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Site created 12/15/97.

page created: 2/22/06

Chat Transcript:
Warner Home Video on HTF

The following is a complete transcript of the on-line chat with executives from Warner Home Video, held on Tuesday, February 21st on The Home Theater Forum. Thanks to Ron Epstein, Parker Clack, Robert Crawford and everyone at HTF for all their hard work, and for providing the transcript for all to read. Enjoy!

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Home Theater Forum

Subject: Live Chat with Warner Home Video
Date: Tuesday February 21, 2006

[RonEpstein] Well, here we are again! I'd like to take this opportunity in welcoming back Warner Home Video to our live chat. Representing the studio this evening is George Feltenstein, George Parker and Ronnee Sass. Welcome back gang!

[ParkerClack] This is long overdue.

[Warner] Thank you. Great to be back with our friends on HTF

[RonEpstein] Before we begin I'd like to hand out two items of congratulations... First, to Warner Home Video for a landslide victory in being named Best Studio 2005 by the members of Home Theater Forum. Secondly, congratulations to George Feltenstein who this past January was presented with the William K Everson Film History Award. We will post some pictures of Mr. Feltenstein accepting his reward in our chat transcript area.

[Warner] Thanks to all the members of HTF for the overwhelming support.

[RonEpstein] Now's your chance to ask the folks from Warner Home Video a question. The first question tonight comes from Anders....

[Anders] Thank you guys for NIGHT OF THE LEPUS!! You rule! For my question . . . You'd indicated previously that THE YAKUZA is on the way in the near future. Could you give us an update? Also, any news on UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE? Thanks!

[Warner] THE YAKUZA is definitely coming shortly. We were supposed to issue it later this year, but we had to move some titles scheduled for 2006 into 2007 for internal purposes, but fear not, it's on its way. UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE is a great film, but we still have no scheduled date yet. Probably 2007

[JimBowers] Regarding the Superman-The Movie DVD in the upcoming Superman Ultimate Edition 14-disc DVD box set...will we see more deleted scenes, trailers and documentary footage? The key deleted scenes are: Jimmy and Superman floating above Hoover Dam, Superman attempting to catch the XK-101 rocket, and Superman flying past the World Trade Center after rescuing Lois from the crashed helicopter?

[Warner] We can't give you the exact details of what you'll be seeing in the 14 disc set, as that is all in progress at the present time, However we can confirm the following important facts.. We will be releasing both the extended cut of SUPERMAN THE MOVIE (the one on DVD now) and the original, shorter theatrical version as well. Further, we will be releasing both the SUPERMAN II theatrical cut, and the "Donner cut" both in the box, or available singularly. Lastly, SUPERGIRL is coming, but SUPERGIRL will not be part of the 14 disc SUPERMAN set.

[RonEpstein] Excellent news to start off with!

[BrandonConway] Does Warner have the rights to the Allied Artists and Eagle Lion catalogs? If so, could we see the release of some of the "B" noirs from either? And when will we see Bachelor Mother? Thanks!

[Warner] Yes, we do own the Allied Artists catalog. AA was bought by Lorimar and we bought Lorimar. There are a few independent films that AA distributed that we don't own, but only a handful. We don't own the Eagle Lion library. Some of those went to UA, but we don't have any. No plans in the immediate future for BACHELOR MOTHER, but it's a good film and we hope to get it out soon.

[EPeterson] Norma Shearer was the reigning queen of MGM in the early 30s, yet almost none of her movies are on DVD. Is there any chance that we may get a Norma Shearer Signature collection, or at least some of her films released. I would love to see something similar to the Garbo boxset including some select silents.

[Warner] We plan to release more of Miss Shearer's films in the not too distant future. Right now, we need to do restoration on a lot of them as none are "DVD-ready" aside from the previously issued "THE WOMEN". Happily, the original camera negative of ROMEO & JULIET was confirmed to be in existence, so we are making new film elements on that, and we hope to get out some of her early pre-code pictures and some of the silents as well.

[Warner] While we are waiting, we hope you will all take a look at our new 2 disc Special Editions in the Controversial Classics V.2 box. We're very proud of them.

[WernerH] Any chance of a Road Warrior SE?

[Warner] Yes.Most definitely. We're working on it right now.

[ChuckL] Thank you for you continued borrow a term from Tina are SIMPLY THE BEST! In last years chat, it was mentioned that you were working on 1950's "Caged" with Agnes Moorehead and Eleanor Parker for a 2005 release. That didn't happen. Any hopes for 2006, this is one of my most favorite films and sought after titles (as it has never been released for home video), and why the delay?

[Warner] Thanks, Chuck! We most certainly are going to release CAGED. It was supposed to come out this year but got bumped to next year. It will be in a promotion with lots of fun films that have been long ignored on home video and deserve a release. I can't say more, but you'll be pleased. Thanks again for the kind words. We REALLY appreciate it.

[JoeKarlosi] Thanks for the great work! What is the chance of Karloff, Lugosi, Lorre films (MARK OF THE VAMPIRE, FRANKENSTEIN 1970, MASK OF FU MANCHU uncut version, THE WALKING DEAD, MAD LOVE, DOCTOR X, '50s sci-fi like ATTACK OF THE 50 FT WOMAN? Thanks!

[Warner] Virtually every movie you named will be out before year's end. ...and we found original camera neg on both MARK OF THE VAMPIRE and MASK OF FU MANCHU (thought destroyed), The restorations are stunning! Lots to look forward to. What doesn't come this year will be in next year's schedule. Enjoy! ...and yes FU MANCHU has the censored scenes put back in!

[CharlieFulton] Is the release of Ken Russell's THE DEVILS going to reinstate footage edited for US release?

[Warner] plans for THE DEVILS still have not been fully solidified yet, but it's been under discussion.

[BrianPB] Thanks for coming back. Warner continues to sit on a unrivaled cache of silent masterpieces which are begging for release. Examples would include von Stroheim's GREED (which made a respectable showing--9th--in DVD Decision 2004, and is currently the top vote-getter in TCM's poll of "most requested films not on DVD"), Victor Seastrom's THE WIND and THE SCARLET LETTER, King Vidor's THE BIG PARADE (restored in 2004), THE CROWD, and SHOW PEOPLE

[Warner] Every one of the films you mentioned will be released either at the end of this year or during 2007. We recognize their importance and are certainly doing more with our silent films than any other major studio. We have 6600 films in our library and only so many release slots per year, so bear with us.

[LaurenceGarvey] I worship at your feet, Oh Warners People. Some of the stuff you own from other companies that I get a lot of requests about from my readers... the RKO crime series, like THE FALCON (preferably with CRIME DOES NOT PAY shorts), Allied Artists horrors like FROM HELL IT CAME, CRAB MONSTERS and original NOT OF THIS EARTH, and the Monogram EAST SIDE KIDS and BOWERY BOYS series (you promised us BBs last year). What is the good news? Can we expect the two Columbia serials in the 14-disc superman set?

