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Site created 12/15/97.

page created: 2/27/07

Chat Transcript:
Warner Home Video on HTF

The following is a complete transcript of the on-line chat with executives from Warner Home Video, held on Monday, February 26th on The Home Theater Forum. Thanks to Ron Epstein, Parker Clack, Robert Crawford and everyone at HTF for all their hard work, and for providing the transcript for all to read, as well as a summary of all the release news from the chat at the end. Enjoy!

Home Theater Forum

Subject: Live Chat with Warner Home Video
Date: Monday, February 26, 2007

[RonEpstein] It is our pleasure to once again welcome the folks from Warner Home Entertainment to our HTF chat. Please welcome George Feltenstein, SVP Catalog Marketing, Warner Home Video; George Parker, Executive Director Catalog Marketing, Warner Home Video and last but not least, Ronnee Sass, VP Publicity and Promotions Catalog Marketing, Warner Home Video.

[RonEpstein] Welcome all of you! Did I miss anyone?

[WARNER] No, we're all here and accounted for and grateful to be you HTF members again for our 8th or 9th chat (we're losing count!) Thanks again for naming us Studio of the year...we really are proud of that!

[RonEpstein] Let's not waste any more time and get this party started....

[RonEpstein] Now is your opportunity to ask the folks at WB a question.

[Simon_Howson] I'm interested in the release of any early W.B. and M.G.M. CinemaScope films, especially Pete Kelly's Blues, Kismet, and I Died A Thousand Times (perhaps a left field candidate for a future film noir set because it is CinemaScope and colour).

[WARNER] There are many of them on the way. KISMET and PETE KELLY will be coming next year (2008) Sorry, guys, but we program 2 years ahead. Both will be restored and have 5.1. We are also considering I DIED A THOUSAND TIMES, but nothing set yet. HIT THE DECK is coming too, and other non-musical Scope/Stereo epics!

[Ben_Jennings] I'm wondering if you will release a boxed set of very early CinemaScope westerns, adventure, and epics. Films like Moonfleet, The Command, Drumbeat, The Silver Chalice, King Richard & the Crusaders. Sure they aren't the most famous films (one is infamous), but releasing them in a boxed set could make them an attractive purchase.

[WARNER] There will be some surprising releases coming from us in June which we can't announce yet, that are similar to those you are mentioining, but not any of those specific titles. MOONFLEET will probably be released next year. We no longer have rights to DRUM BEAT.

[ChuckL] As always...thanks Warner for doing these never fail to impress. As always with you all, I ask about one of my favorite "lost" titles...what is the status on "CAGED" from 1950 and also...what is up with the next leg in the Joan Crawford collection? Also...are we going to get a television chat...KNOTS LANDING has to be mentioned :-)

[WARNER] Well, you're going to be getting a little good news now. First, we checked with our colleagues in the TV and Franchise (Animation, etc.) group, and they will be setting up their own HTF chat very soon. Meanwhile, CAGED is coming!!!! Very, very soon, with a bunch of similarly fun, and highly desired titles. Our next Joan Crawford collection is waiting in the wings, we are just trying to iron out some mastering issues. Won't be too long until we can announce the Crawford collection, so please be patient...thanks again for your kind compliments.

[tedr] Thanks to all the people at Warner Bros. for continuing to bring us such great classic DVD's. Is "Abe Lincoln in Illinois" (1940, RKO) in some stage of planning? To me, Raymond Massey is Lincoln. Thank You!

[WARNER] We are planning a release of ABE LINCOLN....but no date is set. Probably won't be until 2009, but things can change around here :)

[TimP] Will we be seeing the Bowery Boys this year? How will they be released; i.e. (In order?) Thank you all and my shelves thank you once again for this evening.

[WARNER] We're still searching for better elements on the BOYS, so it won't be this year. We could put out a set tomorrow if we didn't go chronological and offer all 48, but we know you want it done understand, we know they will sell very well.

[Claude_North] Do you have any plans to release the 129-minute restored director's cut of Night of Dark Shadows? Thank you!

[WARNER] We will be releasing both DARK SHADOWS movies this year but the details of the releases are still under discussion internally and with an external consultant.

[NickH] Any news on the big Blade Runner SE (i.e. release date, contents, etc)?

[WARNER] The Tyrell Corporation is furiously working away on a release to knock your socks off before the holiday season. The contents are still being formulated. All the different iterations of the film will be available, including the new FINAL CUT. We think you'll be very pleased, and it will have been worth the wait!

[juanell] when will you release noth by northwest in hi-def?

[WARNER] We have to remaster the whole film all over again as the gorgeous SD DVD was done from a 1080i master, and we have to start all over again. Probably will be in 2009 for the 50th anniversary.

[Greg_M] Any plans to release the 1961 color Academy Award Best Picture Nominee FANNY starring Leslie Caron, Charles Boyer and Maurice Chevalier?

[WARNER] We no longer own the rights to FANNY.

[Jack_Theakston] UCLA did a magnificent restoration of ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET CAPTAIN KIDD within the last few years. Any chance of this or any of the other Abbott and Costello titles WB owns being released on DVD?

[WARNER] You bet! They will all be out. We're working on JACK & THE BEANSTALK, A & C MEET CPT. KIDD, and RIO RITA for early '08.

[Ken] What's the status of Jan Troell's The Emigrants and The New Land? Both are out in Sweden in new prints with commentaries...will we possibly be seeing those soon?

[WARNER] No date scheduled yet, but we just renewed our rights to both films, so both are under consideration for future release.

[DennisG] Is the Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland box set still on track for this year?

[WARNER] Oh, boy is it!!!!!! We think you'll be very pleased. We've added lots of special extra goodies! You'll have it before the Summer is over.

