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Site created 12/15/97.

page created: 3/24/09

Chat Transcript:
Warner Home Video Theatrical on HTF

The following is a complete transcript of the on-line chat with George Feltenstein, Ronnee Sass
and Janet Keller of Warner Home Video Theatrical, held on Monday, March 23rd on The Home Theater Forum. Thanks to Ron Epstein, Parker Clack, Robert Crawford and everyone at HTF for all their hard work, and for providing the transcript for all to read. Enjoy!

Home Theater Forum

Subject: Live Chat with Warner Home Video Theatrical
Date: Monday, March 23, 2009

[RonEpstein] For the past 4 years there has been but one studio voted time and time again as the BEST STUDIO of the year by the members of Home Theater Forum. You don't stay on top for all those years unless you deliver product that surpasses what every studio out there is putting out. We at HTF are proud to acknowledge a studio that has once again been voted BEST STUDIO OF THE YEAR for 2009. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our guests from Warner Home Video to this evening's chat: George Feltenstein (SVP Catalog Marketing); Ronnee Sass (VP Publicity & Promotion) and Janet Keller (Manager of Publicity). Welcome!!!!!

[warnerbros] Thanks, Ron. We're glad to be here.

[RonEpstein] I would like to segment tonight's chat accordingly so that we can stay on certain topics and take questions related to that topic before moving on to the next. With that in mind, I would like to begin with your huge announcement today concerning the rollout of Warner's Archive Collection. I am going to give the floor to you to talk about this exciting program and then we will open the floor to members so they can ask questions.

[warnerbros] Thanks, Ron. We want to let the HTF members know that the reason we didn't do a chat last year was because we wanted to announce the Warner Archive Collection initiative here on HTF during our yearly chat. However, it took us an extra year to get everything in place....and so it is....Let us answer some big questions off the bat.

[warnerbros] 1). There will be a availability of product WORLDWIDE shortly through the Warner Archive Collection. SHORTLY. We just don't have a date could be only a few days away.... bear with us...This would be only applicable to the films where we hold worldwide rights, which is MOST of them. 2). The discs are of the highest quality. They are manufactured via propriatary MOD process which is very different from home-used DVDRs on one's computer....we guarantee the quality of these discs and will stand by them. 3) This DOES NOT replace our retail initiatives. THEY REMAIN FULL SPEED AHEAD...

[RonEpstein] Obviously you have been reading the feedback on our forum over the past few days as you have addressed the biggest concerns posted by our membership. Good to see that some of these titles will be available worldwide and that these are not pressed on home DVDRs.

[RonEpstein] We are now going to open the floor to questions

[Eric_Peterson] Do you have any plans to follow in the footsteps of FOX regarding their deluxe treatments of silent films and early talkies? I could easily see WB putting together a set centered around the works of King Vidor, Erich Von Stroheim, & Victor Seastrom, & Ernst Lubitsch. I for one would happily open my wallet for such a deluxe set.

[warnerbros] Indeed. Many of you have wondered...Where's THE BIG PARADE, THE WIND, THE CROWD, etc. We want to honor these films in the way they were presented by Kevin Brownlow in the Thames series of silents. To that end, we have been in discussions with Photoplay (Kevin's company) to work together to update the restorations on all those premiere silent pictures. Meanwhile, we will be releasing about 20 other silent films through in addition to those already announced today.

[JackHolstein] Can we please have the classic Saul Bass 70's WB Commincations logo preserved on future DVD and BD releases, some of us love the nostalgia of the original logos and it tends to takeus out of the film when we get the new logo instead. Thanks.

[warnerbros] Good question...that is a corporate issue...beyond our control. However, recent postings expressing your similar feelings have been noted and expressed to corporate.

[RonBoyt] In the chat two years ago, it was stated that in early 2008 you would be releasing the remaining Abbott & Costello films you own, to DVD (Captain Kidd/Beanstalk/Rio Rita). But that year has come and gone, and there's been no further mention of them. Do you still plan to release them to disc, and if so, at what date will they be coming out?

[warnerbros] We do plan to do this...but all dates are subject to change in our business. Your patience will be rewarded...we always try our best to come through.

[Peter_M_Fitzgerald] Great news about Warner Archive! You'll be getting lots of my $$$, definitely! A TARZAN question for you... Does Warner control the Tarzan films of the late 1950 and the 1960s, that were distributed by other studios to theaters?