[RonEpstein] Lots of requests for The Bowery Boys on DVD

[Warner] Thanks for the support and kudos. We planned to have the BOWERY BOYS out starting in January of this year releasing all the films chronologically. Then we got the first 8 titles in and saw how awful some of the masters were, and realized we had to start from scratch, so we are re-evaluating our release plans for the BOYS while we search the globe (literally!) looking for excellent quality 35mm materials. This may force us to delay the chronological releases. Thee Columbia (now owned by us) theatrical SUPERMAN serials will be released this year but through our "TV group" that's handling the TV series, and it will not be in the 14 disc box.

[PavanP] Thank you for the John Ritter movie HERO AT LARGE on DVD! Really enjoyed it! Anything in the works for his other WB movies for DVD, such as THE DREAMER OF OZ, AMERICATHON, THEY ALL LAUGHED, CHANCE OF A LIFETIME, THE FLIGHT OF DRAGONS? There are a lot of Ritter fans and Wizard of Oz fans awaiting THE DREAMER OF OZ. Hopefully it is coming, if not please consider!

[Warner] We don't own THEY ALL LAUGHED.HBO does, and we are only their distributor (and sister company). AMERICATHON is ours, but isn't on the schedule. HERO AT LARGE wasn't as popular as we had hoped.

[JoC] Will an extended "Final director's cut" version of "Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone" be released on DVD with the deleted Peeves sequence? I know there are a lot of Potter fans who want to see this scene.

[Warner] We also don't release made for TV movies,that's another division. No plans for alternate POTTER versions, sorry.

[PhiloMacDuff] Any plans for a release of DARK OF THE SUN or special editions of ALTERED STATES and BRAINSTORM? I think it's great that you participate in these chats each year. I really look forward to them. Thanks for all the excellent work.

[Warner] Thank you. We feel it's very important to communicate with YOU, the consumers, and let you know we care about what you think. Without you, we might still be stuck in those awful snappers :). Seriously, though, no plans at this time to revisit ALTERED STATES or BRAINSTORM, but it isn't out of the realm of possibility. DARK OF THE SUN is a likely choice, probably for 2007.

[ChrisHagen] Hi! Other than Lady in the Lake, can you say (or at least hint) at what titles will be included in the next Noir collection, and, if there will be any more noir titles coming soon outside of the Noir Vol. 3 box, can you tell us what those will be?

[Warner] Well, if we told you what they were, we'd be spoiling all the fun. I will say there's at least one nifty Mitchum RKO film, and an MGM film you might not expect. There will also be another NOIR set following #3 this year.

[RonEpstein] I'm going to sneak in a question I know is on the top of everyone's list. What is the status of TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE? This has got to be one of the most requested titles as of late.

[Warner] We are VERY VERY close to finally getting TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE out on DVD. Please pray with us :) We know everyone wants it.

[Warner] While we wait, we hope you all noticed that we have a terrific LAUREL & HARDY collection being released as part of our series branded TCM ARCHIVES. If you are an L&H fan you're in for a treat!

[ChristopherBlig] Do you have any plans for NOTHING LASTS FOREVER (which Bill Murray screened in NYC btw) or future releases of FUNNY FARM, CADDYSHACK, OVER THE RAINBOW, SPIES LIKE US or THREE AMIGOS

[Warner] We've wanted to release NOTHING LASTS FOREVER for a while. There is a legal problem. We hope to re-visit CADDYSHACK soon, and I assume you mean UNDER THE RAINBOW :), which may get a release as a 'budget priced' comedy, but in OAR. We know you guys want FUNNY FARM and SPIES LIKE US in OAR, so that may happen next year. HBO controls 3 AMIGOS, we only distribute it for them, but will pass on your thoughts. Thanks!

[SeanOHara] Are there any plans for a swashbuckler/adventure boxset, and specifically for The Prisoner of Zenda ('37 and '52 versions)?

[Warner] Yes, most certainly. The plan is to do not only the '37 and '52 ZENDAs but also the 1922 silent version as well. Lots more adventure pics planned. Some this year. Some in 2007.

[PhilGee] My eternal thanks for announcing an ultimate 14 disc Superman question is regarding the possibility of a Superman IV extended cut as part of the set. Apparently you have no plans to do it and I was just wondering if you could tell us the reasons why? Do you know for sure whether the cut footage (apparently stored at the Deluxe film labs in England) has been destroyed? Thank you!

[Warner] We have located all the footage for SUPERMAN IV, and will be including a great deal of deleted scenes. But no change in the version.

[MichaelAllred] I think it's great you treat your classics so well BUT what about the wonderful comedies from the past 20 years that have been relegated to full screen only DVDs like *both* "Grumpy Old Men" films? Will we be seeing widescreen DVDs for those titles any time soon?

[Warner] We plan to issue both GRUMPY films in OAR. Hopefully before the year's end, in a nice package.

[KeithPaynter] Thanks first of all for the excellent catalogue 2-disc special editions we've been seeing. Now, what is the status on The Magnificent Ambersons?

[Warner] We're still looking for better materials on AMBERSONS. We waited for KONG and KANE and it was worth it. It will be worth it for the AMBERSONS, and yes,we will release JOURNEY INTO FEAR when we do AMBERSONS.

[SteveO] Do you plan to release your Charlie Chan Monograms (do you have rights to 1931s BLACK CAMEL)? Also, are any other mystery series on your radar (Saint/Falcon, Perry Mason, etc.). Keep up the great work.

[Warner] We do own THE BLACK CAMEL, but only in the U.S. and Canada. We plan to release it with the later Monogram Chans we own, but no date is set. We are having trouble locating good elements on all the Monogram Chans, but we are on the case, as it were, and as mentioned before, are planning on the other mystery/detective series as well.

[JakeYenor] Do you have any plans to release a special edition or at least a widescreen verison of the Robert Redford film "The Candidate"?

[Warner] Yes, as a matter of fact, Mr. Redford personally expressed to us his pleasure concerning how we handled ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN (his first DVD commentary every), so we hope to do THE CANDIDATE and JEREMIAH JOHNSON with him.

[DrewReiber] Hey, thanks for the terrific box sets. Do you have any plans for Welles' the Stranger, Zabreiski Point or The Rainbow Thief?

[Warner] We don't own THE STRANGER. The actual owner is MGM/UA. It was an "International Pictures" release, only distributed by RKO. So the owner of the actual elements is UA since they picked up that package. We're talking about ZABRISKIE, as we know there are a lot of Antonioni fans that want it.

[scotthm] What are the chances of getting the Andy Hardy series on DVD anytime soon? And would it likely be in the form of a single boxed set or multiple sets?