[WayneH] I'm wondering if there will be more FORBIDDEN HOLLYWOOD sets and what flicks might make it in future volumes? Many folks were also saddened by the lack of extras in the first. Great movies, though!

[WARNER] Yes. FORBIDDEN HOLLYWOOD #1 was a huge success. We were disappointed that we couldn't add extras either. We had planned to include a documentary that turned out to have clearance issues which prevented its inclusion. As you are aware, we always try to release discs that are full with great extras, so we were bummed. We hope to make it up to you with this year's release, which we plan to have include SIX features, plus a brand-new pre-code documentary that we at WHV are producing right now as we speak. We hope to have two FH releases per year starting in 2008

[VincentPrendergast] Some recent releases such as Quick Change & Looker have been of films that are known for having extra scenes when shown on TV. While it's understandable that these scenes wouldn't be integrated into the film on DVD, they have not even been present on the discs as deleted scenes. Is there a particular reason for this? As someone who loves Quick Change & grew up watching it on TV I was greatly disappointed the extra scenes weren't included.

[WARNER] Good question. We were not aware of these issues in either case. Had we known, and had the material been available, we would have included them as extra scenes. We always try to do each film right. We have many folks on staff who help with these things, and both films you mention were two where we didn't know there was more to be had.

[RonEpstein] I have a question. It's now 2007 and a Burt Lancaster set was originally promised for this year. What is the status on that and in particular, TWILIGHT'S LAST GLEAMING?

[WARNER] We've got a Burt Lancaster promo set for later this year, and hope to include it at that time.

[WARNER] Don't forget about our upcoming releases including ALEXANDER REVISITED (tomorrow) and our LITERARY CLASSICS set the following week.

[Louis_Letizia] With Alan Arkin's Oscar-will we see HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER, RAFFERTY AND GOLD DST TWINS, FREEBIE AND BEAN? Thanks-you guys are great.

[WARNER] We have been discussing HEART and FREEBIE very recently, having nothing to do with Mr. Arkin's Oscar. So you may be seeing that soon. No likely plans for RAFFERTY as it is so VERY obscure.

[ChrisS] As always a big thanks for you support here. Much appreciated! I'm interested in your current view of Blu-ray/HD-DVD. In particular units sold. Do you have total numbers for units sold that you can share with us? If not, are you pleased with the overall user adoption of the two formats?

[WARNER] We will not be discussing ANYTHING concerning HD formats. That was expressly made clear by the HTF Forum owners. We will discuss TITLES and CONTENT as it relates to Hi Def Media, but nothing else.

[RobertGr] Hi All! We still do not need another heroe we need NERO How is QUO VADIS coming along, also NORTHWEST PASSAGE? And I intend on getting the the NANCY DREW collection howz about a TORCHY BLANE set? Hi Mr F I am the fan whom drove you crazy all those years ago with KINGOF KINGS on lasersidisc!

[WARNER] QUO VADIS is finally on the way. It will be in Ultra-Resolution, and available in both SD and Hi Def formats. It will be in 2008, probably around Easter time. NORTHWEST PASSAGE is set for a Spencer Tracy collection, although no date is set yet. Let's see how Nancy Drew draws buyers to see if it paves the way for Torchy Blane.

[Richard_Barrett] Hello, any news on a Region 1 release of Until the End of the World?

[WARNER] No date yet for UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD, but we are still considering it for a set of international releases.

[DexterPTQ] Any news about the MAD MAX 2: ROAD WARRIOR Special Edition, mentioned in the last chat?

[WARNER] Can't give you a date as of tonight, but there will be a new MAD MAX 2: ROAD WARRIOR announcement very shortly :)

[Jon_Mack] Thanks for doing this chat! I loved the John Ford/John Wayne boxset. What are your plans for your other John Wayne films, specifically Rio Bravo?

[WARNER] We're glad to be here, and glad you liked our John Wayne/John Ford set We can't give all the details, but we can say that we have very big plans for THE DUKE and his 100th birthday.

[WARNER] RIO BRAVO is coming in a 2 disc Special Edition. Fully restored...and we'll be releasing 6 brand-new-to DVD John Wayne features from our library Details to follow

[PeterNichols] All's well that ends Welles... My subject is Orson Welles. When will WB release The Magnificent Ambersons and/or Journey Into Fear? Or heck, any other Orson Welles related stuff? Including HD.

[WARNER] We have finally found good elements on AMBERSONS, and plan to release both AMBERSONS and JOURNEY in 2008.

[CameronMcC] Thanks for coming out again, and while I hope our conversation about Carbine Williams has not been forgotten, my question is ...what can we expect from Warner in the way of classic horror this year and/or next. Will anything be saved from the public domain? Are any Cartoons, shorts, or commentaries lined up, etc. The legends of horror set was so wonderful in content and design. I hope to keep seeing slim cases and multiple features.

[WARNER] Lots of questions, and we're glad to be here. More Classic horror is coming soon, both in 2007 and 2008. CARBINE will be in our next James Stewart set, which has no date, but will definitely not be 2007. We are trying to save things from public domain hell. Expect some surprise announcements shortly!

[Jeff_Wilson] regarding JOURNEY INTO FEAR: are you aware of the alterate European cut of JOURNEY, and if so, is there a chance it will be included on any JOURNEY release? Also, any hope of Lubitsch's MERRY WIDOW?

[WARNER] We are very much aware of the alternate cuts on JOURNEY, and will be working from several pre-print elements, including nitrate from Europe. We hope to have both versions to work from in order to create the most comprehensive release. Merry Widow is still very much in our plans.

[Dale] Hi, a Warner Bros. fan from the UK here! I'm staying up late to join in on this years chat! My question is, is there a planned Tough Guy Collection Vol. 2? What's going to be in it? And when is it coming? Also, any info on the Cagney Collection? Thank-you, keep up the amazing work!