[warnerbros] We own the ENTIRE Tarzan feature film library regardless of who originally released them to theaters. They will ALL be coming out in the near future.

[RafaelPires] Thanks for these amazing news!!!!! So many titles can' wait to have them. Can we expect, anytime soon, boxes sets for Joan Crawford (vol. 3), Ginger Rogers`RKO comedies and a 4TH Volume of Classic Musicals from the Dream Factory (the last volume was, by far, the very best! Can't you tell how happy you made me with those Jane/Eleanor Powell selections)?

[warnerbros] Glad you enjoyed the last musicals set. There will be more Jane Powell musicals coming this year through the Warner Archive releases. There will be 200 MORE titles coming out this year (between now and Xmas) through that program. There will also be a selection of comedies with Ginger Rogers.

[SteveO] Thanks for your time, the great quality of releases, and for Archives. Please update us on which films (besides Tarzan) are scheduled for the next year and how will series films be priced/packaged on Archives? Please keep up the great work.

[warnerbros] We are evaluating many different opportunies..however we can confirm a retail set of MONOGRAM CHARLIE CHANS coming early 2010 restored from orig nitrate negatives. They will look great!

[BrianMichaels] will WB still continue to releases better SD transfers/releases for stuff that got old bad transfers or bare bones releases? Personally I'm looking for Last Boyscout to get a decent transfer, and someone else here mentioned Ladyhawke. Some of those very first dvds released were practically VHS quality.

[warnerbros] Here goes..some good have asked...FOR YEARS...for us to revisit the old DVD launch titles that are in demand..and we will be releasing widescreen double features later this year of some early favorites..stay tuned for further details.

[MichaelStreeter] Hi, congratulations - I love the WBArchives idea and it's really exciting. Any chance we'll see Brewster McCloud, The Devils or The Power on DVD?

[warnerbros] How did we know someone would ask about the THE DEVILS :) All three titles are under consideration and are in various stage of approval. Cross fingers!

[SimonHowson] My request is for a fifth film noir box. Given the tough economic times, it would be great if - like Vol. 4 - it featured 10 films, including: Riffraff, The Clay Pigeon, Armored Car Robbery, I Died a Thousand Times, The Locket, Stranger on the Third Floor, Born to Be Bad, and another few surprises. Also, it would be great if had a Uservoice page (see: where your customers could make and vote for DVD and Blu-ray release suggestions. This would create a constantly updating interactive list that WHV staff could then comment on. I am not affiliated with Uservoice, I simply think it is a great way for customers to interact with companies they financially support.

[warnerbros] The FILM NOIR V FIVE BOX is coming in a few months. NONE of the titles you mentioned are in the collection, but all of those titles are likely to show up through Warner Archive releases. So, it's a win/win situation. Lots more NOIR!

[Joseph_Goodman] can you tell us about any upcoming Ultra-Resolution restorations making their way to DVD/Blu-Ray/WbArchive?

[warnerbros] Both GONE WITH THE WIND and WIZARD OF OZ are being put through the Ultra-Rez process AGAIN (!) for their upcoming BD premiere and SD reissue. Even though the prior transfers were 1080p and we thought they looked amazing, technology has improved so much, that we had to start from scratch to insure excellence. However, we still hope to get to SHOW BOAT (1951) in Ultra Rez, as part of the long-in-planning COMPLETE SHOW BOAT COLLECTION. It will happen! TRUST US!

[KeithPaynter] First off, thanks for taking the time to chat. Any word you can provide since last year on THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS, and is THE LOST SQUADRON part of your library for consideration?

[warnerbros] AMBERSONS is still in the development stages...our plans for supplementary materials require much more time (and money)than expected. LOST SQUADRON is not in the planning stages at the moment

[John_Pannozzi] If Gremlins comes to Blu-ray, it should have the Gizmo & the Gremlins cartoon pilot (if it exists) and a good long documentary like the one on the Howling and more deleted scenes and maybe that recent British ad.

[warnerbros] GREMLINS BD is in the cards. Supplements are still being discussed. Thanks for asking. NINJA TURTLES are the best thing to Gremlins, though..and they are coming on BD very soon. COWABUNGA!

[ChristopherBlig] Great news with WA now with all the releases is there a chance lesser known films with the cast of SNL like Nothing Lasts Forever, Spies Like Us and Over The Rainbow see the light of day on DVD and will the Archive titles have at least a trailer of the feature?