[Warner] There is a strong likelihood of an ANDY HARDY box, but it definitely won't be this year. Possibly 2007 or 2008. We work at least 2 years ahead of time, so all this planning is part of our process. It would probably be one boxed set with thin cases (small Amarays).

[GregoryMesh] Any chance of Kazan titles like America America or The Arrangement? Thanks!

[Warner] Yes, there will be more Kazan in the future.

[Jay] Will there be another Joan Crawford collection and, if so, will it include FLAMINGO ROAD, and will all of Joan's films from Warners be issued in boxsets?

[Warner] YES....and YES. We plan a Joan Crawford collection V.2 for 2007. FLAMINGO ROAD is currently being restored from the original nitrate negative, and more are on the way. However, you will get to see Joan in a stunning new transfer, from the original nitrate negative, in DANCING LADY, part of our upcoming , terrific, CLARK GABLE SIGNATURE COLLECTION, in June.

[RafaelPires] WB, Thank you for everything!! I'd like to know if we can expect a Crawford/Gable or a Gable/Harlow collection. And there are any plans for some Ginger Rogers solo RKO vehicles? I'm another one crazy for Bachelor Mother. Finally, is there any possibility for a dvd release of Shine on, Harvest Moon, starring Ann Sheridan and Dennis Morgan?

[Warner] We're looking into more of Ginger's RKO films, and there will be more Gable, more Crawford, and more Harlow, this year and next, but not in coupled boxed sets. They will be devoted to the single stars. Highly unlikely we'd release SHINE ON, HARVEST MOON any time soon (although it's a fun film, it's not very well known, and never even made it to VHS), but we never say never!

[JohnMor] I LOVE giving you guys my money! You're the best! I wanted to ask about any forthcoming DORIS DAY titles, and also CROSSING DELANCEY.

[Warner] We love that you love giving us your money. So do our retailers! Thank you. We are DEFINITELY going to get to CROSSING DELANCEY very soon, within the next 12 months. It is highly requested. We also hope to do another big Doris Day set focusing on her early WB films, especially the musicals. But we have two Doris Day non-musical films coming this year.. we'll keep you guessing! Thanks again.

[Ken] WB thanks for all the dvds that you do. Are there any plans to release a special edtion dvd of a walk to remember? I love all of mandy moore's movies.

[Warner] Sorry, but not every film warrants revisiting. Double-dipping is tough on your wallets, and we try to get it right the first time. We think the edition of A WALK TO REMEMBER that's out, is a fine DVD, and does the film and Ms. Moore justice.

[JamesLWhite] SubUrbia(1996) when on DVD? Also, Class Act? WS dvd of With Honors? Action Jackson WS DVD? Also My Fellow Americans WS, PS please buy Sony's catalog and DO the title right ;)

[Warner] Sorry, James. None of those are on our radar just yet. We'll take your recommendations into consideration, except the part about buying SONY. I don't think they're up for sale :)

[JeffNewcomb] I was pleased to see four Kubrick films announced for 2006. What about the others? Will they be revisited?

[Warner] It is very likely we will revisit the other Kubrick titles as well in the future.

[BrianLittle] Thank you very much for a chance to talk with you tonight. My question is are we going to see a Widescreen release for Bridges Of Madison County and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective as they are all available in Widescreen on Laserdisc? Also what can we expect on the Grumpy Old Men re-releases? Again, thank you very much.

[Warner] Lucky day, Brian. We know it's long overdue that BRIDGES gets the 16x9 treatment. Probably early next year. We also plan to do right by Mr. Ventura and make him enhanced for widescreen televisions :). So yes to all of your questions. We don't know what we're going to add to the GRUMPY films yet, as that's still in the formative stage, but we'll try to do our best.

[tedr] Thanks for all the great work you guys have done. Any chance for A Big Hand For The Little Lady, Shoot The Moon, The Rain People, Rachel Rachel, Harper, or Far from The Madding Crowd?

[Warner] Most of those are on the schedule for 2007. The ones that aren't will probably make 2008. The one you WILL get this year, is HARPER (as well as its sequel THE DROWNING POOL) in our upcoming, huge Paul Newman collection.

[MattHarrison] Cheers for being here tonight, Warner. I was wondering if you have any plans to release RISKY BUSINESS (1983, Tom Cruise) as a Special Edition. If the movie can help sell all those rayban sunglasses like it did back in the day, imagine what a SE can do for your sales :D. Cheers.

[Warner] We're thinking of RISKY BUSINESS for its 25th anniversary in 2008.

[VincentP] You guys are the best major studio for DVD releases. There's just one real improvement I'd like to see, especially with the upcoming SE of A Clockwork Orange. I'd like to know when is Warner going to start doing 16x9 enhancement for 1.66:1 films?

[Warner] Thank you, Vincent. Your wish has been granted. We haven't had to release a 1.66 film since GIANT, and since then, company policy is now to release 1.66:1 films with side bars within the 16x9 frame. So yes, CLOCKWORK is being remastered in HD as we speak, and the new transfer will have the proper aspect ratio . No more 4x3 slight letterboxed DVDs of 1.66 from WHV. They have gone the way of the Snapper!

[LukeB] Are there any Special Edition plans for old flippers and/or Grishams Sleepers, A Time to Kill, The Pelican Brief, and The Client? Glad to hear that you guys are still trying to get Nothing Lasts Forever out and that an OAR Funny Farm will be coming. Thanks!

[Warner] We have been discussing a special Grisham set, but no date is set yet for the set. Keep watching!

[TimP] What boxset will you begin using the small DVD cases? Will they be used for every set?...My shelves thank you (you own my shelves;)). Will there be a Gangsters Vol. 2?

[Warner] They make sense. We may not use them on every set, but certainly on the sets where the titles will ONLY be available in the box, a la BUSBY BERKELEY or THIN MAN (even though we weren't able to make this change in time for Berkeley). Jury is still out on GANGSTERS 2, as we may issue those as singles as well. Fred & Ginger V.2 will be standard Amaray in a box so that it matches V.1

[MichaelFlynn] Aloha from NJ, WB; first of all, AWESOME JOB on Batman and everything else, especially the Dark Knight...looking forward to Controversial Classics 2. But my question tonight regards special edition reissues for a trio of titles: Little Shop of Horrors (1986), Beetlejuice, and, the big one, BLADE RUNNER. Any plans for any of these?

[RonEpstein] The BLADE RUNNER question finally comes up! :)

[Warner] We must revisit LITTLE SHOP. No plans yet, but we want to re do it, re do it right. BEETLEJUICE is an obvious one everyone wants. We're hoping to get a commentary from Mr. Burton to make this a reality. We're working hard on BLADE RUNNER, can't say any more, and hope we have good news to share with you fine HTF folk soon.

