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Chat Transcript:
Warner Home Video on HTF

The following is a complete transcript of the on-line chat with executives from Warner Home Video, held on Monday, March 8th on The Home Theater Forum. Thanks to Ron Epstein, Parker Clack and everyone at HTF for all their hard work, and for providing the transcript for all to read. Enjoy!

----SPECIAL NOTE---- Click here for a complete summary listing of all the titles and DVD releases addressed in this chat.

Home Theater Forum

Subject: Live Chat with Warner Home Video
Date: March 8, 2004

Michael Radiloff, VP Theatrical Catalog Marketing
George Feltenstein, SVP Classic Catalog
Rosemary Markson Exec. Director Television Marketing
Scott Heffron Director, Theatrical Catalog Marketing
Michael Crawford - Manager, DVD Special Features

[RonEpstein] Good Evening everyone! This is going to be a great 3 hours. This is a very special evening for all of us. I think I speak for everyone here when I say that we are extremely proud of your studio. From classic film to Looney Tunes, Warner Bros. has been consistent in releasing the most talked about product over the last year. In fact, you were voted by the HTF membership as BEST STUDIO OF THE YEAR 2003, and I hope you believe me when I say most everyone is cheering your efforts here tonight even though you may not be able to hear the applause on your end. Thanks for being here with us, Warner Home Video!

[warnerbros] We are very grateful for your support of our efforts!

[RonEpstein] We are going to open the floor to questions.

[BrandonConway] Thanks for the upcoming Marx Bros box, it looks great! Can you give us any information on some silent classics many of us would like to see released, such as Ben-Hur, The Crowd, The Cameraman? Also, when is the scheduled release of THX-1138?

[warnerbros] You're welcome in regard to the Marx set. We're really psyched about it. There are more silent releases planned including Keaton (Buster NOT Michael or Diane) before year's end. THX is coming in the Fall. You can probably GUESS when :)

[NickGraham] I know I'm kind of beating a dead horse, but with the pending release of "Batman Begins", can we expect the long awaited SEs of the Batman fils (at least the Burton ones) and box sets of the Dini/Timm animated series?

[warnerbros] BATMAN: The Aninmated series is coming out this year. Regarding the BATMAN films, we're planning something to synchronize with the new BATMAN feature in 2005.

[RonEpstein] From TVSHOWSONDVD.COM, here's David Lambert...

[DavidLambert] Please tell me everything you can about your upcoming TV-on-DVD releases. Anything on Night Court or V: The Series? What's going on with superhero shows like Adv's/Superman, Flash, WonderWoman, Birds/Prey, Lois&Clark? Any new surprises coming out soon? There's a lotta TV ?'s out there's the chance to spill your guts! :)

[warnerbros] V is coming. So is ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN (reeves) although there are still element issues regarding that. WONDER WOMAN is coming this year. Our TV exec is not in the room yet and hopefully we can answer more of these questions shortly.

[EdgarN] Hello Warner, I am a big fan of film and love when Warner comes out with 2 disc special editions of great films like: Once upon a time in America, Casablanca, and Amadeus, I was wondering if theres any chance of Cool hand Luke, Bonnie and Clyde, Badlands, The Getaway, Bullitt, or Streetcar named desire, if so which ones thank you.

[warnerbros] There are plans to do a 2 Disc SE on BULLITT, STREETCAR and BONNIE AND CLYDE in the future. Thanks for the kind words about our double discs. We are very proud of them. There may be opportunities to do things with the other titles you mention, but nothing firm at the moment.

[TommyStewart] I just want to congratulate you on the awesome friends season sets, and was just wondering what the plans (Release and Features) are with the Shows THE O.C. and EVERWOOD

[warnerbros] Our TV exec is here. LOIS AND CLARK is being discussed, possibly for next year. No plans yet for BIRDS OF PREY, THE FLASH or NIGHT COURT. Both O.C. and EVERWOOD are in development.

[MattHenderson] I'm just itching to ask about a bunch of films, but to limit myself to one: when can we expect to see a special edition of "Fearless" in widescreen?

[warnerbros] No plans to re-address FEARLESS, we're afraid.

[ChristopherSBrown] Are there any plans to release director's cuts of the Harry Potter films with commentary tracks and more comprehensive special features?

[warnerbros] HARRY POTTER films are "director's cuts". No plans to revisit these at the moment.

[RonEpstein] What is the status of the definitive, multi-disc Blade Runner special edition?

[warnerbros] You all know BLADE RUNNER has legal issues. We are currently investigating what options we have to revisit the title.

[EricCarpe] First i'd like to thank you for your upcoming release of Meet Me in St Louis, i was wondering if there are any plans to release any other Minnelli films in the near future, particularly Yolanda and the theif, The pirate, Cobweb, Tea and Sympathy, Some Came Running, and Home from the Hill. Thanks.

[warnerbros] Many of the Minnelli films you ask about are under consideration. Possibly for 2005 or 2006 (yes, we really plan that far in advance). You'll love MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS. It looks gorgeous!

[MattNaglieri] With the final season of Babylon 5 coming out next month what are your plans for the tv movies as well as the spin-off series crusade?

[warnerbros] Yes to both on BABYLON 5. Coming soon to your DVD Home Theater!

[PatrickMcCart] First, I'd like to give a big thank you for all the great releases of the past year or so. Especially the Lon Chaney, Warner Legends, and the massive Looney Tunes 4-discer. Have you been able to make any progress on the Popeye cartoons in terms of making a deal with King Features so DVD's can be released? Thank you. (Also looking forward to around the world in eighty days!!!)

[warnerbros] Thank you Patrick. We appreciate the kind words. We are in discussion with King Features Syndicate on the subject. Cross your fingers!

[WesR] Hello! Thanks for your great support of the horror genre on DVD. Any chance of seeing some of your rare early 80's slasher movies like NIGHT SCHOOL, KILLER PARTY, or DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW on DVD (uncut of course) anytime soon?...perhaps for Halloween. Thanks again!

