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Chat Transcript: Warner Home Video
on Home Theater Forum

The following is a complete transcript of the on-line chat with representatives involved with DVD at Warner Home Video, held on Tuesday, April 22nd on The Home Theater Forum. Thanks to Ron Epstein, Parker Clack and the staff the HTF for all their hard work, and for providing the transcript for all to read. Enjoy!

Subject: Live Chat with Warner Brothers
Date: April 22, 2003

[RonEpstein] Good Evening everyone. So nice to see so many people here tonight... and it is a special night. We are very pleased to have Warner Brothers here with us. This has become a yearly chat event and these folks always graciously give up their time to be here. So, let me begin by saying HELLO to Warner Brothers, and ask them who is in attendance...

[Warner] Hello from Burbank. We are: Mike Radiloff, V.P. of DVD Marketing, George Feltenstein, Sr. Vp Classic Catalog, Mike Finnegan, V.P. of Editorial and Programming Services, Scott Heffron, director of Marketing, Paul hemstreet V.P. DVD Special features. And that's the group tonight!

[RonEpstein] Thanks so much for being here. I know you gave us two hours and I want to get as many questions in as possible, so let me start the process.

[EricMeske] Hi, thanks for being here tonight. Are there plans for the Animated Batman to come in sets rather than the individual releases with only a few episodes? Thanks!

[Warner] No plans for season sets on Animated Batman at this time

[PaulP] Thanks for being here again, WB! I want to commend you on your great 2-Disc Special Editions, and I wonder what we might expect next in this line, especially if Tim Burton's Batman and Batman Returns are considered. Thanks

[Warner] There are many new releases in the hopper: THE MISSION, THE RIGHT STUFF, GIANT, ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA, THE GREAT DICTATOR, LIMELIGHT, THE GOLD RUSH, ROBIN HOOD PRINCE OF THIEVES, MODERN TIMES and the "you heard it here first...." CASABLANCA 60th anniversary edition!

[BrianPB] First of all, I am very much looking forward to the upcoming Chaplin releases starting in July. My question concerns the DVD status of other great silent films in your library. First and foremost, von Stroheim's GREED (restored), but also King Vidor's THE BIG PARADE, THE CROWD, and SHOW PEOPLE; and Victor Seastrom/Sjostrom's THE WIND and THE SCARLET LETTER. If the silents are low-priority, any chance WB will change its policy & license these?

[Warner] We are developing a special marketing initiative that will introduce silent films from our classic library. More details will be announced shortly, but you will be pleased :)

[RonEpstein] That's GREAT news about CASABLANCA. Thanks for sharing it with us first.

[MDAllred] First, let me thank you for releasing John Carpenter's "Memoirs of an Invisible Man" on DVD this August, if you can mention any details, I'd appreciate it.

[Warner] Unfortunately due to talent unavailability, the special features will be light on MEMOIRS

[NickGraham] Well, this was sort of hit on before, but with the resurgence of comic based movies, are there any plans for the oft-rumored SEs of Batman, Batman Returns, and Batman Forever? If I grovel enough can I get box sets of Batman Animated?

[Warner] We are planning to tie in to the planned sequels (yet to be put into production) on BATMAN and SUPERMAN. We will pass your BATMAN ANIMATED BOXED SET request onto our Family-brand group

[DavidLambert] Thanks for coming tonight! Warner puts out excellent TV releases (Friends is among my favorites; thanks for faster releases!). What else can we expect from WB in the way of TV shows on DVD? Anything you can tell us about Smallville, E.R., Dukes of Hazzard, or anything else that will excite fans??

[Warner] All three that you mentioned are in the works as well as other TV series. Details on some of these are forthcoming very shortly!

[Mark_Cruickshank] Hi guys, thanks for coming tonight. Any plans to release the Robert Zemeckis / Steven Spielberg 1978 film, "I Want To Hold Your Hand"? Thanks.

[Warner] We'll keep your inquiry about I WANNA HOLD YOU HAND in mind

[Warner] We hope everyone knows that THE BEN STILLER SHOW and LA FEMME NIKITA season One have been announced

[DavidSisselman] Hi. Can you tell us anything about any potential plans for Superman: The Animated Series?