[RonEpstein] Okay...and now....Ladies and Gentlemen... I give you, Robert Crawford...

[RobertCrawford] Please keep up the great work. Are you going to release any westerns not associated with John Ford/John Wayne and what about a James Cagney or Robert Mitchum boxsets?

[Warner] There will absolutely be James Cagney and Robert Mitchum boxed sets in 2007. You will also see other Westerns this year aside from the Ford films and the Wayne/Ford films already announced. Thank you, Mr. Crawford for your very nice comments, not only tonight, but all through the year on HTF. We read them and deeply appreciate them.

[RonEpstein] :)

[Warner] :)

[RonEpstein] You gonna give the guy a big head

[Warner] He deserves it!

[KenKoc] Any chance for a Vincente Minelli Boxset: Some Came Running, Home From the Hill, 4 Horsemen, Cobweb. The widescreen ones.

[Warner] We are BIG Vincente Minnelli fans here. I don't think we'll do a boxed set of his films because we don't want to duplicate titles that are already released in other boxed sets, which we did sometimes previously, but have gotten enough feedback to know it is not looked upon favorably. We have restored SOME CAME RUNNING, and it will likely go in a Sinatra box in the future. HOME FROM THE HILL, will be in the Mitchum box, FOUR HORSEMEN may be in a GLENN FORD boxed set. Haven't done any restoration work on COBWEB yet, but would love to see it released. Speaking of Vincente Minnelli, please don't forget about our 5 MGM musicals coming 4/25 in the CLASSIC MUSICALS FROM THE DREAM FACTORY BOX. They look great and the extras are very cool!

[JackBaxter] We know that The Maltese Falcon is getting a two-disc this year. Will The Big Sleep, To Have and Have Not, or Key Largo be getting similar treatment? Also, what aspect ratios will The Shining and Eyes Wide Shut be presented in?

[Warner] We see no reason to revisit the other BOGARTS, they were restored from orig camera negative, and there really isn't much else to do that would warrant creating a new edition, THE SHINING and EYES WIDE SHUT will be 1.77 (16x9)

[svenge] Any plans for releasing the 1958 Andy Griffith film "No Time for Sergeants"? I know it was released a long time ago on VHS (now OOP), but has never made the jump to DVD. Thanks.

[Warner] We WANT to release NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS. So does Andy Griffith. He's helping us make that happened. Stay tuned, and tell Aunt Bee and Opie to stay tuned as well!

[MattBailey] Any chance for "The Mad Miss Manton" with Stanwyck and Fonda or the Maisie films with Ann Sothern?

[Warner] No solid plans for MANTON, but its possible it could be included in a STANWYCK boxed set. We have enough of her great films for at least two or three boxed sets!. Also, we hope to address MAISIE with a boxed set as well as the DR. KILDARE series, and as we said we are looking at with Andy Hardy. Thanks!

[PaulScott] Much thanks for making yourselves so accessible as well as the generally high quality of your output (and the use of original Key art on the jackets is VERY MUCH appreciated!). any chance for A Summer Place, a Natalie Wood boxset or remasters of Outland, Exclaibur or Year of Living Dangerously or Arthur?

[Warner] Good questions, Mr. Scott!

[Warner] Thank you for the nice words about our packaging. I'll pass them along to our unsung heroes and heroines at WHV Creative Services!

[Warner] We want to release A SUMMER PLACE. it will probably be next year, as will a Natalie Wood set. We know ARTHUR, EXCALIBUR and OUTLAND all need to be improved in quality. We'll be looking into all of them, and DANGEROUSLY, and especially ARTHUR, since this year is his silver anniversary, and we have a sparkling new transfer!

[MichaelStreeter] Hi guys, thanks for doing the chat again - it's yet another thing that separates you from the other studios... and great to hear about the Chevy Chase widescreen love. Any chance we'll see WHOSE LIFE IS IT ANYWAY, THE COOL ONES, LOOKER, MAN IN THE WILDERNESS, or THE POWER (George Pal)?

[Warner] Wow Mr. Streeter, what an eclectic group of choices. THE COOL ONES is a favorite, "so bad that it's good" movie. It may come out with films like THE BIG CUBE and the like in a box of weird, fun titles. We have definite plans for WHOSE LIFE and have spoken to John Badham about a commentary. We're looking at THE POWER, since it's a George Pal film, and he has a big fan base. Lastly, MAN IN THE WILDERNESS will probably be out next year. The only title we haven't discussed since we don't expect much interest in it, is LOOKER. Sorry!

[Tory] Thanks! When will you be releasing the entire Bert Wheeler & Robert Woolsey library of films? Cockeyed Cavaliers,Diplomaniacs, Peach-O-Reno, Hips Hips Hooray! and the rest, even the PD ones, are most needed on Warner DVD. Hopefully in a complete boxed set with all their films together and solo efforts that you can release, shorts with cameos, all unedited, uncensored and restored, plus CDs of all music numbers.

[Warner] Wheeler & Woolsey aren't on the schedule right now, and we don't control all their films. Only some. Columbia owns a few. Also we have none of their shorts, and we have no music or pre-recordings from their films, since RKO destroyed all their pre-recorded music.

[DaleMA] Member from the UK here, staying up late to chat to my favourite studio!! I was wondering if you could give anymore information on the "WARNER TOUGH GUY COLLECTION", for instance when the collection is scheduled for release? Also, can you give us any further information on the "GANGSTER COLLECTION VOL. 2" and it's contents? Cheers guys, keep up the amazing work!

[Warner] Thanks for staying up SO late! I hope you can go to work later tomorrow! Tell your boss Jack L. Warner gave you permission! Seriously though. The WARNER GANGSTERS 2 box will be officially called WARNER TOUGH GUYS COLLECTION, but will resemble the GANGSTERS box in design. The reason we couldn't call it GANGSTERS 2 is that one of the titles inside is CITY FOR CONQUEST (fully restored with original prologue!) and that is not a gangster film per se, since Cagney plays a boxer. So we had to come up with a different moniker for the box. We won't reveal any more titles yet tonight, but each one has either CAGNEY, EDW G. ROBINSON, or BOGART (or combinzations thereof) and as such, we hope you'll be pleased. As was the case last year, each film has been remastered from new film elements made off the original nitrate camera negatives. They look amazing!

[RonEpstein] Well, look who it is...Mr. David Lambert is up...

[Warner] Who is it? The famous TV guy!