[warnerbros] Sorry, no plans for any of those.

[georgekaplan] First I’d like to say thanks for the Looney Tunes and the upcoming Cary Grant box set! I look forward to more Looney Tunes, and hope you include the non-pc stuff like Coal Black. My question is, are there any plans to re-release Grumpy Old Men and Grumpier Old Men in their correct aspect ratios, or for post-Maltese Falcon Bogie (e.g, Action in the North Atlantic, Across the Pacific, Passage to Marseille)? Thanks!

[warnerbros] More Bogart is coming. The existing releases did very well. No plans for the OLD MEN movies at the moment, but it could happen someday. Thanks for the support on LOONEY TUNES. Get ready for GOLDEN COLLECTION VOL. 2 later this year.

[GavinL] any news on The Lost Boys Special Edition?

[warnerbros] Oh, yeah ! LOST BOYS are returning in a SE this year!

[warnerbros] We hope you will all be excited by our TARZAN COLLECTION coming in June. The features looks great and the new docu will have you swinging from the trees!

[MichaelBoyd] How about To Be Or Not To Be? Lubitsch's version of course... Lots of interest on HTF from time to time. And another thank you for the great classic output!

[warnerbros] will BE. THAT IS THE QUESTION and THE ANSWER! We have remastered from nitrate. Coming next year.

[ChristopherBlig] hello WB, you guys were at the top of our Best of 2003 with the Warner Legends collection, but will there be any other collection like perhaps Bringing Up Baby, King Kong, The Jazz Singer or Goodfellas in any SEs?

[warnerbros] Everything you mentioned is in the works. There will be a Warner Legends-like collection built around our classic WB gangster films.

[SteveO] Hi. You guys are great. Looking forward to Tarzan and (hopefully) Hitchcock. Are there any plans to release any of your Monogram holdings? If so, which ones? Thanks. Done

[warnerbros] The Monogram film elements are not in great shape. We may be doing something with THE BOWERY BOYS and DILLINGER at some point in the future.

[warnerbros] Oops. Forgot to acknowledge HITCHCOCK. 7 new to DVD titles are coming later this year!

[neilbulk] Thanks for joining us tonight. My King Kong question was just asked, so I'll just ask if there is any chance of us ever getting the original cut of Superman - The Movie with the original soundtrack? Also, just another one to throw his support in for a release of Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarves.

[warnerbros] When KING KONG comes, it's going to blow you all away. We're working on film restoration at the moment. There are no plans to revisit SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE.

[DougGraham] I was wondering about the chances of a re-release of Nicolas Roeg's The Witches. It was one of my favorites as a kid, and I just want to be able to see it in widescreen because I've never gotten the chance. Maybe it can be a Roald Dahl tie-in with the new Willy Wonka movie?

[warnerbros] THE WITCHES will not be revisited. Sorry.

[CloudVolpe] Apologies if this was asked already, but there are a large number of people who are swearing off the Police Academy boxset due to the lack of OAR. Can you please explain why movies 4 and 5 are being released fullscreen only while the rest of the set is widescreen? Can we expect widescreen transfers down the road?

[warnerbros] We did not have widescreen transfers available to make this release of #4 and #5. They will be Open-Matte.

[JoeSchwartz] My compliments on your excellent releases of A CHRISTMAS STORY and THE BEN STILLER SHOW. Can you tell us when we might see DVD releases of ELECTRIC DREAMS or TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE?

[warnerbros] No plans for either. Sorry.

[lukasgardiner] hi... any chance we might see the MISS MARPLE series of films (4 I think) starring Margaret Rutherford in the near future? and GRACE AND FAVOR... the Are You Being Served follow-up series? Thanks.

[warnerbros] The MISS MARPLE films are scheduled for release in 2005. Don't know about GRACE AND FAVOR. THat's BBC. We just distribute their product.

[RonEpstein] Tonight my partner Parker Clack is celebrating a birthday. So, the birthday boy gets to ask a question here...

[warnerbros] Happy Birthday, Parker from everyone at WB.

[ParkerClack] What is WB position on HD DVD when it comes to releasing them? Are you waiting for a better encryption first?

[warnerbros] We are waiting for standards to be determined regarding HD-DVD.

[ParkerClack] Thanks for the birthday wishes.

[GregSH] Hi! Is there any chance Smallville - Season 3 will be released before the start of season 4, so those of us new to the show can catch up? Also, *please* tell me we'll be seeing Perfect Strangers in season sets at some point. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to Smallville - season 2 in May!

[warnerbros] No plans for PERFECT STRANGERS. Regarding SMALLVILLE, we're actively working on Season 3 but won't make a release date before start of season 4.

[Federico] Hi Warner...How would I go aboout getting an internship with the DVD department at WB. Thanks.

[warnerbros] We currently don't have an internship program. Sorry.

[MatthewB] It's my birthday too ;) Anyway, is there any chance at all for a near-future release of a Poltergeist Special Edition DVD since the 20th Anniversary Edition was abruptly and inexplicably cancelled (any further explanation for that)?

[warnerbros] We plan to revisit POLTERGEIST at some point, but no firm plans at this time.

[RobertCrawford] Are you going to release any dvd sets for James Cagney or Errol Flynn this year, if not what are your dvd plans regarding these two actors?

[warnerbros] ERROL FLYNN rides high in a deluxe collection and a new feature docu before year's end. Cagney fans will be thoroughly delighted soon thereafter.

[SimonHowson] In a chat in April of 2000 it was said that East of Eden(1955) could not be released for legal reasons. I am wondering if you can update us on the legal status of that film, specifically will it be coming to DVD soon? Also, will there be a Special Edition reissue of the Scorsese film Mean Streets (1973), and will Paul Schrader's version of The Exorcist: The Beginning(2004) be released on DVD?