[Warner] No plans at this time

[Patrick_F] Thanks for coming! I have a question about some of your classic films - any plans for EAST OF EDEN, DIAL M FOR MURDER, and MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS? And if we ask nicely - how about the rest of those "classic" POLICE ACADEMY films? :) Keep up the great work and thanks.

[Warner] All those "classic" POLICE ACADEMY films are...on their way. EAST OF EDEN is tied up in legal limbo although we are trying to untie it. DIAL M and MEET ME are coming next year!

[BenjaminDorsey] Thanks for being here!! Are there any plans to re-release more early full-screen releases (comidies, especially) in 16x9 widescreen?

[Warner] Yes. Our release of NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VACATION 20th Anniversary is an example of this. There will be more!

[todds] Thanks for coming. Is their any chance that the Flash tv show might be released on dvd? And if no season box of Batman animated. Please speed up the individual discs. Thanks

[Warner] No plans on FLASH TV series at this time

[cosimot2003] I was wondering about sidney lumet's Deathreap, an overlooked gem, any plans for a reissue,maybe a audio comm, something about the play, anything also, what about maverick and tin cup, you have two great comedy's, plus two directors that would be willing to put together SE, Donner and sheldon, Also, What about the stallone 80's cult film, Over the top?

[Warner] No plans for a reissue of DEATHTRAP, but other Sidney Lumet films will make their debut or be reissued next year. OVER THE TOP, we'll consider it in the future.

[ScottDS] Hello WB! Excellent news about those classic Police Academy films and your full-screen remasters! Anything you can tell us about your plans for Looney Tunes (hopefully uncensored)?

[Warner] OK here we go. All of the LOONEY TUNES cartoons are being remastered from new film elements made from the original negatives. We have an extensive program planned that finally unites both the pre-'48 Turner-owned cartoons and the WB cartoons. The first big release will be later this year and contain oodles of extras directed towards the classic animation fans. Several respected animation experts are participating on the special features as we speak. Fans of THE GOLDEN AGE OF LOONEY TUNES LD sets will not be disappointed!

[RonEpstein] Warner, I have a question. How are plans going to release MGM's "The Sunshine Boys" (1975)? Last time I asked you said it had to go through restoration.

[Warner] Things with a K are funny!....It's coming next year

[Jeff_HR] Hello, I'm Jeff Rediger & I'd like to know if there are any plans to release more Bette Davis films from the late 1930's & 1940's such as "Marked Woman", "The Old Maid", "Mr Skeffington" & "All This and Heaven Too"? Thanks.

[Warner] We love these films. They all need restoration from the original negatives so they can look as gorgeous as NOW VOYAGER does. However, we have a long line of other WB classics with Bogart, Cagney, & Flynn that are ahead of Bette in the line.

[JustinF] Extended cut of Night of Dark Shadows has been recovered, when can we expect restored version on DVD?

[Warner] That's very interesting. We own the film, and this is news to us.

[Esten] Two volumes of "Freddy's Nightmares" are getting released in Region 2 this year. Any plans for a Region 1 release?Would be a good tie-in for the "Freddy vs. Jason" film. Also any plans for "Return of The Living Dead 2","Deadly Friend" and "It's Alive"(I'm asking for someone who cant be here)?

[Warner] RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 2 and the IT'S ALIVE Trilogy will arrive next year. No plans for Freddy's nightmare or Deadly Friend at the moment

[Jeff_Krispow] Hi folks! What is the current status of the RKO Library films? My understanding was that many of these gems were in dire need of restoration. Any news of when we might see Top Hat, or the Val Lewton films, etc.? Also, will we ever see 3D versions of Warner's 3D films instead of the usual flat versions? (Why not have both flat and 3D on one disc?) Many thanks in advance for your replies! Best regards...

[Warner] You are right about the RKO Library. It's a mess. We are very active in seeking out the finest film elements to resolve this issue. We have several RKO films including some Val Lewton classics in the hopper for next year. We are also working on Fred & Ginger as well as several other choice gems from that library. As to 3D, we have seen many tests of our films using various 3D technologies. All of them were unacceptable to us, gave us headaches and made us nauseous. Until the technology is up to WB standards, we'll be content with excellent 2D versions.