[WARNER] Thank you Dale for staying up so late in the UK to be with us! We really appreciate your support. We are very proud of the Warner Gangster collection and of the Tough Guys Collection. We have already announced our Cagney collection for this year. You can find the details on AMAZON.COM or any retailer's website. It's going to be a great set, and there will be lots more Cagney, Bogart, Robinson, John Garfield, etc. in 2008

[PeterRohlfs] Thank you for the HD-DVDs and BluRay, any New Line Cinema coming out in HD-DVD or BluRay like LOTR extended trilogies?

[WARNER] We are proud of our HD-DVD and Blu-Ray releases. More great titles coming. We only distribute for our sister company New Line and do not know what they plan

[MikePlant] Hi, Will there be a directors/extended cut of '98s The Avengers released anytime in the near future?

[WARNER] No plans to revisit THE AVENGERS....Sorry!

[GenaroMontero] Thank you HTF and Warner for the awesome chats! Will there be a new transfer for True Stories on the horizon?

[WARNER] No plans to revisit TRUE STORIES at the moment.

[Adam_Santangelo] Thanks for my Ultimate Superman set. It was a big part of my life in Q4 2006. Can you give us the full scoop on the upcoming Kubrick SEs (titles, extras)? I'mspecifically curious about thoughts on 16:9/5.1 vs. Kubrick's 4:3/mono preference. I think we're all hoping for the full range of viewing options, or at least official word on what Mr. Kubrick wanted us to see on home video... Thanks

[WARNER] We're glad you enjoyed the Superman set. We're not ready to reveal details on this year's Kubrick promotion as they are still somewhat formulating, but a promotion will definitely be in stores before Xmas.

[RonEpstein] George, George and Ronnee: Think we can finally see "Twilight Zone: The Movie" on DVD this year?

[WARNER] YES YOU CAN!!!! THE WAIT IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!! HOOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[WARNER] It will be out before Halloweeen!

[RonEpstein] Really? No, you must be pulling my leg

[WARNER] Lilli Von Schtupp says in BLAZING SADDLES..."It's twooo, It's twooo!"


[RowanK] What about TROG and what is the latest on SE for LA CONFIDENTIAL...the film that should have won best picture that year!

[WARNER] TROG will be coming this year! Joan would be so proud....and you're damned right LA CONFIDENTIAL SHOULD have won the Oscar for Best Picture...we will be honoring it in a 10th anniversary 2 disc set this year, and also on HD & BD.

[DavidBarrios] Ok.First time attending one of these chats and I2019m glad to be here. Remembering the DVD Decision 2005 vote, I remember that Greed, Von Stroheim's masterpiece, was one of the candidates and naturally, didn't win. When can we expect a release of this masterwork and would it be a three disc special editions or what would the plans be?

[WARNER] When we release GREED, and we promise we will, it will be both the 1923 theatrical release and the 'reconstruction' in separate presentations within a larger set. Plans are still in utero, but it won't be much longer before the water breaks!

[Chris_Stevens] Any plans to revisit some of your Harrison Ford titles? Fingers crossed for The Mosquito Coast. Thanks!

[WARNER] Given all our activity around BLADE RUNNER, which is one of our biggest, if not the biggest event of this year for our group, we have discussed various ideas to maximize the large catalog of Mr. Ford's films which we control. We'll let you know soon.

[Jamie] any special editions of The Candidate, man who would be king and deliverance?

[WARNER] Get out your Dueling Banjos!

[WARNER] DELIVERANCE 35th anniversary will be released later this year, newly remastered lots of extras SD DVD, HD, and Blu Ray. Robert Redford has recorded a commentary for THE CANDIDATE. And we hope to have THE MAN THAT WOULD BE KING under special treatment procedures shortly.

[BobbRobinson] I love you guys at WHV, and your devotion to quality product, though my old lady hates the drain on the bankbook. Speaking of old ladies, is there any more Greer Garson in the pike, or Norma Shearer? maybe signature collections? Pretty Please?

[WARNER] The old lady questions? We thought you'd never ask. Seriously, thank you for your support and compliments about our releases. You will see more Greer and Norma over the next 18 months. Norma will be part of the next Forbidden Hollywood release..and at her best! All the MGM B&W films are in different states of condition. Some require more restoration than others, so please be patient. We want all the great films that will be best sellers to be available to you, the consumers that want them.

[JohnKilduff] Hi. My subject is 80s movies, so I must ask: Any chance we'll see "Electric Dreams", "URGH! A Music War", the Daryl Hannah movie "Reckless", the Theresa Russell movie "Impulse" or a special edition of "9 1/2 Weeks" this year?

[WARNER] There's talk regarding URGH!, as part of a larger music promotion. Our rights to ELECTRIC DREAMS have expired. No plans for Darryl's RECKLESS, Theresa's IMPULSE, and we do not plan to revisit 9 1/2 weeks soon.

[SteveO] Thanks for coming. Would you please provide an update to the Monogram Charlie Chans/Black Camel mentioned last year (ETA)? Along the same lines, besides DREW, what mystery series are already in the pipeline? Please keep up the great work with the classics; it is much appreciated.

[WARNER] Thank you SteveO...we have seen many of your kind posts on the forum over the past months, and appreciate your support & wisdom. For 2008, we hope to bring PHILO VANCE, PERRY MASON, THE SAINT, and THE FALCON to DVD. Serious discussion for CHAN is ongoing at the moment.

[Tyler_Foster] Thanks for coming! A lot of short questions: Nothing Lasts Forever legal problem still a problem? plans for angus? More Double/Triple features in OAR instead of FS? and why no Fountain commentary?

[WARNER] We have nothing to do with New Releases. Different marketing group, so can't answer question about FOUNTAIN. NOTHING LASTS FOREVER is still on a 'middle burner', not back, but not front.