[warnerbros] Things are more encouraging now regarding EAST OF EDEN. We are very hopeful to bring it out on DVD for its 50th anniversary. We will be doing a SE of MEAN STREETS sooner than you think.

[Shawn_Sek] Hello Warner Bros, thanks for participating.. Is there any news of a DVD for the teen angst cult classic OVER THE EDGE (1979), Matt Dillon's first film, alot of people are really hoping for this.

[warnerbros] Good news. OVER THE EDGE will be out before year's end. And it will be 16x9.

[BrianPB] Thanks for your excellent "TCM Archives" release of the LON CHANEY COLLECTION. I'm wondering what other silent films we can expect this year under the "TCM Archives" banner. In particular, I'm anxious for you to release films by directors like Erich von Stroheim (GREED), Victor Sjöström/Seastrom (THE WIND, HE WHO GETS SLAPPED), and King Vidor (THE CROWD, THE SHOW).

[warnerbros] We are considering many titles for our TCM Archives line. There will be at least one release before year's end in the series. Many of our silents require remastering which is time consuming and very expensive. We will not use old masters for these high profile releases. Be advised that right now THE BIG PARADE is being restored on film from the recently recovered (thought lost) original nitrate camera neg. Look for more cool silents from WHV.

[warnerbros] Speaking of GREED (no pun intended) it will be one of the candidate titles in this year's DVD DECISION 2004 promotion. This year voting will be open to all, not just to AOL subscribers. We will be promoting this event with TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES again, and we hope you'll like the titles we've selected.

[Ben] Any plans for a GONE WITH THE WIND Special Edition or a DVD release for WATERLOO BRIDGE starring Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor?

[warnerbros] Tomorrow is another day, and YES, GWTW will arrive in a Special Edition featuring an All-New transfer produced through our ULTRA-RESOLUTION process. The results should be mind-boggling. We're working on it now. No plans for WATERLOO BRIDGE right now.

[FrancisYeeLoy] Hi there! Any chance of a widescreen edition of BURGLAR or CLARA'S HEART? ALso, what's going on with Brisco County?

[warnerbros] No plans for any. Sorry.

[NMankaniTZ] Greetings! What are your plans in terms of releasing box sets of the "DC Animated" properties such as Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, and Teen Titans on DVD?

[warnerbros] There will be season boxed sets of both BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES and SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES. TEEN TITANS is scheduled as well.

[SamBaird] Hi, are there any plans for a THE GOONIES SE or a NEVERENDING STORY SE?

[warnerbros] No plans to revisit GOONIES or NEVERENDING STORY. We just did GOONIES recently.

[Ryan_FB] Are there any plans for DVD releases of classic Sam Peckinpah films, specifically The Ballad of Cable Hogue?

[warnerbros] Yes. Look forward to a major Peckinpah promotion from us including CABLE HOGUE, RIDE THE HIGH COUNTRY and PAT GARRETT AND BILLY THE KID next year.

[JimBeaver] Brimstone is my favourite show and also the one I really want on DVD what are the plans for it? Also what's in the works for Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Mad TV, Alf, Run of the House, Bucky O'Hare, Fish Police, ThunderCats and Xiaolin Showdown?

[warnerbros] MAD TV and FRESH PRINCE are in discussion. No plans for any of the others at the moment.

[JustinS] Thanks for your great horror releases last year, especially The Haunting. Do you have any plans to release the excellent killer dog film THE PACK, the original CAT PEOPLE, or DEMON SEED?

[warnerbros] No plans for THE PACK. CAT PEOPLE is coming with 8 other Val Lewton RKO films in a boxed set next year. DEMON SEED is also on our schedule.

[JonRobertson] Thanks so much for dozens of fantastic classic films recently (Death in Venice especially!) I just wanted to ask about what plans you had for THE DEVILS? Will we ever see the full uncut version? I can't believe the censored footage (I've seen it on UK TV) would get anything above an R.

[warnerbros] We plan to release THE DEVILS at some point soon.

[JohnReeves] Good to hear the George Reeves Superman show is on its way!! If LOIS AND CLARK comes to DVD, will it be mastered in 16:9 format (as the show was originally filmed in)? And are any extras planned?

[warnerbros] When LOIS & CLARK comes out, it will be OAR. No extras are firm yet.

[KayPinno] Good news to hear about the releases of the Peckinpah movies....

[warnerbros] Thanks. We're looking forward to the Peckinpah releases too.

[KayPinno] Are there any plans to revisit "The Wild Bunch" and what ever happened to the once announced Director's Cut Version of Clive Barkers "Nightbreed"

[warnerbros] THE WILD BUNCH SE is in planning stages at the moment. No plans for NIGHTBREED at this time.

[warnerbros] While we're waiting, we hope you all will look for our Cary Grant Collection on June 1st with MY FAVORITE WIFE, DESTINATION TOKYO, BACHELOR AND THE BOBBYSOXER, MR. BLANDINGS BUILDS HIS DREAM HOUSE and NIGHT & DAY

[Jacob] there is a problem with the dvd of "T3".. some misframing.. just say that you could see more of TX when she first comes to LA.... any word on fixing this problem done: thanks

[warnerbros] We know nothing about a problem on T3. Not our area, so we can't comment. Sorry.

[BenjaminDorsey] Thanks for being here tonight! Are the any plans to release the classic musical "Bells are Ringing"?

[warnerbros] YES! Bells Are Ringing has been remastered and is getting a 5.1 soundtrack. Look for it (and 3 outtake musical numbers) next year.

[aidanm] Are the any plans for a dvd movie box sets of the Matrix and/or the 3 Terminator movies?

[warnerbros] We only distribute T3, so no box set there. MATRIX is in preliminary discussions but nothing we can say at this time other than that.

[Rick] Any plans for Superman 2: Director's Cut or widescreen Ace Ventura?