[johngilmore] Good evening gentlemen, thanks for coming tonight. Can you talk about any plans for releasing the gay-oriented films "Cruising" and "The Ritz" on DVD. Thanks!

[Warner] No plans at the present time

[LukeB] It's great to see the older, troubling discs (flippers and wrong aspect ratios) being upgraded. Will there be special editions for SLEEPERS (flipper) or the HARRY POTTER films and are there any plans for the 1983 sci-fi comedy NOTHING LASTS FOREVER, starring Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd who both have recently said they would participate in special feature content if it would be released on DVD.

[Warner] NOTHING LASTS FOREVER has legal problems that need to be ironed out, which is why it has never been on home video. No plans for a special edition of SLEEPERS or HP at this time.

[WadeW] Any plans for THE BAD SEED? Thanks.

[Warner] Next year you will finally see RHODA in all her glory!

[robert_crawford] When can we expect dvd releases for James Cagney films as well as Bogart films such as The Treasure of Sierra Madre and To have and have not?

[Warner] TREASURE, YANKEE DODLE DANDY and THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD are all getting the WB double-disc deluxe treatment this year. TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT & HIGH SIERRA are on their way as well before year's end.


[Warner] THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT we hope to release next year for its 30th anniversary. We have no scheduled date for AMBERSONS at the moment but we hope to release it in the near future.

[Jay] Any plans for reissues of LAst Boy Scout, Lethal Weapon Series, Doc Hollywood or Ace Ventura?

[Warner] No

[LyleH] With your upcoming horror titles in August, I am wondering if you have any plans to release Tod Browning's FREAKS (1932) in the near future?

[Warner] Gooble Gobble Gooble gobble ONE OF US! ONE OF US! Freaks is coming in 2004! REJOICE!

[Jay_Gregory] Hope this wasn't asked in the first five minutes: any chance for a 'Brewster McCloud' DVD? Love 'McCabe...'

[Warner] Based on past sales of BREWSTER on VHS and LD, it's doubtful a DVD release of the film would be profitable

[ChrisZ] Hello! I was just wondering if there were any DVD plans for the Dean Cain/Teri Hatcher TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman? (preferably season sets)? I'm assuming WB has the home video rights to this series, but if not, any idea who I would to write to about getting this series released? I just wanted you guys to know that this show still has a HUGE loyal fanbase. Thank you for your time!

[Warner] LOIS & CLARK is under consideration

[John] Hello and good evening...Are u guys planning on making a Donner Superman II? or maybe a SE Superman II with a donner version? U know many fans want it!!! and those fans r the main buyers of these dvd's... is there any chance we (the fans) might convince u to release batman SE before new movie tie-ins? What will it have (isolated score?) and will there be a Batman Returns SE? how and when will these titles get to Region 2? Region 2 is often neglected to Region 1.

[Warner] We too believe these projects are viable. When we are able to secure the directors' time to create these editions, they will become a reality

[JeffreyGray] Hello, and thank you for taking time to chat with us. I was wondering, are there any plans to revisit either A CHRISTMAS STORY or CATS DON'T DANCE. Both received minimal extras, and no widescreen version, on their original issues, and I would like to know if you (or the Family Entertainment group, who did the previous versions) have plans to revisit either in the future.

[Warner] Ho Ho Ho. It's XMAS in April. Yes, we have a new 16x9 20th Anniversary CHRISTMAS STORY special edition coming in time for the holidays. No plans to revisit CATS DON'T DANCE since very few people bought it the first time

[joep] hello all, i was wondering if you have any plans to reissue maverick, it would make a great disc, also, thanks for the gremlins SE, they ruled!, part 2 as well.

[Warner] Thank you for the kudos on GREMLINS. We appreciate the kind words. No plans to revisit MAVERICK at the moment

[Samuel_M] Given Paramount's newly announced plans to support DTS with the upcoming Jack Ryan Box Set, what will be the extent of WB support of DTS in the future?