[JimmyCorrigan] THE BUSBY BERKELY COLLECTION is my all-time favorite box set! Any chance of another one and what might be included?

[WARNER] YES! BUSBY BERKELEY VOL. 2 will be out in 2008. Thanks for supporting BUZZ! The Berkeley set will have GOLD DIGGERS OF 1937, GOLD DIGGERS IN PARIS, VARSITY SHOW & HOLLYWOOD HOTEL

[jackH] Thanks for coming... any chance of an old childhood/cable favorite: Captain Nemo & The Underwater City? I saw a great print on TCM not long ago. O Lucky Man? THANKS!

[WARNER] O Lucky Man will be out this year. Definitely. We're looking at some family films, and NEMO would be one, but just because something looks good on TCM does not mean we can use it for DVD. Most of those Scope letterbox transfers they run are old and 4x3.

[TorleifTorkelsen] When can we expect Countdown and Brewster McCloud by Robert Altman? Perhaps in a box set with a Mccabe and Mrs Miller SE?

[WARNER] We are considering McCLOUD for next year. No SE for McCabe. No plans for COUNTDOWN.

[Tory] Hi-De-Hi. When will you release your RKO Wheeler & Woolsey films such as Diplomaniacs, Cockeyed Cavaliers, Hips Hips Hooray, Peach-O-Reno, Cracked Nuts and 15 more plus their solo films? You have their funniest films and the most deserving of special treatment yet you have not released any. They are desperately needed on DVD, restored and full of bonus material. Thanks.

[WARNER] Because their films are from RKO, the Wheeler and Woolsey film elements are in pretty bad shape and need restoration. We are evaluating restoration costs on these and other like titles at the moment.

[Justin] Is there going to be a movies about movies collection that will include Alex in Wonderland, The Legend of Lylah Clare, and related one reel wonders (shorts)? Thank you.

[WARNER] We have too many films on filmmaking already released to create a really good collection, and we have heard loud and clear from you folks, that you don't want new films and old films in the same boxed set. That being said, we have plans for LYLAH CLARE, and have been discussing ALEX with Mr. Mazursky.

[Robert_Crawford] Okay, will there be a John Garfield boxset in 2008? Also, any plans for Cool Hand Luke SE and The Prize?

[WARNER] We have NO failure to communicate, Crawdaddy! COOL HAND LUKE 40th Anniversary special edition will be out this year. Definite release for THE PRIZE in 2008, and a wonderful boxed set for JOHN GARFIELD with 6 films in early 2008. How's that?

[Ron] Is there a release date yet for Volume 2 of the Lon Chaney Collection, and what films are included? Do you have any other DVD plans for your silent film holdings?

[WARNER] We are hoping to make a new documentary about Tod Browning, and have it be the centerpiece of the next Chaney set. This will push the release date into 2008, but well worth waiting for. Yes, there will be more SILENT films in the offing.

[PowellampPressburger] Poltergeist Special Edition Will it live up to hype and how about The Devils and Cruising and The Hand andZabriskie Point

[WARNER] We've created no hype for POLTERGEIST, so we don't know how to answer you, except to say that we have a stunning new transfer, great 5.1 mix, great new extra content, and a simultaneous release in SD DVD, HD DVD, and Blu Ray. We will be releasing THE HAND this year, and are at work on a special edition of CRUISING directly with William Friedkin. ZABRISKIE and THE DEVILS are still planned.

[Michael_Allred] In last year's chat, you said both "Grumpy Old Men" movies as well as "Spies Like Us" and "Funny Farm" would be re-released on DVD in widescreen in 2007. What is the current status of these titles and when can we expect their release?

[WARNER] We still plan to do a special 2 disc edition of the GRUMPY movies in proper OAR with new transfers and great extra features including rare Lemmon & Matthau interviews. We also hope to do a Chevy Chase set in widescreen. The value-based releases you've seen at mass merchants are not what we were referring to in previous chats. The ACE VENTURA COLLECTION is an example of what we plan to do for Chevy and the Grumpys.

[JeremyG] Thank you for the chat. Will there be a multi-disc HD set for Blade Runner? Or will HD buyers get only one version, like the Superman: The Movie HD edition? Looking forward to more HD titles this year...any hints as to titles to be announced soon (Harry Potter perhaps...)?

[WARNER] There will be a lot more HD product announced (HD-DVD and Blu Ray Disc) by us in the next few weeks. We hope you'll be pleased. It is our intention to have the BLADE RUNNER releases all contain the same content, regardless of format.

[Anders_Runestad] Thank you, Warner Bros., so much for THE YAKUZA!! For my question: when can we expect UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE? Thanks for your time, and for all your excellent work.

[WARNER] You are welcome for THE YAKUZA. See, we do listen!!!! And, happy to report a brand-spanking-new transfer of UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE was just finished and will be out before back-to-school time.

[RafaelPires] Good evening, WB! I would like to know if we will see more Ann Sheridan on dvd (specially Honeymoon for Three, Nora Prentiss, The Unfaithful and One More Tomorrow)?. Also, there are plans for Three Comrades, The Shining Hour and an official release for Love Affair (please rescue it from public domain)?

[WARNER] There will be more Ann Sheridan on DVD next year. Most of the titles you mention require very expensive restorations, so we can only do so many at a time and still maintain profitability.

[AndrewMcClure] Is Wait Until Dark being considered for a 40th Anniversary Edition this year?

[WARNER] No plans to revisit WAIT UNTIL DARK. We just released it a few years ago.

[Nick_Feduccia] Thanks so much for this opportunity! What are the chances of seeing some Andy Hardy boxed sets much in the vein of the Tarzan boxed sets any time soon?

[WARNER] We will do more than one Hardy volume, and the first one will hit in 2008. There will be cool extras, too!