[warnerbros] Widescreen ACE VENTURA is being considered. SUPERMAN II is not at the moment. Sorry.

[StephenBarendt] Hey WB! any palns on a Friends DVD of the Finale?

[warnerbros] Can't discuss anything about FRIENDS finale DVD yet. Stay tuned!

[AdamLenhardt] I'm a late-comer, so sorry if any of these have been addressed. I just wanted to add my support for a Richard Donner recut of Superman II or and see about any news in regards to Harry Potter SEs with more adult behind-the-scenes extras? A most sincere thanks for your time! Love Smallville!

[warnerbros] Yes, they've been addressed. Sorry answer is no to all.

[RonEpstein] This is a treat. This is our resident HTF Warner reviewer, Herb Kane...

[warnerbros] Hello, Herb! Thanks for your support on HTF!

[HerbKane] Good evening WB and thank you for your time and all the classics that have surfaced over the past several months. In light of the recent Fox announcement to release a Film Noir line, do you folks have any plans for a similar announcement or other single Noir releases considering how many great WB and RKO titles you own..? Thanks again.

[warnerbros] Funny you should ask. We have an excellent film noir package coming soon, which we are unveiling tonight here for you at HTF! Coming in new transfers this July are OUT OF THE PAST, THE SET-UP, ASPHALT JUNGLE, GUN CRAZY, and MURDER, MY SWEET. We're very excited about this new series! all of these have commentaries, and the SET-UP has Robert Wise and Martin Scorsese!

[RonEpstein] Excellent! Thanks for the scoop!

[MarkZimmer] Thanks for coming. Any progress on House of Dark Shadows & Night of Dark Shadows--especially with the director's cut of Night?

[warnerbros] No plans for either at this time. It's not out of the question though.

[DavidLawson] Any new info on the upcoming Shawshank Redemption SE or Chariots Of Fire (widescreen!)?

[ParkerClack] Chariots of Fire is a must have!

[warnerbros] SHAWSHANK SE is coming this year for its 10th birthday. We're working closely with Frank Darabont on this. CHARIOTS OF FIRE remaster coming next year at Oscar time.

[NilsLuehrmann] Excellent news on the Film-Noir Series! I'm hoping you might be able to expand on your response to HD-DVD. Warner Bros has undeniably been one of, if not the greatest supporters of the DVD format. WB was one of the first studios to release titles onto DVD, the first to offer transfers with anamorphic video, and the first to use DVD-9 (Dual layer). WB continues to push the envelope in performance standards with their Special Edition DVDs.

[warnerbros] We intend to be at the forefront of HD-DVD when its standards have been determined.

[RonEpstein] Please welcome, from THECINEMALASER.COM, Mr. Derek Germano....

[Derek_Germano] Thanks for coming tonight. Any chance of 16:9 enhanced versions of SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS or BRIGADOON- perhaps SE’s with both CinemaScope and flat versions? Also, I MARRIED A WITCH would be nice.

[warnerbros] Yes, a SEVEN BRIDES 2 Disc SE with BOTH versions (remastered!) is coming this year for its 50th. BRIGADOON is on tap for a remaster 16x9 next year, but we don't know if it will be both versions or not. We are thinking about I MARRIED A WITCH for '05.

[DavidGreen] Can you provide any information regarding the extras on your upcoming 'Heat' SE DVD - for example will there be a Mann commentary - and will it be on 2 DVDs?

[warnerbros] HEAT will be a 2 disc SE. Extras are still in formulation. We anticipate HEAT to be one of our biggest titles this year.

[Kolchak] Hi,I would like to know the release date for the Purple Rain 2 disk set...and any plans to release these other Prince films on dvd too -- Under The Cherry moon and Graffiti Bridge.

[warnerbros] The Artist once again known as PRINCE is coming back to WHV. We are doing a 20th anniversary 16x9 2 disc SE of PURPLE RAIN, and are releasing CHERRY MOON and GRAFFITI BRIDGE at the same time. Enjoy!

[ChadZ] I've heard that Challenge of the Superfriends is being released in a box set later this year. Any chance we will see more of the Superfriends, notably, The All-New Superfriends Hour and Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show?

[warnerbros] There are a lot more SUPERFRIENDS releases in the works. Look for them!

[warnerbros] We know you've heard the rumors, and folks, you shouldn't believe rumors, but here's one that's for real. A BLAZING SADDLES SE is coming this Summer. And it's in 5.1! Wait til you hear the bean scene!

[warnerbros] Also coming with BLAZING SADDLES is another Mel Brooks film DRACULA: DEAD AND LOVING IT.

[Haggai] Any chance of "An American In Paris" 2-disc SE? Also, releases of Bandwagon and IUt's Always Fair Weather would be great, though I'm sure Fair Weather isn't a likely candidate for an SE.

[warnerbros] AMERICAN IN PARIS will b e a 2 Disc SE in ULTRA RESOLUTION for 2006.(Be patient)! BAND WAGON will get a 2 Disc SE in Ultra Resolution in 2005. IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER is also on schedule for 2005.

[warnerbros] Folks, while we're waiting. Hope you will check out our great JUDY GARLAND films coming on 4/6. MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS, ZIEGFELD GIRL, LOVE FINDS ANDY HARDY, IN THE GOOD OLD SUMMERTIME, and FOR ME AND MY GAL. All with great extras.

[EricPeterson] Being a huge Billy Wilder fan, I'm wondering when a proper Widescreen release of his only film done for WB will be released on DVD - "Spirit of St. Louis"

[warnerbros] SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS film elements are being restored at the moment. Should have a DVD release in mid-2005.

[PaulMcElligott] Any chance of a DVD release the CNN series Cold War?

[warnerbros] No plans for CNN Cold War at the moment.

[andrewmoore] Big Clint Eastwood fan is there any chance that you will re-release them?