[Warner] No plans for DTS at this time

[Anders_Runestad] Thanks Warner for your excellent DVD work, and for being here tonight. I would like to ask you about the status of a few classics from the 60s/70s: UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE, POINT BLANK, THX-1138, and most of all . . . NIGHT OF THE LEPUS. Yes it's true, the infamous killer bunny movie has quite a cult following (featured in THE MATRIX, no less) and has never even been on VHS, let alone DVD.

[Warner] THX-1138 will be landing at a video store near you next year. No plans for the other titles.

[MichaelD] I apologize if this was addressed earlier. Are there any plans to release some or all of Cartoon Network's 'Adult Swim' series (Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Harvey Birdman, etc.) on DVD? What about the WB's 'Birds of Prey?' Thank you in advance.

[Warner] ADULT SWIM is being considered at the moment. BIRDS OF PREY is not at this time

[Vera] When & will we see House of Dark Shadows on DVD?

[Warner] No plans for either DARK SHADOWS film on DVD at this time.

[Richard_Gustave] Can you provide any details about the rumored Martin Scorsese box set/re-releases of Goodfellas and Mean Steets? Thanks!

[Warner] We are working around Mr. Scorsese's availability in order to make these releases happen. We are very excited about them, as we know you are

[Neil_Bulk] Thanks for coming tonight! What can you tell us about the upcoming Where Eagles Dare DVD? Was it fully restored? The previous LD used some video effects to keep the picture in sync with the audio and looked quite ugly. Has this been fixed? Will it be the complete film? How does it look and sound? What sort of extras can we expect on that as well? Oh, and thanks in advance for the 2 disc Adventures of Robin Hood set.

[Warner] Yes, WHERE EAGLES DARE was fully restored ON FILM. New film elements were made from which we derived the new transfer. Yes, the old version was very ugly, hence the need for high quality remastering. We think you'll be pleased with the results. You are welcome regarding ROBIN HOOD, we hope it will knock the arrows out of your quiver!

[Steve_Simon] Ok, I think I have the first non dvd release question.... Could you please comment on Warner Bros. commitment to the future High Definition DVD format?? Is progress being made?? Are we close to having the standards set to launch the format?? Thank You!

[Warner] Progress is ongoing. We are awaiting an industry-wide accepted standard, which as you know is a complicated issue

[Warner] While we are waiting we'd like to remind you that today is the street date for our 5 new Cole Porter musical classics. We hope you'll support them. We'd love to see reviews on the HTF!!!

[Adam_S] My question is: Can we expect the other Thin Man films? And if you release them all in a box set, would you offer a rebate for those of us who've already bought the first one?

[Warner] Yes, we have more in the works. Stay tuned and meanwhile make a martini for Nick and Nora. No plans for a box THIN MAN set

[Warner] Also another reminder EMPIRE RECORDS-SPECIAL EDITION CUT and FAME for the first time on DVD are coming 6/3

[kevin_lodge] Hello -- any plans for other Hitchcock films such as Suspicion, Wrong Man, Stage Fright and Foreign Correspondant

[Warner] Yes, we plan a BIG Hitchcock collection for '04.

[Justin_S] Hi, do you have any plans to release the killer dog film, THE PACK, or the great DEMON SEED or THE DEVILS to DVD in the future and will THE DEVILS be uncut when you do get around to releasing it? Thanks

[Warner] All are possibilities. None with a definite date attached.

[TimGannett] Any chance of a Special Edition of the lost boys

[Warner] It's a possibility. No firm decision yet

[JeffKleist] Why are we getting Tom & Jerry best-ofs when Japan has all of the "good" (non-buddy) ones at a very low price in both censored and uncensored versions, and now the UK is getting the same discs? I will import them if i have to, I'd much rather have yours. Also, Tiny Toons and Animaniacs, when? Thank you!