[JamesN] Any possibility of a re-release of 1986's LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS with the alternate (original) ending? Thanks for taking the time to chat with us.

[RonEpstein] That's a good question! Lot of people looking for that alternative ending!

[WARNER] We certainly want to do it, and we certainly know you want to have it. We haven't explored the topic lately, to be truthful. A good idea to revisit, especially with HD now in our lives. We love the movie, and it deserves the best!

[RonBoyt] I would like to know why the mastering of the double movie 'Lost in a Harem/Abbott & Costello in Hollywood' was not up to your usual high standards? They look like they were mastered from an old VHS source or a poor print, showing numerous scratches, blemishes and shaking frames.

[WARNER] A good question. They were not mastered from a VHS source! However, if film elements are not in great shape, and you don't have anything to go back to, you have to do the best you can. Both of those titles had their negatives burn in the Eastman House fire in '78. We thought it best to release these at a very affordable price, rather than have them sit on the shelf. We always aim to do a fine job by each title. Sometimes it isn't always possible to achieve perfection. Ironically, there have been many titles where we did spend big bucks to restore, but many people still found things to complain about. Keep this in mind. Our Techh folks really are great and do their best.

[JeffNewcomb] What specific silents should we expect (THE WIND, SCARLET LETTER, THE BIG PARADE, SHOW PEOPLE, THE CROWD, any Vidor, Stroheim, etc.)? I thought BIG PARADE and THE CROWD were due in 2006.

[WARNER] One of the reasons we are becoming more hesitant to give out dates here is that if plans change for a myriad of reasons, we end up with disappointed consumers, and we don't want that. Most of these silents were originally restored in the '80s, and need to be redone from scratch. We are looking at various long range plans to address this issue and bring these titles into the 21st century properly.

[juste] Can we expect more Ken Russell films soon such as LISZTOMANIA, THE BOYFRIEND or SAVAGE MESSIAH, and do you plan to release any Roberto Rossellini films? Thanks!

[WARNER] None of those titles are plannned at this time.

[AndrewBudgell] Readers of my web site would love to know exactly which Elizabeth Taylor films are on your radar and if there will be another boxed set? Also we'd like to know how progress on RAINTREE COUNTY is coming along and will there be a new NATIONAL VELVET? Thanks for the Taylor/Burton set and happy 75th to Dame Elizabeth tomorrow!!

[WARNER] We're very pleased you liked the Taylor/Burton set. We are very proud of it. The good news is that we are very close to securing the missing footage needed to release the ROADSHOW version of RAINTREE in a full-fledged restoration. This would be for 2008. No plans for a new VELVET, the one we have is selling just fine.

[Ryan_H] When can we except to see Forbidden Planet on Bluray and will we get the CE version too? Thanks!

[WARNER] It is still our plan to release everything on Blu-Ray that we release or released on HD-DVD, but no date is yet set.

[Mark_Edward_Heuck] Thank you. Between your National General, Allied Artists, and MGM holdings, you have lots of great '70's exploitation. Much of it is bootlegged by PD outfits. Can we have more legit releases? Especially with grindhouse coming?

[WARNER] We have a bunch of titles coming out soon that fit that criteria, and we're going after the bootleggers wherever possible.

[RobertSiegel] Are there any plans for MAME or Hotel and will either be stereo with such great scores?

[WARNER] Well...MAME is coming. We were waiting to do it in Stereo, and we found that it can't be achieved. So we are releasing it very soon, but it will be, as it was in theaters, in mono. We spent years trying to make it happen, and we couldn't, so at least the film will be released, and it will look and sound very good.

[WARNER] Sorry we missed you question about HOTEL. Not a likely release any time soon.

[ChristopherBlig] Good evening and congrats on the constant great results of the studio! I wanted to ask on the subject of non released films such as Nothing Lasts Forever, musical Goodbye Mr. Chips, Man In The Wilderness along with Dark of the Sun and The Cool Ones along with an update as to what we can expect on the Prince of the City and Straight Time and possibly How The West Was Won or Brewster McCloud's release in terms of extras?

[WARNER] Mr. Chips 1969 may be released in 2008. We are discussing Man in the Wilderness, Dark of the Sun & The Cool Ones. PRINCE & STRAIGHT TIME are due out in May. HOW THE WEST WAS WON fully restored will be 2008,Definitely.

[JoeGarcia] Any chance we'll see more Kubrick on Blu-Ray this year? Thanks for supporting high-def and thanks for being here!

[WARNER] Yes you will see more Kubrick on HD-DVD and Blu Ray before the year is over.

[JFrank] I'd like to say I am also hoping to finally see NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS restored (and anamorphic.) On a genre-related note, many fans were disappointed with HORROR OF DRACULA's improper framing. As a pivotal horror film, and the greatest of the Hammers, it deserves a definitive presentation. Any plans to revisit this title? Thanks

[WARNER] Yes, we have been talking about re-doing all the Hammer films, especially for both HD and SD. The first group came out during a period here when proper care wasn't taken with classic titles. You remember those days? Happily they're over, and we know we need to fix our sins of the past. Be Patient, but we promise results. Also both Dark Shadows movies will be fresh new 16x9 transfers from newly restored film elements. They'll look great!

[RonEpstein] Prior to the chat a few of us were talking about the feature film, "The Phantom Tollbooth" What has prevented that title from being released on DVD for all these years? A rights issue?

[WARNER] What has prevented the release is the fact that we have to create a new film element from the original negative (which has faded) and then create a new transfer, all of which is expensive. But fear not. We're working on getting it out either this year or next year. We owe it to Chuck Jones and all the fans of the book and film.