[warnerbros] All of them are coming, but actually more likely for retail than Warner Archive. SPIES would obviously be a widescreen reissue.

[Kane76] Thanks. What supplemental materials are planned for Ambersons and how about Journey Into Fear?

[warnerbros] AMBERSONS will have a significant exploration on the film's production history. JOURNEY INTO FEAR will also come out at the same time. We just cannot lock in a date.

[HoldenS] Hey, In 2007 WB stated "We will be releasing both DARK SHADOWS movies this year (2007)"; Well this is now 2009, so where are they? Can we expect them around the time of the new Johhny Depp movie? will they be the Director's cut or just some hacked up version like the VHS copies? DS fans want to know the details!!!

[warnerbros] We will be releasing the DS movies in conjunction with the new Johnny Depp film... more to be revealed in the near future.

[ScottK] With the Archives program announced, has any thought been given to releasing collections of shorts through it? I'm thinking Joe McDokes, etc.

[warnerbros] YES YES YES YES YES. There will be shorts collections coming through Warner Archives...and cartoons....shorts like McDoakes, Dogville, Pete Smith, etc. Eventually everything. First shorts sets will come in early 2010. Meanwhile, keep looking for shorts on our classic releases throughout the year, including the new FORBIDDEN HOLLYWOOD V.3 set which streets TOMORROW!!!!

[Bill_Huelbig] The Smilebox edition of HOW THE WEST WAS WON was a smashing success - I can't thank you guys enough for it. Is there a chance of Smilebox versions being released for the other Cinerama films in the Warner catalog (2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, GRAND PRIX, etc.)? One more thing: what Kubrick is to film directors, George Feltenstein is to home video executives. The Archives announcement was like Christmas morning.

[warnerbros] We are very grateful for your kind words....We have discussed the possibility of smilebox in the future, but nothing firm yet.....we are working on some interesting explorations in this regard....keep your eyes peeled to HTF for more info....Thanks again! :)

[Svenge] In the February 2007 chat, WB indicated that it was "actively working on releasing" NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS (1958). Is there any progress on this title and/or a release window that can be announced?

[warnerbros] Yes, we finally can discuss this. We needed to locate the heirs to the author of the play, and finally have done so! After years of searching! We are in active discussion with them right it's looking very optimistic for a release if all goes well. We love this movie!

[Roddick] Is there any developments in releasing the MacDonald/Eddy operettas (and also the Merry Widow)? And what about early Cagney movies (Taxi and Blonde Crazy always come to my mind)?

[warnerbros] We are evaluating film elements on the Nelson & Jeanette films.....the MGM B&W nitrate situation is always a hinderance...happy to report we confirmed that the original negative to the 1934 MERRY WIDOW did NOT burn in the Eastman House fire and hope to restore that Lubitsch masterpiece soon! Early Cagneys to follow in Warner Archive collection shortly!

[JuanellSpotts] are there any plans to release THX-1138 and The Outlaw Josey Wales on Blu-Ray? thanks

[warnerbros] JOSEY WALES will be coming to BLU RAY next year....THX-1138 is likely to land around the same time

[RonEpstein] Before we go to the next round I have been forced by many to ask you guys one of the most pressing questions brought up in our forum. Why has it taken so long to get THE BOWERY BOYS out on DVD and what is the status of these films?

[warnerbros] Ron was kind enough to let you guys (and ladies) know that we located the orig neg to MR. HEX...and are trying to upgrade some of the other titles. We hope to have this ready for release within the not too distant future. We have put a lot of effort into locating film elements on these so they will look great.

[RonEpstein] Think maybe in the next year?

[warnerbros] YES!

[RonEpstein] Is that TVSHOWSONDVD.COM David Lambert?

[David_Lambert] No TV-related questions tonight, I promise (unless you have something you would like to say now about TV shows on the Warner Archives program). No, my Archives-related questions is this: the feedback I've heard so far today is that the $19.95 each feels a tad high for for such as Kristy McNichol's "Just the Way You Are", esp. considering today's economy. Comments? Would you ever consider a "sale" over there, like a "Buy 2, get 1 for half off" promotion?

[warnerbros] The service has just launched officially astonishing sales....and the issue of pricing as a concern has not been discussed. Sorry you don't like Kristy :)

[Blimey] Any plans on BARRY LYNDON and LOLITA?? Thanks!!

