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Veronica Mars official, Game of Thrones new season starts this weekend & odds and ends

April 4, 2014 - 3:16 pm   |   by
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All right, it’s a slow news day today so we’re focusing on getting some new Blu-rays done for you for next week, including The Desolation of Smaug. Watch for that starting on Monday.

Meanwhile, Warner Home Video has now officially announced the Blu-ray and DVD release of the Veronica Mars movie on 5/6 (SRP $29.98 and $28.98). Extras will include the By the Fans: The Making of the Veronica Mars Movie documentary, deleted scenes, a gag reel, and 6 More On-Set Fun featurettes (including Welcome to Keith Mars Investigation, Game Show with Kristen Bell and Chris Lowell, On Set with Max Greenfield, Veronica Mars’ Backers, “It’s Not All About You, Monkey”, and Young Veronica). [Read on here...]

Speaking of Warner, in addition to the newly-remastered Rankin/Bass The Return of the King DVD we mentioned yesterday, it looks like the studio is also releasing remastered DVD editions of the Rankin/Bass animated The Hobbit and Ralph Bakshi’s animated The Lord of the Rings on 7/22 as well, along with a DVD box set of all three titles in the same package. But so far it still looks like they’re DVD only. Of the three, only the Bakshi The Lord of the Rings is currently available on Blu-ray.

And that’s really pretty much it for today, other than to remind you that Game of Thrones returns this weekend to start its fourth season on HBO. Oh, and the new Captain America: Winter Soldier movie opens this weekend too. So enjoy that.

We do have some random BD cover art for you, so here’s that (including the aforementioned Veronica Mars)...

Veronica Mars (Blu-ray Disc)    The Chef, The Actor and the Scoundrel (Blu-ray Disc)    Sunset Strip (Blu-ray Disc)

Call the Midwifes: Season Three (Blu-ray Disc)    Home Before Midnight (Blu-ray Disc)    House of Mortal Sin (Blu-ray Disc)

Have a great weekend!

- Bill Hunt

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