[bensonparrish] Hi! Do you have any plans for releasing any titles from the Golden Harvest library purchased by WB in 1999 to DVD? There are a lot of wonderful films in there like Tsui Hark's THE BLADE, Wai Ka-Fai's TOO MANY WAYS TO BE NO. 1, and Sammo Hung's PEDICAB DRIVER that are collecting dust while bootleggers rake in cash selling illicit copies. Any official, uncut WB releases of these titles, of course with accurate subtitles and their original audio mixes, would be welcome indeed. Thanks for taking the time to listen to us (would-be) customers.

[WARNER] We have been having active discussions about the Golden Harvest titles recently. Should have good news for you soon.


[WARNER] We don't own THE HITCHER. Sorry.

[RichTCB] Hello. I am a fan of Elvis Presley. Many fans around the world and I want to know: are there any plans for a single or multi disc package of the concert documentaries, That's The Way It Is and Elvis On Tour, with unreleased concert and rehearsal footage? Thank you.

[WARNER] We have huge Elvis news.....We cannot announce all the plans now, but we will have a big announcement to make in a few weeks. Stay tuned to HTF for further details. ELVIS fans are going to be VERY VERY HAPPY!

[ChrisBakke] Any plans for new Eastwood discs, Bird, A Perfect World, etc.?

[WARNER] We are discussing many new Eastwood discs, and work closely with Mr. Eastwood's production company here on the lot (Malpaso) on such releases. We'll probably have some big news for you next year, but nothing during 2007. Thanks.

[JordanThompson] Hi! Thanks for this great chat, and thanks for your fine treatment of Prince's films a couple years ago. I have a quick question about a guilty pleasure of mine - can we hope to see Wes Craven's 'Deadly Friend' on dvd anytime soon? (I'd buy it! :P )

[WARNER] Yes...We are releasing a bunch of 'guilty pleasure' horror films later this year...and DEADLY FRIEND is among them.

[Roddick] Any plans to release some MGM musicals starring Jane Powell and Eleanor Powell? Can wait to see the likes of A Date with Judy, Nancy Goes to Rio, Two Weeks with love, Born to Dance, Lady be Good and Rosalie on dvd. And what about more movies starring the great Lana Turner and Hedy Lamarr?

[WARNER] Big MGM Musical promo coming shortly....some great titles, big surprises...and hope to have an Eleanor Powell set done before the year's end. Lana maybe 2008. Nothing for Hedley...ummm..I mean Hedy Lamarr at the moment.

[RonEpstein] (great Blazing Saddes reference there :)

[WARNER] We'd be here all night if the Blazing Saddles lines were up for grabs!

[JeffBeber] Will Heat (1995) be released on HD-DVD this year?

[WARNER] Seriously, to answer Jeff's question. HEAT is scheduled for release on HD-DVD and Blu-Ray in 2008.

[WARNER] Lots of great titles will be coming on HD-DVD and Blu-Ray this year....and even more next year!

[John_Pannozzi] Any plans for Coonskin, Godzilla 1985 (a.k.a. The Return of Godzilla), the SE of Beetlejuice or Hey, Good Lookin'?

[WARNER] We don't own COONSKIN or GODZILLA '85. We want to do an SE of BEETLEJUICE next year for its 20th birthday. No plans for HEY GOOD LOOKIN', which we DO own.

[Bill_Foster] Any plans to release a Special Edition of FALLING DOWN?

[WARNER] We have been working with Michael Douglas on a SE of FALLING DOWN for 2008.

[DonRoberts] Thanks for doing the original BIG BOUNCE a few years back - it looked great. I love movies from the 1970s and wonder what debut titles you have coming up? Any plans for THEY CAME TO ROB LAS VEGAS? Thanks!

[WARNER] Lots of 1970s movies will finally see the light of day, but no plans at the moment for LAS VEGAS.

[Chuck_Pennington] Any chance we'll see these noteworthy films on DVD - some of them have never been released on video in any format! LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA (odd this isn't on DVD after the success of the B'way musical - version shown on TCM looks like hell), MARY, MARY (one of the longest-running comedic plays in B'way history - movie has Debbie Reynolds), MADWOMAN OF CHAILLOT (Kate Hepburn), THE CHAPMAN REPORT (Jane Fonda), and TRAVELS WITH MY AUNT

[WARNER] Well, Chuck, you just partially answered one of your own questions. We'd have had LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA out already if it was restored and remastered, but since it looks awful on TCM, that tells you that such endeavors have yet to happen. However, fear not. We plan to release this wonderful film next year in time for Valentine's Day. No plans for the other titles at the present time.

[Bill_Foster] Any plans to release a Special Edition of The SPECIALIST?

[WARNER] No plans for an SE on THE SPECIALIST

[Brent_Lumkin] Thank you so much for this WB. Do you guys have any plans to finally release the classic 1958 Andy Griffith film "No Time for Sergeants" on DVD? I don't believe it's ever been officially released on DVD, not in R1 or anywhere else in the world. I feel it would be a shame to not see this classic comedy on DVD while some of the remaining cast members are still alive, in order to maybe have some nice extras included as well.

[WARNER] We're actively working on releasing NO TIME FOR's just going to take a little more time. Andy Griffith has personally requested we release it, and we don't want to disappoint him or any of this great comedy's many fans.

[Paul_Borges] Thanks Warner for doing this! Any chance of a 40th Anniversary Camelot in HD with original soundtrack pretty please?! If not I'll settle for 41st anniversary :)

[WARNER] We know the CAMELOT sound issue is very troubling, and will not be quickly fixed. It is something that is actively being addressed, but don't expect a release any time very soon. But do know we recognize it needs revisiting and a proper audio mix.

[Rod_Jewett] SHOW BOAT (1936) is now the only major Paul Robeson movie not on DVD - Please (before 2008)? any MacDonald/Eddy collection news?