[warnerbros] If you mean new editions on those titles, no, not at this time. Thanks.

[TylerD] The Dark Knight seemed to get a bit smaller SE treatment than many of us expected, especially with nothing notable devoted to Heath and his performance/process/etc. Are there plans for a future bigger SE?

[warnerbros] The Dark Knight release was prepared by our new release group. We are the catalog group, and did not create that release. That being said, there may be future BD Live events planned for TDK. Thanks!

[John_Stell] I just love you guys at WB. And to prove it, I just spent a ton of money today at the Warner Archive. Thanks for that opportunity !! Do you have any plans for classic horror releases this fall through both retail channels (Beast With Five Fingers, Walking Dead) and the Warner Archive (Smiling Ghost, Mysterious Doctor)?

[warnerbros] Thank you! We love your business! :) GOOD NEWS on both fronts. FRANKENSTEIN 1970 and THE WALKING DEAD and ZOMBIES ON BROADWAY and YOU'LL FIND OUT make up our Karloff/Lugosi set for this Halloween at retail. All remastered and yes FRANKENSTEIN 1970 is 16x9! In addition other great horror and scifi titles are on their way through the WARNER ARCHIVE releases. Thanks!

[Derek_Miner] Two extras I'd love to see when the Blu-rays come around: the original ending of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS (hopefully in color) and more deleted scenes from THE GOONIES. Any hope? Thanks for chatting with us!

[warnerbros] We are DEFINITELY doing a 25th anniversary BD/SD GOONIES special edition next year (2010:THE YEAR WE MAKE GOONIES!) We are hopeful we can re-address the LITTLE SHOP issues for BD, but nothing solid yet.....

[Marcel_H] Hi Warners, I really liked your Gangster Collections vol. 3 and 4 that you released last year. I do hope, that a fifth one is planned? Thanks and greetings from Germany.

[warnerbros] Hello Marcel from Germany. Thanks for staying up so late to be with us....We are very proud of the four gangster boxed sets, and don't have any more lined up..but more WB classic Bogart/Cagney/Robinson/Raft gangster epics will be out shortly guessed it...Warner Archive Collection!

[Philo_MacDuff] I have but one humble request, a wide screen English language print of the 1968 Sci-Fi masterpiece with the groovy title song of the same name, sing it with me now "Green Sliiiiime! Green Sliiiiiiime!" Please, that army of one eyed tentacle monsters deserves to be seen in full wide screen glory and it can't wait for a Johnny Depp remake! :)

[warnerbros] We had the GREEEEEEN SLIME on the release schedule and it got pulled....and there will be no remake :) We hope to get it back on the schedule is the case for WILD, WILD PLANET and other delights.

[Chuck] Thanks Warner this year for the long waited surprise of WATERLOO BRIDGE...great job... I would like to ask about a few titles from Newline if I might. Would like to find out about the Jason movies that you all have and also TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME...any Blu-Ray plans?

[warnerbros] The Jason movies we have are arriving on BD soon, at least one this year. TWIN PEAKS is not in the cards for the moment......but it will be :)

[Chuck_Pennington] Great work on the unofficial Troy Donahue box set: The Romance Classics Collection! I also ordered 5 titles from the Warner Archive website already. :-) Any plans for these rare films to come to DVD? Even as bare bones Warner Archive releases would be fine I don't think many of them even had a VHS release: Mary, Mary (1963-Debbie Reynolds), The Chapman Report (1962-Jane Fonda), Claudelle Inglish (1961-Diane McBain/Arthur Kennedy)

[warnerbros] MARY MARY is definitely coming through Warner Archive Collection in September. The others likely to follow, but no date set yet. Yes, MARY, MARY will be 16x9...REMEMBER all films in the Warner Archive Collection are OAR!!!! Thanks for the support on the WB Romance Collection. Happy to say it sold very well!

[Ben_Jennings] I am wondering about DVDs of Paul Newman‚s The Prize, the film Mission to Moscow, as well as more Joel McCrea Westerns such as The Tall Stranger, The First Texan, Colorado Territory and Stars in My Crown?

[warnerbros] THE PRIZE is undergoing remastering at the moment. No date set yet. MISSION TO MOSCOW and more Joel McCrea westerns coming THIS YEAR through Warner Archive including TALL STRANGER and COLORADO TERRITORY!