[warnerbros] Clint Eastwood films have all been released to Mr. Eastwood's specs. No plans to revisit.

[RonEpstein] Folks, the TV person for WB is leaving in 10 minutes so if you have any specific TV questions, ask them now.

[warnerbros] While we're waiting, we hope you'll all look forward to SWEENEY TODD: THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET on 4/20.

[JasonRye] I love you TV SHOW DVD SETs. Just wondering what your release plans are for future seasons of FRIENDS, ER, and GILMORE GIRLS, thanks!

[warnerbros] FRIENDS Season 7 is coming on 4/6. Plan on at least one more FRIENDS and ER release this year.

[WadeW] You mentioned last year THE BAD SEED is coming 2004. Any special features a commentary from the Seed herself, Patty McCormack? REALLY looking forward to this thanks!

[warnerbros] THE BAD SEED is in the house! Patty McCormack is recording a commentary for us as I type this. Look for this release later in the year!

[KyleMcKnight] Are there any plans to release the short-lived comedy Off Centre on DVD? I loved that show. Congrats on all the great TV and movie product you are putting out, and I really want to thank you (and the WB) for holding these chats with the members of the Home Theater Forum. It really helps us dedicated consumers to feel connected to the people our money is going to. Keep up the good work! ps, Happy Birthday Parker!

[warnerbros] Thank you for your kind words. We really appreciate the support of the consumers. Sorry to say there are no plans for OFF CENTRE.

[JULIAN] Hello WB I was wondering when these old films will be released BIG HAND FOR THE LITTLE LADY, SPHINX, SO FINE, UNDER THE RAINBOW and THE HAND?

[warnerbros] Sorry, no plans for any of these titles.

[RonEpstein] This question comes from BILL HUNT of THEDIGITALBITS.COM who had trouble logging in tonight....He is asking if "The Name of the Rose" is your title and if it is being planned for release.

[warnerbros] THE NAME OF THE ROSE is coming this summer.

[ParkerClack] when you say Ultra Resolution what do you mean.

[warnerbros] Ultra-Resolution is WB's proprietary process for presenting 3 strip Technicolor films with ultimate sharpness and registration. ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD and SINGIN' IN THE RAIN were Ultra Res. MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS will be as well, and GWTW is coming using this process too.

[AndersRunestad] Hi folks from Warner, and thanks so much for being here. I can't wait for THX-1138! What can you tell us about the status of HIS KIND OF WOMAN and Sydney Pollack's THE YAKUZA? On that note, is there any likelihood of a Robert Mitchum Collection? Thanks for your time.

[warnerbros] No plans for HIS KIND OF WOMAN. However, we do plan THE YAKUZA for early 2005. No plans for a Mitchum set, but several single releases contemplated. We're excited about THX-1138 as well.

[warnerbros] To clarify. ER Season 2 is coming 4/27 and there will be a Season 3 box before year's end. GILMORE GIRLS is coming 5.4.

[AlanBrom] Thanks for the Hammers in April. Any chance for more, namely DRACULA AD 1972 and WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH?

[warnerbros] No plans for any more Hammers for the moment, but we're open to more in the future.

[MarcoBiscotti] I have a question which I know that everyone here is anxiously anticipating... When can we expect a Beetlejuice Special Edition DVD release... and MORE IMPORTANTLY... will there be any plans to tie it in with the popular 1989 cartoon series? Please WB, DO NOT OVERLOOK this wondeful show - the animated TV / DVD medium has grown more popular than ever, especially in the realm of 80's nostalgia and this was a highly sucessful and fondly remembered series amongst my generation!!! The demand certainly exists and a SE movie tie-in would make for excellent promotion both ways!!! Is there anything in the works or being considered?

[warnerbros] We are considering a BEETLEJUICE SE. No plans for the TV series.

[Esten] Hi there! With Freddy vs. Jason's success,how about seeing Freddy's Nightmares on DVD soon?A The Crush:SE and Deadly Obsession (It was a Republic title) release would be nice,too.Thanks!

[warnerbros] Sorry. No to all.

[ChrisMcMichael] Hi! Love your 2 disc set of Citizen Kane. Do you own any other Welles titles? Also are you licensing any titles to Criterion?

[warnerbros] We own THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS. It will be released at some point in the future. We do not sublicense product to third parties.

[ScottShanks] Hi! Any plans to release THE SILENT PARTNER w/ Christopher Plummer or re-visit BODY HEAT? Thanks for releasing THE LAST OF SHEILA!!!

[warnerbros] We are revisiting BODY HEAT next year for its (gulp) 25th (!) anniversary. No plans for THE SILENT PARTNER.

[RobertAnthony] Hey there, regarding the THX 1138 release, I see it's been bumped up to an R--I'm wondering if this version of the film is really any different from the last Home video release, any extra scenes added apart from the ones reinstated by WB after American Graffiti and Star Wars were released, if that was what prompted the R rating, and if any CGI enhancement has been added to any parts of the movie. This is Lucas, after all ;)

[warnerbros] Re THX 1138 will be a director's cut with never-before-seen footage.

[MattFinney] Thanks for being here. I'm sorry to hear Night Court isn't being considered (hopefully to be released very soon). Anyway, how about releases for the classics Battle of the Bulge and No Time for Sergeants, plus Growing Pains for the TV person?

[warnerbros] BATTLE OF THE BULGE is coming next year. No plans for NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS, but its something we could consider. No plans at the moment for GROWING PAINS. But be advised that NIGHT COURT actually IS under consideration, with no final decision yet.

[warnerbros] Hey folks, while we wait, do know that a title you all asked about last year is in active production. Tod Browning's FREAKS!

[MarkJCrawford] Thanks for joining us Warner. How about FANDANGO? With 5:1? And how is the status on the FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS?

[warnerbros] FANDANGO is coming next year.FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS is coming in later this year.

