Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse, The

  • Reviewed by: Todd Doogan
  • Review Date: Aug 01, 2013
  • Format: Blu-ray Disc
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Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse, The


Justin Paul Ritter

Release Date(s)

2012 (June 18, 2013)


Anchor Bay Entertainment
  • Film/Program Grade: D-
  • Video Grade: B
  • Audio Grade: B+
  • Extras Grade: F

The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse (Blu-ray Disc)



I know it’s going to rub our illustrious editor Bill Hunt the wrong way – but my review for this film really is one word: “No.”

“No” pretty much answers any and all questions anyone might have about this film.

Did you like the film?  No.

Would you watch it again, even on a dare?  No.

How about if you were paid?  No.

Would you recommend it to someone who likes animation and or horror?  No.

Did you find at least one iota of redeeming qualities about it?  No.

C’mon – it’s about a zombie dad trying to find his son – at least that was interesting, right?  No.

Seriously?  The action sequences – those had to be pretty cool, huh?  No.

It’s based on a comic book – so fans of the comic might have fun with this, at least that has to be true?  No.

Fine.  Is the animation any good?  Oh God no.

Are any of the VO performances good?  No.

Can you say at least one good thing about the film?  Honestly, no.

Does it at least look good on Blu-ray?  It’s all 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 and showcased in 1.78:1 aspect ratio – so that has to be fine looking.  Image quality is fine, but the murky colors and blocky source animation make me want to say: No.

Sound?  How about the sound – is the Dolby True HD 5.1 at least serviceable?  No.  Not in support of the film at least.  Mastering quality is top o’ the line, but what’s being heard... No.

Extras – are there any extras?  No.

That’s it.  That’s really all I’m willing to devote to this film.  I really wanted to like this.  Bill was even excited to send it to me for review.

Am I thankful that he did?  No.

- Todd Doogan


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