[DavidLambert] I promise, no TV-DVD questions tonight...right? Thanks for being here, for releasing Frisco Kid, for sched'ing Sybil, and for good news tonight about TZone, Rainbow & Grumpy/Grumpier. Note that I *am* interested in Looker; it's an early look at technology that's kinda coming true today, and "Laura Partridge" fully nude WILL sell, I'm pretty sure. ;) Ahem. Any chances of getting an OAR Private Benjamin, The Man Who Saw Tomorrow, Grandview USA, High Road To China, Going In Style

[Warner] We released GOING IN STYLE already in OAR, and we don't own HIGH ROAD TO CHINA. It was Golden Harvest and I don't know who the owner is now. No plans for the others, at the moment. I think it's possible a PRIVATE BENJAMIN redux might be a good thing to consider.

[CharlesEllis] What about: the two "Dark Shadows" films, CAGED, LAST SUMMER, YOU'RE A BIG BOY NOW, and Delmer Daves films?

[Warner] You may have missed it, but CAGED has been long planned and is coming next year. A double feature DVD of the two DARK SHADOWS films is also likely for next year. We've discussed LAST SUMMER, and BIG BOY, but no date is set yet. We will not do a Delmer Daves Collection as there are (sadly) very few people who know who he is, but it is likely we will get more of his films out in the not too distant future. Thanks.

[AgeeBassett] Any news yet on if Warner plans to restore THE SEA WOLF (1941) to its original 102-min. length for DVD release? Thanks, as always, for your outstanding work!

[Warner] Thank you. Absolutely. We won't release THE SEA WOLF until we can find the full length version in 35mm. Right now our only source for the original theatrical version is a 16mm print. We'd rather keep looking around the world, as we did for CITY OF CONQUEST (we found the long-lost prologue in Europe), and try to give such a great film as THE SEA WOLF, a deserving presentation. If we don't find the footage, we will resort to using the 16mm sequences for the cut scenes, but we hope to find 35mm material. Thanks!

[BillHuelbig] First, I'd like to thank you personally for Ryan's Daughter. What a beautiful presentation of an all-time favorite film. I came in late and I apologize if this was asked already, but any plans for Allied Artists' Queen of Outer Space (Zsa Zsa Gabor)? It ain't David Lean, but still a lot of fun. Thanks again!

[Warner] Thanks Bill for the kind words about RYAN'S DAUGHTER, We think it's stunningly beautiful.

[Warner] YES! ZsaZsa is coming. We have a great 16x9 transfer of QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE that will be in the same promotion as CAGED.

[Allen] Also thank you for the Frisco Kid. I love Warner DVDs, and thank you for being here. Do you have any plans of re-releasing The Man who would be King hopefully all on one side? Plus how about releases on Charge of the light brigade, Gentleman Jim, and the Sinatra film, Step Lively?

[Warner] Thanks Allen. We are doing a SECOND Errol Flynn box with all fully-restored titles in 2007. Both CHARGE and GENTLEMAN JIM will be in the box.

[PatrickMcCart] Warners.... I'd like to express my hatred for you. You've been releasing way too many classics and I can't keep up financially. I'm reduced to eating ramen. ;) Besides wanting to know when the Caddyshack II 3-disc SE comes out, are there plans for more Lon Chaney? Mainly both The Unholy Three (1925/1930) films, Tell It to the Marines, and He Who Gets Slapped. Keep up the excellent work!

[Warner] Seriously Patrick, we know you are a big supporter of WHV, and we thank you. Yes, there will be a LON CHANEY COLLECTION VOLUME II, with all the films you mention plus two others. UNHOLY THREE has been restored from the original camera neg.

[RonEpstein] You guys really have a fix on all our members. They don't believe you read our forum on a regular basis! :)

[JohnPannozzi] I want Ralph Bakshi's "Hey, Good Lookin'" on DVD. Maybe you could hook up with Bakshi and include the unused live-action footage (long story) as a supplement. Also when/if you release "Gremlins" and/or "Gremlins 2: The New Batch" on Blu-Ray and/or HD-DVD, I would like the unsold pilot for the proposed animated series "Gizmo and the Gremlins" to be inlcluded as an extra. Also, will Tex Avery's MGM cartoons be getting a box set in the forseeable future?

[RonEpstein] Questions tonight are limited to theatrical only. A separate chat will be held for TV and animation.

[Warner] We'll explore HEY, GOOD LOOKIN. It is highly likely that we will issue GREMLINS and GREMLINS II in Hi Definition, hopefully in 2007.

[PeterMFitzgerald] WB, you're the best! What a chat!!! First, another vote for the ALLIED ARTISTS sci-fi / horror / drive-in flicks, as well as the AA noirs! Fans *really* want these on DVD...they'd sell like hotcakes! My question: will we see GOLD, Ida Lupino films, more Powell/Loy, THE PICTURE SNATCHER, SOLDIER IN THE RAIN, ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE and THE GREEN SLIME on DVD in 2006-07?

[Warner] Thanks for the supportive comments. We know about the popularity of the AA films. We will be doing THE GIANT BEHEMOTH too! GOLD is planned for next year. Since the THIN MAN box was such a HUGE success, we'll be doing a new, separate LOY/POWELL boxed set with all new-to-DVD titles in 2007. We've been talking about THE GREEN SLIME for a SciFi package, and may get SOLDIER IN THE RAIN out, too. ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE is a hard sell, as is THE PICTURE SNATCHER.

[RonEpstein] Quick question...have you set a release date for "Twilight's Last Gleaming"?

[Warner] YES. It will be in a Burt Lancaster boxed set next year. It'll be 16x9 and look great. Worth the wait.

[TedD] Any plans for Peter O'Toole and Petula Clark in "Goodbye, Mr Chips"? I would love to replace my aging LD of this title.

[Warner] We're thinking about spring 2007 for the Clark/O'Toole Mr. Chips, but it's only tentative at this point. It will be from a lovely new transfer.

[Chris_Stephens] Thanks for the great work you do. I was wondering about re-releases of 90s films, specifically Singles, Three Kings, Green Mile, and Akira Kurosawa's Dreams?

[Warner] Thank you, Chris. We haven't mentioned it anywhere else yet, so here's a scoop. We are doing a 2 Disc SE of GREEN MILE later this year. None of the other titles are being revisited right now.

[FredSheldrake] Thanks for being here tonight! Any plans for Brewster McCloud or Performance? Also, will Bonnie and Clyde or Fearless be revisited any time soon?

[Warner] Thanks Mr. Sheldrake. We are saluting BONNIE AND CLYDE'S 40th birthday next year big time. PERFORMANCE will be out in the next 12 months or so. We need a new 16x9 letterboxed transfer of BREWSTER to get it on DVD, and are working on making that happen. No plans for another FEARLESS right now. Thanks.

[RonEpstein] And now, Ladies and Gentleman, the man who spends countless hours reviewing WB product for Home Theater Forum: Mr. Herb Kane...

[HerbKane] Hello WB thanks for joining us and thanks for a terrific year of great releases. Just a quick question about two of my favorite films (noir) any chance that upcoming noir set(s) may see the release of either Manns Side Street or Desperate? Thanks for your time.

