluating all of these for 2007.

[KhalilS] Hi big John Ritter fan from the JRittercareer Group--any chance for the animated short-lived TV series Fish Police to DVD? And what about the popular TV movie The Dreamer of Oz?

[WARNER] No plans at this time

[JasonSliva] First off, thanks for the great releases so far in terms of your animated product. In regards to future animation, are any releases currently planned for Tiny Toon Adventures or Road Rovers? Also, will What's New Scooby Doo ever be released in season sets vs the single disc releases we now receive? In regards to live action, are any releases planned for Two of a Kind or Time Trax?

[WARNER] We're in the process of evaluating Tiny Toons and and Road Rovers. We have plans to release Whats New Scooby Doo in complete season sets in 2007. Nothing planned yet for Two of a kind or Time Trax.

[BrettP] Thanks. I see on that SCARECROW & MRS KING is one of the top 25 anticipated shows of all time awaiting a DVD release. Any idea when our wait will be over? It was a great 80s show.

[WARNER] Its on our radar, we are evaluating

[WARNER] And if you want Warner Home Video to pay for your Superman Returns theatre ticket... Don't forget all of our great Superman titles on June 20 including Adventures of Superman Seasons 3 and 4, Lois and Clark Season 3, Superboy Season 1, Justice League Season 2, Superman Animated Series Vol 3, Superman Braniac Attacks and KRYPTO the superdog. Movie money on all titles!

[RonEpstein] It seems that we will never see the original '60s Batman TV show on DVD. I hear Fox and Warner are forever in dispute over rights. Can you guys PLEASE try to agree to SOMETHING and get this show out on DVD? It is the highest requested TV show to date.

[WARNER] Warner home Video does not own the rights to this series. This is an issue between DC and Fox. Fox owns the series.

[WARNER] time to complete your season of Flintstones...complete Sixth Season...coming in Sept!

[BrianM] One animation, One TV: For animation, Tiny Toons: if nothing else, how about the "How I Spent My Vacation" movie? For TV, I understand WB has the rights to another of my one-season favorites, Fastlane. Any chances on either?

[WARNER] Thanks for the suggestion on Tiny Toons, we will take it under advisement. On Fastline, music costs are exhorbitant. Release is unlikely at this time.

[WARNER] West Wing...there are beautiful things planned...coming later this year. Warner may have a holiday present for you...or 2...

[WARNER] More Hanna Barbera...HONG KONG PHOOEY...coming in August!

[JeffSchiller] Thank you for the fantastic news on Popeye, though I joined late I did read the press release. Will the Popeye DVDs receive the same royal treatment that the Looney Tunes receive (including full restoration, uncut, with special features, commentaries)? Also, please tell me you'll be releasing them staggered from the Looney Tunes release (i.e. Spring 2007?), a year between classic animation releases is too long. Thanks!

[WARNER] They'll will receive the same royal treatment and will be released chronologically and we will stagger them with Looney Tunes releases

[TravisHedger] Any plans for TV on HD DVD? Not just more space, but for better quality encodes too? Also any plans for the two Dukes of Hazzard Reunion and Hazzard goes to Hollywood made for TV movies from the 90s on DVD after you are done releasing the TV series? Thanks

[WARNER] Good question on both fronts. We'll evaluate the Dukes movies for potential release in the future. TV on HD DVD - you can expect some exciting news on this front but we can't announce specifics at this time. More to come on this in the relatively near future.

[SaraStewart] Thank you for taking my question. Could you please explain what you mean by music costs and how it can prevent a show from being released? Thank you for your time.

[WARNER] All of that great music you hear in television series needs to be licensed and cleared for DVD use in addition to use within the show for broadcast. This music can be very expensive.

[AngieHill] First, a question for TV. Any chance on ever seeing "China Beach" released on DVD? It's one of the best series I've ever seen and I'd love to be able to watch it on DVD. And a comment... I'm very glad there's still hope to see Scarecrow and Mrs King on DVD.

[WARNER] We agree China Beach is a terrific show. We'd love to release but all those old Motown songs are very expensive, making this release unlikely at this time.

[John_Stewart] What about the Show "Sisters" 1991-1996???????

[WARNER] no releas plans for "sisters" at this time

[MichaelColvin] What about a series set of The West Wing? And any chance that ER could be sped up? Keep up great work!

[WARNER] I think I answered the West Wing question...well, sort won't be disappointed. More ER is coming. Look for the next release later this year.

[PaulWalcher] My interest is primarily in animation titles (thanks, by the way, for the recent X-men: Evolution and Batman Beyond releases). I was wondering about the chances for further releases for X-men Evolution and Batman Beyond as well as a release for The Zeta Project?