[DoranWalot] any plans for "Pinky and the Brain" "Animaniacs" or any '90s cartoons at all in any format? thanks Ron and WB.

[warnerbros] No plans yet, but both are under consideration. We know they would be very popular!

[Allred_Mike] In our last chat, you said that "Return of the Living Dead part 2" will hit DVD this year, any release date set? Special features? Will it be in widescreen?

[warnerbros] Yes! RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 2 will be 16x9 and coming out in time for Halloween! There will be a commentary on RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 2.

[RobT] Will Justice League eventually be released in 16x9 widescreen (as Bruce Timm prefers it) and in season sets? and could you please put chapter stops in your half hour shows? it gets kind of annoying without them. Thanks.

[warnerbros] We don't have information on JUSTICE LEAGUE but will pass along your comments. Thanks!

[derek] With the recent Scorsese SE releases, any info on a box set and which films it may contain? Scorsese commentary????

[warnerbros] Mr. Scorsese has participated on all the upcoming releases, which will be out later this year. Look forward to further details!

[Harminder] Hello WB, so glad you could make it. First off I would like to praise you for your excellent work on the 2-Disc SE's of various movies. A job well done. My question is, Will you be releasing QUICK CHANGE (1990) on DVD? Especially with the resurrection in popularity of Bill Murray again? Thank you.

[warnerbros] Thank you for the compliments on our releases. QUICK CHANGE was scheduled for release before Mr. Murray's recent renaissance! It's coming next year.

[TimSherrick] WB, Tks for being here (and thanks for a GREAT 2003 & 2004!!-taking out a 2nd mortgage), Garbo has one title (Grand Hotel- thanks to WB) on dvd currently, any other Garbo features in 2004?

[warnerbros] We plan a large GARBO promotion timed with her 100th birthday in 2005. You will see the release of all her most beloved films!

[warnerbros] Once again, we'd like to thank everyone who has taken the time to say kind things about our releases. We work hard on them and appreciate your feedback!

[GeorgeKlinesmith] Any info on the special features of Ben-Hur?

[warnerbros] There are plenty of special features on our current BEN-HUR DVD.

[AndrewBudgell] Will we see anymore Elizabeth Taylor films soon?

[warnerbros] There are several Elizabeth Taylor films undergoing film element restoration at the moment. Which ones are you interested in?

[AndrewBudgell] Raintree County, THE VIPs, Ivanhoe, Beau Brummel, all of them!! A box set would be great.

[warnerbros] IVANHOE is on the way. So are THE VIPs. No plans for BEAU BRUMMEL and RAINTREE needs a lot of expensive work to get a new 16x9 transfer of the full roadshow version. But there will be more Liz in the future.

[ChrisSierra] First off, thanks for chatting with us tonight. I apologize if this has already been covered as I came in a little late, but can you tell us anything about the King Kong release? PS- can't wait for those animated Batman DVDs! Thanks!

[warnerbros] You're welcome. We're glad to be here. We really don't want to go into details on KONG except to say it will be a 2 disc SE, and we are currently doing a film element restoration on it from a gorgeous nitrate element located recently in Europe. Well worth waiting for. Kong will now fall from the Empire State Building without gaps!

[warnerbros] So, two hours & ten minutes, and no nasty comments about snappers? What's going on with you folks]? :)

[RonEpstein] I'm surprised, too.

[ParkerClack] One of our moderators wanted you to know he likes them!

[RonEpstein] We fired him today :)

[warnerbros] Maybe it's because you saw the comps of the new Marx Brothers packages?

[GilFortune] Two quick questions: 1) Are you preparing "Becky Sharp"? and 2) Can you confirm if "HEAT" SE will be a flipside, as in you split the film into two parts on two sides to secure highest possible bitrate?

[warnerbros] We do not own Becky Sharp. It was only distributed by RKO, and is now PD. HEAT will not be a flipper.

[KeithPaynter] Thanks for continuing to make yourselves available to the HTF for inquiries and feedback. Thanks for the heads up on Blazing Saddles. Any chance you could include the pixillation short BLAZE GLORY? Any possibilty of including the Turner documentary GWTW:The Making Of A Masterpiece in the new GWTW:SE? P.S. Happy B-Day Parker, from one Birthday Boy to another! (and in my best Faye Dunaway/Joan Crawford-esque... "No Snappers!" )

[warnerbros] We do not own BLAZE GLORY. We believe UA owns it. We're in the midst of planning GWTW now. It will be a package fitting a film that is widely considered to be the greatest of all time. Keith, we liked your snapper comment, by the way :)

[BaileyHouse] You guys do great work on your classic musicals. Might I suggest a box set of the GOLD DIGGERS films including GOLD DIGGERS OF 1933, 1935, 1937, and GOLD DIGGERS IN PARIS? Including survivng portions of the original silent THE GOLD DIGGERS (1923) and the 2-strip Technicolor GOLD DIGGERS OF BROADWAY (1929) would be a great extra as would David Thompson's BUSBY BERKELEY: GOING THROUGH THE ROOF documentary for TCM.

[warnerbros] We will be doing a Busby Berkeley set in 2005, and it will include that documentary which we own.

[Henry_Flynt] Other than TO BE OR NOT TO BE, any other Lubitsch? - and what about Fuller's THE BIG RED ONE extended version...? (no damn snappers!!! and please consider licensing a couple of things to Criterion, I'm sure they have some nice commentaries that you can use...)

[warnerbros] NINOTCHKA is coming next year. No plans for THE BIG RED ONE. We already addressed our company policy on 3rd parties.

[CarlosGarcia] Hello Warners! Rumors about the Batman TV series making it to DVD range from "negogiations with 20th Century Fox are no where near making this a possibility" to "Warner Brothers is embarrassed by the TV show and wants the public to forget the show ever exited so they can concentrate on the new Batman theatrical movies and cartoon series". Can you please put these rumors to rest and tell the fans some of the facts regarding the possibility of a release?