[WARNER] It is still our plan to release THE COMPLETE SHOW BOAT with 1929, 36, and 51 in Ultra-Rez, but it won't happen this year. Perhaps next. Contrary to what false information you may have read elsewhere, we have no plans to release the MacDonald/Eddy films anytime soon. Serious film element issues requiring restoration prevent our releasing them on a more expedited basis. We want them to be beautiful and sound great when they finally are released.

[Ken_Koc] Being a fan of 60's films, Any plans for Inside Daisy Clover, Sex and the Single Girl (Natalie Wood Boxset?), Rachel Rachel or The Fox and Not With My Wife You Don't/ The Music Man in HD? Thanks for the incredible Mutiny on the Bounty HD.

[WARNER] All good films. Good questions. Thanks for your compliments on BOUNTY. It cost a fortune to do, but it looks and sounds amazing. Cheers to our crackerjack colleagues in WB Technical Operations and Motion Picture Imaging for their fine work. We will be releasing the Natalie Wood films in 08/ Restoration work will be completed. We are also restoring a new version of SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS for that. MUSIC MAN in HD has to be re-done, and we hope to have that ready for next year in a spectacular new transfer. No plans yet for THE FOX or NOT WITH MY WIFE.

[RonEpstein] We are into our final 9 minutes. Before we end the chat with another one or two more questions, is there any titles you guys wish to announce tonight that perhaps you have not already done as of yet?

[WARNER] Fans can expect to hear about many more of our new DVD releases and HD-DVD/Blu-Ray releases in the next few weeks. We're sure fans will be very happy with a lot of the news.

[WARNER] We'll give one tid bit.....


[NickH] Since it's the 80th anniversary, is The Jazz Singer finally coming this year?

[WARNER] Yes. The Jazz Singer will be coming in a SUPER DELUXE edition just in time for its 80th birthday..You ain't heard nothin' yet!!!!

[DougH] YO - Any news on Branagh's HAMLET?

[WARNER] BRANAGH'S HAMLET is done, and will be out before the end of the Summer. In SD, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray!

[RonEpstein] We are going to rap this chat up by thanking George Feltenstein, George Parker and Ronnee Sass for their time.

[RonEpstein] We hope to see you guys out in Vegas in July. Going to bring 60 HTF members with us - stay tuned for an announcement.

[WARNER] We all thank you for your continued support. It really means a great deal to us...and remember CLASSIC films on DVD!!! See you next year for our 10th anniversary chat. That's all Folks! THANKS RON & PARKER!

Session Close: Mon Feb 26 22:00:11 2007

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Our thanks to HTF Moderator Robert "Crawdaddy" Crawford for this compilation of chat revelations:

Pete Kelly Blues and Kismet coming next year with I Died a Thousand Times under consideration. Also, Hit the Deck is coming soon.

Moonfleet coming next year. Warner no longer has rights to Drum Beat.

A television chat with Warner will be coming later this year.

Also, "Caged" is on the way along with another Joan Crawford Collection in which some mastering issues have to be addressed, an announcement will be forth coming very soon for the latter.

Abe Lincoln in Illinois might be coming in 2009 or sooner.

Bowery Boys is still in the works, but unfortunately, not this year due to Warner searching for better elements.

Dark Shadows films are being released this year.

Blade Runner with all the trimmings, hopefully before the Christmas Holidays.

North by Northwest has to be remastered again before a release on a HD format. Warner is looking towards 2009 for the 50th Anniversary.

Warner no longer owns the rights to Fanny starring Leslie Caron.

Warner working on Abbott and Costello films like Jack and the Beanstalk, A&C meet Captain Kidd and Rio Rita for 2008.

The films The Emigrants and The New Land had their rights renewed by Warner and are under consideration for release.

A Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland Boxset coming this summer with plenty of extras.

Another Forbidden Hollywood boxset coming this year with six films and a brand new documentary on pre-code films. Also, two Forbdden Hollywood films per year starting in 2008.

A Burt Lancaster promotion is happening later this year with perhaps Twilight's Last Gleaming in the promotion.

Warner discussing Heart is a Lonely Hunter and Freebie and the Bean. No plans for Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins.

Warner refusing to discuss anything related to HD formats! Warner admended their comment with the following: we will discuss titles and content as related to HD Media, but nothing else.

Quo Vadis on the way for both SD and HD formats, probably in 2008 with the ultra resolution process.

Northwest Passage is part of the Spencer Tracy boxset, not yet announced.

Warner waiting on Nancy Drew units sold numbers before continuing to Torchy Blaine films.

No plans for Until the End of the World.

Mad Max 2: Road Warrior SE coming, but no set date.

John Wayne's 100th Birthday will be observed by Warner which means more Wayne releases as he was born in 1907. Also, Rio Bravo coming with a 2 disc SE. Six brand new Wayne features coming to dvd.

Elements for The Magnificent Ambersons has been found and that film and Journey into Fear will be released in 2008. Alternate European cuts will be included for Journey into Fear. Also, the Merry Widow is on the way.

More classic horror films coming in 2007 and 2008.

Carbine Williams will be part of the next Jimmy Stewart collection with no set date.

More Cagney, Bogart, Garfield and Edward G. Robinson coming in 2008.

Warner doesn't know when their sister company New Line is releasing the LOTR films onto HD DVD/Blu-ray.

No plans to revisit The Avengers for a DC.

No plans to revisit True Stories.

Kubrick promotion coming before Christmas

Twilight Zone: The Movie coming before Halloween.

LA Confidential coming on it's 10th Anniversary this year, also in HD DVD and Blu-ray.

Trog, a Joan Crawford favorite is on the way.

Greed is coming with the 1923 theatrical cut and reconstructed scenes. Release date not set.

Some more Harrison Ford films being discussed in conjunction with Blade Runner SE release.

The Candidate is coming with a Redford commentary.