[WARNER] we are considering future season set releases of X-Men Evolution. you can look for Batman Beyond Season 2 later this year. no plan for the Zeta project at this time.

[Jeffrey_Gray] A big hello to all those at Warner. 2006 is proving to be the "year of Superman." Will we be seeing a release of the 17 Superman cartoons produced by Max Fleischer and Famous Studios during the 40s? I know they're in the public domain, but plenty of people would like to see an official, restored release.

[WARNER] all 17 Fleischer cartoons have been remastered and will be released later this year in the Ultimate Superman Collection.

[Brandon_D] Any chance of the 1985 Irwin Allen TV Movie of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass to be released? It was a childhood favorite! Also, what about Falcon Crest and Alice season sets?

[WARNER] there are outstanding issues on the Alice In Wonderland titles which preclude us from releasing it at this time. no plans on Falcon Crest or Alice at this time.

[Tory] Will you release The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam (animated), the live action Shazam! as well as the animated Gilligan's Island & Planet and the live action Gilligan reunion films? Are there plans to release the animated spinoff of the Dukes of Hazzard, The Dukes & live action spinoff Enos? Will we see more Growing Pains seasons & their reunion films and spinoff Just the 10 of Us?

[WARNER] no plans on Shazam animated or live action at this time. Both have mastering issues. No plans on Gilligans or Dukes animated but we will consider it.

[JohnSimon] There have been rumors in the last few days that new series sets of "Friends" and "West Wing" with new bonus features will be released in the near future. Will these new extras be available seperately for those who already own the individual seasons? It seems that choosing to re-release an entire series with new features will only lead fans to resist buying the initial release if such a re-release pattern becomes the norm.

[WARNER] I can't comment on the specifics but I wouldn't believe everything you hear. It is not possible to please everyone all of the time but we do carefully weigh all of the possibilities and ramifications and hope to do what is in the best interest of the series and the fans.

[AndyRoss] First of all thank you for season one of "F Troop." I picked up my copy today and I hope to see season two follow. I also want to further support for a DVD of "Freakazoid" & "Tiny Toon Adventures." I would like to ask if there are any plans for "Cartoon Planet?" Thanks for all the great work you do with your DVD releases, my friends and I are thrilled with the restoration work done to Looney Tunes!

[WARNER] if you mean Captain Planet there are not plans at this time.

[ParkerClack] I just wanted to say that I noticed that Man from U.N.C.L.E season one is set for release on 7/25/06? Do you know if this is still the scheduled release date?

[WARNER] As discussed earlier, this title is not planned for release in July 2006.

[KeithPaynter] Welcome back, Warner! Thanks for coming and continuing to provide such outstanding product for true movie enthusiasts. With the considerable success of Disney's wartime cartoons in their 'Treasures' series (which included anti-Japanese content), is it at all possible that Warner has considered following suit so that, properly presented, we can be witness to several wartime classics made at the pinnacle of the creative efforts as well as many of the more racially caricatured wartime cartoons in upcoming volume(s) of the Looney Tunes DVDs, or as a specific collector's product? The Whoopi Goldberg prologue on the most recent DVD set was an excellent way to put such cartoons in their proper context for the uninformed. These were some of the fastest, brashest, and funniest cartoons ever to come out of Termite Terrace.

[WARNER] we are well aware of the excellence of the war cartoons created by our studio as such we plan to handle them in a very special way in the not too distant future. we are hopefull you will pleased with the effort.

[KrisLane] Thanks for taking the questions... Any plans for Murphy Brown Season 2? (I know music could be an issue with this one). Also, care to let us know why Perfect Strangers was delayed? I know lots of fans were looking forward to the TV Favorites edition. Thanks again!

[WARNER] Unfortunately, no plan for a second season of Murphy Brown at this time. We never committed to the TV Favorites release of Perfect Strangers. It was only under consideration. We continue to evaluate the release and the format - compilation vs. full season set - but no decision has been made at this time.

[Nick_Feduccia] Thank you SO much for at least making some of your greatest shows available for streaming video on AOL. Awesome idea! Since you seem to be fast tracking Thundercats, could we see a Silverhawks release soon, if it is even your property? If it isn't, then how about a Freddy's Nightmares? That would make an awesome Halloween release!

[WARNER] no plans at this time on Silverhawks. we are evaluating Freddy's nightmare.