[PenelopeB] Thank you for chatting with us! Do you know of any plans to issue Jean Simmons films such as Until They Sail (with Paul Newman), Home Before Dark, Young Bess or This Could Be The Night on DVD? Also, will a second collection of Esther Williams films be released soon?

[warnerbros] ESTHER WILLIAMS will be swimming into stores this summer in an all-new TCM SPOTLIGHT: ESTHER WILLIAMS VOL2 collection, which we hope you'll enjoy. HOME BEFORE DARK and YOUNG BESS coming through Warner Archive in 2010. THIS COULD BE THE NIGHT and UNTIL THEY SAIL require remastering, and we have no date yet, but they are coming.

[Jeremy] Excellent work on the Casablanca Blu-ray. Any chance of a Blu-ray version of The Maltese Falcon? Also, are there any plans to release The Exorcist and The Devil's Advocate on blu-ray? Thank you for your time.

[warnerbros] EXORCIST is currently being remastered for BD by the director Mr. Friedkin AND the cinematographer Mr. Owen Roizman. No date set yet....But it will make your head spin! MALTESE FALCON BD is an obvious choice..Coming for its 70th anniversary in 2011...No plans for DEVIL'S ADVOCATE yet, but surely will come.

[GinnySayre] The Mickey and Judy Box set was beautifully done. Are there any plans to release Little Nellie Kel as well as Judy's remaining earlier films?

[warnerbros] Yes. We will release the remaining five unreleased Judys....most likely when we issue our now-being-super-restored A STAR IS BORN special edition. Tentative date Spring 2010.

[Scott_J] Thanks for your time tonight, Warner. What is the rationale behind only releasing classics in expensive deluxe editions on Blu-ray (Casablanca, reportedly the upcoming Wizard of Oz, Gone With the Wind releases). Those are 3 titles I would buy if released as more moderately priced "normal" releases and I've seen many similar comments to that on the forum (as I'm sure you have as well). Will they be released in non-deluxe editions down the line?

[warnerbros] Exact plans and pricing for OZ and GWTW are not final yet...we have heard your concerns, both here tonight, and obviously from others on this forum prior, and have brought them to the attention of upper management.

[Jason_P] Heat - will this Michael Mann masterpiece ever see a Blu-ray release as has been rumored for months now?

[warnerbros] HEAT is currently being remastered for BLU RAY under the supervision of Michael Mann. We hope to have it out shortly! Thanks!!!!

[Tor_Hestad] Any truth to the rumours regarding a licensing deal with Criterion? If true, could you elaborate, and are they/you releasing SEs of Zabriskie Point and/or Badlands? Thanks for making the WBArchive titles available worldwide!

[warnerbros] Since it was 'leaked' through the internet, we have had discussion with Criterion regarding a limited group of titles at the behest of their respective directors. ZABRISKIE POINT is being released by WHV as part of our Director's Showcase at the end of May. It's a gorgeous new anamorphic transfer.

[ratkins] Thank you very much for taking the time to chat with us tonight. I was wondering, how old does a title have to be for it to be regarded as a "catalog" title. Is there a cut off date before they are under your control?

[warnerbros] We get titles under our marketing control 6 months after initial DVD release

[MLamarre] Thank you for returning to do another chat. Your dedication to enthusiasts is phenomenal. Any chance for an SE of 90s action classic DEMOLITION MAN or a first time release of TREASURE ISLAND (1990)? Demolition Man has a wealth of deleted scenes that fans have eagerly awaited years to see and I think it would be great to pay tribute to the late Heston + capitalize on Bale's soaring success with Treasure Island. Also, SE of THE ROAD WARRIOR?

[warnerbros] We are aware of the interest in TREASURE ISLAND, but it is a TV Movie, and therefore comes under the direction of our TV marketing group (Who has had chats here as well) We have made them aware of your interest . No plans for DEMOLITION MAN SE.

[SarahHadley] Hi - really exciting to hear about the Archive Collection. Do Warner own any of the early talkies/silent Sherlock Holmes pictures, and might we see them released under the Archive Collection? Thanks!

[warnerbros] We do not own any Sherlock movies.....darn, cause we're making a new one! Sorry! Thanks!

[Reggie_W] Well, first let me say that I think this archive program is fantastic and thank you for creating it. I read today in the Wall Street Journal that you have about 6800 films in your archive and that you will add about 20 titles per week to your list for purchase. How will these 20 titles per week be chosen and what Westerns from the 50s, 60s, and 70s might we expect to see added in the near future?