[RonEpstein] Great question! BATMAN is one of the most requested TV shows and we'd love for you to help Fox release it.

[warnerbros] We can't comment on this at the moment. Sorry.

[MarkvdH] I have read a while ago that there were plans to release Stanley Kubrick's early movies, like FEAR AND DESIRE, DAY OF THE FIGHT and THE SEAFARERS. Any news on this? Thanks for all the great releases - another shout for FEARLESS though!

[warnerbros] We don't own the early Kubrick films. No plans, sorry.

[warnerbros] Hope you folks know about, and will support our upcoming Hanna Barbera collections (FLINTSTONES, JETSONS, JONNY QUEST, etc.)

[alessioperrone] I got here late, so I apologize if these were asked. Any word on the challenge of the superfeiends season sets, and the SE Batman movies from the 80s/90s?

[warnerbros] We already addressed these series.

[DerekJanssen] Now that we're past Around...80 Days, what's the condition of George Pal's Wonderful World of Brothers Grimm (yes, you DO have a normal non-Cinerama letterbox print, it's showing on Turner Classics), Incl. the "Grimm" extras from Image's George Pal disk?

[warnerbros] BROS. GRIMM would be VERY, VERY, VERY expensive to remaster for DVD. We only have a 4x3 letterbox master of the title, which as you know, is not acceptable. Hopefully, we will be able to justify the expense to remaster this title in the future.

[Ed_M] Hi there, thanks for coming tonight, My question is when could we see special editions of The Maltese Falcon or Dog Day Afternoon? Thanks.

[warnerbros] DOG DAY is being planned for next year. No firm plans on MALTESE SE, but eventually we hope to do it.

[ZacharyTait] Hi. First; Happy Birthday Parker! Thanks for the great 2-disc SE's of Citizen Kane and Casablanca.

[warnerbros] You're welcome Zachary. Thanks for the kudos.

[ZacharyTait] I have nothing. My question was asked by Ed_M.

[warnerbros] If there was one title WHV has yet to make into a 2 Disc Special Edition, what would you like it to be? Let us know. done

[RonEpstein] We have posted a survey on our forum. Members can respond by clicking here.

[warnerbros] Thanks, Ron

[Akil] Any plans for Electric Dreams or Twilight Zone: The Movie?

[warnerbros] Asked and answered. NO!

[ChuckL] Thank you WB for the wonderful job on many of your classics in the past year. MILDRED PIERCE was a beauty. In keeping up with Film Noir titles, any possibilities of the 1950's CAGED with Agnes Moorehead and the lovely Eleanor Parker? It was up for several Academy Awards and yet, it has never seen the light of day in any home format. It's a terrific film. Also, Wonder Woman series?

[warnerbros] CAGED is on the schedule for 2005. And yes, WONDER WOMAN will be twirling her way to you before year's end. GLad you liked Mildred, we do too!

[TedD] Thanks again for your classic releases, any progress on "The High and the Mighty"? Raintree County in the long roadshow version would be great addition to the WB classic catalog!

[warnerbros] We already addressed the RAINTREE issue. We're on the case for THE HIGH AND THE MIGHTY. No news to report other than that.

[JoshSteinberg] I had a TV question, but if the TV guy is gone I have a movie one as well. I was wondering if there are any plans to revisit some of the great George Cukor films you have with some nice SE supplements?

[warnerbros] You can try us with the Tv question....

[JoshSteinberg] The TV question was about West Wing, I noticed the DVD is in widescreen but the OAR according to Tom Del Ruth (cinematographer) for season 2 was fullscreen.

[warnerbros] Yes, there will be more Cukor soon. DINNER AT EIGHT, CAMILLE just to name a few. Also THE MEN WHO MADE THE MOVIES episode about CUKOR will be coming soon as extra content on a release. Sorry, can't comment on the TV Aspect ratio issue. We aren't aware of the details. (WE tried!) thanks.

[SteveSmith] Hi...will we see the release of all the available Dr.Who episodes and has this years release schedule for it been set?

[warnerbros] DR. WHO is BBC, and we don't market their releases, we just distribute, so we have no info. Sorry!

[cosimotorello] hello, i was asking about the Kenneth Brannah version of Hamlet? Will it have any SE? also, what about the film Cruising? An uncut SE in the works, and one last thing, a SE of the Sidney Lumet film Deathtrap, please.

[warnerbros] Legal issues preclude our releasing the Branagh HAMLET at the moment. No plans for either CRUISING or a SE of DEATHTRAP.

[JeffNewcomb] Are there any plans to revisit The Searchers or any of your other Ford titles as Special Editions? How about Hawks? Also, when can I expect Bad Day at Black Rock?

[warnerbros] THE SEARCHERS is getting a full photochemical film restoration followed by a new transfer. We will release it, along with other Wayne and Ford pictures in 2006 for THE SEARCHERS 50th ANNIVERSARY. Yes, there are more Hawks films coming, and BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK will be out in the near future.

[BobPreskar] Any chance of releasing some of my all time favorites? Angels In The Outfield (1951-Turner Home Video), Mighty Joe Young (1949-Turner Home Video) and Heaven Help Us (1985-HBO Home Video). Thank you.

[warnerbros] HEAVEN HELP US is HBO's title, so we have no info on that. ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD and MIGHTY JOE YOUNG both are coming in 2005.

[BryanRi] Hi, thanks for the chat. I see that WB produced the ADULT SWIM Aqua Teen DVD; can we expect the other Adult Swim shows such as Brak and Harvey Birdman soon? Thank you much.

[warnerbros] Our TV exec had to depart. Sorry we can't accurately address your question! Thanks.

[EmilNazaretyan] Referring to an earlier post, it was said Bonnie and Clyde, Bullitt, and Streetcar Named Desire were in for future releases, do you mean future release like An American In Paris (2006) or do you mean earlier like this year? And on a side note I recently bought Stagecoach and Strangers on a Train Dvd and noticed they are in need of a major restoration, is there any plans for that and if so when can we expect new addition?