[ThomasDE] First off, thanks for releasing Animaniacs on DVD, and thanks for promising to look into releasing S 2-4 of Everwood (it is very well appreciated by Everwood fans). Now onto the question: What is the status of The OC season 3? Will it be released in August as S2 was?

[WARNER] The OC will not be released in August this year but it will be out later this year with a lot of great extras!

[DanielCollins] Thanks for considering about bringing the DC Filmation toons to DVD, I remember them as part of the Super Powers Video Collection. My question is which version of the SUPERFRIENDS will be used for Vol. 3?

[WARNER] you can look for Superfriends the legendary super powers show and the super powers team galactic guardians coming up in 2007.

[Keith_AB] Thanks so much for taking my question this evening, hope it isn't too off track. There are a couple of series I would love to have but that are not on DVD - has Warner considered allowing legal downloads of episodes not on DVD(kinda like an ITunes)? I've found a couple of sites that claim to offer legal downloads of shows I'd LOVE to have, but it's hard to know who to trust.... I'd think Warner could save some $$ going the downloads route

[WARNER] Those issues are actively under consideration.

[MattHazuda] On Batman Beyond's second season: will it be a full 26 episode release, or split into volumes? Also, do you have any plans for Cartoon Network season sets from shows like Billy and Mandy, Ed, Edd and Eddy, etc?

[WARNER] Batman Beyond will be the full season 2 and we are evaluating season set releases for Cartooon Network shows.

[JasonR] PLEASE CONSIDER PERFECT STRANGERS! That was asked already, but please release it! I'm dying for it. What are the status for these series for season sets: Mama's Family, Head of the Class and more Growing Pains?

[WARNER] Look for Mama's later this year. No news on the others.

[WARNER] Come meet Bruce Campbell at Comic Con where we'll be featuring our Adventures of Brisco County Jr. panel on Saturday. The full series will be out on DVD on July 18! DONE

[AlfredWalker] Speaking for scads of fans that congregate around Jim Nolt's George Reeves Tribute web site, thanks for the release of The Adventures of Superman. Many of us have noticed some issues with questionable picture quality and missing scenes from some episodes, as well as the missing previews from Season 1, mismatched openings from Seasons1&2 and misplaced closing music. Did you have 35mm source available for your transfers, and are there plans to correct some of these issues I mentioned with updated, revised dvd sets?

[WARNER] The ownership and handling of these masters went through numerous hands over the course of 50+ years. During that time prior caretakers did not handle all film elements for every episode as we would have hoped. We appreciate your continued support and interest for the series. Please know that the company is making every attempt to release the highest quality possible given the materials that we have at our disposal.

[James] Any info on "Eight Is Enough" or the TV movies "Flood" (1976) and/or "Fire" (1977) coming to DVD?

[WARNER] No plans at this time on these.

[StuartK] First of all, thanks for the Looney Tunes sets. They're the prize of my collection. My question is regarding the George Lucas produced animated movie Twice Upon a Time. Is there any chance this will end up on DVD? Especially given some of the talent that worked on it (Harley Jessup, David Fincher, Henry Selick), it really deserves the chance to be discovered. It's both beautiful and hilarious.

[WARNER] Twice Upon a Time is handled through Theatrical catalog group and we will convey the question to them.

[BillMillerson] First, I am extremely happy about Animaniacs on DVD and wanted to know what other 90's cartoons are coming down the pipeline? Specifically, Dexter's Lab, Cow and Chicken and Sheep in the Big City?

[WARNER] we are in conversatons with Cartoon Network about their other releases. stay tuned.

[PaulaVitaris] Hi, thanks for the chat! I'd like to know if you have plans to release on DVD Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, as well as the earlier TV special Kung Fu: The Movie, and what about a re-release of the first season of Kung Fu, this time in the proper fullscreen aspect ratio? Thanks so much!

[WARNER] No plans to re-release Kung Fu Season 1. We'll evaluate the others.

[WARNER] We're having the world premiere of the new TEEN TITANS Original Animated Movie TEEN TITANS: TROUBLE IN TOKYO at Comic Con next month. It will be on Sat. night 7/22 at 7pm. We will also be hosting panels for Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain (Thurs 7/20), the aforementioned Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. and some Superman surprises...

[RonEpstein] Look, I'm surprised nobody has yet to mention GET SMART. I hear it's coming and being released through TIME/LIFE. Anything you'd like to mention about this?

[WARNER] It's our sister company HBO's product.

[CorkyT] is LIFE GOES ON selling? Can we expect to see more of the Thatcher family (all 4 seasons?)? What about OUR HOUSE? Perfect Strangers is a Miller-Boyett Production, in association with Lorimar Television and Warner Bros. Domestic Cable Distribution...always wanted to say that! Sorry lol!