[Warner] Hi Herb. We really appreciate all your support. SIDE STREET likely for the noir box #4. Haven't scheduled DESPERATE yet.

[Matt_Birchall] Hey WB, thanks for being here tonight. What's the status of the Poltergeist SE that was mentioned in last year's chat? Is it still set for next year? Thanks again.

[Warner] Yes, POLTERGEIST is still set for its Silver Birthday (gosh, are we all that old?) next year. 2 disc SE with lots of goodies.

[DougBriggs] I'm dopey for Dickens and gaga for AGAG (Alec Guinness, Alec Guinness), so any chance LITTLE DORRIT might see the light of day on DVD? Also A TALE OF TWO CITIES with Ronald Colman seems quite overdue. Too bad about the Bogarts/Bacalls -- would love to hear Lauren Bacall commentaries, but we can't have everything. Thanks for chatting again!

[Warner] We have created a new master of A TALE OF TWO CITIES, and also plan to release DAVID COPPERFIELD at the same time. Both of them should look smashing. We're also talking about LITTLE DORRIT. Ms. Bacall has been a great friend to the company, and her BACALL ON BOGART is looked upon as definitive.

[NickFeduccia] Thanks, guys, for everything you've done for film preservation. Hats off for all the great work you do. Thanks for the amazing That's Entertainment box set, but you forgot to include THAT'S DANCING! in it. I'd really like to know if there are any more planned releases of the incomparable MGM musicals of the late 30s, 40s, and 50s such as those starring Esther Williams, Elenor Powell, Judy Garland, Jane Powell

[Warner] Thanks for the kind words, Nick, but we didn't forget THAT'S DANCING. THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT films were about the MGM musical. THAT'S DANCING was not, and not intended to be as such, although there are many MGM clips in it. We hope to release it next year, along with many more MGM musicals,

[RonBeam] what horror films are you releasing this Hollowween?

[Warner] Many horror films, both classic and more recent are coming. I mentioned some earlier, but won't reveal any more for the moment. I did mention MASK OF FU MANCHU and MARK OF THE VAMPIRE for example.

[NumanParada] Thank you for your time, and keep up the good work! I understand that WHV controls the Turner Home Entertainment catalog. One of the films in that catalog is ANGUS (1995), released by New Line. Everyone who visits the film at IMDb, including me, leaves comments asking for a DVD release, especially in its OAR. What are your plans?

[Warner] We do control the home video rights to ANGUS and are trying to find a home for it on the schedule.

[BrianRi] Hi, any chance you'll be releasing shorts-only discs, with MGM or RKO shorts? I'm thinking of stuff like Crime Does Not Pay and Robert Benchley (MGM) or Clark and McCullough and Edgar Kennedy (RKO)? BTW, I love your "NIght At The Movies" extras, with the vintage newsreels, cartoons, and, of course, short subjects.

[Warner] Hello Brian. Thank you for the compliments on NIGHT AT THE MOVIES. We know consumers love the extra shorts and cartoons we add. We have no plans for a shorts-only collection at this time, but that could Also, be aware we DO NOT own the RKO shorts library, just the RKO feature films.

[DavidOlstein] Thanks for all the great work. I'm definitely looking forward to the release of Greed (both the theatrical release and the "restoration")on DVD. Is there any chance you'll release a Vitaphone shorts collection? If not, would you consider licensing material to Kino or Image? Also, what input will you guys have on supplementary material for the Kubrick SEs, and is there any chance of the deleted epilogue being made available as a supplement?

[Warner] Still no plans for a Vitaphone DVD shorts collection as such, but you'll be seeing more of this material in the future. We do not license product to third parties. It's a strict company policy. That's why we try to release so much product on our own to please all different fans of different kinds of entertainment from our library. We don't know about the Kubrick extra content yet.

[Cameron] Thanks for all the great work. I was pleased to see Till the clouds roll by saved from public domain hell, I hope to see more of that. My question concerns three titles. The first is Executive Suite, which was a contender for dvd decision a few years back. Any date in sight, and will it be part of any boxsets? And with news that Warner is working on a Jimmy Stewart set, is it possible that Carbine Williams (which never had a vhs or laserdisc release) will be a part of that collection, and what else can we expect in that set? Also Home media retailing had an interview with John Boorman last July that stated he had recorded a commentary for a Special Edition of Deliverance. Is that on the radar in the near future, and what can we expect?

[Warner] The new CLOUDS disc looks great. You'll love it. We love saving films from PD hell, and you're's hell! EXECUTIVE SUITE is slated for 2007. We have been talking about CARBINE WILLIAMS, but it won't be in the upcoming STEWART boxed set. Yes, We are doing DELIVERANCE next year for its 35th anniversary in a 2 disc SE.

[danamartin] Thanks for coming, You Guy Rock!!!! And I am so broke but it is worth it; are there any plans on continuing with the remaining Weissmuller Tarzans from RKO Tarzan Collection Vol. 2, and will it be in the same packaging, also any plans on The Picture of Dorian Gray, by the way thank you for the up coming chat for animation!!!

[Warner] Thanks, Dana. We own ALL the classic Tarzan films. We hope for the Weissmuller RKOS to come out next year, followed by Lex Barker, etc. We also plan to do DORIAN GRAY next year (yes, with color inserts) and the packaging for TARZAN will be similar to last year's big hit.

[TaylorD] Looking forward to tha Musical Boxset & Bette Davis V2 Set coming soon Warner, good job! Anything new planned for Star is Born (1954) and the delayed Streisand one.

[Warner] The approval process on the '76 STAR IS BORN is taking longer than we had anticipated, but it's happening and will be worth it. We hope to revisit the Garland STAR IS BORN when it comes time for High Definition, and maybe even release the '37 version which we actually own the materials for.

[BryanRi] Hey guys, thanks agian for doing this. I just was wondering the status of that LA Confidential SE that was mentioned last year, and also any tenative date for the 14 disc Superman set.

[Warner] We are DEFINITELY doing LA CONFIDENTAL 2 disc SE early next year for 10th anniversary. Also, SUPERMAN 14 disc box will be sometime before Xmas :)

[JimSavage] Thanks so much for doing this! Any rerelease plans of Rio Bravo, Presumed Innocent, Arsenic and Old Lace, and An American in Paris? Thanks again.

[Warner] We hope to do a 2 disc SE of AN AMERICAN IN PARIS in Ultra Res, We had hoped it would be this year, but it's looking like 2007 now. We know we need to revisit RIO BRAVO, but have no date. No plans for PRESUMED INNOCENT, and see no reason to revisit ARSENIC as it was an excellent transfer from the original nitrate.