[warnerbros] Thank you for your kind words.....There will be 20 titles added PER MONTH (!) initially....we have about 25 more westerns coming this year...too many titles to name..but they are mostly titles from the 1940s and 1950s...Several Randolph Scott Westerns will be made available from Warner Archive collection next month including TRAIL STREET. Keep checking our website for more title announcements. New titles will be announced 4/1 and 4/15.

[Bing_Bailey] any chance of seeing where eagles dare or hammer films on blu ray this year?

[warnerbros] WHERE EAGLES DARE coming to BD next year......No Hammer for BD yet...but we have hopes for those to come shortly.

[filmbo] Thank you so much for ONE TRICK PONY!! Is there any chance of releasing ALEX IN WONDERLAND anytime soon?

[warnerbros] Mr. Mazursky would love us to release ALEX IN WONDERLAND...that's a perfect title for Warner Archive Collection.....keep your eyes peeled. Glad you like ONE TRICK PONY. So do we.

[FredrickLong] Thank you for the fabulous news with this Archive Collection, best news ever!!!!!!!! Any chances The Constant Nymph (43) and The Glass Menagerie (50) will show up on-demand at some point? And what abot the long-antecipated Harlow/Garfield collections?

[warnerbros] ...and we thought Reggie would ask the Harlow question! :) See, we know all of you by name! HARLOW collection coming to retail for her centenary in 2011. Worth waiting for. Garfield titles coming in summer from Warner Archive collection....Constant Nymph we are trying to still free up from legal rights limbo...(as is the case with manuy others) FOX owns the 1950 GLASS MENAGERIE originally produced here at WB.

[JoeCampos] Hi! I'm happy you're doing digital work on the MGM/Turner titles, and look forward to OZ and GONE WITH THE WIND on blu ray. Anyway, any chance you will revisit SUPERMAN: The Movie and SUPERMAN II in definitive editions on Blu Ray/DVD with the added TV footage and other new stuff? I was disappointed that no 30th Anniversary Edition of SUPERMAN was released.

[warnerbros] Thanks for your kind words. We do appreciate them. As to SUPERMAN....Been there.. Done great success two years ago.

[markpytel] Hi and thanks for doing the chat. Any hopes for the extended version of Paul Newman's When time Ran Out, and any chance of re-releasing some of the old fullframe only discs on the Warner archive? Thanks for all of your great work!!

[warnerbros] The Full Frame issue will be addressed through reissues either at retail in multi-film sets, or through Warner Archive. We are very pleased about this. WHEN TIME RAN OUT is only available in its current form in widescreen and digital. There is only a 1" analog master of that longer version made for TV.

[Bryan_Beckman] Any plans for CONTACT on Blu-ray? Also, Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet was originally announced as a Blu-ray/HD-DVD/DVD release in 2007, but only the DVD version saw the light of day. Any plans for HAMLET on Blu-ray? Thanks for spending your evening with us!

[warnerbros] You are very welcome..and thank you for your kind words. CONTACT is coming out on BD this Fall. Branagh's HAMLET BD tentatively set for 2010.

[SteveG] Thanks for your reissues. Sorry if this has been asked, but is 'Greed' going to come out on DVD, Blu-ray or Customized DVD? I just hope customized DVDs come with bonus features related to the film. Hope to see more B&W films on Blu-Ray and another chat next year. Thanks for having these public movie chats!

[warnerbros] GREED will be coming out through our planned series of the silent filmsd prepared by Kevin Brownlow. We hope we can get these in production shortly...but all plans are still formative.

[RonEpstein] Parker and I wish to thank Warner Home Entertainment: George Feltenstein, Ronnee Sass and Janet Keller for being here this evening. Everyone should check out the WB Store for the latest addition of titles to the Warner Archive Collection.

[warnerbros] YOU WILL SEE MORE B&W ON BD...AND OF COURSE WE WILL COME BACK TO HTF FOR ANOTHER CHAT. HTF RULES! Copyright 2000-2009 Home Theater Forum. Reader may not modify, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale or in any way exploit any of the content of transcript, in whole or in part, without the express prior written permission of the copyright holder.

Copyright 2000-2009 Home Theater Forum. Reader may not modify, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale or in any way exploit any of the content of transcript, in whole or in part, without the express prior written permission of the copyright holder.


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