[WARNER] We can't disclose sales information. We're evaluating future seasons of Life Goes On. No plans for Our House at this time.

[WARNER] Can we hear some noise for those Edmonton Oilers!!!

[ArynLeroux] Hi Warner thanks for taking the time to do this chat: As a big fan of 70s/80s TV, My question is do you have any plans to release any of the following in season sets ? CHiPs, Spencer: For Hire, The Streets of San Francisco ? ThankYou Much!

[WARNER] We are considering CHiPs, no plans on the others at this time.

[WARNER] We know you're all psyched for the new Original Tom and Jerry movie "Shiver Me Whiskers" coming in August.

[todds] Thanks for the Flash set and the only tv dvd my wife has ever asked me for..Knots Landing. My question is this..Any chance of the Michael Madsen series Vengeance Unlimited? Hopefully the upcoming Supernatural dvd will have the original music. Thanks! Another plea for Kung Fu:TLC.

[WARNER] Yes, Supernatural, coming on Sept 5th will have all of the original music PLUS over 2 hours of special features. We think you will greatly enjoy it! No plans for Vengeance Unlimited at this time.

[Dave-Mackey] Shoutout to my ToonZone peeps. But I gotta ask a live-action q.... are we ever going to see "What I Like About You" on DVD? I can't understand why this didn't happen while the series was still on the air and practically everything else on the WB was out on DVD.

[WARNER] no plans on "what i like about you" at this time.

[JohnKilduff] You're evaluating "Tiny Toons". Can you tell us how well is it doing in the evaluation process? This is my Holy Grail of your animated properties.

[WARNER] We know there's fan interest and its under serious consideration


[WARNER] Check your papers for more Popeye news...

[KevinMathers] finally get in, yea! Thanks for offering this opportunity to speak with you. I've got another question regarding Night Court (really big fan): it seems the disappointing sales of Season 1 was that people weren't interested in a season that didn't have Markie Post in it. Hopefully the TV Favorites were successfull enough to warrant season sets again for the show, maybe doing seasons 2+3 together and then releasing the other 6 seasons

[WARNER] we have no plans at this time, we are evaluating future Night Court releases

[WARNER] but we have a guy in our office who looks just like Bull

MattMelander] Thanks for doing this, you guys are great! Any news on Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law Vol:2? Anything on Max Headroom?

[WARNER] Harvey Birdman Vol 2 will be released later this year. No news on Max Headroom.

[WARNER] Invasion: The Complete Series...great show you might have for it in August. August 22nd that is.

[WARNER] Any Gilmore fans out there? Season 6 coming on Sept 19th!

[WARNER] and...SMALLVILLE: SEASON 5...also in September...Sept. 12th

[Chris] Thanks so much for chatting with us! Are season set of "Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends" under consideration? And can you give us some insight into what goes into consider an animated series for a full season set?

[WARNER] Yes, there is consideration for Fosters Home.

[WARNER] By enlarge, we are moving towards releasing animated series in full season sets DONE

[SteveH] Thank you. Any Plans for more Season sets of Growing Pains?

[WARNER] No plans for growing pains.

[WARNER] Smallville - some great special features on this one, lots of deleted scenes and an inside look at the 100th episode.

[corey3rd] what is the situation with huckleberry hound vol 2 since it has my fav HH episode with the attacking potato and yogi playing the football with the bears. you can't keep those in the vault. I beg of you to make the set happen.

[WARNER] What, no more everwood?

[WARNER] There are no plans for Huckleberry Hound Vol 2 at this time but it stays under consideration.

[RonEpstein] Well, I think that about wraps it up.

[WARNER] So we can go back to eating our dinner?

[RonEpstein] I want to thank the folks at Warner Bros: Melissa, Dorinda, Amit, Rosemary, George (and we suspect) Michael.

[WARNER] George says he looks forward to another theatrical catalog chat before years end...George, Vol 4...the DVD.

[ParkerClack] I'd buy that for a dollar.

[RonEpstein] Before year's end? Yeah, we can do that.

[WARNER] Th Th Th Thats all folks...DONE

[WARNER] and eat your spinach and buy your Popeye!

[RonEpstein] Goodnight Everyone! Look for the transcript to be posted on TVSHOWSONDVD.COM and THE DIGITAL BITS tomorrow morning.

[WARNER] Goodnight!!!

Session Close: Tue Jun 06 22:54:16 2006

Copyright 2000-2006 Home Theater Forum. Reader may not modify, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale or in any way exploit any of the content of transcript, in whole or in part, without the express prior written permission of the copyright holder.