[warnerbros] We work very far in advance, so if we let you know what we're working on, ya gotta be patient! Those titles are all in place for various times over the next two years. STRANGERS ON A TRAIN is getting a film restoration as we speak. STAGECOACH will be revisited in the future!

[BrianMal] Thanks for being here tonight. Any chance of new versions of A Time to Kill, Pelican Brief or Sleepers since the current versions are flippers?

[warnerbros] No plans to address those. Sorry.

[TimmyP] any future plans for East of Eden or Rebel without a Cause? Thanks for your tireless dvd work!

[warnerbros] We hope to have the path cleared for EAST OF EDEN and to do a remaster SE of REBEL for '05.

[JamesGarner] my question is not about titles but possible features on upcoming DVDs. On Future Classic WB TV releases do you think there might be a possibility of restoring stuff like the GE commercial on The Casablanca TV show segment?

[warnerbros] This is a complicated legal issue that we can't answer in a general way.

[BrettH] Hi, I was just wondering if you know any other horror titles you have coming up for this year's Halloween release and if you have any details/specs on them? (P.S. Put in a good word for Freddy's Nightmares!)

[warnerbros] THE HUNGER, IT'S ALIVE, IT'S ALIVE 2, IT'S ALIVE 3, VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED, CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED, DEAD RINGER and as we mentioned before FREAKS and THE BAD SEED are all on the way (and yes, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 2 too!

[davidslater] Will you be releaseing Pirates of Dark Water on dvd?

[warnerbros] No.

[ScottMorris] You guys do an amazing job on your product -- except for the snappers, of course... ;-) My question(s) -- any plans for That's Entertainment 1, 2 and 3? Or a Jean Harlow box?

[warnerbros] We thought you'd never ask. A boxed set with the complete THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT! TRILOGY is coming out this year with oodles of cool extras. 2 Jean Harlow releases are scheduled for 2005. Thanks for the kind words about our releases...and the THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT films will not be in snappers! :)

[RonEpstein] Now THAT'S good news!

[RIchLamb] Hi- Any news on the release of "Knot's Landing?"-We Need our "KNOTS" on DVD- Thanks for answering!

[warnerbros] KNOTS LANDING is being discussed for DVD release.

[JackBartell] Great to hear about GUN CRAZY. I also want to thank you for releasing the upcoming Hammer films. Any word on a release of LOOKER, THE MACKINTOSH MAN, or the Malcolm McDowell classic O'LUCKY MAN?

[warnerbros] Wait til you see the packaging on GUN CRAZY. It's too cool! We plan to release O LUCKY MAN and THE MACKINTOSH MAN in the future. No plans for LOOKER.

[MattBrighton] I apologize if some of these have been covered... GREAT work on your Two-Disc SE's, by the way. Any plans this year (or early next) for Two-Disc SE's of: "The Maltese Falcon", "An American in Paris", "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf", "Network", "The Philadelphia Story" or "The Wild Bunch". And I suppose I ' have to ask about another version of "Caddyshack"!

[warnerbros] You are right on target Mr. Brighton. We plan special editions on most of those titles. Further details to be revealed in the future.

[John_Simon] Thanks for being here tonight. You did an excellent job on the Superman: Special Edition, so I was disappointed to hear that there are no current plans for a Superman II: Special Edition (a great nominee for a 2-dis SE). I was just curious if you could tell us if this is a WB decision, or Richard Donner has no interest? I ask because there are many, many people who would like to see this, and I'd guess they'd be happy to start a petition to Mr. Donner.

[warnerbros] As we said, no plans for revisiting SUPERMAN II.

[AdrianCorreia] Any palns for Nicholas Ray's Bigger Than Life?

[warnerbros] That would be hard for us to do as the title is owned by Fox. Sorry!

[PaulP] Looks like I'm the last so first of all thanks to WB for their continued awesome tratment of classics and other catalog titles.

[warnerbros] Thanks, Paul.

[PaulP] Also huge thanks for The Name of the Rose (hope you got JJ Annuad for a commentary) and I bet I speak for most animation fans when I say your Golden Collection of Looney Tunes and Disney's Treasures are the only right way to present classic animation... Now my question is this: what can you tell us about the Tom & Jerry release(s)?

[warnerbros] TOM & JERRY are coming in a deluxe release before year's end, with special features similar to GOLDEN COLLECTION. Jerry Beck is working with us on these releases.

[RonEpstein] Hey Warner...I understand you want to recap some titles you have announced for release this evening?

[warnerbros] Coming are MARX BROS. CARY GRANT, JUDY GARLAND, TARZAN, FILM NOIR, ELVIS (7 new to DVD features), LASSIE and FLIPPER movies, HITCHCOCK promo, GWTW, ERROL FLYNN COLLECTION, THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT TRILOGY and that's as Chicago would sing "Only the Beginning!"

[RonEpstein] Wow! 3 hours already. What a night. I want to thank the folks at Warner Home Video for being here tonight. Your studio has set the benchmark for all others to follow when it comes to restorations and care you put into your product. We appreciate all the suport you have given Home Theater Forum, and look forward to doing this again with you next year.

[ParkerClack] Thanks to all of you at Warner Brothers Home Video for all the great work and for taking the time to stop by and let us know about what we have yet in store for all of us.

[warnerbros] We want to thank you all for your support during 2003 and making us STUDIO OF THE YEAR was a great honor. We know that if you liked what we have done in 2003, you ain't seen nothing yet. THANKS to all the HTF members for a great chat!

[RonEpstein] Thanks to Parker Clack, Steve Simon and John Smith for lending their expertise tonight. Have a good night everyone.

Session Close: Mon Mar 08 22:09:12 2004

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