[Warner] TOM & JERRY collections will arrive with uncut, complete theatrical version cartoons starting next year. This will include all the cartoons made by Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera for MGM between 1940-1957. No plans for Tiny toons or Animaniacs

[PatrickMcCart] First, I'd like to complement you on the special editions for Singin' In The Rain, Amadeus, and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's well as the DVDs for The Thin Man and the other classics. Also, the upcoming Chaplin discs, Adv. of Robin Hood, Yankee Doodle Dandy, Casablanca, and other classics (House of Wax, Casablanca, Haunting, The Thing, etc) sound wonderful! As for my question... Any plans for DVDs of Around the World in Eighty Days and early sound films (Jazz Singer, The Singing Fool, Vitaphone shorts, Don Juan, etc)?

[Warner] AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS arrives soon. JAZZ SINGER is in restoration but no release date is in sight. No plans for any other early Vitaphone material at the moment

[CraigS] I got here late so I hope this hasn't been asked. Any chance for a Chariots of Fire SE to go along with all the other excellent Oscar winner SEs you've released recently?

[Warner] CHARIOTS OF FIRE will make a run for it on DVD in a new SE next year

[Warner] When ANALYZE THAT arrives on DVD on 5/13 look for other Robert DeNiro DVDs from us including THE MISSION 2 DISC SET and THIS BOY'S LIFE DONE

[KevinSkinner] Thanks for taking the time to join us. What happened with the commentaries on the South Park DVDs?

[Warner] Legal problems precluded commentaries on the SOUTH PARK 1st season DVD but they are available separately as a 5 CD set from COMEDY CENTRAL

[Eric_Ansley] Thanks for being here....what are your plans for releasing THE HUNGER and GREYSTOKE? more vote for Batman Animated sets and a Lost Boys Special Edition. thanks

[Warner] Both HUNGER and GREYSTOKE are in the works for next year


[RonEpstein] THE IN-LAWS! Finally!

[Warner] The original!

[Warner] Also remember our war classics for memorial day OBJECTIVE, BURMA OPERATION PACIFIC and BATTLE CRY. Street date is May 6

[Tim_P] Will there be eventual boxsets for Batman TAS and the other batman cartoons?

[Warner] We already answered this. No.

[Jeff_Cushen] Given the stronger-than-expected DVD sales for Babylon 5 Season 1 (and most likely Season 2), how is the release schedule for Seasons 3-5 shaping up? Thanks.

[Warner] All are on the way. Keep buying 'em , we'll keep making 'em

[TedD] Great news on "80 Days" Does it have the complete prologue, Intermission, etc? Could you please do "That's Entertainment" at least anamorphic 1.85:1 and windowbox the 1.33:1 clips. 2.40:1 would be even better... Musicals on hand, great transfers for their age. Thanks!

[Warner] 80 DAYS will indeed have intermission prologue, etc. Since the bulk of THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT consists of 1.33 clips (80% of the movie) it will be a custom aspect ratio transfer DONE. Even the new footage shot for THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT was projected at 1.33 in orig theatrical release


[DarrenGross] Any hopes for the Ronald reagan film storm warning?

[Warner] No plans for STORM WARNING. Great film but no one knows it and it wouldn't sell

[RonEpstein] I know you guys have been announcing some great new titles all night, and it is appreciated....Earlier this evening Warner gave us an exclusive on announcing their "Casablanca 60th Anniversary" DVD. I want to stop here for a moment and give Warner Brothers the opportunity to perhaps announce any other titles they may wish to share with us that we may not know about.

[Warner] We DO read the HTF and are aware that virtually all our 3rd quarter titles have been made public to your membership. However SEPTEMBER will also see the new SUPER DUPER deluxe double discs of THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD, YANKEE DOODLE DANDY, and TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE all remastered from new restored film elements directly made from the nitrate original

[RonEpstein] Beautiful! So nice to see these long-awaited classics coming to DVD

[Warner] Another exciting addition to our slate will be THE OUTSIDERS-Extended Version coming later this year

[JackHarasta] With the pending release of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, do you have any plans to release Captain Nemo And The Underwater City (formerly an MGM property now owned by Warner) or Valley Of The Gwangi? No more snappers please. Thanks!

[Warner] Good news on GWANGI. Both that and THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS as well as THE BLACK SCORPION are creeping toward you in October. No plans for CAPT. NEMO

[Michael_Daniels] Will we see any of the Lon Chaney silent classics or more classic horror (MGM, Dr. Jekyll, Val Lewton, Hammer) in 2004? The Body Snatcher perhaps?