[ChrisZabriskie] Thanks, Warner, you guys rule completely. Any chance of Sidney Lumet's THE HILL with Sean Connery? I bought a Laserdsic player a couple years ago just so I could have it! Also, WONDER MAN with Danny Kaye?

[Warner] Yes, we will release THE HILL, hopefully next year. A new 16x9 transfer has been completed. We don't own WONDER MAN. It's part of the Samuel Goldwyn library which is currently licensed to SONY/MGM.

[RicEaston] Hi, thanks! I really don't have a question, since someone already mentioned Excalibur. You did say it is in need of a new transfer, I just hope you guys look at it seriously. It is really one of my favorite films and by far the best movie regarding the legend of King Arthur. BTW, along with Arthur, Excalibur is also celebrating its 25th anniversary!

[Warner] We know EXCALIBUR has a fervent following. We'll keep it in mind.

[AvinashJ] Can we expect the longest known versions of Superman I, II, III, and IV to be included in the 14-disc DVD set (e.g. Superman I - 188 min., S2 - 154 min. aside from Donner Cut, S3 - 143 min., and S4 - 134 min.)? If not, is there any possible way Superman Fans can acquire the extended 16mm (TV) or 35mm versions from WB, Salkind, Time Warner, TV stations, or any other source possible)? KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Thanks

[Warner] Work is ongoing on the Superman set. More will be revealed in months ahead. Trust that we know what the fans want, and we really want to deliver the goods.

[rowan] Thanks very much for the Val Lewton collection. Good stuff! Any word on a widescreen redux of THE MAN WITH TWO BRAINS and SE's of THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK and EXORCIST III?

[Warner] Hi Rowan. Glad you liked Val Lewton. We do, too. Sorry, we have no plans for any of the 3 titles you asked about other than the existing discs

[JohnKilduff] What are the chances of "Electric Dreams", "URGH! A Music War!", the Daryl Hannah movie "Reckless" and "Blues Skies Again"?

[Warner] Sorry, John. No plans for any of those at this moment.

[KyleHughes] Superman: Will Superman Returns be in the 14-disc set? Can we PLEASE have a bloopers section for each film & the deleted scenes that have been released in the tv edits? Please let us know an official outlet where Superman fans may leave their input for the 14-disc set. Thank you so much!

[Warner] Superman Returns will be in the box, but I am not certain of all the extra features on the discs. Work is still ongoing.

[RonEpstein] Well, a hint to release date there ;)

[D_Terinoni] My questions were asked so, thanks for coming tonight and the fabulous work restoring King Kong! I'm really looking forward to the Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1969) DVD and hope you include the original sound for Superman - The Movie.

[Warner] Thanks!!

[WilliamGillis] I know that Spirit of St. Louis is scheduled for the upcoming Jimmy Stewart box. Are there plans for any other Billy Wilder films? You guys have Fedora and Buddy Buddy, right?

[Warner] Actually we lost our rights to distribute both FEDORA and BUDDY, BUDDY, so no more Wilder in sight except SPIRIT (which got a superb restoration job by the way)

[RayR] Any chances for these titles to receive a Special Ediiton/Upgrade/Revision? They are: Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, The NeverEnding Story, The Man Who Would Be King, LadyHawke, Michael Collins, Outbreak and Maverick. Thanks and keep up the excellent work!

[Warner] Thank you Ray. We are definitely doing a special ed. on MAN WHO WOULD BE KING next year. All the others aren't on the schedule yet, but some are possible.

[BobPreskar] In the last chat you stated that Angels In The Outfield (1951) would be released in 2005. It didn't make it. Will we see it in 2006 (maybe in time for baseball season)? Thanks.

[Warner] We had a BASEBALL promo planned that struck out before it got up to bat for various reasons. We have a great master of ANGELS waiting for issue. We just need the right home for it. Be patient. We want it out, too! Thanks again.

[brian_woods] I'm a huge fan of all you guys's work. Of particular interest is Twice Upon a Time. Any chance of a dvd release, and if so, the original release?

[Warner] Interestingly, we were just looking at TWICE UPON A TIME the other day. It's very little-known, but we're seriously considering it, and know well of its origins, and different versions.

[SeanW] Are the upcoming Kubrick re-releases going to be in the aspect ratio which they appeared in theatres in? Or will they be in the same ratios as their previous releases? And is any chance of Lumet's Prince of the City?

[Warner] The Kubricks will be released as seen in theaters. Not like the previous releases. PRINCE OF THE CITY got bumped (along with the YAKUZA) to next year. But it's coming.. Mr. Lumet has already recorded his commentary, and the extra content is completed.

[RonEpstein] Ta da! WoW! What a night! You guys made it! Our utmost thanks to George Feltenstein, George Parker and Ronnee Sass. You guys were an absolute delight to have here this evening. Thank you so much!

[ParkerClack] George, George and Ronnee thank you so much for a great night.

[Warner] Well, thank you Ron....and thank you to all the HTF members for their continued support, and for naming us Number One Studio of the Year. We appreciate it! THAT'S ALL FOLKS!!!!Done

Session Close: Tue Feb 21 22:59:22 2006

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*** The following CHAT FACTS were compiled by Robert "Crawdaddy" Crawford ***

Yakuza is coming shortly and Up the Down Staircase maybe in 2007.

They're working on a SE for The Road Warrior.

The film Caged will be released on dvd. It got bumped from this year to 2007.

Warner will be releasing most of the following before year's end: Mad Love, Mask of Fu Manchu, Mark of the Vampire, The Walking Dead, Doctor X, Frankenstein 1970 and Attack of the 50 FT Woman.

They found the orig. neg for Mark of the Vampire and Mask of Fu Manchu. Warner described the restoration as stunning. Also, the censored scenes from Mask of Fu Manchu have been restored.

Warner is still discussing The Devils for release.

Scheduled for release this year or next are the following: Greed, The Wind, The Crowd, The Big Parade, The Scarlet Letter and Show People.

Warner wanted to release The Bowery Boys in chronological order starting in January, but then saw the awful state of the masters and are now reevaluating their options as to what order they will release those films. They are still searching for better 35MM elements.

No plans for Altered States or Brainstorm. 2007 is a possibility for Dark of the Sun.

Warner is not revealing much on Film Noir Volume 3 except to say at least one Robert Mitchum title and one MGM title is involved. Also, there will be another Volume after 3.

Warner is trying to secure Twilight Zone: The Movie for release.

There is a legal problem with releasing Nothing Lasts Forever. Caddyshack and Under the Rainbow are getting look at for releases. Next year might see Funny Farm and Spies Like Us. HBO controls 3 Amigos while Warner is their distributor so they will pass on that request to their sister company.

Warner is going to release the 1922, 1937 and 1952 versions of The Prisoner of Zenda. Lots of adventure films this year and next.

Grumpy Old Men films will hopefully be released in OAR and nice packages this year.