Also, Deliverance is coming on SD, HD DVD and Blu-ray later this year.

The Man that would be King coming soon.

More Greer Garson and Norma Shearer films coming in the next 18 months including some Shearer in the Forbidden Hollywood films.

Warner's rights to Electric Dreams has expired. No plans for Reckless or Impulse. Also, no plans to revisit 9 1/2 Weeks.

Philo Vance, Perry Mason, The Saint and The Falcon coming to SD DVD in 2008.

Monogram Charlie Chan films being discussed.

No definite plans for Nothing Lasts Forever.

Busby Berkeley Vol 2 coming in 2008. Golddiggers of 1937, Golddiggers in Paris, Varsity Show and Hollywood Hotel.

O' Lucky Man coming this year.

Captain Nemo and the Underwater City under consideration.

Brewster McCloud next year. No SE for McCabe and Mrs. Miller. No plans for Countdown.

Wheeler and Woolsey films being discussed, but are in bad shape film element-wise.

Alex in Wonderland and The Legend of Lylah Clare being discussed.

Cool Hand Luke 40th Anniversay SE coming this year. Also, The Prize is coming in 2008.

A John Garfield boxset with six films coming in 2008.

Next Lon Chaney boxset coming in 2008 with a Tod Browning documentary. Also, some more silent films coming soon.

Poltergiest coming out on SD DVD, HD DVD and Blu-ray this year.

The Hand coming this year. Currently, working on Cruising with Friedkin. Zabriskie Point and The Devils still in the works.

Warner planning on doing 2 disc SE for the Grumpy films with new anamorphic transfers and rare Lemmon and Matthau interviews.

Also, Chevy Chase films in widescreen releases. The Ace Ventura collection is an example of what they have plan for Grumpy and Chase films.

New HD DVD and Blu-ray product announcements coming in the next few weeks.

Also, Blade Runner will have the same material as the SD DVD, HD DVD and Blu-ray.

Up the Down Staircase coming later this year before school reopens in September. A new transfer.

Ann Sheridan films coming next year.

Wait Until Dark not being revisited for its 40th Anniversary.

There will be more than one Andy Hardy volumes with the first one next year with plenty of bonus material.

Warner will discuss Little Shop of Horrors with altenate ending, especially with HD on the scene. No set plans just yet.

Questions as to the poor quality of the SD DVD releases of Lost in a Harem and A & C in Hollywood was brought up. Warner had no good answers except to say the negatives for both films were lost during the Eastman fire and if they have poor film elements they have nothing to go back to so you do the best you can with what you got. They thought it best to release them at a very affordable price instead of leaving them on the shelve. Also, sometimes it isn't possible to obtain perfection and their technical people do the best job they can with what they have to work with.

Warner has stated they're hesitent to give release dates because circumstances changes due to a number of reasons which is why The Crowd and The Big Parade have not been released in 2006. The last restorations for both of those films were done in 1980s which means that process needs to done from scratch again before a SD DVD release. Warner hates to disappoint consumers, but some times that happens.

No plans for The Boyfriend, Savage Messiah and Lisztomania.

The roadshow version with restored footage of Raintree County coming in 2008. No plans for National Velvet revisited.

Warner still has plans to release every HD DVD title onto Blu-ray including Forbidden Planet.

Warner plans to release plenty of films under the cloud of PD outfits with titles from Monogram, Allied Artists and National General.

Mame is coming, but not in stereo after years of failing to do so. No plans for Hotel.

Mr. Chips (1969) coming in 2008.

A restored How the West Was Won coming in 2008.

Warner discussing Man in the Wilderness, Dark of the Sun and The Cool Ones.

Prince of the City and Straight Time coming out this May.

More Kubrick coming out on HD DVD and Blu-ray later this year.

Warner discussing redoing Hammer films for SD and HD releases.

Also, both, Dark Shadow movies are 16x9 with newly restored film elements.

Warner working on restoring The Phantom Tollbooth witin the next couple of years.

Warner having active discussions about Golden Harvest films.

Warner doesn't own the original The Hitcher.

Warner has big plans for Elvis Presley and his films. Some announcements will come very soon.

Warner working with Clint Eastwood's production company on revisiting some of his titles for 2008.

Guilty pleasure horror films coming including Deadly Friend.

A big MGM Musical Promo coming soon. Eleanor Powell boxset, hopefully, this year. Lana Turner boxset in 2008. No plans for Hedy Lamarr.

Heat coming to HD DVD and Blu-ray in 2008.

Looking at SE for Beetlejuice next year. No plans for Hey, Good Lookin.

SE for Falling Down in 2008.

Lot's of plans for 1970s films, but nothing for They Came to Rob Las Vegas.

Light in the Piazza plan for next Valentine's Day. No plans for Mary, Mary or The Chapman Report and Madwoman of Chaillot.

No plans for a SE of The Specialist.

No Time for Sergeants in the works by special request from Andy Griffith.

Warner recognizes that the audio issue with Camelot needs to be addressed, but has no firm plans at this time.

Show Boat films of 1929, 1936 and 1951 wil be released, but not this year, maybe in 2008.

Also, no MacDonald/Eddy films any time soon, they need extensive restoration and they want to do them right.

Natalie Wood boxset coming in 2008 with a restored new version of Splendor in the Grass. Boxset will include Daisy Clover and Sex and the Single Girl.

Music Man needs to be redone for HD, perhaps next year.

No plans for The Fox and Not with my Wife.

Royal Wedding is being rescued from PD Hell.

The Jazz Singer coming out for it's 80th Anniversary. Also, Branagh's Hamlet before the summer in SD, HD and BR.

Warner wishes they can release one HD catalog title a week.

Also, more announcements of catalog titles coming out on SD, HD and BR in the coming weeks.

That's all folks!


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