[Warner] Regarding Lon Chaney, the man of 1000 faces will soon be looking at you from DVD-land. VAL LEWTON films coming in 2004

[Warner] Coming your way this August, HOUSE OF WAX, THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD, THE HAUNTING, and many more!

[Sumeet_Beniwal] Any plans for a Wyatt Earp special Edition.

[Warner] Wyatt Earp will amble along in '04 DONE

[AgeeBassett] ...According to IMDB, the excised footage still exists on 16mm rolls belonging to the film's star, John Garfield. Can Warner secure this footage for restored DVD release? (Thanks, BTW, for the beautiful DVDs of Mildred Pierce and Red Badge!)

[Warner] What Garfield film?

[AgeeBassett] sorry, this question was about "the sea wolf" was cut by 12 mins in 1950s and hasn't been seen in that version since

[Warner] Thanks for the kudos about MILDRED and RED BADGE. We are looking for 35mm elements for the complete version of THE SEA WOLF. We are aware of the 16mm footage that exists in personal prints.

[MarkSilver] I recognize there are syndication rights issues, but is The West Wing Season 1 on the schedule for late 2003 or early 2004 ?

[Warner] WEST WING is in the works.

[Gavin_L] Thanks for coming and chatting with us tonight, its really appreciated, will there be any chance of you guys releasing the 80's movie Stealing home in a widescreen presentation? adding another vote for the Lost Boys SE too

[Warner] No plans for STEALING HOME

[Warner] We also want to remind you that July 1st brings our CHAPLIN COLLECTION releases from MK2 in France and the Chaplin estate

[joep] any plans for the film nothing but trouble? i love this one, also, another vote for Over the top

[Warner] No plans for NOTHING BUT TROUBLE WS at this time

[Beth_Caster] I am currently collecting Dark Shadows TV dvds. Would love to see the films on dvd in the future. If they are restored as I have heard will there be a better chance of seeing them on dvd in the future?

[Warner] Again. No plans for DARK SHADOWS movies.

[Gord_Lacey] Thanks for LA FEMME NIKITA in July. Any chance we'll see NIGHT COURT on DVD?

[Warner] NIGHT COURT and other sitcoms in our library are under discussion

[Jon_W] Any plans for a new An American in Paris release?

[Warner] Eventually. It needs a SINGIN' IN THE RAIN kind of restoration. No plans at the moment, but we want to do it

[EddieS] Thanks for coming tonight! Do the powers-that-be agree with me that Shawshank and All the President's Men would look nice as double-discs (or SEs)? Also, how about those Kubrick films (2-Discs)? Thanks for your time.

[Warner] SHAWSHANK and PRESIDENT'S MEN are under consideration for the SE treatment subject to talent availability. No plans for revisiting Kubrick.

[Matt_Naglieri] I apologize if this has been asked already but is there any chance of the theatrical cut of Richard Donner's Superman with the original soundtrack or Donner's version of Superman 2, also what is the status of the Batman films SE, and finally is there an official explanation for the audio pops in South Park season one?

[Warner] Yes, this has been asked already. No plans for either at the moment

[Warner] We also want to remind you that on July 1st we are releasing 4 new to DVD Barbra Streisand films with commentaries (her first ever for DVD)-WHAT'S UP DOC, NUTS, THE MAIN EVENT and UP THE SANDBOX

[JohnKilduff] "Electric Dreams" anytime soon?

[Warner] Dream on....Sorry!

[RonEpstein] Question: any Errol Flynn films besides Robin hood and Objective Burma?

[Warner] Yes, PRINCE & THE PAUPER and KIM in August, and a large Flynn promotion and a new feature-length documentary will arrive in late '04. Also THE MASTER OF BALLANTRAE is a Flynn favorite coming in July

[Jarrod] Hello, all; thanks again for coming. Is Cartoon Network's "Samurai Jack" being considered for future release in season sets, the format of choice (as opposed to 4-episode single releases)?