Our thanks to HTF member Keith Paynter for this compilation of chat revelations:

For the latecomers, here is what has been asked...

Warner announces King Features' Popeye cartoons - including complete theatrical and made for TV shorts; replacement for Looney Tunes Vol 2 Disc 4 DVD, Tom & Jerry Spotlight Collection Vol 2; Magilla Gorilla w/Ricochet Rabbit/Punkin Puss, etc;

Everwood Seasons 2-4? - no plans, may revisit; music rights $$
Knots Landing Season 2 - no plans
Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm SE? - under consideration
LT Bug Bunny Nips The Nips/Coal Black: future release with prologue - under advisement with Management for appropriateness
More MGM (Tex Avery, etc) - full restoration required. very $$$

Friends as a series set w/ new extras - TBA
Perfect Strangers, other Miller-Boyett/Bickley Warren shows - no specific plans
Brave Story - not WB
Dallas S7/Falcon Crest - S5 recently released, FC no plans yet
Mortal Kombat live action - Not WB

Justice League S2 - LB or anamorphic - director requested 4x3 letterbox; JLU S1 to be anamorphic
Man From UNCLE - future release, not 2006
Static Shock / The Zeta Project season sets - no plans
Superboy S2-4 - to be evaluated followg S1
Teen Titans / The Batman / Freakazoid - TT, TB 16:9 consideration, evaluating FZ

HB M4TV cartoon specials - remastering req'd
Vintage 50's/60's TV - no specifics
Veronica Mars S2 - no commentaries or Eng S/T, but lots of bonus features
Some TV shows on DVD in mono, bradcast in stereo - have to check specifics
Wally Gator/Quick Draw McGraw/80's Jetsons - remastering required

Eyes/Scarecrow & Mrs King/Without A Trace S2-3 - no plans; evaluating SCMK
Smurfs/Pac-Man/Plastic Man - workling on Smurfs; hopefully 2007; PM & PM possible
WBKotter/Chico & The Man/Drew Carey/Night Court - under consideration, no plans
Duck Dodgers/Fugitive - Tim Daly/ Two & 1/2 Men - 2-1/2 Men 2007; no others planned
DC Filmation/Ruby Spears Superman/All-New Superfriends Hr - under evaluation

Fish Police - no plans
Tiny Toons/Road Rovers/WN Scooby Doo Season Sets - SD 2007 evaluating TT & RR
60's Batman - Fox vs DC
TT Vacation/Fastlane - TTV consideration ; Fastlane music costs $$$$$$
West Wing S7, potential series boxset - plans in works for Christmas '06

Popeye cartoons releasing schedule - staggered with LT collections
Dukes Of Hazzard TV movies - under evaluation
China Beach - no plans, Motown music $$$$$$
ER scheduling - more later this year
X-Men Evolution/Batman Beyond - XME in future, BB S2 later this year (full season)

Fleischer/Famous Superman Cartoons - later this year, Ultimate Collection
Irwin Allen Alice In Wonderland & Through The Looking Glass - issues, no plans
Falcon Crest/Alice - no plans
Superkid PH w/Shazam!; Shazam live action; Gilligan spinoffs; Dukes Spinoffs - no plans
Captain Planet - no plans

Warner WWII shorts theme set - will be handled with care for possible future consideration
Murphy Brown S2 - no plans
Silvercats/Freddy's Nightmares - SC no plans, FN under evaluation
The OC S3 - later this year w/extras
Superfriends - SP show & SP Team Galactic Guardians in 2007

Cartoon Network - Ed Edd & Eddy S1 later this year, others in discussion
Mama's Family/more Growing Pains - MF later this year, GP no plans
Superman (Reeves) mismatches; source materials - materials & ownership changed hands many times over 50 years Eight Is Enough/Flood/Fire - no plans
Twice Upon A Time (Lucas) - theatrical

Dexter's Laboratory, Cow & Chicken, Sheep In The City - in discussion (with other CN shows)
Kung Fu The Movie & Legend Continues - under evaluation
Life Goes On/Our House - LGO future consideration, OH no plans
CHiPs, Spencer For Hire, Streets of SF - CHiPs under consideration, others no plans
Vengeance Unlimited/Supernatural - VU no plans; S w/original music

What I Like About You - no plans
Night Court S2+ - no plans, but evaluating future sets
Harvey Birdman V2/Max Headroom - HB later this year, MH no plans
Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends - under consideration
Huckleberry Hound V2 - no current plans, under consideration

Th-th-that's all, folks!


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