Warner still looking for better elements for The Magnificent Ambersons and will release Journey into Fear with it. Be patient this might stretch out for a couple more years.

Still working on the Charlie Chan Monogram films including The Black Camel which can only be released in the US and Canada.

Warner looking to do a SE of The Candidate and Jeremiah Johnson with participation from Robert Redford.

Warner doesn't own The Stranger. They're still talking about Zabreiske Point.

Warner looking at boxset for Andy Hardy films in either 2007 or 2008.

Looking at more Kazan films such as America, America and The Arangement.

More Joan Crawford boxsets including the film Flamingo Road. Look for the next release in 2007 with Flamingo Road being restored.

Clark Gable boxset coming out in June with Dancing Lady included. There will be more Gable and Harlow films. Also, looking at Ginger Rogers films from RKO.

Crossing Delancey before the end of the year. Also, another Doris Day boxset.

No plans for My Fellow Americans, Action Jackson or Class Act.

More Kubrick films besides the four that's been announced.

Bridges of Madison County anamorphic release might be next year. Also, the Ventura films.

Paul Newman collection coming this year with Harper and The Drowing Pool.

The Rain People, Rachel, Rachel, Far from a Madding Crowd, Shoot the Moon and Big Hand for the Little Lady this year or next.

Risky Business SE for 2008.

No more non-anamorphic releases for film with 1.66 OAR. First up Clockwork Orange.

Looking at a John Grisham boxset.

Warner still looking at Gangster Volume 2 might be single releases.

Looking at revisiting Little Shop of Horrors, also a SE of Beetlejuice and still talking about Blade Runner.

James Cagney and Robert Mitchum boxsets for 2007.

More westerns besides those from John Ford and John Wayne.

Some Came Running will be in a Sinatra boxset. Home from the Hill in the Mitchum Boxset. Also, looking at other Minnelli films like Four Horsemen of the Apocalpse.

Warner looking at Glenn Ford boxset.

The Shining and Eyes Wide shut will be released in 1.77 aspect ratio.

No SE for some Bogart films that's been previously released with restorations from the orig. camera negative.

Working with Andy Griffith to release No Time for Sergeants.

Looking at Stanwyck boxset and have enough titles to do 2-3 of them including The Mad Miss Manton.

Looking at Maisie and Dr. Kildare boxsets.

A Summer Place is a possiblity next year as well as a Natalie Wood boxset. They acknowledged that Excalibur, Arthur, Outland and Year of Living Dangerously need better looking dvds. Acutally, a new transfer has been completed of Arthur so that will probably come out soon.

The Cool Ones and The Big Cube might come out. Looking at Who's Life is it Anyway and The Power. Man in the Wilderness will be out in 2007. No plans for Looker.

No plans for Wheeler and Woosley films. Some of them are controled by Columbia.

The Warner Gangster Volume 2 will be officially called the Warner Tough Guys Collection. City for Conquest is one of the titles. Won't reveal any other titles except to say that Edward G. Robinson, Cagney and Bogart films are in it. Each film has been restored from orig. camera negative elements.

Private Benjamin OAR release might be a possibility. Warner doesn't own High Road to China. Going in Style is already released in OAR. No plans for The Man Who Saw Tomorrow or Grandview U.S.A.

A double feature dvd with the Dark Shadows films next year. No Delmar Daves collection, but looking at releasing some of his films.

Warner is still looking for 35MM film elements for the full length 102 minutes of The Sea Wolf. They have 16MM elements of it, but will continue to look for 35MM. If not found then they'll use the missing sequence from the 16mm print.

Zsa Zsa Gabor films coming with Queen of Outer Space coming soon.

Another Errol Flynn boxset in 2007 including Gentleman Jim and The Charge of the Light Brigade.

Another Lon Chaney collection with Tell it to the Marines, He who gets Slapped and both versions of Unholy Three restored from the original camera neg.

Gremlins and Gremlins II possibly released in Hi-def in 2007. Will look at Hey, Good Lookin.

Warner recognized the popularity of Allied Artists films. Looks good for The Giant Behemoth release. Gold is plan for next year. Another Powell/Loy boxset in 2007. Soldier in the Rain another possiblity. Thinks The Picture Snatcher and Enemy of the People is a hard sell for dvd release.

Twilights Last Gleaming will be part of a Burt Lancaster boxset next year.

Goodbye, Mr. Chips with Peter O'Toole is a strong 2007 possibility.

2-Disc SE of The Green Mile this year.

Singles, Dreams and Three Kings not being revisited at this time.

Bonnie and Clyde's 40th birthday next year so watch out for a SE. Brewster McCloud needs a new anamorphic transfer. Performance coming out within a year. No plands for Fearless.

Mann's Side Street a possibility for Film Noir #4. No plans for Desperate at this time.

Poltergiest SE Silver Anniversary on target for next year.

A Tale of Two Cities along with David Copperfield being prepared to be released at the same time. Looking at Little Dorrit.

That's Dancing a possibility for next year along with some more MGM musicals.

Looking at Angus.

Warner doesn't own RKO's short library only RKO's feature films. No plans for a dvd release with short-only collection.

No plans for Vitaphone short films. Some might be included with other feature film dvds.

Warner doesn't license out their material to other companies. It's a strict company policy.

Executive Suite is slated for 2007.

Carbine Williams a possibility for the second James Stewart boxset. A 2-Disc SE of Deliverance scheduled for next year.

Warner looking at releasing remainder of Weismuller Tarzan films next year followed by Lex Barker in the future. The Picture of Dorian Gray a possibility for next year with color inserts.

Looking at releasing Garland's Star is Born for high def. Also, maybe the 1937 version too.

LA Confidential 2-Disc SE in 2007.

No definite release date for the Superman 14-disc collection except that it's before X-Mas.

An American in Paris SE pushed back to 2007. Need to revisit Rio Bravo. No plans for Persumed Innocent or Arsenic and Old Lace.

The Hill coming out in 2007. Don't own Wonder Man with Danny Kaye.

Work is still being done on the Superman films so no definitive answer on the longest possible run times for all those films.

No plans for Exorcist III, The Man with Two Brains and The Witches of Eastwick.

No plans for Electric Dreams, Blue Skies Again and Reckless.

Superman Returns will be a part of the 14-disc Superman collection.

Warner releasing Spirit of St. Louis in the Stewart boxet. Doesn't have rights to Wilder's Fedora and Buddy, Buddy.

Man Who Would Be King SE for next year. Looking at, but no definite plans for Mad Max beyond Thunderdome, Michael Collins, Ladyhawke, Outbreak and Maverick.

Still looking at releasing 1951's Angels in the Outfield.

Looking at Twice Upon a Time.

Prince of the City with Lumet commentary and bonus material for next year.

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