[Warner] No plans for JACK right now

[Warner] HTF members last chat asked for SOYLENT GREEN, THE OMEGA MAN, THE HAUNTING and WAIT UNTIL DARK. All coming in August

[RonEpstein] Thanks for listening to the HTF members' requests!

[mark_basile] Thanks for coming and forgive me if this has already been asked. How does Warner determine which titles get DTS or not?

[Warner] It's easy. None do.

[greg_t] Wondering why Warner still uses 384kbps dolby digital?

[Warner] It's a capacity issues balancing fans' desires for increased content

[JakeLip] Hi, thanks for coming, and I was wondering if there was any chance for 7th Heaven or Wonder Years on DVD, thanks! Sorry if this was asked before.

[Warner] We do not own home video rights to either series

[Thomas_Hart] Thanks for coming here tonight. I have only 2 words: MARX BROS? Honk! "Make that 3 hard boiled eggs!"

[Warner] HERE YOU GO. The Marx Bros. arrive in '04. NIGHT AT THE OPERA, DAY AT THE RACES and many more.

[Warner] Also want to mention our Clint Eastwood library will be complete on DVD with 7 new releases in September

[MattHritz] I was wondering if you have any plans to release a "Gettysburg" special edition? I know there is 23 minutes of extra footage that's not included in the current release and only in the collector's set on VHS. Will the Gods and Generals 7/15 release be only the theatrical version, hoping for the rumored 6 hour version

[Warner] GETTYSBURG is currently withdrawn from U.S. release due to legal problems. GODS AND GENERALS will be the theatrical cut

[ParkerClack] What Eastwood titles do you have coming out?


[Gary] When is the Goodfella's SE coming? Any chance of revisiting Horror of Dracula as a SE or any other Hammer Horrors?

[Warner] No revisiting HORROR OF DRACULA. However, more Hammer titles coming next year which we think you'll enjoy. GOODFELLAS will be a Special Edition. We have no date set.

[Warner] We will complete the VACATION series with new 16x9 editions of XMAS VACATION and VEGAS VACATION later this year

[PaulScott] any plans for Queen Christina, or Libled Lady or Postman Rings Twice?

[Warner] LIBELED LADY and POSTMAN '46 will arrive in '04. No plans for QUEEN CHRISTINA yet.

[MikeF] Forgive me if this has been asked, I just got here. What is the current status of the upcoming Blade Runner DVD set?

[Warner] BLADE RUNNER will happen, but there are legal hurdles to overcome. We want it just as much as you do. Stay tuned.

[JoshuaClinard] Warner has recently begun to release DVD's in keepcases, which most DVD collectors prefer over snappers, but only in certain reigons. Why not in Reigon 1? I have a smaller ratio of Warner films in my collection than other studios because of this. I only buy the must-haves from Warner. Could you release a few on a test-basis, to see if sales improve? New Line has seen the light, why haven't you done the same for all regions?

[Warner] Snappers are here for the moment, but we are committed to Digipacks on all 2 Disc special editions and multi disc sets

[Patti_Feinberg] Hooray! for Prince & Pauper (when)? Also, please tell me there's GOOD word for Night of Dark Shadows?

[Warner] The DARK SHADOWS films can always be under consideration, along with many other films in our library. Yes, look forward to THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER on August 26th.

[ParkerClack] I am going to go bankrupt. My credit card hates you guys!!! Thanks for being so punny tonight.

[RonEpstein] I want to take this opportunity to thank Mike, Mike, George, Scott and Paul at Warner Brothers. Did I get everyone? I know Ronnee wanted to be here tonight so I extend thanks to her. You guys have been so great tonight. Not only did you answer so many inquiries, you gave us a few exclusives -AND- you typed very fast! Thanks for being so supportive of Home Theater Forum.

[ParkerClack] I second Ron's thanks for being here with us. You have some GREAT titles coming up and some of the best in the best year. Keep up the great work.

[Warner] Thank you for the oppotunity to speak with the HTF membership. DO know that we are always reading your forum and taking your comments to heart. We hope you are pleased with our increased commitment to classic & catalog product on DVD.We appreciate your support. To quote our friends in LOONEY TUNES LAND "That's all folks!"DONE

Session Close: Tue Apr 22 22:06:45 2003

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